The Best Atomic Wall Clocks for Homes and Offices in 2019

The Best Atomic Wall Clocks for Homes and Offices in 2019 B

As humans, the need to keep checking our time clocks comes either consciously or unconsciously. It’s inborn in all of us, and we have to keep track of the time whether indoors at home or locked somewhere in an office or even outdoors. While the quartz/standard wall clock works will show indicate the time, it does not offer the precision or accuracy that you get from an atomic wall clock.

A manual clock will require daylight savings time (DST) and the correct time to be adjusted manually. An atomic clock needs you to set your time zone, and it changes the DST and switches to the standard time automatically. Well, accuracy is not the only feature you’ll benefit from using an atomic wall clock. Thermometer and hygrometer are some other properties you’ll find in an atomic wall clock.

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An atomic wall clock has a radio housed inside it and receives signals from the location of the atomic clock located at WWVB, Fort Collins, Colorado, US. The radio in the clock will decode the message from WWVB and synchronize it own clock based on that message. Some clocks will decode several times a day while others only decode once. Full details can be found here.

Things to Look for When Purchasing an Atomic Wall Clock

There may not be a straight-forward solution to the requirements of an atomic wall clock. In any case, it cannot be an atomic wall clock if it does not adjust to the standard time and change the Daytime savings during summer automatically.

Aside from those two, there are more properties that every individual brand features that may bring a difference and most likely influence your decision.

Weather Resistance: An atomic wall clock designed for both indoor and outdoor use has all the properties that make it withstand the harsh weather conditions when place outside.

Display: A unit with large digits may be better as you’ll not strain to read from afar

Time Zones: Atomic wall clocks cover several time zones depending on the signal reception. The more time zones, the better you are covered.

Accuracy: We cannot dwell much on the precision of an atomic wall clock as they all synchronize their clocks depending on the signal received from WWVB.

Weather Forecast: Some wall clocks have icons to read the temperature and humidity and their ranges allowing you to predict the weather.

Construction: Apparently, you’ll need to go for an atomic wall clock that looks solid and durable.

Design & Color: Although the appearance does hold much water, sleek design that complements the color of your décor would not be a bad thing.

The market is awash with atomic wall clocks, and we thought you’d go through a great hassle to identify the best. As a result, we’ve prepared detailed reviews of what customers regard as the best clocks to make your shopping easier.

10. HITO Extra Large Atomic Radio Controlled Desk/Wall Clock

HITO Extra Large Atomic Radio Controlled Desk/Wall Clock

Hito is a dealer in consumers products highly rated on Amazon. Ranging from pencil pouches, key chain for keys, wall clocks and more, you’ll get all of these under one roof. And now they bring you Hito Atomic Radio Controlled Desk/Wall Clock. There is sufficient reason why the atomic clock features on the list.

The title provides an insight into the type of clock this is. It’s radio-controlled meaning that it’ll receive frequencies from the NIST station based in Fort Collins, CO. Once the signals have reached the radio housed inside the clock, the message is decoded, and it synchronizes its clock to that of the universal atomic clock. That guarantees you the most accurate date and time to the split second.

Also, it features daylight savings time (DST) which ensures that as the universal atomic clock moves forward by one hour, it also tunes its clock accordingly and automatically. That way, you can enjoy the extended daylight during the months of summer. The best part about it: it allows you to either turn ON/OFF the DST function. That comes in handy for residents of Arizona where DST is not applicable.

What’s more, this clock covers many regions compared to others with only for time zones. You can use it in 6 time zones, P/M/C/E/H/A. For those located outside the time zones, the automatic time and date setting will not occur as there will be no signal or it shall be weak. Fortunately, you can still set the time manually and use the clock.

