The 10 Best Cheap Bunk Beds in 2019 – Keep Parents Happy and Kids Safe

The 10 Best Cheap Bunk Beds in 2019 - Keep Parents Happy and Kids Safe

Bunk beds are sold all over, but there is so much difference between each one of them in terms of price, construction materials, convertibility among others. To get the best, you must do some research either online or in local stores. It is never easy, and that’s why we have taken it upon ourselves to do in-depth research to come up with a reliable compilation of the best and cheapest bunk beds in the market today. If you’re looking for toddler’s beds, which can meet their specific needs, read them here because of their tender ages and these too are available. So again, make sure that the bunk bed you choose is appropriate for your kids’ age and weight.

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Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Bunk Bed

Construction Material: The material used to construct the bunk beds make all the difference when it comes to durability. If it is wood, it better be hardwood and if metal, it should be the best and well painted to prevent rust or corrosion.

Convertible: Bunk beds are mostly purchased for use where there is a need to save space. However, sometimes you will need separate beds and if your bunk bed can be separated the better.

Ease of Assembly: All these beds need some varying degree of the assembly so you would better choose one that won’t take you more time than necessary to assemble especially when you are alone.

All Parts Included: You don’t need a bed that will add you extra cost of purchasing the required parts for assembly. Only purchase a bunk bed whose all parts are included.

Safety Ladder and Guardrails: A safety ladder and some guardrails are important for a bunk bed especially if you are buying the bed for your kids. You need to know that they will be totally safe as they go up and down their beds.

10. Discovery World Furniture Twin-Over-Full-Stair Steeper Bed in White Finish with Trundle

Discovery World Furniture Twin-Over-Full-Stair Steeper Bed in White Finish with Trundle

For those looking for a mattress ready bunk bed then the Discovery World Furniture Twin-Over-Full-Stair Steeper Bed in White Finish with Trundle is the way to go. It’s a twin-over-full-stair steeper bed making it super stable and safe plus the featured trundle helps a lot when other kids come for a sleep-over. The bed itself looks superb. The construction feels so strong, and the great finish makes it even more attractive, and it adds to the overall nice look in your kids’ bedroom.

The bed fits eight inches mattresses, and it meets all the CPSC and ASTM standards, so you will not be gambling with your little ones bed safety. As long as you adhere to the recommended weight limits for both the top and bottom beds, you will have no problems with durability as your kids will love every sleeping moments on their beds.

When it comes to the assembling part, even those who have never assembled a bed before will not take more than two hours to finish. The package includes very clear and simple instructions to follow when assembling and each of the parts is labeled to show you where to fix it. What’s more, the manufacturers have indicated the various measurements of each part enabling make a good decision even before purchasing it. Some people have specific ways of how they would like their beds maybe because their kids are taller or for other reasons.

You will also love the drawers as they create more space for extra storage. Your kids can now keep the room a little more tidy as they will have enough space to store some of their items such as toys and more. The stair design is totally safe, and this is what every parent should get for their kids. Even if your kids love to “run” up and down the stairs, you can rest assured that there is no possibility of breakage.
Discovery World Furniture Twin-Over-Full-Stair Steeper Bed in White Finish with Trundle

With the solid wood construction, you can be sure that this is a very durable bed. The rich white Laquer finish makes it look so beautiful. You will notice the change in your little ones’ room once you assemble it and add some colorful beddings making it ready for use. More so, you will love the overall design and ease of assembling. It is totally worth every penny.

If you are looking for reassurance about the quality of this bed, I can tell you for sure that it is a great one and you won’t regret it. If you would like to see, your little ones sleeping on beautiful beds with a beautiful design and finish, then go ahead and purchase this one. All safety measures have been taken into consideration and the wood material used is the best. It saves space, and the trundle comes in handy when you have sleep-overs and we have also reviewed the best duvets inserts if you need some and bed sheets to complete your bed.

  • Rich White Laquer Finish/ opaque white fish
  • Accommodates 8-inch mattress
  • Meets all CPSC and ASTM specifications
  • Very durable
  • Needs assembling which might take some time.

9. Kings Brand Furniture Convertible Bunk Bed, White Finish Wood, Over Full Size, Twin

Kings Brand Furniture Convertible Bunk Bed, White Finish Wood, Over Full Size, Twin

Any parents, grandparents or guardians would do great with a convertible bunk bed. Whether you need it for your kids, grandkids or to just give your friends kids a nice place to sleep on when they come visiting, you can never go wrong with a bunk bed as long as it’s of high quality. It helps save on space, and it’s super attractive thus adding to the general good look of your home. Any kid would love it and you will too.

