The 10 Best In-Dash Navigation Systems for Cars in 2019

The 10 Best In-Dash Navigation Systems for Cars in 2019

In-dash navigation systems are versatile tools when it comes to the en route person. Especially when you drive in rough terrains you will want to know the road ahead and you may also want to invest in the best ATV tires to make your trips successful. There’s no reason to get lost again because the GPS navigation they offer are more reliable when getting you into unknown destinations, especially in places where you can’t rely on your phone’s maps due to connection failures.

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What To Inspect When Buying an In-Dash Navigation System

Ease of Operations: How does the interface fair when it comes to the functions? Does it need help when maneuvering through it? Look at how the controls react when subjected to many commands.

Accuracy of the GPS: You don’t want your navigation system to get you more lost. So look at whether it needs updates for it to relay precise locations. How many points of access does it have? Can it be customized to afford other useful information like the real-time traffic updates?

Screen Size, Resolution & Lighting: Most in-dash navigations come in one or two sizes, but the resolution differs among them. Consider a system whose imagery is on point because you want a better view of the maps and videos you watch on it. Also, the lighting should be just enough for the day and night purposes, to fit your eyes.

Operation System: Does it integrate with the smartphone you’ll be using? Always ensure that the navigation system you choose matches that one of your phone so that you get seamless integrations.

10. Atoto M4/M4272 Android Car Navigation

Atoto M4/M4272 Android Car Navigation, 7HD Touchscreen 32GB, Stereo, 2-Din Quadcore, Multimedia Car Entertainment with Wi-Fi, GPS, Mirror link, FM/RDS Radio

For the ultimate entertaining time on the go, choose the Atoto Android Car Navigation System by ATOTO. It offers the most impressive features that you admire and want to be a part of your car. With an Android smartphone, you get to integrate it with this in-dash navigation system such that all the apps are synced with it. Through a Bluetooth connection, you get hands-free operations of your phone such that you can make and receive calls on it. If you are a great fan of iPhones, this is the most remarkable in-dash navigation system you could ever ask.

This system comes with the most vehicle-based features including a steering key control which is a smart way of maneuvering the road simply and more efficiently. This way, through the analog signal input you can still keep the original steering wheel key control. Still, rebuild and redefine the steering wheel key to match with the functioning responses of this system. With it, you can also turn on the voice app which helps simple access to the output of in-command audio. Get an audio feedback for each of the commands you input.

So, you want your dash to be up and running as soon as you input the ignition key? Well, this one has an excellent speed of 2secs for the warm boot and 23-26secs for the cooling down. Its fast speed is also transferred to the other operations systems provided. These include the radio tuner, dash camera, back up camera, GPS and Wi-Fi. All these features make your car more productive so that you can have the most incredible time while traveling. Such speed allows you to make fast and smooth changes to the apps running on it.
Atoto M4/M4272 Android Car Navigation, 7HD Touchscreen 32GB, Stereo, 2-Din Quadcore, Multimedia Car Entertainment with Wi-Fi, GPS, Mirror link, FM/RDS Radio

It features a 7inch touchscreen which enables one to have easy access to the apps. It also carries a high resolution of 1024×600 pixels. It is with this navigation system, where you get to post the best Instagram photos of your life. It is a fun way to get online and get the conversations going on Facebook. Create a huge following on Twitter, all with the help of the Wi-Fi options so now you’ll never miss an update and a funny emoji flying on popular comments on the go.

Thanks to this in-dash navigation system, you can get to that meeting you want, when in a new town. The Google and Tomtom maps GPS navigation offers an easy way to know where you are and where you want to reach. You can also download other areas of interest in your region so that you add your options, to try location of the gas station or a restaurant around where you are driving. With an unlimited choice of radio stations to choose from, you’ll always be an informed citizen. Also, spice up your travel time with unlimited music from your phone.