Also, Hito Atomic Radio Controlled Desk/Wall Clock exhibits an extra large LCD display for a reason. With the tall time digits, nothing comes closer to the visibility it offers. You can read the time from a distance in a large room comfortably. Also displayed on the screen are the alarm status, day of the week and the temperature. You can take your readings in any of the 7 languages making the clock a universal unit.
HITO Extra Large Atomic Radio Controlled Desk/Wall Clock

The unit is not all about showing time and date. It exhibits built-in temperature and humidity gauges that take the temperature and humidity levels. You can choose to read the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit degrees.

Besides, it comes with two alarms coupled with a snooze function, AL1 & AL2 making an ideal unit for the bedroom. Even if it’s in the office, you will know when the duration you set has ended. You’ll find it easy to operate the battery. And to stop the alarm going off, any key will do the magic. See also: Top 10 Best Alarm Clocks.

Hito Atomic Radio Controlled Desk/Wall Clock runs on two C batteries which will need to be purchased separately. Besides, you’ll never be caught off guard by a low battery thanks to the low battery indicator.

Also, this takes your time reading to the next level. With the attractive backlight, you can be assured you’ll take the readings any time you feel like it. Normally, the backlight is dim, but you can adjust depending on how dark the background is.

Keep track of the time, indoor temperature, and humidity at the same with Hito Atomic Radio Controlled Desk/Wall Clock.

  • Temperature and humidity
  • Auto time and DST setting
  • Backlight
  • Extra-large display
  • Nice clock

9. Timex 75322T Atomic Clock

Timex 75322T Atomic Clock

ATOMIX, through their innovativeness, have made an amazing clock from just an ordinary clock to enable you to take the time to the ultimate precision. The result was Timex 75322T Atomic Clock. Several features make the clock rank among the best on the market.

This is not your basic wall clock that will only display time. It’s designed with the ultimate professionalism to offer you the best experience with atomic clocks. Aside from time, it has an indoor temperature gauge so you can know the temperature levels. The temperature displays in either Fahrenheit or Celsius.

It comes with an uncluttered large LCD display that shows tall digits that you can read from afar without straining your eyes. Just below the time, it has a screen for the indoor temperature, date and the day of the week. Also, see the top best battery-operated fans.

Timex 75322T Atomic Clock is radio controlled requiring signals from the WWVB at Fort Collins, Colorado. It then decodes the message and synchronizes its clock based on the universal atomic clock. The operation allows the unit to have the time set to the highest accuracy levels compared to the quartz clocks that will require manual resetting.
Timex 75322T Atomic Clock

Also, two ways exist of positioning Timex 75322T Atomic Clock. Although designed to hang on the wall, it can also sit on the table or desk. It features a mounting hole that allows for a hassle-free experience when hanging it on the wall. Also, it comes with a robust fold-out stand that lets you place on the table or desktop squarely in the office.

Timex 75322T Atomic Clock features a shiny black color that makes ideal for an office. Placed on the tabletop, you can be sure that the black theme will compliment the décor in your office. If your goal is to impress, then you’ll not miss the target.

The clock works on 2 AA batteries. Unfortunately, they are not included, and so you’ll need to purchase them independently.

Also, you have nothing to worry about the quality of this atomic clock. You can purchase it risk-free. The manufacturer has confidence in the quality. As a result, the clock comes backed by one-year limited warranty.

Whether it is at home, office or classroom, you need to keep time. And Timex 75322T Atomic Clock also allows you to know the temperature ratings making it a worthwhile investment.

  • Auto time and DST adjusting
  • Temperature gauge
  • Large display
  • Easy to operate
  • Lacks backlight

8. Ambient Weather RC-1250CH 12.5’ Atomic Wall Clock

Ambient Weather RC-1250CH 12.5’ Atomic Wall Clock

Change is inevitable, and a shift from the analog manual clocks to atomic wall clocks what you need for now, probably. Maybe the time for you to do all things time automatically is here. Ambient Weather has mastered the art in the weather industry offering weather-related products. Reasons are aplenty why Ambient Weather RC-1250CH Atomic Wall Clock should be your choice.

