The 10 Best Oil Diffusers in 2019 – Their Incredible Benefits

The 10 Best Oil Diffusers in 2019 - Their Incredible Benefits

Throughout history, essential oils have been used for various cultures for therapeutic and spiritual purposes including India and Egypt. Also, reliable modern studies have proven that aromatherapy (therapeutic use of essential oils), improves physical, spiritual and emotional wellbeing in patients including those diagnosed with cancer. They are good for, fragrance, stress, congestion and sore muscles, soothing and relaxation, insect and pest control and more.

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Your Ultimate Guide to Choosing an Oil Diffuser

What exactly is an oil diffuser? Upon extraction, an oil diffuser helps to release the aroma of the essential oils into the air renting it with natural fragrance. There is a huge difference between an oil diffuser and a humidifier. A humidifier works to increase the moisture only in the air. While a scented candle can work, it cannot beat an oil diffuser since it allows you to use different essential oils and even blend them.

You can choose from the 5 different types of oil diffusers available. They are atomizing/nebulizing diffusers, ultrasonic vaporizing, heat diffusers, fan diffuser, and evaporation diffusers.

Room Size: Some oil diffusers will offer a mechanism for controlling the amount of mist released into the air. Your sole task it to make sure that it provides sufficient coverage. Mostly, a manufacturer will recommend the size of the room an oil diffuser will work. It is upon you to check that so it can serve the intended purpose.

Use/Application: To make the best choice, you need to know what you want in a diffuser. Do you need it for therapeutic effects, scent or both?

Built Material: Durability is a key consideration for all equipment and oil diffusers are no exceptions. Quality diffusers are made from robust materials such as propylene and other polymers. Sturdy gives the product a longer lifespan.

Ease of Use: It should not be hard to setup your unit despite that fact that the task may involve more than simply putting water and your essential oil into the diffuser. You should find it simple to navigate the settings and options on the unit.

Water Capacity & Operating Time: The question to ask is the amount of time you expect the essential oil in the diffuser to last. It is simple to calculate the amount of water and oil diffused by the unit. Dividing the water capacity by the operating time will give you the amount diffused per hour.

Size of the Diffuser: The size of the diffuser may not be a big issue to many provided it is functional enough. However, it makes sense to consider a small-sized yet functional oil diffuser if you don’t have much storage space and value portability.

Additional Features: An oil diffuser should offer more than just diffusing your oil. It should contribute to the look of your room. Besides, a timer and ambient lighting can improve the quality of the diffuser.

As a first-time buyer of an oil diffuser, you might be frustrated going by the many choices on the market. We conducted an extensive research spanning 3 days just for you to help pick your next oil diffuser like a pro.

10. Viva Naturals Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

Viva Naturals Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

As the title suggests, Viva Naturals guarantees you bodily wellness using the natural the natural products only. In their wide array of product, Viva Natural Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser stands out in its category. It closes the list of the top 10 best oil diffusers. You should not be put into thinking that it is inferior. In fact, it has #1 best seller ranking on Amazon, which should tell you something about its quality. What makes this oil diffuser remarkable?

Powered by the ultrasonic technology, this oil diffuser boasts of the ability to use less essential oil when compared to similar products. Through the vibrations turn the water and oil until it vaporizes releasing cool and fragrance mist into the surroundings. Read also a review of the best home fragrances.

What’s more, this oil diffuser allows you to select mode that you want. Select the continuous mode when you want it to operate consistently. Go with the intermittent mode that ensures that it produces mists in cycles. Or you can decide to use the light only. That way, you can enjoy a refreshing mist to your liking.

Viva Natural Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser has an oil and water capacity of 100ml that can last you at most 8 hours of use when operating in the intermittent mode. Setting it on the continuous will lower the duration.

With this oil diffuser, you can be a guarantee of improved quality of air as the mists that rent the air purify and humidify it. That comes to your rescue during the winter when your skin is like to be dry and chapped. Also, it will deal with those dry coughs that will wake in the middle of the night craving water. The soothing scent from the mist will help in relaxing you from the hustle and bustles of the day. That way, you can sleep soundly. Don’t forget that the oil diffuser extends it aromatherapy benefits to dealing with fungus and bacteria.