When it comes to installing this navigation system, it either needs little or no trimming to fit into your dash. You may require assistance of a professional if you are not familiar with working on cars. The support system is ‘over’ the roof, with a professional service for the after-sales. You get to keep your system as good as new as you truly revolutionize each long or short drive. There are so many impressive features by the Atoto in-dash navigation system, so it makes the best choice.

  • Affordably priced
  • Has an HDMI output option
  • Large capacity for many apps (32GB)
  • It has quick reboot
  • Lacks compatibility with Android 7.0 and iOS 10+

9. Boddenly 2DIN 7inches In-Dash GPS Navigation

Boddenly 2DIN 7inches In-Dash GPS Navigation, Bluetooth Touchscreen Car Stereo Radio Player with Rear View, Camera Support, Steering Wheel Control, GPS, and MP5/AM/FM/USB/MP3/AUX

Long journeys call for a lot of patience when driving a car with a boring entertainment system. You want to enjoy sitting in your vehicle for long hours so that time passes easy and you get to where you want without a hint of fatigue and muscle soreness. Sync your head to the beat with the Bobble 2Din in-dash Navigation systems. It is one of those devices you want to keep using every day you drive because it has so many functions to make your experience much more enjoyable.

It uses a Bluetooth operations system so that you can play all your favorite music on your phone and receive and make calls via a hands-free system. With a car stereo subwoofer and a MOSFET amplifier, you can turn your car into a small music house where pumping up that volume makes the most beautiful drive. Enjoy all your favorite videos because it supports most playback functions including DVD/CD/AVI/3GP/RMVB/ASF/RM and so much more. The 7inch screen offers an extensive view and a high resolution to provide the best viewing experience.

The most productive functions of this navigation system are the steering wheel control and GPS operations. Use the key control to easily give commands that you would with your with your steering wheel. It is great that you can explore new places and know where you’ve been using the GPS which comes in the form of a maps card. You will get to take all the long road trips that you’ve always wanted since no more getting lost or spending too much gas trying to locate a restaurant using your manual map. Just input in the data for your current region and you are on your way to the vacation of a lifetime.
Boddenly 2DIN 7inches In-Dash GPS Navigation, Bluetooth Touchscreen Car Stereo Radio Player with Rear View, Camera Support, Steering Wheel Control, GPS, and MP5/AM/FM/USB/MP3/AUX

With this system, enjoy a lot more functions, including rear view camera support. If you drive large vehicles like trucks and construction vehicles, this is the ultimate safety system for eliminating blind spots and be on the lookout for other vehicles and people using the road. Protect your vehicle and yourself from accidents and live a longer fulfilled life because you can. All the complicated maneuvers across steep paths can be manageable with this function.

Since this navigation system is a 2DIN, it is most compatible with most vehicles, and you may no need to do a lot of trimming to fit into your dash. It would be useful if you used the help of a person who is accustomed to working on vehicles to get yours correctly installed. After installation, you will find that it comes with all the accompaniments to get it working smoothly. It has a power cable and a remote control so that running this system is fast and effortless. Also, it can perform more commands even when playing music so that there are no restrictions to the commands you input.

This is an all-round in-dash navigation system which will help you to not only be safe but also afford a genuinely exciting time. With all the roles it takes over for your car and its entertaining system, it will be hard to beat, this is the only brand with powerful signature features. It also carries different ports for various uses like a USB and TF card slot. And with a high-speed touchscreen, you’ll never let go of this in-dash navigation system.

  • Has great safety function
  • Smooth operations
  • Bluetooth hands-free
  • High and bright resolution
  • Some users indicate that the stereo may be too loud for their liking

8. CUSP Car GPS, Navigation System

CUSP Car GPS, Navigation System, 8inch LED Touchscreen, Support Factory Steering Wheel, Car Stereo, DVD Player, Rear View Camera Support, Free GPS, for CRV 2012, 2013, 2019, 2-DIN

If you own a CRV 2012-2019 Honda series, this is definitely meant for you. CUSP makes it their business to cover all your entertainment and navigation needs when on the road. You will find that it is a reliable model when it comes to meeting your specific needs. All the functions integrated into this unit are calculated for they all have their purpose to serve you to make your life better in your car. This is the navigation system you want to pick when using your vehicle every day on all kinds of roads.