Ambient Weather RC-1250CH skews from the standard clocks to offer you a radio controlled clock. With this clock, you’ll no longer need to go through trouble resetting it to the correct time manually. While other clocks synchronize just once a day usually during the midnight, Ambient Weather RC-1250CH does sync several times a day. It receives signals from Fort Collins, Colorado and synchronizes its own time based on the frequencies received. Just a single successful synchronization makes it possible for the clock to read nothing but the most precise time.

What’s more, the clock adjusts to the Daylight Savings Time. By DST it implies when the summer time comes, it will move forward by an hour and readjust to the standard time during the fall. The aim is to make great use of the natural daylight experienced during those months.

Besides, for the residents of Arizona where daylight savings time does not apply, it lets you override the DST. Overriding means to turn off the option using a convenient button that does the magic.
Ambient Weather RC-1250CH 12.5’ Atomic Wall Clock

In other atomic clocks, you’ll be required to adjust the clock select your time zone when setting the clock. Ambient Weather RC-1250CH aims to make your operation a simple as possible. It adjusts not only the time and DST but also the time zone automatically. That eliminates the need to keep retention using buttons as evident in atomic wall clocks.

The clock measures 12.5 inches in diameter and runs on 1 AA battery. However, you’ll be required to purchase a battery separately as it is not included. It bears large digits on a white dial that you can read from a distance.

Also, it features a very simple operation. You have to tune to your time zone and the daylight saving time. After that, put the batteries and hang the clock on the wall. It should synchronize and show the correct time in 24-48 hours.

Did I forget to mention that you’ll barely notice there is a clock in the room until you develop the urge to check the time? Well, that is the case courtesy of the highly lightweight second and minute hands the clock features. If you hate irritating noise from the ticking clocks, then you got a great companion for your office, table room, and even bedroom

What’s more, the lightweight nature of the hands does not fail to come with some benefits. Since they reduce the motor’s workload, you can be sure that the battery you put will last a longer duration.

For the most accurate time, functionality and silent operation, Ambient Weather RC-1250CH should be your choice.

  • Silent operation
  • Auto time setting DST
  • Simple operation
  • High accuracy
  • Lacks backlight

7. Ambient Weather RC-1400WB 14″ Atomic Wall Clock

Ambient Weather RC-1400WB 14

With a wide range of products ranging from indoor & outdoor thermometers to internet-enabled weather stations, Ambient Weather is a market leader in both weather station and environmental monitoring instruments. They have an experience spanning almost a decade since they are kick-starting their operation in 1998. Ambient Weather has a reputation in the manufacture of radio-controlled wall clocks. They present you Ambient Weather RC-1400WB 14″ Atomic Wall Clock. Several properties make it feature on the list of the best.

Used to the manual or quartz clock, probably you had no idea that clocks with all automatic controls exist. Ambient Weather RC-1400WB takes the design of the standard clocks a notch higher to offer you something extraordinary that will allow you read time with the utmost accuracy. It measures 14 inches with large digits to enable you to read from afar. Besides, it is radio-controlled.

As hinted out above, this clock does not require manual resetting like the traditional clocks. It receives radio signals from the Fort Collins Co (WWVB) and then synchronizes its clock automatically based upon the signals received from the universal atomic clock. Through that, you can be guaranteed that it’ll set the time accurate to the second.

What’s more, it’s designed to adjust to the Daylight Savings Time (DST) automatically. DST involves a scenario where the atomic clocks move forward by one hour to exploit the daylight during certain seasons like summer. However, you should note that not all countries subscribe to DST.

Also, you’ll note that on most occasions, the time zones are selectable and you have to set it manually. That is not the case with Ambient Weather RC-1400WB 14” Atomic Wall Clock. It exhibits a mechanism that makes it possible for it to switch to your time zone based on your region automatically.
Ambient Weather RC-1400WB 14

The clock covers majorly 4 time zones in the US including Pacific, Mountain, Central, and Eastern. However, any other regions outside those time zones or the USA may not get the correct time as the time zone does not cover them. The reception or signal strength depends on the proximity to the atomic clock based in Fort Collins, Colorado.