The Kings Brand Furniture Convertible Bunk Bed, White Finish Wood, Over Full Size, Twin makes every kid’s dream of a super comfortable, beautiful and strong bed come true. From the construction to the finish, this bunk bed is everything any parent would want their kids sleeping on every night. The white finish wood makes it super attractive, and given that white blends well with most colors, you won’t have problems with having to repaint your walls to make it match with them.

And, not to forget, this is not just a white finish wood, it is also super strong and well-constructed. If am not wrong, any parent’s nightmare would be waking up to cries from their kids under a collapsed bunk bed. You don’t want to imagine the possible dangers that could result from such incidence, and thus you are better off with a strong bunk bed like this one here. Remember, kids are super active almost all the time, and you cannot tell when one will decide to jump on their bed so you have to make sure that the bed can withstand such.

This is a Convertible Bunk bed. You can easily separate it into 2 beds, that is, 1 full and 1 twin. This is important to know because you might assume that your kids will love it as a double decker only for them to say they want separate beds. Also, as kids grow, their preference changes. Thus, it is not at all surprising for them to stop loving their old beds so you would rather be well armed with every solution.
Kings Brand Furniture Convertible Bunk Bed, White Finish Wood, Over Full Size, Twin

Again, we all value safety. As a parent, you want to be assured that your kid will get to and from the top bed safely and this is why this bunk bed comes with a safety ladder. It is well designed to support any kid comfortably thus no chances of breaking or any of the wood coming off unexpectedly. The bed also comes with the safety rail for the top bed and fourteen (14) wood slats requiring just simple assembly. You will love how it looks once every piece of it is put in the right place, and your kids will enjoy sleeping on it.

This is a great convertible bunk bed. The construction is superb, and every piece of it feels super strong so you can easily tell that it will serve you for many years. The manufacturers took every safety concern into consideration, and there is no room for even the simplest of accidents. All you need for the bed to be complete is included, and you will take just a few hours to connect everything and have it standing in the room. The white finish wood is superb and blends in well with various bedroom designs.

  • White Finish Wood
  • Convertible Bunk bed- can easily be separated into 2 beds. 1 full and 1 twin
  • Comes with a safety ladder
  • Comes with safety rail for the top bed
  • 14 wood slats included
  • Simple to assemble
  • Mattresses not included

8. Donco Bunk Bed, Twin-Over-Twin Mission Style with Twin Trundle, in Cappucino

Donco Bunk Bed, Twin-Over-Twin Mission Style with Twin Trundle, in Cappucino

If you need a bunk bed with a solid wood construction then Donco Bunk Bed, Twin-Over-Twin Mission Style with Twin Trundle, in Cappucino is the way to go. Even at a quick glance, you can easily tell that this is a great bunk bed and that it is strong enough to serve you for a very long time. The bed itself looks very nice standing in any bedroom, thanks to its color and design and any child would love to lie on it.

Everything needed to make this bed complete is included in your purchase. There are simple and clear instructions to follow. Every part is labeled, and you will easily tell where you are supposed to fix it. Even if you don’t consider yourself handy or maybe you have never had a chance to assemble a bed before, you will find this super easy to assemble thanks to the clear instructions included. You actually don’t need a third hand to do it, and at the end of it, you will be proud of yourself.

The bunk bed is in a twin-over-twin mission style. It is spacious enough for any kid, and the design is unique and attractive. In fact, if you have been looking for a way to save on space in your kid’s bedroom, this will be the best solution. First off, the finish color is just amazing. It gives you the real “wood feeling” while blending in with just any color so no need for repainting your walls or the bed itself.

What makes this bunk bed even a better choice for any parent is the fact that it includes a trundle as well. As long as you have kids, you can never run away from the possibility of one or two of their friends coming over for sleepovers now and then, mostly on weekends. And, for this reason, you better find a sleeping solution that won’t make any of them dread coming for a sleepover in your house for the second time. Given that this trundle rolls out with ease, it makes a great solution for sleep-overs, and, don’t be surprised if any of your kids decide to sleep on it because well, it is super comfy.
Donco Bunk Bed, Twin-Over-Twin Mission Style with Twin Trundle, in Cappucino

The bed is separable into 2 twin beds. So, if your kids wake up one morning and say they want separate beds, then you know what to do! A safety ladder is included in your purchase ensuring that none of the kids risk hurting their feet as they jump from the top bed to the ground. The construction is totally strong, and everything you need for assembly is included. You can never go wrong with this bed.