Visit new places and journey around the world with the GPS navigation map inbuilt in this system. Remember that you need to request a map from any other part of the world if you don’t live in the USA but still need to use this lovely navigation. The operations are fast and simple where you get to use the screen without any delays and jamming due to the simultaneous running of apps. Since it uses the Windows CE 6.0 system, it can integrate all the apps on your phone such that you can comfortably use them to conduct your everyday smartphone operations.

With this system, you can listen to unlimited radio, music and watch videos on the large 7inch capacitive screen. Through the HDMI port, mirror your phone on this system to have a truly fantastic viewing experience. An 800×480 pixels HD screen graces this system; your videos will always offer quality images so that you can enjoy watching countless videos to make your journeys more memorable. It also has a factory setting, steering wheel control to make access easier and better.
CUSP Car GPS, Navigation System, 8inch LED Touchscreen, Support Factory Steering Wheel, Car Stereo, DVD Player, Rear View Camera Support, Free GPS, for CRV 2012, 2013, 2019, 2-DIN

Always get to your destinations in one piece with the help of a rear view support camera. You will always know what’s on your path so that you can have a safe ride. If you are passing through rough terrain, this function will always get you safely to the other side. Say you are passing through a road with so many curves and sharp corners. You’ll want to avoid running into oncoming traffic because of dangerous blind spots. You will always be safe as you can count on this system for accurate navigation. If you like the thrill of high speeds, you may want to get the best rearview mirror detectors to avoid getting a speeding ticket.

This in-dash navigation system is specifically designed to fit the CRV 2012-2019 Honda, so you don’t need to use a trimmer kit. Only ask for professional help or carefully use the availed manual to install it correctly. There are many languages at your request such that you won’t have a problem knowing how to use it. With all the lodging components like screws and power cable, get yours up and running in no time.

The experience brought forward by this navigation system is exceptional. The screen is bright, and on touch where setting the video configurations, is also quick and straightforward. There are many ports to support many purposes like the USB/SD/DVD to fulfill nearly all your requirements. The car stereo volume is also presentable, and you may find that it has the fastest reboot and cool-down time. Invest in this unit for a remarkable travel time.

  • Many viable functions
  • Supports DVD players
  • Uses a universal Windows operating system
  • Comes with a safety function
  • Instructions manual may bring up confusions among users

7. Rupse Android 4.4.4 Car GPS Navigation

Rupse, Android 4.4.4, Car GPS Navigation, DVD, for Mercedes-Benz E-Class, W211, 2002-2008, 7inch HD with Stereo and DVD Player

Have a remarkable time with the Rupse Car in-dash navigation system for your Mercedes Benz. An elegant car needs a classic design, and that’s what this navigation system is all about. You can tell by the exterior finish that it is a high-quality product that will not breakdown anytime soon. It extends its greatness to the functions it affords which are easy to run.

Using the Android 4.4.4 OS to sync your phone with this system where you can use your installed apps on its screen. It is a 7inch touchscreen with 5points of access capacitive. It is more accurate, and every command you give is produced fast; this way you can operate one point when another is running. It supports the Bluetooth phonebook function so you can make and receive as many calls as you want without reaching out to your phone. The hands-free operation allows you to use your steering wheel so that you can always be safe on the road.