You’ll discover that most atomic wall clocks will receive the signals from the WWVB, Fort Collins but will decode the message and synchronize their clocks once at day. Mainly, that happens every 12.00 am. Fortunately, Ambient Weather RC-1400WB 14″ Atomic Wall Clock is intent on offering the most accurate time. As such, it synchronizes several times a day ensuring that the accuracy is to the second.

Ambient Weather RC-1400WB 14” Atomic Wall Clock is super easy to use. It has a switch that will allow you to set the time zone and the DST. After that, insert a fresh battery and hang it on the wall. Within 24-48 hours, it will reset to the correct time based on the signals from the atomic clock in Fort Collins. It runs on 1 AA battery that is not included in the package.

Besides, if you are in Arizona, where they don’t observe the daylight savings time, the clock has an override feature that lets you set the time manually. Moreover, you can decide to either switch on or off the DST.

You might be among the people who find the clock’s hand ticking sound irritating. Trust me; some will produce noise that might distract you during your sleep if you happen to use in the bedroom. Ambient Weather RC-1400WB 14″ Atomic Wall Clock has you in mind. It features super-lightweight hands which when ticking, you’ll barely note. And that lightweight property comes with another advantage. The motor does not get overworked in a bid to move the hands which result in less battery consumption.

If you want a clock that will provide you the accuracy to the split second, you’ve got to try Ambient Weather RC-1400WB 14″ Atomic Wall Clock. With the manual and auto control, it is designed with the user in mind.

  • Synchronizes several times a day
  • Silent operation
  • Automatic time DST setting
  • 4 time zones
  • Battery not provided

6. MARATHON CL030056SV Jumbo Atomic Wall Clock

MARATHON CL030056SV Jumbo Atomic Wall Clock

As a part of the new elite line, Marathon CL030056SV Jumbo Atomic Wall Clock promises a new era in the tracking of the time. It helps you break from the ages when manual clocks were the in thing. You’ll also note that Marathon introduces the aspect of weather alongside time viewing in their design of the clocks. That should tell you one thing. Marathon has all figured out, and you can trust their products. What sets atomic wall clock apart?

Marathon CL030056SV assumes a rectangle shape with dimensions 17 x 11 inches. That is large enough to provide sufficient display. Still more on display, you no longer need to strain when reading. It comes with 5-inch tall digits that you can read from a distance without putting in much pressure to the eyes. As such, it is a perfect investment for a large room or even an office where you still read from wherever you are.

This clock relieves you the trouble that you have to go through all the time setting the manual clock to the standard time. Being radio-controlled it receives signals in the form of frequencies from NIST’s Colorado Atomic Clock. After that, it synchronizes its own clock based on the message relayed automatically.

The unit offers more than just automatic time setting. With the daylight time savings (DST) function, you can be sure it will move forward by 1 hour automatically based on the atomic clock at Colorado. In regions where the DST is not applicable, you can decide to turn it off.

Marathon CL030056SV Atomic Wall Clock covers multiple time zones. It can be used in six time zones to be precise. Compared to most atomic clocks that only work in 4 time zones, the chances are high that your region is covered. Pacific, Central, Newfoundland, Mountain, Atlantic, and Eastern are all in the coverage.
MARATHON CL030056SV Jumbo Atomic Wall Clock

When taking readings, the unit offers multiple modes. Read the time in 12 or 24 hours or PM and AM. Besides, the clock comes with inbuilt temperature and humidity gauges. From the screen, you’ll be able to read the temperature in Fahrenheit or in degrees Celsius. Check also our reviews on the best air conditions on the market.