This is a super stylish bunk bed. The color is amazing, wood is strong, and the design is just awesome. The fact that it includes a trundle makes it a great choice for most parents because, as mentioned above, sleep-overs are a part of every kid growing up and you cannot deny them this fun. Because of the ladder, this bed is totally safe, and you will sleep comfortably knowing that your kids are safe on either of the beds.

  • Twin-over-Twin Mission style
  • Trundle included- rolls out making it great for sleep-overs
  • Separable into two twin beds
  • Safety ladder is included
  • Great color
  • At first, you might have some difficulties sliding the trundle back and make it even with the lower bed

7. Coaster Home Furnishings Bunk Bed with Tent and Slide, Multicolor

Coaster Home Furnishings Bunk Bed with Tent and Slide, Multicolor

The Coaster Home Furnishings Bunk Bed with Tent and Slide, Multicolor is everything any kid would want. Can picture your little one waking up then sliding down for breakfast? Yes, this is what this bed offers them! The bed represents pure creativity all aimed at bringing pure fun to your kids’ bedroom. It has everything that could keep your kids busy as you go on with different tasks and even better, they won’t be falling asleep on the floors as they play again.

If you have little kids that the regular bunk beds can’t work for you because of their height, get this gem here and enjoy all the way. If your kids love the idea of sleeping in a cave, then they will fall in love with this bed as it makes their dream come true. Also, if you have been having problems with all sorts of toys lying in your kid’s room all the time, this bed brings you a lasting solution. The kids can keep them out of sight leaving the room tidy and more organized.

Wait until you get this bed, assemble it as it should and have it standing in your kids’ bedroom then call them in. The reaction on their little faces will reassure you that you made the best decision. And, assembling takes just a short time as all the parts are included and clear instruction provided plus it is not as tall as regular bunk beds, so even shorter people will have an easy time reaching every part.

Don’t be surprised if all over a sudden you kids’ friends start spending more time in your kids’ bedroom. The fun side of this bed has too much to offer, and any kid will love it. The bed gives you a perfect way of keeping the kids occupied without the slightest worry of what they could be doing in their room because well, every parent gets a little worried when their little ones are quiet for some time. We all have experienced incidences where our kid’s curiosity led them to do something funny like applying paint or oil on their bodies.
Coaster Home Furnishings Bunk Bed with Tent and Slide, Multicolor

And, do not trouble yourself with the thoughts of what to do with the bed once the kid(s) are past the age where they find it amusing. There are many ways of adjusting its use as they age. With just your imagination, you will help them love it more even as they age.

The bed is multicolored thus bringing more liveliness to your kids’ room, it features a strong construction thus durable, and the tent is strong enough to withstand many years of use. No matter how rough you think your kids are, this bed can take it all thanks to the sturdy steel tubing.

  • Ideal for kids and youths
  • Easy to assemble
  • Multicolor bunk bed. Very colorful
  • Slide, Ladder, Fun side and Underneath tent
  • Sturdy steel tubing
  • Perfect for imaginative fun and games for kids
  • Strong construction for durability
  • It might take up a little more space

6. Dorel Living Twin Brandy-Over-Full Bunk Bed, Black

Dorel Living Twin Brandy-Over-Full Bunk Bed, Black

Anyone who has bought or come across the Dorel Living Twin Brandy-Over-Full Bunk Bed has automatically loved it. The beds are so beautiful and solid you will have no doubt about their durability. Any parents with more than one kid or just wants some extra beds for their niece, nephews or grandkids will love them. They are so attractive especially when all straightened up ready for use.

The all solid wood construction makes the beds a great choice for most people. If you like lying in bed with your little one as you narrate or read them a bedtime story, then you will love these beds. They are strong enough to hold you and your kid thanks to this construction. Plus, even when the kids get extra playful on their beds, the bed will withstand all the pressure.

It is very easy and quick to assemble and takes just a short time even when done by one person. All the needed parts to make it complete and sturdy are included, so you won’t be running to other stores trying to get this or that. However, you must be careful not to over-tighten the screws as you assemble it because this might cause the wood to splinter after a short period of use.