Since this is a car navigation system, it comes with a built-in GPS with a detailed map for whichever place you want to go. It will be easier to locate new destinations, and you can also add your favorite places so you can have a truly customized journey. It is with this navigation system that you get to fearless go to new places and explore the world since nothing is keeping you. Also, get the status of your car from knowing the level of gas consumption, parking information and motor change speed by the EML327, OBD2 support.
Rupse, Android 4.4.4, Car GPS Navigation, DVD, for Mercedes-Benz E-Class, W211, 2002-2008, 7inch HD with Stereo and DVD Player

Personalize this navigation system by freely changing the wallpaper using the images you capture on your phone. It carries a 16GB internal memory and 1GB RAM memory with increased speed. Using the Wi-Fi function, keep up with the world around you if you happen to visit places on the globe. It may feel lonely if you take long road trips as a means to unwind. This system is a simple method to get on social networks and get the sweet gossip of your favorite persons.

What’s more, listen to music with an extended range of volume from low to high setting of 90db to produce an epic time. Get some friends to join your journeys so that you can party all the way with quality videos and unlimited radio. It is pretty easy to install using a detailed A-E manual, installed in the system. It also has an auto rear camera support which helps you navigate dangerous roads so that you can always be secure when you travel.

All in all, this is all the entertainment and navigation support you could need for a short or very long drive. It is a reliable means to get yourself in a good mood with the cool music of your choice in your car. The simple operations and a way to customize your experience, make this in-dash navigation all the more attractive. If you like using an iPhone and own a Mercedes Benz, you have no excuse at all to drive blindly. Spice up your car with this high-end brand as it competes in its class when it comes to in-dash navigations.

  • High-Resolution Imaging
  • Android operating system
  • Powerful stereo
  • Reliable GPS navigation
  • The music system may be too loud, but it is very much adjustable

6. AVIC-6200NEX In -Dash Navigation

AVIC-6200NEX In -Dash, Double Din, Navigation Receiver with HD Radio and Bluetooth Built-in

Visiting new places is sometimes a hassle, considering all the routes you’ve never been on before. You may want to arrive at a meeting fast, or you are on vacation and looking for the safest way to the beach. A navigation map comes in handy at such times, but you don’t want to keep looking down on your phone as you do it. Acquire the Pioneer in-dash navigation and make your drive much easier to maneuver so that it is not only safe for you to be in unknown places but also productive.

This in-dash navigation system uses the famous Apple CarPlay as a smarter way of using your phone while your hands remain on the steering wheel. The apps and data on your phone gets synced where you can return, make and receive calls using the dash system. Choose between the touchscreen, audio or knob commands to return all the messages you want on the way to the office. Also, choose from all the song apps you have on your phone the song you want to play using the audio commands for easy instant access.

The Apple CarPlay integrates the Siri Eyes Free app where it now easier than ever to access all the places you’ love every day. It can reach out to the addresses in your phone through the emails you sent such that your regular places of interest are reachable through commands to the car to take you there. It can also estimate the time you’ll take to reach your destination so relax because you have a reliable associate to take you through the road. The Apple maps also afford you over 8million points of interest around the globe and with the database, this system provides real-time traffic updates, so you will get late to work again since you can use the other routes with less traffic.
AVIC-6200NEX In -Dash, Double Din, Navigation Receiver with HD Radio and Bluetooth Built-in

It is very impressive to see you all the audio and playback functions that you can incorporate in the dash. Music and videos with nearly all formats can play on the dash from, CD/DVD/CD-R/RW/DVD-R/for the video playback to MP3/AAC/JPEG/WMV for the music playback. You can either connect directly to the dash via a USB or use the basic Bluetooth to gain access. It also has an HDMI port where you mirror the apps on your phone on the screen while using your smartphone’s touch interface to operate it.

The versatility of this in-dash navigation goes to the fact that you can also enjoy these features if you have the regular Android smartphone to make the connection via Bluetooth. Perform all the tasks on your phone like access your phonebook through this system. It also has the steering control function so now your journeys are made easy. Also, sync as many apps as possible because it has age memory so you can make the dash work for you by giving you important notifications like the gas level and tire pressure.

Talk of reliability, simplicity and think the Pioneer in-dash navigation system. It is smart, fast and straightforward to use. See that it is a 2DIN which fits into most cars without a trimmer kit. The features are unlike any other you’ve seen even on this list. It makes for the most reliable navigation system so grab yourself your kit and be on your way to more enjoyable rides.