What’s more, this clock is not about time, temperature and humidity. It offers more than that. Featuring a classy modern design, you can be sure it will be a great compliment the décor in your room or office. When hanging on the wall, there is no way your visitors will fail to notice it.

Even more, Marathon CL030056SV uses multiple languages. You can choose from the seven languages available. Whatever language you understand best, you must be represented in either. You can set to Dutch, Russian, German, Italian, French, English, and Spanish.

Other atomic clocks will not come with batteries. Fortunately, Marathon CL030056SV works on 4 AA batteries, and they are included in the package. You only need to switch to your time zone, turn ON/OFF the DST and wait for it to tune to the standard time.

If you have a large room or yours is an office, you need a large-sized clock with tall digits as well as accuracy to the split second, Marathon CL030056SV will not disappoint.

  • Precise auto time and DST
  • Easy to read digits
  • Batteries included
  • Time, temp and humidity
  • Lacks backlight

5. La Crosse Technology WT-3144S Atomic Analog Clock

La Crosse Technology WT-3144S Atomic Analog Clock

La Crosse is a leader in atomic clocks, and probably that is why it has dominated the list. Not by bias or anything fishy but because it offers quality products worth your attention. They present you La Crosse Technology WT-3144S Atomic Analog Clock. With this atomic wall clock, you’ll have nothing short of accurate time to the second. What makes it stand out in a sea full of atomic clocks in the market?

Forget about that quartz or manual time clock you’ve been used all that long. Automation will give you the convenience you need. La Crosse Technology WT-3144S Atomic Analog Clock is radio controlled. It receives signals from the universal atomic clock based in Fort Collins, Colorado. It decodes the messages and then synchronizes its clock to the split second and automatically at that.

Apart from the automatic time setting, the clock also adheres to the daylight saving time. By that, every time the clock at Colorado moves forward by 1 hour, the clock adjusts the same way. Probably you’d be interested to know why it happens in the first place. It is not in vain. The aim is to make the best use of the natural daylight evident during the summer months. Later, in the fall, the atomic clocks reset back to the standard time automatically.

What’s more, La Crosse Technology WT-3144S comes with a conveniently located Time Zone button that allows you to adjust to your time zone. You can tune to any of the 4 US time zones supported by this clock. These are Central, Eastern, and Mountain, Pacific.

What happens if your time zone is not covered? Well, you can still use the clock. However, you have to forgo the automatic time set and daylight savings. In this case, you’ll be required to use the manual setting. That way, you can use it irrespective of your location. However, you should not expect the accuracy to be similar to that of the automated clock.
La Crosse Technology WT-3144S Atomic Analog Clock

Besides, if you are based in Arizona where DST does not apply, it comes with an option for turning ON/OFF the daylight savings time. In this case, your clock will keep showing the standard time until the time comes when the summer months are over. The clocks will readjust to the standard time during the months of March and November.

The atomic clock is super simple to operate. Simply get select your time zones, install the batteries, turn ON/OFF the DST and then put in new batteries. You should wait for the clock to reset to the clock time in 24-48 hours, sometimes less.

It has a glass lens through which you read the time. Besides, the minute and the second hands are black while the background is white. The white dial renders easy to read the large sized numbers effortlessly from a distance.

La Crosse Technology WT-3144S features a 14” plastic frame that looks elegant and one you can be sure will grab the attention of your visitors. Also, it has a keyhole wall mount that allows you to hang it securely on the wall.

The clock works on 1 AA battery that is not included and will have to be purchased separately. A single battery should not cost you much to buy.

You have no reason not to enjoy the automation that comes with an atomic clock. Grab La Crosse Technology WT-3144S atomic clock and track the time to the second.

