The 10 Best Battery Operated Fans in 2019 – Keeping Cool in the Summer

The 10 Best Battery Operated Fans in 2019 - Keeping Cool in the Summer

It is summer time, and the temperature is becoming unbearable. Worse still, your bills are out of control as you are forced to set the thermostat or air conditioner. Everybody needs a cool temperature wherever they are. While you may have a fan in your room, it’s not portable. The convenience is a major aspect here.

A battery-powered fan is an ideal investment to keep the air circulating whether in your tent, office, room or outdoor. A compact and portable fan goes a long way as it is simple to operate and move from place to place. Some are extremely lightweight to fit in a handbag or pocket, and there is no excuse why you should not own one.

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Guide to Buying a Battery-Operated Fan

Briefly discussed below are the elements you need to consider when purchasing your battery-operated fan:

Size: The best option is small enough to fit anywhere you want it yet functional enough to create you that comfortable breeze. For example, your fan should not occupy much space on your desktop to give you a hard time working.

Durability: What is the construction material used in making it? How fragile it? Get a unit that is difficult to break for long life. You don’t want to keep purchase a unit that you’ll be replacing after a short while after dropping accidentally

Battery Requirements and Life: What type of battery does it work with and how many batteries does it require? Get to know how long the battery lasts. A good battery should last you an average of 48 hours.

Powering Options: Technology advancement has made it possible for devices to support more than one charging options. For the best experience, choose a fan that you can power using batteries or plug-in.

Travel Functionalities: Since you want a fan you can anywhere, anytime, you need one that can keep you cool even when traveling.

USB Support: We are in an era where every device has a USB port to connect to other devices or charge. Without draining your batteries, you should be able to charge it using your laptop or car charger.

Speed and Power: You don’t want a fan that is so powerful to get your papers flying in the air or blow your hair. Even if you get a powerful fan, there should a way to control the speed. Check the Cubic Feet per Meter notation (CFPM) to know if it’s a low or high output fan.

Safety: Get a unit that is safe for your child and pet to touch. Avoid one with materials that can choke your baby.

Do you still think a guide is not sufficient? Well, we thought it could help to compare the top customer choices prepare comprehensive reviews of each fan to help make your shopping a little simple and fan.

10. Dizaul Mini USB Rechargeable Fan

Dizaul Mini USB Rechargeable Fan

Dizaul offers a broad range of high-quality accessories and products including cell phone accessories and home improvement items. Closing the list of the top battery operated fans is Dizaul rechargeable fan. It has a high rating of 4.8 and eliminates any doubts about the quality of this fan. With that kind of rating, this fan has brighter days ahead.

It appears in different colors which leave you the freedom to select your favorite. Choose one from pink, green, blue and white colors.

This Dizaul fan runs on a battery. Even better, it is a rechargeable durable premium Samsung lithium battery. That makes the unit safe and efficient to use. You have multiple options of recharging your battery. Use a micro USB cable to charge the battery using your power bank, computer, car charger or any other medium that can support a USB cable. Alternatively, use the 5V DC charger to plug it to the wall socket or use the 5V solar charger.

Dizaul fan features the motor industrial grade fans. They are very powerful and blow a strong stream of winds. What’s more, it is the blades are robust which renders them long lasting.

Even more, you have 3 speeds to choose from, which depend solely on the temperature level. That implies you can adjust the speed based on the time of the day how warm or hot it is. On a full charge, you can enjoy a fresh breeze for 3.7-6.5 hours before demand recharging.
Dizaul Mini USB Rechargeable Fan

Do you enjoy traveling? How about other adventures like hiking, camping, and fishing? You need to have a fantastic experience in all your escapades. And Dizaul is your best bet. That is because it is easy to carry due to its small size. With a bag, you just need to shove it inside and off you go. Alternatively, you can use the carabiner to hang it on your neck.

What’s more, you don’t need to quit your outdoor fan adventures even if it is dark. This fan features a bright LED flashlight perfect for outdoor use. In case the light goes in the house, it comes in handy for a few hours before the light is back.

