The Best Apple Watch Charging Docks For Charging and Showcasing Your Gadget

The Best Apple Watch Charging Docks For Charging and Showcasing Your Gadget

Top 9 Best Apple Watch Charging Docks For 2019
The Best Apple Watch Docking Stations For All Kinds of Uses

Apple Watches are the new craze, and something that our grandparents would never have thought possible! It is a watch, but it is also a computer (kind of). Anyone who has seen or used an Apple Watch will be able to vouch just how innovative and amazing they are. One flaw they have (which any electronic device has really) is that they are not self charging.

Maybe one day they will invent a self charging Apple Watch, but for now we need to rely on keeping it charged. We could use the plain old white charging cable that Apple so generously provides, or you can become truly on-trend and use one of the functional and fashionable charging stations which have started flooding the market. We have checked out 9 of the best for you, which will keep you and your Apple Watch happy, healthy and ticking!

Buyers’ Guide For Apple Watch Docks

If you are lucky enough to have an Apple Watch, then chances are you will be wanting some sort of charging dock. Why should you have to use the standard run-of-the-mill charging cable when you can have a stylish, sleek dock which lets you use your watch as an alarm clock? There are so many different styles on the market, and even though they are designed around the one product – the Apple Watch – there can be a multitude of difference between any two docks. So before you go out and grab the first charging dock you see, have a think about your needs and preferences and think about the following considerations.

Portability . All docks will have some level of portability as they will not be screwed into the ground, however some are going to be more portable than others. If you are going to be moving around constantly, then you will want to opt for a dock that doubles as a case rather than one of the taller, bulkier ones. The difference is simply a matter of convenience.

Charging Cable. One thing that all charging docks will have in common is that they somehow allow the Apple Watch to be charged. How they differ is in exactly HOW they charge. Some require you to have your own standard charging cable, others have an inbuilt cable which simply needs to be connected to power and some actually require a special magnetic charger, which will need to be purchased separately (it is different to the cable that comes standard with the watch when you purchase it). The magnetic chargers are the most popular and common, simply because they are magnetized and so connecting the dock to the watch is literally as simple as placing the metal back of the watch onto the magnetized part of the charger. This is an extra cost however, so this needs to be considered. There will be no actual plugging in or unplugging n the watch itself, so it is definitely among the most convenient. The other super convenient solution is ones with in-built charging cables, however make sure you get one where the cable is able to be wound up and hidden, otherwise you will have a constant exposed cable.

Style and shape. If you were to place all of the different docks side by side, you would see a clear difference and realize that there are flat docks, tall docks, chunky docks, slimline docks, docks that double as cases and docks that do not even resemble docks. So you need to think about what style and shape would be best for you. All Apple Watches are similar in that they look like a watch, however some will have the standard arm band, some will have expensive leather bands and some will have the metal bands and latches. Those with leather and metal bands might want to stay away from the lower or flatter docks, and opt for one that will allow the arm band to be buckled up. Some styles will also simply look better in your home decor! If you plan on charging your phone at night, then many of the charging docks will actually hold the watch face yup in such an angle that it is perfect for use as an alarm clock!

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How Portable Are They?

Most good Apple Watch docks will be portable, as they are designed to be taken around (just like your ordinary phone charger). They are corded (to plug into power and into the watch itself), and many will have the ability to safely and securely store the cord when not in use. For example, they might have a compartment or section where the charger cable wraps around so that it does not get damaged or tangled in transit. There is no complex installation required – only a PowerPoint is needed and a flat surface (can be the floor or a night stand), and you are good to go and ready to charge your Apple Watch. As can be seen from comparing the best Apple Watch docks, some of the charging docks are more portable than others. Some are designed to be 100% portable, and were designed with businessmen and travellers in mind. Others are best to be kept in the one spot (say your bedside cabinet), however there is nothing stopping you from unplugging them and moving them to a different part of the house or different location.

What is the charging mechanism of the Apple Watch Charging Dock?

Most charging docks alone won’t directly charge the Apple Watch – they simply provide a platform to allow charging. Many of the better charging docks are magnetized and this is how the watch head is attached. Then a separate charging cord (rarely is this supplied with the dock) is needed to connect the actual watch to a power supply. The docks serve a main purpose of holding the watch upright during charging, and because the watch is not just lying on the ground, table or desk, it can actually prevent the watch from being damaged and scratched. Many docks will also allow for charging of multiple devices simultaneously (such as an iPhone or iPad)- again a separate charging cable and power source is needed for each device. Many of the charging docks will start charging when the Apple Watch is attached to a magnetic strip automatically – as long as the charging cable is plugged between the power point and the dock. Others are just a holder for the watch and require the charging cable to plug directly into the watch. Check the specifications for each individual watch to find out how it works.

Can the charging dock be used with other Smart Watch Brands?

Whether a charging dock is compatible with other smart watches really depends on the product and its specifications. You will find that most of the charging docks will be strictly for Apple Watches only, and this should be made clear in the item description. Many charge the watch using a magnetic charger, and this works with the unique workings of the Apple Watch, so will not be suitable with other brands. Some on the other hand are more of a holder for the watch as they charge using their own charging cable, so in this case you certainly could use a different brand watch as long as you used the correct charging cable. As a general rule however, it is advised to only use Apple, watches for the Apple Watch docks, and different brand watches with their own branded watch chargers.

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