Also, Viva Natural Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser features 7 LED mood enhancing colors that you can adjust as you want. For a kid who is afraid of sleeping alone during the night, there is no companion better than having this diffuser in the room with the lights rotating. That way, her mind gets stirred in a manner least expected, and she goes to sleep.
Viva Naturals Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

Viva Natural Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser is designed with your safety in mind. It features a mechanism whereby when the water runs dry, it switches off automatically. That ensures that it does not burn out making it extremely safe to use.

Everything about this oil diffuser is cool. It offers you a soothing mist while operating quietly. Don’t forget the advanced ultrasonic technology used in the breaking up the oil and water particles does not require heat. As such, the unit also remains cool to ensure that nothing comes between you and a peaceful slumber. Days of waking up tired are simply over!

When it comes to your health and wellbeing, VIVA leaves nothing to chance. That is why they are confident enough to offer 90-days full refund if it the oil diffuser does not meet your expectations.

This diffuser is perfect for those who want to benefit from the aromatherapy part of it as well as a moisturizer to humidify the air. The lighting will simply take you to a different world when in your bedroom.

  • 3-in-1
  • Operate quietly
  • Select operation mode
  • Low capacity

9. Essential Wellness Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser and Humidifier

Essential Wellness Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser and Humidifier

The title says it all. Essential Wellness is a company whose objective is to ensure your body wellbeing of your body. And to do that, they present you one of the top rated essential oil diffuser on the market. Essential Wellness Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser and Humidifier is the bet. Now, it does not appear among the giants by surprise but because it meets the high standards we set to qualify an oil diffuser. Here are some of the features the diffuser takes pride in.

This oil diffuser works through an advanced ultrasonic technology. The water and is broken into microparticles without the need for heat. What results are cool and scented mist released into the air. By not using, the natural properties of the oil are maintained so they are readily absorbed in your body.

It doubles up as a diffuser and humidifier. That implies you will get aromatherapy benefits as well as moisturized and purified air. It is a great way of fighting and eliminating passive smoke, stale air, and even allergens by breathing only the purified air.

Also, you benefit from the humidification mechanism by leaving the air moisturized. That way, it eliminates problems related to dry and chapped skin common during the winter. Also, it is a perfect way of dealing with the dry coughs and sinuses.

The benefits emanating from using this diffuser are endless. Essential Wellness Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser and Humidifier also functions as an ionizer. That means it will fight the positive ions present in the air by releasing negative ions. The result is improved breathing, lively mood, and ultimately improved the overall immune system. Those properties make it a perfect choice for your bedroom or that of your kid.
Essential Wellness Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser and Humidifier

Also, you need no professional skills to use this diffuser. It is pretty simple, and you get to enjoy cool scented mist by just filling the tank with water and a few drops of your essential oil. And the coolest thing is that it allows you to use just any essential oil provided it is 100% natural. Besides it is BPA free making which should give the peace of mind when purchasing.

Essential Wellness Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser and Humidifier offers a capacity of 300ml, which we consider above average. That should be enough to take you 6-8 hours while switched to the ON mode.

What’s more, this diffuser leaves you the freedom to choose among the available time settings. There is 60min, 180min, 360min or ON. The on mode makes the oil diffuser run consistently for between 6-8 hours. And when the water in the reservoir goes so low, it shuts off automatically. That renders this unit safe to use.

Away from the MIST function and on to the Light function. It features 7 LED lights that you can either leave ON or OFF. If you decide to have the lights on, you can be fixed to one color, or you can have the rotating. That gives a striking appearance and is ideal for an improved mood and lowered stress.

You can enjoy this oil diffuser risk-free. Upon purchasing, it comes covered with a guarantee. If you don’t feel satisfied or it develops issues along the way, you are eligible for a full refund or replacement.

Essential Wellness Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser and Humidifier makes an excellent gift for a friend or a family member who might benefit aromatherapy healing.

  • LED mood lights
  • Safe (BPA free)
  • Large capacity
  • A diffuser and humidifier
  • Lacks intermittent setting

8. InnoGear Wood Grain Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

InnoGear Wood Grain Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

A natural style coupled with the simplicity and symmetry of Zen-style, InnoGear Wood Grain Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser takes a new approach toward the manufacture of Oil Diffusers. The result is a traditional look that will match any décor in your home. And it is not all about looks. This diffuser also brings you the aromatherapy benefits as well as humidifying the air. A focus on some of the features it packs will not hurt.