  • Inbuilt Apple CarPlay operating system
  • Many viable and reliable apps sync
  • Versatile audio technology
  • Bluetooth technology
  • One has to buy some of the other important support systems like the PAC ControlPRO and Axxess ASWC-1 separately

5. AVIC-8200NEX Pioneer In-Dash Navigation Double DIN DVD/CD Receiver

AVIC-8200NEX Pioneer In-Dash Navigation Double DIN DVD/CD Receiver, 7Inch Touch Screen

This model is part of the Pioneer series in-dash navigations which make driving your car more enjoyable and production. It also uses the Apple Carplay to integrate all your phone’s data with it to enable fast and straightforward access to your phone. Through this system, achieve more where through touch or audio commands, make a call, return messages and get the best selection of your favorite music. Let’s just say your next trip on your car will be short because time flies with all the possibilities the dash can go.

Get to access all choice places with the detailed Apple maps. It features up to 7.9million points of interest on the world maps. So use this navigation system from anywhere in the world and get accurate information about destination locations. The map can be customized to give real-time updates of traffic if you live in North America. It, therefore, is an effective tool to get you through the morning and evening rush hours. Maneuver through traffic, or get to the next gas station without stopping for directions from passersby. When you stop in random destinations, it is best to invest in the steering wheel lock to protect your car from theft.

The distinctive feature of this navigation system is the Android Auto output interface. Use your Android smartphone because this system is flexible enough to accommodate all the apps and data on the phone to the dash where you can get appointments or social media updates without touching your phone. It uses a simple audio output to help you make commands so you can ask relevant points about the car and it even suggests destination based on the information on your phone. All these possibilities are relayed in simple cards.
AVIC-8200NEX Pioneer In-Dash Navigation Double DIN DVD/CD Receiver, 7Inch Touch Screen

To say this is a user-friendly system is an understatement since with a 7inch touchscreen; you can access all the functions simple and quick. It uses a capacitive system where you can run more than one programs without interfering with another. This move says listen to music and identify the location of your destination. Pinch and zoom the images on your screen for a larger view and watch videos with a high resolution to make your driving experiences more memorable.

The essence of having this navigation system is to afford you an entirely enjoyable time in your car. The stereo system is on point and can play different formats of music such that you have varied choices of the songs and radio you listen. So make your road trips memorable; invite friends for a car party and get them in a party mood with the endless music choices and presentable stereo. This is totally an entertainment accessory.

When we look at all the features showcased by this in-dash navigation system, we must say it is reliable in relaying accurate information on the GPS and provide immense help of navigating blind spots and traffic to enable the driver to use the road safely. It is an upscale product, and because it is a 2Din, chances are it will fit nearly all dashboards with the same format. Acquire it for yourself and be sure to grab another for your dear one.

  • Customizable touchscreen
  • Capacity for many apps installation
  • High speed with minimum hanging
  • Seamless connection
  • Users indicate they need firmware updates to correct inconsistencies with older versions of the system

4. AVIC-5200NEX Pioneer

AVIC-5200NEX Pioneer, In-Dash Navigation, WVGA Touchscreen Display 6.2”

There’s always a smart way to make navigations with your car easy. The Pioneer AVIC-5200NEX offers most of the possibilities on the road, regarding region locations while affording a truly entertaining time. With it, you are safe on the road, and the naivety of visiting new places is eliminated because you’ll always have a reliable guide all through your drive. Explore all the possibilities of playing endless music and watch unlimited video since this system supports a couple of functions.

First, it can play DVD/CD media with a powerful stereo to rock and roll your rides. Make it even more versatile and play other formats of media like MP3/FLAC/AAC/WPMA digital audio and MPEG1/MPEG2/AVI/Divx/WMV videos so that you have a truly enjoyable time. Sitting under the hot sun will go unnoticed as you’ll have your head wrapped in more interesting stuff like having to make calls without touching your phone.