The bed simply converts into two separate beds so apart from helping you save on space, it comes in handy for those times that you need separate beds either for your kids or visitors. What’s more, you won’t need any box spring. The beds come with support slats; thus they will accommodate the mattresses with ease.
Dorel Living Twin Brandy-Over-Full Bunk Bed, Black

Safety is prioritized here. Apart from the beds being made from all solid wood, a ladder is included to make going up and down the beds easy and safe. The ladder is strategically positioned to offer support comfortably, and there is no possibility of any of its parts coming apart. The beds also have guardrails thus ensuring that your kids sleep safely all through the night.

You will love this bed and so will your kids. It is strong enough to hold a generous amount of weight so you can also lie with your kids on it for some time as you wait for them to fall asleep. You can easily and effortlessly separate it into two beds if need be and you won’t need a box spring to place the mattresses. It is beautiful and comfortable to lie on.

  • Easy to assemble
  • No need for a box spring
  • Simply converts into 2 standalone beds
  • Guardrails included
  • A strong and stable ladder featured
  • Some complaints about some smell after you take the bed from the box, but it fades away quickly

5. King’s Brand Furniture Convertible Twin Bunk Bed, B125H, Honey Finish Wood Arched Design

King’s Brand Furniture Convertible Twin Bunk Bed, B125H, Honey Finish Wood Arched Design

If you are searching a bed that feels just like real wood, the King’s Brand Furniture Convertible Twin Bunk Bed, B125H, Honey Finish Wood Arched Design is exactly what you need. Its design is superb, and it adds to the general ambiance of your home. A simple look at the bed will tell you that it is a durable bed as the construction is perfect and the wood used is strong. Many homes will do great with this bed’s wood arched design.

It is a convertible bunk bed meaning you have a choice to have it as a double decker bed or just two separate twin beds. If you are into space saving, buy this bed confidently because it is designed for this purpose. What’s more, if can be used in other places other than homes, thanks to its design so if you own or run a guest house, this would be a great choice, not for adults, though.

The bed is made from hardwoods and veneers. The hardwood ensures that the bed is durable enough to see all your kids outgrowing it while the veneer gives it that attractive finish making it stand out and look superb in the room. No one wants to imagine their kids sleeping on a weak bed, more so a double decker because there is a very high probability of accidents occurring from such beds given that kids are always so energetic and jumping from one corner of the bed to another.

It is super stylish and sturdy. It measures 83 x 42 x64 inches and is available in honey finish. Don’t be surprised if all your friends get the same bed or if your kids’ friends come for sleep-overs frequently. You will love watching as your little ones climb to the top bed and slide into their beddings as they enjoy every bit of comfort coming from this bed.
King’s Brand Furniture Convertible Twin Bunk Bed, B125H, Honey Finish Wood Arched Design

Safety has been prioritized while designing this bed. First, all the 12 support slats needed to complete the bed are included. Second, the bed comes with a safety ladder for when going up to or from the top bed and lastly, every piece of wood has been carefully sanded to give a smooth feel which is then boosted by the veneer coat.

For a convertible bunk bed with a sturdy and stylish design, this is the best choice you will get. The hardwood, safety ladder, the included support slats and veneer coating makes it ideal for parents or guardians who are concerned about their kids’ safety and comfort while sleeping. For the price, it is a great product to invest in, and its durability is unbeatable.

  • Convertible bunk bed
  • Hardwoods and veneers made
  • 12 support slats included
  • Sturdy and stylish
  • Totally safe
  • Ideal for only up to 170 lbs. each

4. WE Furniture, Twin Bunk Bed, Solid Wood in white finish

WE Furniture, Twin Bunk Bed, Solid Wood in white finish

The WE Furniture, Twin Bunk Bed, Solid Wood in white finish is a great bed to invest in. First, it is ideal for kids, and any parents with more than one kid in their house would appreciate it. Its design stands out, and the careful precision found in every corner of it is hard to come by. Once you have it in the bedroom, you will totally love the transformation it brings, thanks to its color and design.

Most people worry about assembling a bed, more so this type of bed as it has a top and bottom bed. However, the We Furniture designers ensure that you have the easiest time assembling it by including everything you need for assembly and backing it up with simple and clear instructions to follow. Whether you have been assembling beds or it’s your first time in this kind of activity, you will not need a second person to help you, and you will have the bed up and ready for your kids to sleep on within no time.

The bed easily separates into 2 beds so if along the way you will need two separate beds for the kids, you will take just a few minutes to separate it then have your kids sleeping comfortably. You might find this bed helpful for the times you need to save on space and even more better if you ever need the kids to sleep in different rooms.