This oil diffuser is simply the right size. With a capacity of 200ml, it is neither too small not small. That allows you to put oil and water that will last you a substantial amount of time while at the same time ensuring that it remains stable.

And it does not end there. InnoGear Wood Grain Oil Diffuser comes with 7 soothing lights that will surely have a significant impact on your mood. You can set the unit to rotate through all the way to the last color or let it stay on one steady color. Adjust the lights to either bright or the dim as you prefer it.

What’s more, you can be sure to have total control over this diffuser. It features the Mist button that allows you to determine the amount of mist you want to be released. A long press on the button will change it from the Low to High and vice versa presenting an opportunity to extend the duration of the operation.

Also, the oil diffuser features timer setting that lets you to set the operation modes. You can choose 1hr, 3hr, 6hr or steady ON mode. It is worth noting also that the unit has an auto-shut off feature that ensures the unit is safe. Once the water is over, the diffuser has an intelligent mechanism that stops the operation and turns it off automatically.
InnoGear Wood Grain Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

The title should tell describe what this diffuser looks like exactly. It comes with an antique wood grain look that renders it natural and primitive. What it offers is an out of the ordinary look that will go with any décor in the house.

A good way of describing this oil diffuser is ‘all-in-one.’ It combines aromatherapy benefits and humidification mechanism. That way, through the advanced ultrasonic technology vibrations, it releases mist in the air. The result is a purified, scented, and moist air which leaves you relaxed and your dry and chapped winter skin smoothens up.

InnoGear guarantees quality products. However, they still go ahead to stand behind this diffuser boldly. You stand to enjoy a 12-month warranty as well as lifetime support so you can get the best out of it.

InnoGear Wood Grain Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser is a perfect way to spark your kid’s imagination in the bedroom. It keeps her company while the aromas will leave her relaxed to go to sleep.

  • Soothing lights
  • Multifunctional
  • Safety auto-shut off
  • Elegant yet unique
  • Needs a larger capacity

7. Aromatherapy Wood Grain Oil Diffuser, 300ml, URPOWER

Aromatherapy Wood Grain Oil Diffuser, 300ml, URPOWER

It seems like URPOWER dominates in the category of oil diffusers. Don’t be tempted to think that it is a bias. Our objective is to ensure that you get only the best quality. This time round, URPOWER brings an oil diffuser with wood grain coating, a characteristic that makes it appealing in a natural way. That is a new twist from the pure PP material used in the other diffusers as you will discover below. What makes Aromatherapy Wood Grain Oil Diffuser, 300ml by URPOWER a force to reckon with?

The oil diffuser comes in a relatively large capacity tank measuring 300 ml. That should be sufficient enough to accommodate a combo of water and oil for the unit to operate for 10 hours while running continuously.

It uses the ultrasonic technology produces vibrations that result into fine and scented mist that hit the air with a bang. Estimates show that the Aromatherapy Wood Grain Oil Diffuser, URPOWER is ideal for those for a room measuring 269sq.ft.

You don’t need to give stress a chance to dictate your fate. Aromatherapy Wood Grain Oil Diffuser by URPOWER has the solution for you. It comes with 7 mood colors that will sooth you so you can sleep soundly at night. Besides, for the best experience, you can adjust to the color that matches your décor.

Also, this oil diffuser operates quietly, and you can be sure it will not distract you when asleep. This way, you can enjoy the freshening fragrance smell as well as the splendor of the rotating 7 colors the unit gives.

Besides, it allows you to adjust the mist flow. By simply long pressing the MIST button, it will give either high or low mist. That allows you to set the flow depending on how large your room is.

Also, Aromatherapy Wood Grain Oil Diffuser is programmable. It features 4 timer settings that allow you to choose the duration you want the unit running. It can operate for 60 min, 180 min, 360 min, and ON mode.
Aromatherapy Wood Grain Oil Diffuser, 300ml, URPOWER

Aromatherapy Wood Grain Oil Diffuser is electric-powered and comes with a power cable that you can plug. It is made of PP material with wood grain coating.