Using the Android operation system, anyone can access the system features on their phone and use them on the touchscreen interface; hence updates can be met by an audio means to make commands concerning essential functions like the traffic ahead or how far is the next hotel/restaurant. With it, you’ll never get lost since it has millions of points on the GPS function to find places and even know where you’ve been using it. It is a remarkable feature to use anywhere on the planet.
AVIC-5200NEX Pioneer, In-Dash Navigation, WVGA Touchscreen Display 6.2”

There are more awesome features on this unit, counting that it integrates most of the car’s function systems on it, such as the steering wheel control. Customize it to fit your vehicle requirements, and by that, your vehicle is not just a tool to take you places but also a point of entertainment. Users give good indications about the touchscreen which is highly sensitive, gives quick responses and exhibits minimum hanging. The resolution is also deemed high with a large lighting on the LCD where it’s particularly easy to operate even in daylight without producing sensitive glares.

Because this is a navigation system, we can’t fail to mention the incredible Apple CarPlay that is also a part of it. The iPhone or iPod you use every day can be integrated into this system to give an ultimately satisfying experience. Use the maps to know where you are and where you want to go. It uses data in your email, phone book to suggest popular destinations. It will help you navigate unpredictable terrain when camping while affording a safe time to get you through the blind spots on the road.

Pioneer in-dash navigation system is an updated model which is stable with fewer inconsistencies. You may need to update the software a place somewhere not near the next few years; hence it shall be of service for a long time coming. This is also a high-end product designed to fit common functions and help the user have a satisfying experience with their car. If you are tired of driving long, unpredictable journeys, then this is the way to go.

  • Accurate navigation
  • Great speed less inconsistency
  • Properly lit LCD screen
  • Ability to play many formats of media
  • Some users have reported system failure when trying to retrieve their passwords, but you can always get help regard to password retrieval

3. Power Acoustik Double DIN PDN626B

Power Acoustik Double DIN PDN626B 6.2inch Touchscreen FM/AM/BT/DVD/

You can never get enough of the Power Acoustik in-dash navigation system. With very simple and smooth operations, get lots of possibilities to use your dash system and be on your way to having a truly pleasant drive. If you have the tendency to go on long journeys, you’ll find that sometimes there’s need to fuel before reaching your destination but don’t know where you are. Power Acoustik again provides a way to keep you on the road so that navigation is simplified and no getting lost.

Using the Google Maps GPS; it is way easy to maneuver unknown places where it will help you always to take the right turn. Are you trying to get through sharp corners and many curves along the road, well; your next bump will be right on the screen. To know about the traffic, customize your system to provide real-time traffic updates so that you can always be on the lookout for jams such that you’ll never be caught in unwarranted jams. Get to work early because you manage to drop your kids to school and avoid routes with heavy traffic.

When you have a system, you will want to operate the screen in the most simplified method. This one is a 6.2inch very sensitive touchscreen. An extensive display enables one to avoid squinting their eyes and shifting too much when your eyes should be on the road. With an 800×480 resolution, the imagery is high quality such that all your videos are enjoyable in all formats, say from the DVD/CD and many others. It also supports different standards of music playback including MP3 and WAV. Having 400 units LED backlit you can easily see the screen both at night and more so during the day.
Power Acoustik Double DIN PDN626B 6.2inch Touchscreen FM/AM/BT/DVD/

You can never get bored listen to music via the 75watt x4 MOSFET that drives your speaker to another realm. If you want to transfer the club feeling to your campsite, the volumes go as far as making your body dance to the music. You will find the front and rear preamp output impressive because of the sound refining it does, with the accompaniment of the subwoofer, they are all the effects you want the car stereo to possess. Also, get to listen to unlimited radio with this system as it supports all regions FM frequencies.