The support slats are included. Most bed buyers complain of receiving fewer support slats than needed for a comfortable bed but you won’t experience this with this brand. Safety and comfort are a priority here, so you will receive your bed with everything needed to make it complete. A bed with fewer slats is never comfortable, and there is a high possibility of the few slats breaking into two which might result even to more damage.
WE Furniture, Twin Bunk Bed, Solid Wood in white finish

Because of its style, this bed is ideal for space-saving. No matter how big/spacious your house is, everyone would do well with anything that serves the purposes perfectly while saving on some space and this is what this bed offers. If occupies a space of a single bed but comfortably accommodates two kids. If you are tight on space, don’t force your kids to share a bed. Just get them this, and they will love it. If you would like to know more about bunk beds, there is enough information out there especially online so you can enlighten yourself.

The bed ships ready-to-assemble and all the parts needed for assembly are included plus easy and clear step-by-step instructions. The bed separates into 2 separate beds, and for this reason, it is a great choice for most people, and it is ideal for space-saving thanks to its style of construction. The white finish is superb and makes the bed look really pretty in your kids’ room.

  • Easily separates into 2 beds
  • Comes with the support slats
  • Ideal for space-saving
  • No need for a spring box
  • Ships ready-to-assemble
  • Step-by-step instructions for easy assembling
  • No mattress or beddings included

3. Walker Edison Metal Bunk Bed, Twin-over-Twin, Black

Walker Edison Metal Bunk Bed, Twin-over-Twin, Black

Most people are running away from wooden bunk beds mostly for safety reasons. There are many cases of some accidents happening where kids ended up being hurt as a result of poor wood quality selection. Now, if you are skeptical of wooden bunk beds maybe from previous bad experiences, then it’s time you tried one in steel construction.

The Walker Edison Metal Bunk Bed, Twin-over-Twin, Black restores confidence in bunk beds by bringing in a new twist in construction material where they have decided to use steel. Now, kids are kids, and you can never tell how playful they are going to be on a particular day or what their games will involve so don’t be surprised if you find them jumping up and down the beds. If you have total trust in the quality of the bed you bought them, you will have no worries at all.

One think about steel construction is that you won’t have to worry about the bed being rough or having some unevenly sanded parts which might pose accidents to your little ones. With steel, all you worry about is if the paint has been done right to avoid rusting or if each part has been welded correctly to support your kid and this bed here has taken care of all this. You will enjoy this bed for many years or even end up donating it once your kids outgrow it, thanks to the material used.

With a powder coat finish, you can be sure that rusting or corrosion are out of the question thus durability. This powder coat finish also gives it a nice look. It does not automatically scream steel. It makes it look unique and presentable even when sitting in the bedroom. And, with this construction, there will be no need for any box spring.
Walker Edison Metal Bunk Bed, Twin-over-Twin, Black

What’s more, you can easily separate this bunk bed into two twin beds so if you have enough space or if your kids prefer separate beds, you will easily give them that. When it comes to assembly, everything you need is included plus some clear instruction thus you will use just a short time to get it up. The included ladder ensures that there is the much-needed safety for when going up or down from the top bed. And, most important is the fact that this ladder can be attached to either end of the bed. This makes it very functional as different rooms have different designs thus not just any ladder position could work for all.

If you need a unique, strong and durable bunk bed, do not hesitate to buy this one. All the needed support slats are included, no need for any box spring, it’s separable to two twin beds, and the ladder can be attached to either end. The powder coat finish adds to its durability, and the price is just right. You will love to see your kids sleeping on it because it is super comfortable and beautiful.

  • Powder coat finish
  • The needed support slats included
  • You won’t need any box spring
  • Can be separated into 2 twin beds
  • Functional: You can attach the ladder to either end
  • Comes with easy step-by-step instructions and ships ready-to-assemble
  • You cannot fit a trundle under it

2. Stork Craft Twin Bunk Bed Caribou Solid Hardwood, Espresso

Stork Craft Twin Bunk Bed Caribou Solid Hardwood, Espresso

Even if you already have a bunk bed, don’t be surprised if you fall in love with this and decide to buy it for just in case you ever get extra guests or to just replace the one you already have. Even from afar, the bed is attractive, and when you walk near it and feel it, you will tell that it is a strong bed with strong construction to serve your needs for many years.

First, the bunk bed is made of high-quality and environmentally-friendly solid rubberwood. No one ever wants to gamble with their kids’ safety, and this bed’s manufacturers ensures that you too don’t have to. Thanks to the material used for construction, this bed is super durable and poses no harm to you or your little ones along the way.