What’s more, this oil diffuser has been designed with your security in mind. When you switch to the ON mode, it will work continuously but will eventually turn off once the water in the tank runs out. This, you can be guaranteed of your safety when using this diffuser.

Even more, the design and function of Aromatherapy Wood Grain Oil Diffuser is motivated by nature. From the wood grain coating to the pleasant natural scented the oil diffusers gives. The result is a lively and relaxed mood. And being compact and portable, you can have it anywhere in your office, living or bedroom.

Aromatherapy Wood Grain Oil Diffuser is ideal both for those who seek aromatherapy benefits as well as using it as a humidifier. It is best for large and small rooms including hotels and dormitories.

  • Aromatherapy and humidifier
  • Large capacity
  • 4 timer settings
  • Elegant
  • Awesome

6. VicTsing Ultrasonic Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser

VicTsing Ultrasonic Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser

We all love Mother Nature, and a break from the norm would spice things up. By that, it means getting a diffuser that changes the conventional way of doing things. Victsing Ultrasonic Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser offers that. It features a wood coating that makes brings out a natural and primitive look anyone who loves the natural beauty will appreciate. Aside from that, the diffuser function like any other unit and probably better. Here are some of the remarkable features this essential oil diffuser exhibits.

You’ll fall in love with this oil diffuser thanks to the small size that renders it compact and extremely portable. The resulting benefit is that it allows you to use the unit everywhere you want be it in the SPA, gym, office and more.

What’s more, Victsing Ultrasonic diffuser is designed for use by veterans and first-timers alike. It is simple to use. To fill it with water and oil, just lift the cap. Even if your hands are wet, it will not be a hassle to open it and lock.

The essential oil diffuser has got a relatively large capacity. With a capacity of 300 ml you can be sure it will hold enough water to last you a longer time when compared the lower capacity units. This diffuser produces up to 30 ml of moisture when on the optimum setting. On the continuous output mode, it will for a maximum of 10 hours.

Your safety is paramount and with Victsing Ultrasonic oil diffuser, you can have the peace of mind wherever you use it. It features a power off function that does so automatically when the water is over. At no given time will it burn up.
VicTsing Ultrasonic Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser

Even more, where silence is a requirement, you can depend on this oil diffuser for a noise-free environment. Thanks to the ultrasonic technology adopted in constructing this unit, it has an ultra-quiet operation that you won’t even tell it working. What remains is to have a cool slumber free of distractions.

Victsing Ultrasonic oil diffuser offers aromatherapy benefits that you will enjoy. The ultrasonic vibrations break the oils and water into fine and smooth mist which are released into the air in your living space. If you have a problem with chapping of the skin during the winter, then the moisture from the unit is all you need to return to its soft nature. Also, the mists from the unit will result in purified and humidified air that plays a crucial role in making breathing simple particularly when asleep.

Also, this oil diffuser exhibits 7 color lights that you can adjust at will. The colors play a vital role of livening up your mood. That way, you can forget all the worries for a moment. And you can set the each of the lights to bright or dim. Dimming the light is good for those who might feel distracted sleeping with it illuminating the room. You have two modes to choose from for the lights. There is steady on and color changing.

Besides, Victsing Ultrasonic oil diffuser features 4-time setting modes. That way, you can set it to 1 hr, 3hr, 6hr, or steady mode. As pointed out, on the steady mode, it will operate until the water runs out and it switches off automatically.

You should have zero worries when purchasing this oil diffuser. It comes backed by a 45 days money back guarantee and a 1-year warranty. As such, you can grab your unit with the enough confidence.

Being simple to operate, Victsing Ultrasonic oil diffuser is beginner-friendly. We, therefore, recommend it to both first-time buyers and those who have had to experience using diffusers. You will enjoy the humidifier as well as aromatherapy benefits it offers.