  • Auto time and DST setting
  • Easy to read digits
  • 4 US time zones
  • Allows manual reset alongside auto
  • Lack backlight for the dark

4. MARATHON CL030052WH Atomic Digital Wall Clock

MARATHON CL030052WH Atomic Digital Wall Clock

Your search for an atomic wall clock should end here. Yes, Marathon takes a new twist in the manufacturer of atomic wall clocks to offer clocks that offer more functionality. Being a renowned manufacturer of flat free tires, air-filled tires, inner tubes and flat free sealants, you will also trust the quality of the atomic wall clock I am about to introduce you. Presenting you MARATHON CL030052WH Atomic Digital Wall Clock, they aim to experience with time a notch higher.

Spare your eyes the trouble that comes with straining to read minute digit common with most wall clocks. MARATHON CL030052WH Atomic Digital Wall Clock features a large wide angle display that allows you to take your reading effortlessly. You’ll also love the fact that the clock comes with a light sensor that comes in handy during the dark. It lights the display allowing you to take your readings even at nighttime.

Also, the clock covers multiple time zones. It allows you to choose between 6 time zones that you can select by simply holding the TIME SET button and moving the UP button. Included are Pacific, Newfoundland, Mountain, Atlantic, Central, and Eastern. You will not enjoy the automation of time and daylight time setting (DST) if you are outside the stated time zones.

What’s more, it appreciates our diversity in languages and does something about it. It has support for multiple languages allowing you to choose to display your time or temperature and humidity in any of the seven languages it offers. Read in German, English, French, Danish, Italian, Spanish, and Dutch.
MARATHON CL030052WH Atomic Digital Wall Clock

Even more, it features a temperature display that allows you to take your indoor temperature. You can choose to take your readings in either of the two modes supported, the Fahrenheit and the Celsius.

Besides, this clock is not just a basic atomic clock that will only display the time. Aside from the time, temperature, date and month, it also allows you to measure the humidity level in the indoors thanks to the indoor humidity property the clock exhibits.

That is not all. You no longer have an excuse to get late in the morning. It comes with an alarm accompanied by a snooze. That makes MARATHON CL030052WH ideal for use in the bedroom.

You can choose where you want to position the clock. While it designed for hanging on the wall, you can also place on the table or desk in your office. It features a sturdy fold-out table stand that makes stand stationery on the table.

With the precision, humidity and temperature gauge, alarm and snoozing functions, MARATHON CL030052WH Atomic Digital Wall Clock will not disappoint. You can use virtually any place, in the office, bedside and living room.

  • Large wide-angle display
  • Temp and humidity display
  • Fold-out table stand
  • Multilingual
  • Setting relatively challenging

3. MARATHON CL030033SV Atomic Self-setting Wall Clock

MARATHON CL030033SV Atomic Self-setting Wall Clock

Marathon offers an extensive array of products in various subcategories including flat free tires, wheelbarrows and carts, air filled tires, and flat free sealants and inner tubes. Aside from that, they also offer top notch atomic wall clocks that will help you adjust and set the time to the ultimate precision. Marathon CL030033SV Atomic Self-Setting Wall Clock should be top on your list. It exhibits in remarkable features and functionality that you are going to love. What makes the clock beat the rest on the market?

Marathon CL030033SV is described as self-setting and self-adjusting. There is a reason for this. I will be repeating myself by insisting that atomic clocks are radio controlled and this one is not an exception. It receives signals from the station in WWVB in Fort Collins and synchronizes its own time depending on the frequencies. As such, you’ll not need to set the time and the date manually.

This atomic clock is not your average type. While most cover 4 times zones, Marathon CL030033SV has 8 time zones. The time zones HST, AST, EST, CST, MST, PST, NST, and AKST. That implies it will work perfectly in North American continent and Hawaii. Regions that are beyond North America and Hawaii will not find the automatic features of an atomic clock of this kind useful. That is because the signal will be weak or entirely unavailable. Fortunately, you can set the time and the clock manually for it to work.

Also, you should not settle for less. Don’t waste time straining to read small digits present in some clocks. Marathon CL030033SV has a large display measuring 4 inches high that makes it possible to take your readings from far effortlessly.