  • 3 speeds
  • Multiple charging options
  • Powerful industrial grade motor fans
  • LED flashlight
  • Does what it was designed for

9. OPOLAR F501 Desktop USB Fan

OPOLAR F501 Desktop USB Fan

Electricity has gone meaning your air conditioner cannot work. Worse still you don’t have one installed. You will agree that it is sickening to working in an office especially when the temperatures decide to go above normal. You need a fan and not just any fan but a battery-powered fan. That’s where Opolar F501 comes in.

Opolar F501 is designed as a desktop fan and has many cool features that deserve your attention. Featuring are upgraded 6 inches fan blades that bring a high air circulation. Approximately, they blow the air at a speed of 3m/s. That means that it is a powerful tool you can count during the daytime or night for personal cooling.

As the blades do their thing, rarely will you hear that irritating whirling sound popular with other fans. That implies you can have it in your office and never get a complaint from any of your colleagues.

There are many unavoidable dangers posing great risks and a flimsy fan cannot withstand. The ABS blades render this unit durable even if you want it for outdoor use. With the sturdy blades, you are guaranteed of enjoying a strong breeze that will dispel that annoying heat from your body. Also, it has a robust metal frame that you can adjust 360 degrees either up or down so you can direct the stream of air where you want it.
OPOLAR F501 Desktop USB Fan

Opolar F501 is simple to control thank to the easy to access ON/OFF buttons. It has only one-speed meaning that you have to work with the default. However, it is powerful enough to achieve its sole purpose. Besides, it is simple to maintain as it has visible screws that you can reach fast for cleaning.

This fan offers you multiple avenues of powering it. Provided they can support USB cable, Opolar F501 is compatible with computers, power bank or any other charging device. If you thought it would drain your external battery fast, then you are dead wrong. It is an energy saver instead! It consumes about 2.5W an hour which saves you up to 95% when compared to the traditional fans. That leaves you the comfort to use this fan anywhere, anytime without inconvenience arising from low battery.

Whether in the house or camping, Opolar F501 will offer you good company while at the same time cooling your whole being. Even if you have AC in your house, isn’t it a good idea to save on the energy to cut the bills?

  • ABS blades/metal frame
  • Saves energy
  • Powerful
  • Adjustable frame
  • One speed only

8. OPOLAR F901 Rechargeable Clip and Desktop Fan

OPOLAR F901 Rechargeable Clip and Desktop Fan

Opolar has for years been offering quality products in its vast range of products. They deal in computer accessories as a well as home and kitchen products. In their line of commodities is the top rated Opolar F901 rechargeable fan. This fan had to secure a position among the best for some noteworthy features.

Featuring are 4.3’ powerful blades that push enough stream of cold air leaving you cool at all times. The blades rotate at a speed of 2200 RPM providing you with a cool breeze at any time of the day.

Convenience is a crucial aspect when it comes to equipment. And fans are not exempted. This fan has you into consideration enabling to use it anywhere thanks to the clip mechanism. That way, you can use Opolar F901 fan wherever you are provided it’s possible to mount it. Clip it to a pole, table baby stroller, or anything else with a ledge.
OPOLAR F901 Rechargeable Clip and Desktop Fan

OPOLAR F901 has two-speed options from which you can control the power of your air stream. Choose between high and low speed depending on the temperature in your room. It is powerful enough to provide a cool breeze even when on low speed. High speed offers the best results when it is too hot for instance during the summer.

What’s more, you can rotate the head 360 degrees for convenience such that you can control the direction of the wind. As such, you no longer need to change the position of your fan even if when you change your seating position.

Forget about those annoying loud fans you are used to. F901 offers you a cool breeze while at the same time ensuring that you are in a quite environment. This fan is a perfect companion for your baby.

A key concern of most customers probably you included is how easy it is to clean a fan is. While most fans require a screwdriver to put a part, that is not the case with Opolar F901. To have it clean, you only need to remove the front grill and you are set.

Opolar F901 fan is a perfect companion for personal use. Whether, in your office, bedroom or having fun outdoors, you need to save yourself from the hot flash by getting a professional fan.