With the primary Bluetooth system, operate your phone book with this interface and also make or receive calls using it. This way your eyes and hands will always set on the road, and the chances for accidents significantly reduces because your focus shall always be on the road. Because it accepts the steering wheel control function, you have easy access to the responses on your car. Also, with an external/internal microphone, activate the voice app and get audio output for all the commands you input.

It’s hard to deny such great qualities to grace your car’s dash this is the most affordable in-dash navigation system with satisfactory results. The large capacity allows one to add as many useful and support apps as possible. Customizing it is also easy then, operates in a personalized method. Installation does not always call for professional help. But if you are unable to do it, be sure to ask for assistance to avoid accidental mishaps. All the features that come with this in-dash navigation are reliable and absolutely amazing.

  • Powerful stereo system
  • Smooth operations
  • Large capacity for many apps
  • Hands-free Bluetooth system
  • Users show the instructions are not comprehensive

2. AVHX3800 BHS Pioneer 2-Din Receiver

AVHX3800 BHS Pioneer 2-Din Receiver, Built-in Bluetooth, 6.2” display, Siri Eyes Free/HD/Radio/App Radio One

The Pioneer models continue to eclipse other brands because of their indispensable features. This one is a 6.2 touchscreen with high quality 800×480 resolution. The way you watch videos now transitions in a truly incredible experience. Don’t worry about the formats it can support because it goes with nearly all standards including CD/DVD videos. The quality of video exhibited by this Pioneer model is like no other seen before, at 48 kHZ/24bit CD quality plus component video playback capacity, the quality of each video consequently improves.

It uses Bluetooth technology to make your life driving much easier. Did you know that the average city dweller spends around 293hours driving each year? With such statistics, how boring would it be to spend such a long time lost in thought when you could just let the time pass by easy. Listen to high-quality music, by use of Pandora streaming on your phone, transfer the effects to this system and have it add sensation to the way you listen to music. The interface allows you to play music by your favorite artist, bookmark them and relay as many times as you’d like. Pandora in-dash system is compatible with the select Android and iOS operating system.

Never tire off your journey when you can use the voice recognition engine to ask questions and make requests for the operations on your iPhone or iPod. Through Siri Eyes Free, choose actions verbally because, with the provision of a microphone, your commands get replies through the stereo system. Also, get important updates like upcoming meetings, listen and respond to text messages by the voice function. Any reminder you set can be relayed using this function too, such that you will never miss meetings with this system.
AVHX3800 BHS Pioneer 2-Din Receiver, Built-in Bluetooth, 6.2” display, Siri Eyes Free/HD/Radio/App Radio One

Speak of going places, and see yourself using this navigation system. By the touch of a button, get to destination of your liking by either inputting the address or search through the millions of possible points of interest. It is the sure way of knowing where you are and where you want to go. It can also estimate the time you could take to reach there. This reliability is also garnered by its ability to predict destinations based on the data on your phone. This way, you can turn in restaurants when caught in a storm and be safe from danger.

There’s nothing that beats a good navigation system like the camera support. It is an important factor to consider when buying in-dash navigation systems because they get you through blind spots and directions guideline in impassable traffic, like in emergency situations, your truck will require this system to navigate through oncoming traffic safely. It is designed to meet all the road traffic points to drive you home safely.

The AVHX3800 in-dash navigation system is one of the most sought, bearing that it comes with strong features to improve a driver’s and occupants of the car experience. It goes beyond in entertaining, and even goes over when it comes to keeping you safe. With the elimination of the need to use your hands elsewhere when driving, your focus gets drawn to the road. You will never worry about using your car to go on long road trips to other states because this is your only reliable company to take you through. Get yourself this model and experience a truly fulfilling time.

  • Integrates many important maps
  • Uses the simple Bluetooth system
  • Voice recognition engine function
  • Versatile audio output for all forms of media
  • Silent operations
  • Few complaints about the speed of the touch screen, this normally happens when running many applications at once

1. VX7020 Jensen

VX7020 Jensen, 2-Din, Multimedia Receiver, Built-in Bluetooth and USB Port, 6.2” Touchscreen

We always look for new methods to fulfill our needs when it comes to the time we spend driving. Particularly during this digital age, we want to keep updated on what’s going on around us by driving requires that hands be on the steering wheel. How good is it when you can keep your hands where they ought to be, but still chat with your friends through, text messages and social media. The Jensen VX7020 provides all that and much more.