  • Highly compact & portable
  • Relatively large capacity
  • 7 adjustable mood colors
  • Aromatherapy and humidifier
  • Simply perfect

5. URPOWER Ultrasonic 120ml Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

URPOWER Ultrasonic 120ml Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

Are you tired of waking up tired from a night of tossing and turning on the bed? How about a kid who fears to be alone in the night? Although the first scenario may be a result of an uncomfortable mattress, you cannot rule out the status of the room. The solution is a simple as grabbing an oil diffuser. URPOWER is renown when it comes making sure you breathe fresh that will leave you relaxed. You will note the company has dominated this list. Not for nothing but for all the good reasons. URPOWER Ultrasonic 120ml Aroma Oil Diffuser is yet another unit that will not disappoint.

The unit is small-sized and highly lightweight. That makes it possible to move from one room to another. Even if you want to use it in your office away from your home, it won’t occupy much space.

URPOWER 120ml oil diffuser has a capacity of 120 ml which requires water and a few drops of oil to have the fragrance you need. And the best part about this diffuser is that it allows you use just any essential oils irrespective of the ingredients. However, the emphasis is on pure essential oils to keep the unit in good shape. The diffuser will offer 3 hours of operation before it demands to refill.

A quality essential oil diffuser provides 3 functions. It can serve as a humidifier, scent, and used for lighting. URPOWER Ultrasonic 120ml is no exception. You can now breathe effortlessly thanks to the humidifying capabilities. That long-running cold and the sinuses resulting from cold, flu and allergies are no longer welcome in your home. What‘s more, there is no better way of dealing with the odors emanating from the kitchen, and pet waste than using this oil diffuser.

URPOWER Ultrasonic 120ml oil diffuser is not one of those flimsy units you will find on the market. It is made from heavy duty Polypropylene plastic. You can be sure it won’t get damaged easily.

Besides, your kid just got a great company in her room. URPOWER Ultrasonic 120ml oil diffuser features 7 different LED lights that have a positive effect on the mood of kids and adults alike. As the lights rotate about, they grab your kid’s imaginations helping them relax, and within no time, they fall asleep. And don’t forget that the each of the lights is adjustable moving from bright to dim modes or even the steady ON mode.
URPOWER Ultrasonic 120ml Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

Also, you don’t need any special skills to operate this essential oil diffuser. It comes with a top that you can twist easily when you want to refill with oil and water. Also, the unit has been designed with you in mind. It features a mechanism such that when the water runs out, it switches off automatically.

Maybe you were searching for an excellent to present to that special person. URPOWER Ultrasonic 120ml will not let you down. They will be happy if they can benefit from the aromatherapy healing properties. Also, they will feel valued breathing fresh scented air again.

Undoubtedly, this oil diffuser is of the high quality. It comes backed with a 45-days money back guarantee and a warranty of 18 months. That should give you enough confidence to try it risk-free.

In your bedroom, kid’s bedroom, small office, spa, when going for yoga, let URPOWER Ultrasonic 120ml oil diffuser keep you company.

  • Quality PP built
  • 7 LED mood lights
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Safe (auto-shut off)
  • For a small room

4. URPOWER 500ml Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

URPOWER 500ml Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

Looking for a nice way to fight your stress and motivate your mood? Then you’ve got to try an oil diffuser. And since there are many oil diffusers in the market, you must be careful what you choose. URPOWER diffusers do not disappoint. They present you of their top rated and functional oil diffusers on the market. URPOWER 500ml Essential Oil Diffuser will purify and humidify the air in your room so you can breathe fresh air at all times. What makes this essential oil diffuser outrank the rest on the market?

URPPOWER Oil Diffuser combines three functions in a single unit. You can decide to use for the aromatherapy benefits it offers. Alternatively, it can work as a humidifier. Or it can grace your room at night with the light it emits. For sure, a scented candle cannot offer all that. A humidifier too simply works to release moisture in the air.

Smoke, stale air and allergies are some of the irritations that we all have to face. Think about the annoying smoke and smell from cigars. How about the odor from the pest’s waste? URPOWER 500ml oil diffuser should be top in your list. It will release fragrance mist that will deal with all those problems. The result is improved breathing, a healthy immune system. In addition, it helps to revive your mood by lowering your levels of stress.

It is a 3–in-1 unit, but you can also depend on it as a humidifier. Simply pour water only and turning on the mist button. That way, you can have it running without offering any fragrance. What result is a moisturized air good for a dry cough and sinuses and dry skin so you can breathe purified and humidified air. And the best part is that it has high and low mist as separate functions.