Additionally, the clock offers many display modes for the time and temperature. That grants you the freedom to choose your best units. You can set to read in 12 or 24 hours. For the temperature, take the readings in Fahrenheit or Celsius.
MARATHON CL030033SV Atomic Self-setting Wall Clock

Besides, the atomic clock features the daylight savings time. DST is an automated mechanism only present in atomic clocks that forwards the time by 1 hour from the actual time during the summer months with the aim of making the best use of the day. Besides, you can decide to turn it off or on depending on your preference. If you are located in Arizona where DST does not apply, you can choose to hit the off button.

Marathon CL030033SV runs on 2 AA batteries. And while others don’t’ come with the batteries included, this clock is exceptional. It comes with two long lasting batteries in the packaging eliminating the need to purchase.

Also, if your aim is to impress, then you can never go wrong with Marathon CL030033SV. It features an elegant yet classy brushed steel frame. Combined with the large numbers, you can be sure this is the perfect choice for your office and home and more.

Besides, although it is designed as a wall clock, it presents the opportunity to place however you want. You can either hang the clock on the wall or put it on the table. For it to stands squarely on the table, it features a robust fold-out stand that ensures that it remains stable.

Relieve yourself of the need to keep adjusting the time manually. Besides, benefit the high time accuracy that Marathon CL030033SV offers in whichever settings whether at the hospital, home or office.

  • Large display
  • Split second accuracy
  • Time and DST auto setting
  • Multiple time and temperature display modes
  • Lacks backlight dark time readings

2. La Crosse Technology WT-3122A Wood Atomic Clock

La Crosse Technology WT-3122A Wood Atomic Clock

Once again La Crosse Technology brings you another of their top rated and high-quality atomic clocks. Coming second on our list of the top best atomic wall clocks is La Crosse Technology WT-3122A Wood Atomic Clock. Being a renowned manufacturer of Atomic Wall Clocks, you can be sure the quality of this clock is top notch. Let’s focus on the features of this clock that will impress you.

While quartz clocks will still work, they cannot match the precision and functionality of an atomic clock. This clock will give accurate time to the second. It features a self-adjusting to the atomic time clock based in WWVB, Colorado. Once it receives signal, it adjusts the time to the hour, minute, and second.

Besides, it features the daylight saving time (DST). By DST it means that the clock will move forward by an hour to make use of the daylight mostly during the winter. And that usually happens twice a year. DST is triggered by the universal atomic clock in Fort Collins and updates automatically once it receives signals. The best thing is it comes with an option to switch ON/OFF in the event your country is not among those that recognize DST.

Also, there is one more thing on the DST. In areas where DST does not apply, you have the option of turning it off and setting the time based on the standard time manually. That way, there can be no confusion.
La Crosse Technology WT-3122A Wood Atomic Clock

There is a good reason why we insist that this clock is what you need in your beautiful home or office. It breaks from the norm to come in a cherry wood finish that gives a primitive yet elegant appearance that you probably won’t find elsewhere. You can almost be sure that when hanging on the wall in that room, it will boost the look of your office. It’ll compliment the appearance of your room. It is designed to impress simply.

What’s more, it allows you to choose from the four selectable time zones. They are the Eastern, Central, Pacific and Mountain. It would be ideal to shed light on to this time zone thing we’ll keep mention. If you happen to take the clock out the zones the manufacturer recommends, it’ll receive weak signals or may not receive at all.

Also, no expertise is required to operate this atomic clock. Just a few steps and you all set. First, select your time zone. Secondly, turn off/on the DST if your country uses it. Thirdly and the last step put fresh alkaline batteries. It will receive signal and adjust to the correct time in a moment.

As already pointed out, La Crosse Technology WT-3122A Wood Atomic Clock runs on 1-AA battery. However, there’s one unique thing about this clock. It features a mechanism for letting know when the battery is low and needs changing. About once every year, you’ll note the small hand starts to jump 2 seconds each time. That should prompt you to get fresh batteries.