  • Clip for attachment
  • Warranty
  • 2 speeds
  • Adjustable
  • Relatively fragile

7. BLUBOON Rechargeable Battery Clip on Fan, Adjustable

BLUBOON Rechargeable Battery Clip on Fan, Adjustable

BluBoon offers a range of quality products aimed at making your travel a breeze. Their items range from backpacks, purses, torch to fans. And now, it presents you the Bluboon battery-powered fan that will prevent you from the heat splash wherever you are.

This fan exhibits a unique design that will definitely grab the attention of your visitors. Besides, it will leave your room looking fantastic.

What’s more, Bluboon fan stands out from the pack to its many recharging and powering options. You can connect to your computer using a USB cable get it working. Also, you can use a portable solar panel to connect it via a USB cable and still enjoy a cool breeze at your comfortable. Alternatively, can remove the batteries and plug in using an AC adapter and cool yourself when indoors.

This unit is an exact definition of convenience and can be used anywhere. That is because it attaches anywhere be it the table, chair, pole or baby stroller. Provided you’re the where you want to mount it does not exceed the 2.5′ inches the clip has, you are ready to go. You can use it in almost any of your activities.
BLUBOON Rechargeable Battery Clip on Fan, Adjustable

This is not the kind of fans that are flimsy. It features a stable structure which is hard to get damaged. Besides, it has a stable base preventing any topple wherever you place it. Also, this is a strong fan that produces a very powerful wind when on the high speed. It is worth noting that when on USB, it only works on one speed.

Also, Bluboon is highly portable since as it uses 18650 battery rechargeable via USB cable. For the results, you can rotate the fan 360 degrees and tilt the head up and down to concentrate the breeze where you want it. What’s more, you can adjust the speed using the switched positioned at the back depending on the time of the day and temperature level. That way, you won’t need to unclip it every time you want to change the orientation.

  • Rotates 360 degrees and tilts
  • Attaches anywhere
  • Multiple charging options
  • Sturdy structure
  • You need to upgrade the battery

6. DLX Necklace Fan DSP

DLX Necklace Fan DSP

D-FantiX is a decorated brand that designs and manufacturers a wide range of products, all geared to making life better. The 2 years old brand is known for their toys and games, and outdoor recreational products. If you are looking for a way to keep yourself cool anywhere, anytime, D-FantiX has one of the best desktop battery operated fan. In simple terms, this fan delivers the best combination of reliability, performance and travel friendliness.

This fan is rechargeable and comes with a powerful 18650 lithium-ion battery, which is in-built. This battery takes little time to charge and will serve you well before recharging again. It allows USB charging , which comes handy when you are traveling. You can charge from your computer, power bank, and car charging system, or any other platform that can supports USB charging.

When fully charged, the fan lasts up to 8 hours, thanks to the power saving feature, fulfilled by the brushless motor. The 8 hours time is when you are running it at the lowest speed, when running at maximum speed, it will only last for 2 hours. Controlling this fan is easy too. There are clear controlling knobs to customize its speed.

To give you the freedom to go with this fan anywhere, anytime, the fan is lightweight and compact. Whether you have car or not, carrying it won’t be a great deal. On top of being travel friendly, the fan looks good! Who want an ugly fan anyway? The design is impressive, as well as the colors.
DLX Necklace Fan DSP

The best fan should be quiet without compromising its performance, and this D-Fantix, passes that test too. It delivers a soft breeze, without any irritating noise. This makes it great for use in any place, even in the bedroom. So when summer gets extra hot, this fan fits the bill. You’ll also love its sturdy construction, assuring you of long service.

We recommend this fan to anyone who loves a soft and cool breeze when it is hot. You can use it in the office, dorm, home, outdoor activities (traveling, boating, climbing, biking, backpacking, cycling, hiking, camping, picnic or during beach visits. It also a great gift option, for anyone who loves portable fans, including your kids, colleagues, parents, and friends.