The oil diffuser works on advanced ultrasonic technology. It works by way of producing vibrations spanning over 2.4 MHz. The vibrations help to break the water and your oil into microparticles without the need for heat to ensure your essential oils remain 100% natural. Heat destroys the properties of essential oils. The process does not emit any heat either. So you can be sure you’ll have nothing but cool fresh fragrance renting the air.
URPOWER 500ml Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

Most essential oil diffusers have a capacity as low as a 100ml. URPOWER 500ml Oil Diffuser comes to your rescue. As the title suggest, the oil diffuser has a capacity of 500ml that hold enough water and oil to last up to 10 hours. However, being programmable, it comes with a timer allows to specific the amount of time you want to have it running. There is 60, 120, 180 minutes and ON. The ON mode means it’ll run consistently until it turns off automatically.

Although we emphasize on maintenance, there is no way a cheaply constructed unit can see better days. URPOWER oil diffuser is made from robust ABS and Polypropylene material guaranteeing long lifespan

Besides, you’ll love the fact that it comes with 7 different attractive lights. There are different modes for the light, and you can have it off altogether. The lights rotate in a magnificent way grabbing all your attention

Your safety too is not at stake with this oil diffuser. It features an inbuilt mechanism such that when it runs dry, it will shut off automatically. That way, it poses no danger to your life. Besides, since it does not emit any hit, it remains cool making it safe for your kid or even the pets.

URPOWER has unshakeable confidence in the quality of this diffuser. And that is why they back URPOWER 500ml oil diffuser with a 45 days guarantee. Additionally, you are eligible for an 18 months warranty on the product.

Lovers of aromatherapy will love this oil diffuser. Even if your need is to moisturize the air only, URPOWER oil diffuser should be your choice. It has all you need in a single unit. Bless your kid with this oil diffuser and keep those simple infections a mile away.

  • Large capacity
  • 7 beautiful LED lights
  • Programmable
  • Robust (ABS, PP material)
  • A legend

3. Radha Beauty Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser

Radha Beauty Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser

Do you use scented candles in your room for that refreshing feeling? Then you’ll love an oil diffuser. While you can purchase a candle with the specific scent you’d like, a diffuser offers more versatility and functionality. It gives you the freedom to choose the essential oil you’d like to use meaning you enjoy a variety of scents using a single unit. What’s more, an oil diffuser doubles up as humidifier and an air freshener. Not to mention the aromatherapy benefits that result from using essential oils.

Ratha Beauty Essential Oil Diffuser is all you need to transform your living space. There can be no doubts about what it offers judging by the huge number of positive reviews and high ratings. Not to forget it has been rated # best seller on Amazon.

The diffuser is electric-powered and comes with an adaptor. Besides, you can be sure this is a lifetime purchase, thanks to the polypropylene construction. As such, it is robust enough not to get damaged easily

Being ultrasonic diffuser, it uses waves to vaporize the water and oil in the tank to produce mists with refreshing scents in the air. You’ve got to forget all the troubles at from your daily errands with this unit. There is no more staying awake into the dead of the night with Ratha Beauty Essential Oil Diffuser as your companion at night.

Ratha Beauty Essential Oil Diffuser is a functional and professional unit that you’ll love. It features 7 LED colors that will spark imaginations in ways you cannot tell as they rotate in the dark. The next moment, you’ll be dead asleep. And the best part is that there is an independent light control button. That way, you can make set the unit to work on a single color or change colors as it runs. Or you could turn the lights of completely if you sleep better that way.
Radha Beauty Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser

Also, this is not one of those oil diffusers that’ll heat. Ratha Beauty Essential Oil Diffuser will remain cool even with the colors rotating. That ensures that you only get the refreshing aroma and aromatherapy benefits that come with using it without the annoying extra heating.

With Ratha Beauty Essential Oil Diffuser, your safety is always first. As prove, the essential oil diffuser is designed in a way that it’ll shut off automatically once the water runs out. This way, you can sleep soundly with the peace of mind.