La Crosse Technology WT-3122A Wood Atomic Clock is all about sophistication, class and perfect time. Well, what else would be looking for in an office as well as home?

  • Automatic time and DST
  • Elegant, classy look
  • Four selectable time zones
  • Simple to operate
  • Vague instructions

1. La Crosse Technology WT-3181PL Atomic Outdoor Clock

La Crosse Technology WT-3181PL Atomic Outdoor Clock

As a world leader in atomic time and weather instruments, La Crosse takes pride in being the first company to introduce Atomic Wall Clocks. They present you La Crosse Technology WT-3181PL Atomic Outdoor Clock. Rated #1 Best Seller in Outdoor atomic clocks, there can be no doubt about the quality. The features that it offers together with the ratings by customers informed our decision to also rank it first on this list of the top 10 clocks in its category. Designed for outdoor use, the clock aims to help you keep track of the time when out of the house.

Whether you’re out in the field tending to your lawn, slashing the garden or splashing in the pool, you are always interested in knowing the time of the day. La Crosse Technology WT-3181PL Atomic Outdoor Clock measures 18 inches in diameter and will help keep track of the time with the ultimate precision.

This atomic clock is radio controlled meaning that it receives signals from the national atomic clock based in Colorado. It synchronizes its clock based on the message received to reset daily without losing an hour, minute or second.

Also, during the summer time, the clock has a mechanism to adjust to the daylight savings time (DST) automatically. However, you can choose to have it ON or OFF. If you don’t mind, DST involves forwarding the clocks by 1 hour from the standard time during the summer month to make great good use of the daylight experienced that that season. The atomic clock is then reset during the fall. The best thing about atomic clocks is that it’ll reset automatically once the atomic clock in Colorado resets.

Besides, the atomic clock features a thermometer and hygrometer which can relate the temperature and humidity levels. It displays the temperature gauge on one side of the clock giving temperature readings ranging from -10 to +130 degrees Fahrenheit. Located to the other end of the clock is a hygrometer gauge that measures humidity from 1-99 percent relative humidity. You might also be interested in dehumidifiers.
#1. La Crosse Technology WT-3181PL Atomic Outdoor Clock

Besides, the clock features an adorable silver painted plastic frame that will surely draw the attention of the passersby. Together with the classic black metal hands, nothing else can beat it. Also, you will not strain when reading the time. It comes with 1-1/6 inch digits that render them visible from a distance for effortless reading.

La Crosse Technology WT-3181PL Atomic Outdoor Clock is weather resistant implying that it has a seal that protects from adverse weather condition. As such, you can use it both indoors and outdoors. However, placing it in the direct sunlight will affect the accuracy, and the heavy precipitation has an impact on the durability. Accorded the best care, it can be a lifetime purchase.

Moreover, this clock allows you to set the time zone. From the back side of the unit is a manual reset button. By twisting it, you can set the right zone manually. It allows you to select among the 4 US time zones, the Pacific, Central, Eastern, and Mountain.

To enhance the accuracy of this atomic wall clock, position it in a dry area where there is no direct sunlight. It runs on batteries, but it is not included in the package. So you’ll have to purchase one AA battery.

A warranty on a product depicts the confidence of manufacturer in the quality. You can try this atomic clock risk-free. It comes backed by a 1-year warranty.

For the most accurate time, temperature & humidity, DST, and the easy to read digits, La Crosse Technology WT-3181PL Atomic Outdoor Clock should be top on your list.

  • Precise auto-time setting
  • Auto DST
  • Easy to read digits
  • Temp and humidity gauges
  • Batteries not provided


Don’t be left behind. An atomic wall clock is what you need read the most accurate time. And with the daylight savings time, humidity, temperature and alarm features, you can be sure nothing comes close to what an atomic clock offers.


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