The Bluetooth technology is the best innovation that happened to in-dash navigation so that drivers make the compromise of using their phones while still driving. It’s hard to keep our phones away from our hands, that is why we need help when driving. By syncing the apps of your phone with the system you can operate your phone from there such that you may continue to communicate with others through call and text messages. It is the coolest way to listen to your favorite tracks since you can make the picks on the system fast and easy.

When it comes to functionality of this in-dash navigation, it comes with a remote for easy access, but also, the large 6.2” touchscreen provides an awesome space to watch videos and touch the keys quickly without fumbling. The resolution is what they call crystal clear because the videos quality is greatly improved. It comes with a Pandora link to stream music online to create your special playlist which will always get you through traffic by helping you pass the time.
VX7020 Jensen, 2-Din, Multimedia Receiver, Built-in Bluetooth and USB Port, 6.2” Touchscreen

You want to invest in reliable navigation so that you don’t make any wrong turns or retrieve your lost steps. Using the iGo Primo software, switch to a proper navigation of the roads you take, and safely arrive at your destination. It has accurate points of interests to choose from. There’s no need to go stopping every other pedestrian to ask for directions. If you are naïve about taking random road trips, this navigation system will help prove that it is possible to access all your desirable destinations without hiring a driver who knows the place.

It’s time you customize your viewing experience by choosing from five different UI colors and five different background images. Own the navigation system and make it work for you as it will produce benefits for your car. It also carries thousands of illuminating colors for adding pop and style to the interior of your vehicle. Unleash your personalized style through this system to get a truly fulfilling experience.

You may look at this in-dash navigation system and think “what a laid-back system it is!” but no, it has the build of a revolutionary equipment to spice up the digital desire of everyone in today’s society. It is designed for all the iPhone and iPod lovers, plus other Android users and Blackberry fans. Get the best experience for your driving life as you find excellent ways of entertainment through this in-dash navigation. All its features scream for attention and because it is affordable, easy to install and fits nearly all cars, there can never be a better option.

  • Supports many applications
  • Provides for high-quality imaging
  • Presentable stereo system
  • Detailed iGO primo
  • Users complain they need an update of the navigation


Seeing that we spend so many hours driving our cars, it is just logic that you spend that time getting entertainment and having and easy time in your vehicle. The functionalities of the in-dash navigations above prove they can be relied upon to turn our cars into entertainment platforms. The qualities obscure those of other models, that’s why they make it to this list. We hope that you find it useful when making your next choice for in-dash navigations. Also, get more information about in-dash navigations, and do not shy away from asking questions because you can have them answered online.



  • Where is JOYING 6.2 inch Pure Android 4.4.4 Kitkat Tablet Universal Double Din In Dash System ??? This GPS navigation system has a traffic signal reminder, voice guidance system and a dual function system. It has the ability to support Bluetooth, ipod, SD playback, disc, radio and USB while navigating. It also supports both Wi-Fi and 3G hotspots. It also has a 4.4.4 android system that enables you to download Google map and hence get directions for any area.

  • Well Well!!! Jensen 7″ Navigation Flip Out Touchscreen CD/DVD Receiver works very well for me. This is an In-Dash navigation system that measures 10.8×6.5×10.8 inches and weighs 7.2 pounds. It is full of top features that every top navigation system should have. These include iGO primo navigation for US map only, high resolution touch screen, phone book access, audio controls and music streaming for iphones and android phones. It also has a rear camera in, a remote control and Bluetooth for apple, blackberry and Android or users to stream, control and enjoy SXM, TuneIn, Spotify and Pandora among many other internet Rads.

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