The unit has a water capacity of 100 ml that can hold enough water and essential oil to make it run for 3-5 depending on the modes you use. There are two modes to choose from. You can have it running on the intermediate or the constant mode.

You need not or minimal distractions as you retire to bed. That way, you can catch sleep fast. Ratha Beauty Essential Oil Diffuser is whisper-quiet making some soft and soothing sounds that will cancel any other noises from outside.

What’s more, for fresh air everywhere you go, it is small enough and will not occupy much space. That way, you can have it at the gym, spa or any other place you’d like to breathe some fresh air.

For those who would be interested in aromatherapy benefits including insomnia, sinuses, dry skin and more, Ratha Beauty Essential Oil Diffuser is your best bet. It is ideal for a small room and especially in the bedroom for a great, sweet sleep.

  • Relaxing LED colors
  • Aromatherapy benefits
  • Portable
  • Whisper quiet
  • Low capacity

2. InnoGear Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Portable Essential Oil Diffuser

InnoGear Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Portable Essential Oil Diffuser

You usually have an extremely busy day at work that you feel and arrive home utterly exhausted. Getting slumber is at times difficult going by the line of thoughts crossing your mind. That annoying smoke and odor that penetrates the door crevices that cannot let you sleep. You deserve a refreshing slumber free from distraction so you can wake up fresh every day. InnoGear Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Essential Oil diffuser should be your companion. The lovely fragrance it emits will abate your stress while at the same time fighting those frustrating orders letting you sleep like a baby.

But oil diffusers release some annoying sounds that will still distract me? Well, not InnoGear Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser. You have no excuse to miss on the benefits that a quality diffuser like this offers. It only lets whisper-quiet sounds that will soothe you into retiring to slumber by breaking the chain of thoughts in your mind.

InnoGear Ultrasonic Oil diffuser is not just aimed at only relieving work-related stress. It offers more than just that. Exhibiting aromatherapy properties, this oil diffuser will deal with the dry air and fight the stuffy air in the living space. With it, the flu/cold germs have no chance of thriving. Winter usually characterizes dry and chapped skin You can keep your skin smooth by investing in an oil diffuser.

Is your kid scared to sleep alone in her bed? The unit produces light that has an effect on the mood of the kid. And don’t forget you’ve got 7 colors that rotate nicely. That gives an attractive look and feel. Also, you can adjust the unit to switch between the bright and dark modes. That way, you can be sure the light will grab her attention and imagination such that she’ll forget about her fears.

Your safety is paramount whether at bedtime or working at your desk in your small office. InnoGear Ultrasonic Oil diffuser is designed with your safety as a priority. When the water runs out, the unit automatically shuts down. So you can be sure the unit will never burn.
InnoGear Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Portable Essential Oil Diffuser

What’s more, you need fresh air everywhere you go so you can boost your performance in whatever you lay your hands on. That means choosing a portable unit that you can carry wherever you want. InnoGear Ultrasonic Oil diffuser is highly lightweight, and you can use it to spice that gym session, in the spa, office and more.

InnoGear Ultrasonic Oil diffuser is designed to beat the test of time. It is made from Polypropylene material that renders it very sturdy. The unit is electric-powered and comes accompanied with an extra long power cord for convenience.

InnoGear Ultrasonic Oil diffuser is programmable and grants total control. It has three modes to choose from. You can choose the intermittent mode. That action makes it run for 30 seconds and then it will turn off for 30 seconds. It is a cycle and continues to operate that way and automatically. If you want to have mist without breaks, select the continuous mode. That way, it works non-stop. Also, if you don’t want the mist, you can have it produces the lights only

It has a capacity of 100ml that accommodates essential oil and water enough to have the unit working for 6 hours on intermittent mode and 3 hours in the continuous mode.

For those who need aromatherapy healing, you should not settle for less. InnoGear Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser is your perfect choice. And being highly portable makes it even better as you can have fresh air on the go.

  • Robust
  • Aromatherapy & scent
  • Auto-shut off
  • Programmable (3 modes)
  • For a small room

1. URPOWER 2nd Version Ultrasonic Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser

#1. URPOWER 2nd Version Ultrasonic Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser

If there is a company that cares for your wellbeing, it is URPOWER. Among other products, they offer appliances such as humidifier chemicals and their accessories. Turning to the beauty and personal care category, we get the aromatherapy products and aromatherapy diffusers. The company presents you URPOWER 2nd Version Ultrasonic Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser. Hands down, no other oil diffuser comes close to this concerning functionality and built quality. Did we mention that it rated #1 best seller with high ratings on Amazon and attracting over 11,000 reviews?