  • USB charging
  • Travel-friendly and quiet
  • Powerful battery life; 8 hrs
  • Impressive design
  • Buttons may be hard to use at night

5. Efluky Mini USB Portable Table Fan

Efluky Mini USB Portable Table Fan

Known for its best selling tools and home improvement products, there is no doubt Eflucky offers you quality products. And in its vast array of products is the 3-speed portable fan which has grabbed the attention of many customers. Besides it has a rating of 4.3 which is an indication that it meets and even exceeds customers’ expectations. Why do you need to own this fan?

If you are looking for a professional fan, then Efluky should be at the top of your list. It exhibits an elegant yet unique design, which deviates from the regular fans. By placing it on your tabletop, not only acts as a cooling tool but also transforms the look of your room. Besides, it has a sturdy structure meaning that it is designed to last you a lifetime.

Efluky has an intuitive interface with the ON and OFF buttons clearly marked. Press the ON button for 5 seconds to get it working. It also features a LED light meant to guide you when using the controls for a seamless cooling experience. For example, a red light indicates that it is charging, while the green light shows that it is fully charged.

The unit comes with three gear speeds allowing you to switch the speed mode to low medium or high. By just pressing the power ON button once, you change the speed mode. That leaves you the freedom to select the option that best suits you depending on the temperature degrees.
Efluky Mini USB Portable Table Fan

If you’ve used other battery-powered fans and they turned out to be a total disappointment, then you will like this one. No everybody finds noise a bother when trying to sleep. For other like me, I can sleep even with the slightest amount of noise. But with Efluky, you are one step away from having a cool slumber. And yes, if you have a baby, your kid got an excellent companion. That is because it’s silent no matter what speed you set.

This fan runs on 3.7V LI-ON battery. One incredible thing about this fan is that it is rechargeable. You have multiple options of recharging. Get your power bank and connect your fan for charging. Alternatively, you can recharge using your computer via USB cable or any other media including in your car. And finally, you can plug-in directly to the wall using an adaptor, and it will work just fine. You don’t need to wait an eternity for it to charge. It takes a maximum of 4 hours to charge your battery fully.

On a full charge, it blows air for 8 hours when set to 1 speed, approximately 4 hours on 2 speed and 2 hours when on 3 speed. That is the average it will take you before recharging. While it might seem less time, it is important to appreciate that you can have a broad array of recharging options. So rarely will you face any inconvenience.

Eflucky is best for home or office use, and you need to have a table where you can place it as it works. Besides, you can use it for outdoor activities for instances when touring and in sports.

  • 3 speeds
  • Powerful
  • Quiet
  • Multiple charging options
  • Nothing major

4. O2COOL 10-inch Portable Fan with AC Adapter

O2COOL 10-inch Portable Fan with AC Adapter

O2cool prides itself in the production of high-quality and performing cooling products. The company has been in the industry for close to 3 decades. As such, there is no doubt about the quality of their products. A product that has attracted lots of customers’ attention is their O2cool 10-inch portable fan. That fan is one of the fans they have on offer. It is not by mistake that the product ranks among the best in its category. The fan features almost all of what a battery-powered fan is.

A key consideration when purchasing a fan is the powering options. And O2cool does not lag behind on that front. It has 2 powering options allowing you to power using either the AC adaptor or 6 D-cell batteries. Unlike other fans, you will get your adapter together with the fan. However, you have to buy the batteries yourself.

Worth noting is that the batteries are long lasting taking 40 hours to die. You can enjoy the cool air on average use wherever you are before the batteries drain.

What’s more, this unit has 2 speed 10-inch patented blades. You can be sure the blades will push enough air to keep your body temperature in control. The 2-speed feature allows you to control the amount of air circulated. As such, you can turn it to low speed when it is just warm. Whenever you feel that the temperature is unbearable, you can tune it to the highest level. It is an excellent option especially during the summer.

