The Advantages of Owning an Android Phone or Tablet In 2020 Reviews

There is always some sort of competition between Android products and iOS products. There are people who are always saying that one is better than the other. In the end, it will still depend on the person and what he prefers to get. Right now, let us focus first on the reasons why owning an Android phone or tablet comes with amazing advantages.

The Rise of Android

Android has come a long way from the laggy system that it used to have. There was a time when iOS beat it in all different directions but it has managed to persevere, change and improve. The modern Android phones and tablets now have various capabilities that will be hard to find anywhere else. The rise of the Android will probably go on in the next years to come. What will be expected from Android in the following years? Only time will tell what new innovations will occur.

The Advantages of Owning an Android Phone or Tablet In 2020 Reviews

The Various Advantages You Can Get

  1. You have more variation.


When you choose to get an iOS powered device, you only have a few options. You can get the latest models or you can also choose to go with the previous models that are normally described to be not as high-tech as the others. The prices of these iOS devices are also more expensive so you will be expected to shell out a huge amount of money.

For Android devices, there are different brands that can offer different specifications and various features. You will be able to choose the one that best fit your needs. It is also great that most Android phones and tablets come with a gamut of features that are easy to appreciate.

  1. You get a mobile platform that is versatile and will give you access to different applications.

The Advantages of Owning an Android Phone or Tablet Reviews

There are different applications that you can get with the use of your Google Play Store. This is actually the standard in different Android devices whether you are using an Android phone or an Android tablet. You have the option to get the applications that are from the Play Store but if you want to download from third-party sources, you have the option to do this as well.

There are always risks that you need to take if you choose to install from other sources and you will be warned by your Android phone about it before you continue. It actually has a setting wherein you can allow downloads from third-party sources or not. If you still choose to continue, just change the settings on your Android device.

  1. Android devices normally use the USB Type-C charging ports that can contribute to faster charging.

The Advantages of Owning an Android Phone or Tablet Reviews

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The Advantages of Owning an Android Phone or Tablet Reviews

The Advantages of Owning an Android Phone or Tablet In 2020 Reviews

A lot of people hate the fact that they need to charge their phones often. If they could allow their phones to have power forever, they would do it but the truth is that phones are all battery powered and it will be pretty hard to make them last for a long time especially if you are always online.

One advantage that you can get from using an Android device is that you can charge the gadgets easily. They may charge for about 2-3 hours and they can be used for a long time again depending on your phone’s capacity.

  1. The applications available on Android are normally cheaper than those that can be found on iOS.

    The Advantages of Owning an Android Phone or Tablet Reviews

The reason for this is simple – with iOS devices, you know that you have to purchase only from the App Store if you want to gain access to the paid applications but for Android devices, the same applications can be available through 3rd party sources and they may cost cheaper as compared to the Google Play Store.

Since the applications are not as expensive, they can be downloaded easily through the Play Store without having to check 3rd party websites. This can give people the convenience of not paying too much for the applications that they truly want.

  1. You can easily change and customize your UI depending on your preferences.

The Advantages of Owning an Android Phone or Tablet Reviews

With iOS, you already know what the standard UI is going to be. If you have been an Apple user for a long time, it will not be hard to adjust to the things that you have to do in order to open the right applications and use your phone or tablet to your advantage.

Android phones offer something that is more personal to their users. They allow their users to place the applications that they use often in all the right spots of the gadget so that they can access the applications easily in simple clicks. There are different shortcuts that can be placed on the home screen and notes can be placed too if in case people would need some reminders about the things that they have to do.

  1. You can easily multi-task with the use of your Android phone.

The Advantages of Owning an Android Phone or Tablet Reviews

There are moments when you need to do more than two things at once with the use of your phone. There are some Android phones that allow this feature through the multi-window feature. There are some that will allow you to open more than 2 windows at once but 2 windows are enough to help you access two things at the same time.

You can imagine following the instructions on how to sign up at a certain website with one window stating the instructions or the video while the other window will be opened to reveal the website wherein you are creating your account. It can make things so much easier.

  1. You have a back button.

The Advantages of Owning an Android Phone or Tablet Reviews

How many times have you pressed the wrong icon by mistake? You could have done this a lot of times especially when you are rushing all the time. Android devices have their own back button which will make it easy for you to open an application and close it easily from your screen so you can focus on another application instead.

It also has an option that will allow you to close all of the applications that you have opened in one simple click. This can be ideal if you are rushing or if you do not want to go through the trouble of closing the open applications of your device one by one.

  1. There are different authentication options available.

The Advantages of Owning an Android Phone or Tablet Reviews

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Let us say that you want to login to your phone, what are the options that are available for you? The fingerprint is always ideal because it will be hard to find someone else who has a similar fingerprint as you so even if they attempt to open your phone or device, they will not be too successful at it.

The newer Android phones now can offer a retina option that will make you feel so high-tech that you will probably love it a lot. Most high-end Android phones offer up to three ways that you can login and become recognized by your device:

  • Retina option
  • Fingerprint option
  • Facial recognition option

With all of these options available, you will feel that your device is more secure than others. How well the various authentication options will work will highly depend on the model that you purchase. You can choose one that has gotten positive reviews.

  1. There are different innovations that the market is able to get in a faster amount of time.

Only die-hard iPhone users will be surprised to know that dual speakers have been around for years now because this is something that is still new to the iPhone. Android devices are normally fast in changing their specifications and features. This can be hard at times because people would always like to get the best. Android devices can offer great features that are offered currently but in a few years or so, this is bound to change.

The innovations that are offered to people though through their Android devices are always appreciated. They are meant to make people get things in an easier and faster manner. This is always a good thing.

  1. Devices come in different price range.

You do not have to be stuck with just one phone all your life because of your budget. You always have the option to choose a device that you can effectively use for a certain period of time. High-end devices usually equate to better features but mid-priced ones are not too bad especially with new ones that mimic the features offered by more high-end Android phones.

There are various brands and models to choose from and finding one can be a bit complicated. With a little bit of research and by reading different reviews, finding the right Android gadget to use will not be too hard.

Are you already convinced of the reasons why you should just own an Android phone or tablet soon? Some Android users are new to Android and they never saw the need to change from their iOS devices before but now, they are happy with what they have. You may never know, having an Android deice may satisfy you too.


The Advantages of Owning an Android Phone or Tablet In 2020 Reviews

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