If you want it as a bunk bed, you can go ahead and assemble it that way, but if you want to have it separated into two beds, it’s still possible. Mostly, people who want to save some space use it as it is because it is designed for space saving but none of your kids might want to sleep on the top bed, so it is good to know that you won’t be forced to shop for another bed if this happens.

The bed is designed to have high-quality fastening systems. This way, none of the parts you are supposed to fasten together will ever come loose or worse, fall apart. You do not want to imagine the amount of damage that could occur if the top bed falls on the bottom bed especially when the kids are fast asleep. This it the sole reason why you should invest in a high-quality bed like this.
Stork Craft Twin Bunk Bed Caribou Solid Hardwood, Espresso

With full-length guardrails, you can rule out the possibility of any accidents happening. The bed also features a high-quality and sturdy 4-step ladder to help your kids access the top bed with ease and comfortably. It is also available in multiple and durable non-toxic finishes important for very young kids. You will love your purchase.

If you need a bunk bed for whatever reason, this would be a great purchase. It is made of high-quality everything thus durability is not questionable, and all safety measures are put in place to ensure that your little ones get to use it comfortably and safely. It is available in several colors so if there is a specific color you like best for a bed you have a chance to get it. It is separable into tow beds thus a great option for kids who would not like to sleep on a top bed. When used as a bunk bed, it is a great choice for space-saving.

  • Made of high-quality, environmentally-friendly solid rubberwood
  • Separable into two beds
  • Sturdy 4-step ladder included
  • Features high-quality fastening systems
  • Full-length guardrails
  • Available in multiple and durable, non-toxic finishes
  • Meets all CPSC and ASTM safety standards
  • Takes up a little more time when assembling

1. DHP Twin-Over-Twin Metal Bunk Bed- Black

DHP Twin-Over-Twin Metal Bunk Bed- Black

If you would like a change from the regular wood bunk beds, then you will love the DHP Twin-Over-Twin Metal Bunk Bed- Black. No worries about splinters or not so well sanded support slats. You also will have no worries about the bed’s durability because well, with metal, you cannot argue about its durability. This bunk bed feature a sleek black metal finish making it look really nice while also ensuring that it is free from rusting or corrosion.

The bed is secure and stable. You can rely on it to hold your kids safely as they sleep. Even when they are playing on their beds, you will be surprised to see that the beds remain stable and in place. This is important because kids are mostly playful and you can ever be sure of their next move while on their beds, so you are better off with a secure and stable bed.

The slanted front ladder offers the much-needed safety for your kids. Kids love to run up and down the ladders to their beds because well, they have all the energy, unlike the adults who just want to crawl in bed and sleep tight before the alarm rings again. So, the ladder should be totally stable and strong to withstand all the running up and down of your kids.

For space saving purposes, this is the ideal bed for you. It takes up just a small space in the room while accommodating your kids comfortably. And, the manufacturers makes it easy for you to decide which kid goes to the top bed and which to the bottom bed by providing you with the weight limits for each bed thus avoiding overloading any of the beds. The bottom bed holds up to 225lbs while the top one holds up to 200lbs.
DHP Twin-Over-Twin Metal Bunk Bed- Black

When it comes to assembling, you will find it super easy and quick even better than the wooden bunk beds. The package comes with easy and clear assembly instructions to follow. The bed accommodates 2 twin mattresses, and it is just simple and sleek while meeting your every need. And, the price is surprisingly low thus most people don’t even mind shipping it even if there are similar options in the local stores.

It is an amazing metallic bunk bed designed for amazing little angels. Assembling is super simple and quick as all the parts needed are included and instructions provided. The construction is strong making the bed super sturdy. A front ladder is included for the kids’ safety, and it features full-length guardrails. You can never regret purchasing this bed.

  • Accommodates 2 twin mattresses
  • Sleek black metal finish
  • Slanted front ladder for safety
  • Secure and stable
  • Perfect for space-saving
  • Easy to assemble
  • Features full-length guardrails plus a ladder
  • Cannot be separated into two separate beds

Wrapping Up:

So many people would do great with a bunk bed. It helps in space saving or accommodating enough people when you have sleepovers more so if it features a trundle. As long as the assembly is done right and a ladder included, you will enjoy using it. With the above list, you are likely to land one that will suit your needs perfectly and when you do, remember to share your secret with a friend or family. If you have more questions about bunk beds you can ask us through our comment section or visit other sites to get your answers. Good Luck!


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