O2cool exhibits a compact design that allows you to use it anywhere you are. For those who love touring, this is a piece of equipment you cannot afford to miss. Besides, the fact that it is compact renders it easy to carry or even store. Also, to enhance the portability, it features a built-in handle which makes it a breeze to carry even in the outdoor as you walk.
O2COOL 10-inch Portable Fan with AC Adapter

Also, while this fan is not dead quiet, the sound is low enough to have a serene environment. The little whirling sound produced is due to the large sized blades. For those who appreciate a powerful unit whose speed you can control the low sound is definitely a tradeoff.

Besides, we love our pets, and it is possible for them to bump on any items including our adorable portable fans. As they play around, they might drop items but O2cool 10-inch portable fan. That is because it has a broad base that renders it more stable.

This unit works best in cooling the air in your home in the bedroom or table room at the relaxing area lounge. Grab this unit for your office and have a cool breeze as you work. It will save you the escalating energy bills and will come in handy whenever the electricity goes.

  • Uses AC adapter and batteries
  • Powerful
  • 2-speed options
  • Compact for storage and travel
  • No batteries included

3. Travelon 3-Speed Folding Fan

Travelon 3-Speed Folding Fan

Travelon is another company that has taken over the industry through products meant to make your travel easier. The name says it all. And this is not just a selling point but they have been in the industry for over 3 decades. From travel bags (purses) to fans, they all will change your way of doing your things. Now they bring you Travel portable fan to keep you cool in all your adventures.

It is not by mistake that Travelon has turned out to be among the top customer battery-powered fan choices. The unit has several notable features worth outlining. Your safety and that of your loved one is vital, and the construction material should be one that does not pose any healthy risks. The unit has a sturdy plastic construction, a guarantee that it is long life. Blades are rubber made, which renders them highly effective in circulating the air.

Besides, Travelon has 3 speeds that you can adjust depending on what you want. In the morning when there is not too much heat, you can tune it to the low. If you think you are ‘melting’ the turn it to the high level and stay cool regardless of where you are.

What’s more, for compact storage and transport, it is foldable. Also, it measures 3’ inches high and 7 inches wide and will not occupy much space on your desk or any other surface. It renders it highly portable. That way you can carry it wherever. Even if you are on holiday at the beach or grinding in your office, you are one step away from enjoying a cool breeze.
Travelon 3-Speed Folding Fan

You don’t just need a fan for the sake. It should offer the convenience you need. And Travelon is one of a kind. It comes with a strap so you can hand around the neck. As such you don’t need to trouble yourself carry it together with your other things in your palms when walking. Even better, you can use it when hanged on the neck. Tilt it to 90 degrees, and it will blow cold air on your neck and face when walking or traveling. What else would you want?

Even more, it features a circular base which renders it highly stable. That means you can place it on your desk or table in the office or, table room, or bedroom. And the best part; you can place on any flat surface whether indoor or outdoor.

We all adore silence and particular when working or sleeping. Imagine taking an afternoon nap, and your fan has blades that make that annoying noise. I doubt you’d sleep with that irritating noise. This unit is whisper quiet giving you a fresh breeze while at the same time offering you the peace you need. However, be ready to experience whirling sound when tuned to the strongest speed.

For those who are into outdoor activities like sporting and travel, this unit makes a perfect companion. Get one and stay cool in your escapades.

  • Sturdy
  • 3 speeds
  • Stable
  • Foldable
  • Relatively heavy especially around the neck

2. O2COOL 5-Inch Portable Fan

O2COOL 5-Inch Portable Fan

As the name suggests, O2cool has products with cool designs that have changed the narrative in the market. The company has a reputation in the production of cooling items with sleek designs dating back in 1992 when they began their operation. And they have taken a different angle from the boring standard colors and styles in their products. So yes, they understand their trade pretty well. O2cool portable fan is their product by right and is our focus in this review. Several remarkable features make this fan stand out in its category.

The fan features two speeds. The low speed is great whenever it is a little bit warm than normal while the high speed works best when you are, literary, melting. What’s more, even if you want it for outdoor use, it’s sturdy enough to withstand any outdoor elements.

