The 5 Best Cases For Your New OnePlus 2 Phone!

When you purchase a new smart phone many people get to caught up in their new toy to remember that it also and investment. You have to purchase accessories to protect this investment and ensure that you continue to receive full use of the product you spent your hard earned money on. We will now give you the top cases available for your new Oneplus 2 phone!

1. MakeMate Fashion Genuine Leather Anti-Dust Case

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The final case on review is the MakeMate Fashion Case. The outside of the case is genuine leather and it must be cared for as such. You must take care to watch it’s exposure to moisture, cleaned with leather cleaner, etc. A little much on the care side but does sport remarkable shock absorption and comes in 3 colors!

2. OnePlus 2 Case – Ringke FUSION Case

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World’s hardest case, Ringke FUSION is completed with an anti-scratch coated PC clear back. The transparent background provides slim and crisp view of the device. Ringke FUSION has a tapered lip and lifted camera bezel that raises your phone to a comfortable height off the surface, keeping the phone safe and protected.

3.  MakeMate Fashion Flip Genuine Leather

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This beauty is every posh person’s dream case. This case features high grade leather in multiple colors. Downside is that it requires care and cleaning just as any other authentic leather piece. The inside of the case is created with high grade polycarbonate blend to further cushion your car payment. This one also features a kickstand for when you just don’t feel like holding the silly thing. The cover is anchored by a very strong magnet to ensure the high priced gadget does not slip from its case.

4. OnePlus 2 Case, TUDIA Slim-Fit MERGE Dual Layer Protective Case for OnePlus Two

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The TUDIA Ultra Slim MERGE for OnePlus 2 is a premium dual layer cover that provides optimal protection from the scratches and scuffs of daily use without adding bulk and distorting the sleek design of your phone model.

5. OnePlus 2 Case – TUDIA Ultra Tough OMNIX

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The TUDIA TUDIA Ultra Tough OMNIX [Heavy Duty] Hybrid Case for OnePlus 2 is a premium triple layer cover that provides optimal protection from the scratches and scuffs of daily use. This long-lasting, durable case is made with a mixture of top grade Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) and polycarbonate materials. With openings for all buttons and connectors, the TUDIA Ultra Slim CYGEN preserves the angles and original design of the OnePlus Two and still allows the device to be fully functional when equipped with this cover. The TUDIA Ultra Slim CYGEN provides superior protection utilizing a shock absorbing TPU and a scratch resistant exterior shield, keeping your OnePlus 2 looking as good as new.

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