You deserve fresh and healthy air wherever you are. Be it in your small office, bedroom, or table room; you can depend on this oil diffuser both for therapeutic and fragrance purposes. Being an upgrade to its predecessor, URPOWER Ultrasonic Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser produces, even more, mist promising, even more, comfort.

Some oil diffusers are designed to work with particular essential oils and not others. Going contrary to the instructions means harming the essential oils if they contain certain ingredients. You’ll like the fact that URPOWER Ultrasonic Diffuser will keep your essential oil 100% natural as you acquired it. And that’s why it should be top of your list.

This oil diffuser is multipurpose offering more than just ‘diffusing.’ URPOWER Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser will act as a humidifier by producing a mist in your room to deal with the dry, chapped skin, lips and dry sinuses. Also, it will release irresistible scents that you’ll love with no heat. In addition to the fresh air, and the resulting smell, the diffuser is a true definition of beauty and perfection. The Japanese design and style speak more of class and sophistication.

Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser has put our diversity into consideration in the design. You have 7 different colors to choose from including red, yellow, blue and green. This essential oil diffuser features a nightlight that grants your room a relaxing ambiance during the night.
#1. URPOWER 2nd Version Ultrasonic Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser

What’s more, Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser has your safety as a priority. Immediately it runs out of water, it shuts off automatically. As such instances of burning will be unheard of.

Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser is not one of those units that use cheap materials. It is made from Polypropylene (PP), a robust polymer used in making plastic items. With such a strong construction material, you can be guaranteed of fresh air for years. Also, it locks so the oil does not spill.

This unit has a capacity of 100ml that will operate for 6 hours when full. Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser is programmable, and you can optimize the settings, so it works continuously or intermittently. To get it working, hit the ON button and it’ll run for thirty seconds, then turns off automatically. It will then turn on again, and the cycle continues. If you want it to work non-stop, just press the on button twice.

When asleep or at your desk and a tough assignment awaits you, distractions will interfere with your sleep and concentration. And that means using an oil diffuser that does not produce those annoying noises. URPOWER Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser is ultra-quiet and will bring no interference.

Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser is ideal for use in a small room. If your objective for buying a diffuser is to benefit the therapeutic part of it, this should be your best bet. This all-in-one diffuser combines fresh air, nice scent, and beauty in as a single package. You can never go wrong with it.

  • Programmable
  • Auto shut-off (safe)
  • Works with any essential oils
  • elegant
  • Highly recommended


Nothing comes closer to an oil diffuser in ensuring that you breathe only pure and scented air. And aside from the aromatherapy benefits it offers, the lighting provides a great relaxing ambiance irrespective of where you are. Go through our reviews and choose the oil diffusers you think suits your needs best.



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  • I’m in love with Green Air Spa Vapor Plus and Oil Diffuser. This oil diffuser is very well-known among many users these days. This portable diffuser allows you to use this device at anytime you need easily. This device can be supported by battery, USB charger, and also AC adapter. This oil diffuser is going to use absorbent pads for storing all essential oils, so this device doesn’t use water to function normally.

  • A product from Riverock Essential Diffuser from Deneve is also good. It is one of the best products from Deneve. This device is very useful to spread any essential oils, such as eucalyptus and lavender oil, in order to create good and fresh air quality for all users. It is very easy for you to start using this powerful device. This essential oil diffuser also has quiet system, so you will never have to worry about the performance of this device.

  • Thanks admin for this useful information. For those who never tried Smiley Daisy Oil Diffuser, I suggest you to try it. This is another high quality aromatherapy diffuser that is available now. This device is equipped with its 7 color changing LED lights that are very attractive for most users. You can use this device in any of your properties, including home, office, bedroom, spa room, and many other places. It can create instant relaxing aromatherapy by spreading essential oils to the environment regularly. You can create good air quality when you are using this powerful device.

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