O2cool is compact and will not occupy much of your space. It runs on 2 D-size long lasting batteries, which makes it lightweight to carry it whenever you want with little effort. Please note that you have to purchase the batteries separately. Besides, the portability is further enhanced by its ability to fold for easy packing and transportation. Aside from batteries, you can also use an AC adapter to plug-in the unit. So if you don’t want to drain your batteries, plug and you are set.

Also, you can adjust the angle to focus the air the way you want. It can face straight up or lay flat. That allows you to direct the air where needed most; you arms and face for an excellent cooling effect. And while doing it, there is no it does not blow your papers all over if you when place on your desk in your office.
O2COOL 5-Inch Portable Fan

Other than when folding, this fan makes almost no noise. This is not the types that produce that annoying noise. Even if you work in an open office, there is your best bet. You can keep yourself cool without worry about disturbing your workmates. Besides, if your bedroom always feels hot, you need to secure this fan. You will sleep soundly with it turned on.

O2cool portable fan has a stand that allows it to sit stable on your desk. Also, it cost less than similar units whose quality cannot match this one. With less than 10 bucks, you can forget about that sickening high temperature in your room or when at the beach.

Whether you are in office, outdoor (camping, beach, and sporting), O2cool portable fan is your choice of fan. Escape that unbearable temperature and start staying cool.

  • Affordable
  • Adjustable
  • 2-speed settings
  • Blows sufficient air
  • Single personal use only

1. Honeywell HT-900 TurboForce Air Circulator Fan

Honeywell HT-900 TurboForce Air Circulator Fan

Reputed for it high-quality variety of commercial and consumer products, Honey is a Multinational company located in America. Included in the product mix are heating products, including fans. And now, Honeywell presents Honeywell HT-900 air circulator. This portable fan takes the first position, not by mistake but because it deserves.

HT-900 has an aerodynamic turboforce design with large 7-inch fan blades pushes more air than its competition. Also, the head can tilt 90 degrees so you can tilt it the way you want. That allows you to concentrate the air on your face and arms. It doesn’t blow your paperwork all over. Its sole purpose is to offer you nothing but a relaxed work setting.

Does working in a hot room make you sick? This portable fan is the solution you’ve been looking for. Unlike other brands, Honeywell has 3 settings which help you to regulate the speed. At the lowest setting, it is still powerful enough to circulate the air across your entire room. That helps in making more and more air flow which brings a refreshing feeling whether indoor or outdoor.
Honeywell HT-900 TurboForce Air Circulator Fan

With its 3 speed settings, tuning to the lower option will offers quiet enough to give you a conducive environment. Estimates show that it is 25% quieter when compared to similar models. However, you should note that it’s from dead silent. If you stay near busy street, you may need this in your bedroom. HT-900 has big blades will produce some soothing sound that is crucial to cancel the noise from outside giving a sound sleep.

For your convenience, you can place this unit on the table or mount it on the wall. You can calm yourself hands-free while attending to your other important business. Honeywell’s solid base ensures that it is very stable on the desk. The weight is distributed uniformly across the entire base such that it does not fall over. Even if you have a window sill with extended platform, HT-900 will still be stable right there and still push sufficient air across your room. It measures 11.10×6.54×11.30 (L×W×H) and weights 1 pound, making it highly portable for outdoor use You don’t need to keep carrying it around with you.

This fan requires batteries that last long on continuous usage. That helps if you don’t want to drain your batteries. Also, for those who concerned about cleaning your fans, it is pretty simple to clean.

H-900 is recommended for personal use. The air it blows may not be sufficient for more than one person if you want a pleasing moment. Use it to cool your bedroom or workstation. Besides, if on vacation, you can depend on this unit for a cool breeze on the beach.

  • Features 3 speed settings
  • Head can tilt 90 degrees
  • Stable base
  • Pushes more air
  • Not quite enough


Wherever you are, you need to stay comfortable. But with high temperatures particularly during the hot summer, that might be a dream. Although you can use the AC, the hiking electric bills might be a challenge. That is where battery-operated fans come in. Apart from only saving on your energy, they are portable allowing you to cool yourself from virtually any place. We believe that our reviews are explicit and will convince you to grab one for yourself.


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