The Best Apple Watch Screen Protectors That Save You Hundreds Of Dollars

The Best Apple Watch Screen Protectors That Save You Hundreds Of Dollars

Best Apple Watch Screen Protectors
Don’t compromise on your Apple Watch integrity

Sometimes you forget that you’ve been to the beach recently, and the sand in your pockets slowly eats away at the face of your favourite watch. The next thing you know, your Apple Watch is ruined, and you’ve got to lay down another few thousand dollars to repair it. Rather get one of these best Apple Watch screen protectors and be prepared for those times when you just can’t avoid the wear and tear of daily life, like scuffing your watch on a rough surface.

Best Apple Watch Screen Protector Review

Much like a cell phone, the glass face of the Apple Watch has a sensitive touch screen. If you scuff or scratch this screen, you will lose the ability to do almost anything with the Apple Watch. Youll have no responsive applications, no phone calls or text messages just about nothing would work. As the cost of the average Apple Watch is around $200-300 you should try your best to protect the screen with some kind of cover or film that will prevent scratching, help to reduce impact of blunt or sharp objects hitting the screen and other dangerous hazards. Below weve dealt with some of the frequently asked questions about the best Apple Watch screen protectors, just to keep you in the know.

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Does my Apple Watch need a screen protector?

If you have just bought your first Apple Watch, you are probably looking for something that can keep it safe from all the usual culprits which can damage it. Just like with an iPhone it’s a good idea to provide it with some protection. There are two general types of protectors that you will find, and it might be a good idea to have both to make sure you have maximum protection. The first is a polyurethane or polycarbonate case, which covers the entire front and sides of the watch, and the second type is a screen protector that is applied only to the screen to prevent the face of the watch from becoming marked or spoiled.

Most of us know how easy an iPhone or any other phone can be scratched and a watch is much more exposed. Having a screen protector is like giving your phone a bullet-proof vest once its taken a huge shot, it needs to be replaced. You might save your screen from a sharp object, but your screen protector will be spent. Its a good idea to buy a pack of these like the IQ Shield LiQuidSkin (6-Pack) Full Coverage Screen Protector, which will give you a few extra screen protectors to keep in reserve for when you really need them. This will save you from extra trips to the shop, and put your mind at ease. This video from Unbox Therapy will show you just how well the Apple Watch fares against things like knives and keys, and just how dangerous rougher materials like sandpaper might damage your screen:

As you can see, with a greater surface area and more points of contact like sandpaper, the Apple Watch Ion-X screen does not fare very well. It is designed for more concentrated impacts like the tip of a knife or key, and it is flexible enough to resist these without showing any signs of damage. Something like a rough wall or a sandy floor on the other hand could very well cloud up your screen with micro scratches over time. This is how a screen protector can help you to extend the life of your Apple Watch, by acting as a shield that takes the abuse of sand, rough surfaces and the like.

Is there an Apple Watch screen protector made from glass?

The short answer to this question is yes! There are many tempered glass screen protectors available on our list, and they have remarkable strength even though they are less than a millimetre thick. Tempered glass will add a layer of scratch protection that is superior to the stock screen that comes with the Apple Watch, because it has a smoother surface. It will however be at risk of fine point impact damage, so hitting your watch against a metal spike or sharp point might ruin your screen protector. They have adequate flexibility, but they are mainly useful as scratch protection.

An alternative to tempered glass is TPU or polycarbon plastic, which are usually incorporated into casings like the Spigen Slim Armor case. These are more flexible than tempered glass and thus will be less prone to shattering, which allows them to absorb fine pointed impact damage without cracking. They will protect your Apple Watch screen from scratches just about as well as the original screen does, but they are likely to be vulnerable to scratches from sand or rough surfaces like walls.

The alternative to these technologies is to have a plastic sheet cover, which is much cheaper in price and construction. These covers or sheets will not protect your screen from the same level of damage that tempered glass will. Plastic sheets can also feel sticky and slow down your speed if you need to swipe left and right, where tempered glass feels almost as if it isnt there in the first place. We recommend purchasing a proper TPU or tempered glass screen protector, because these are tried and tested to really give you the best protection for the least cost and inconvenience.

How do I apply an Apple Watch screen protector?

Putting one of these protectors on can be challenging, and you dont want to make a mistake in applying a $6 piece of tempered glass only to have to order a brand new one. This tutorial from Armoursuit will show you the exact method you should use to safely apply your screen protector.

You will want to clean the screen with a liquid like ethanol or rubbing alcohol to make sure that you have eliminated all of the possible alien substances that are on your screen. Once you have cleaned the screen of oils and grease, as well as fingerprints, you should see whether or not the brand of screen protector you are using has come with an adhesive spray. If it has, you should then apply the spray evenly to the template, and line up the protective sheet as shown in the instructions. Some of these protectors are meant to cover the entire face of the watch, leaving holes only for the operational buttons, and some are a smaller construction that just cover the very top of the screen.

As soon as you have placed the screen protector appropriately you should apply pressure evenly across the entire surface start from the middle, and press outwards to force any liquid or air bubbles out of the sides. If you are using an adhesive spray, you should wait until this has dried before you decide to clean it with alcohol or a microfiber cloth. Once you are happy that all of the edges are firmly in place, you should give it a final wipe and leave it to dry off. The safe time for allowing a wet application screen protector to adhere properly to the screen is about 30 minutes.

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