Tankless Water Heaters Reviews of the Top 9 Products

Tankless Water Heaters Reviews of the Top 9 Products

Top 9 rated tankless water heater reviews
Best Tankless Water Heaters

Water heaters are now one of the basic needs of every household. Particularly during the winters or in the colder regions, life without these is really tough.

However, the conventional water heaters have one main flaw; often they run out of hot water. Usually, there is a limited amount of water that enters in a particular water heater and that is heated to the preset temperature.

The tankless heaters heat the water used, so there’s always a hot shower ready for all family members.

Here, we have shortlisted nine of the best tankless water heater reviews to help you select the right one for your home to meet your needs.

Buying Guide- Best Tankless Water Heaters

These water heaters work as per the demand and heat the water quickly as it goes through the heat exchange. It is not just quick, but also conserves gas and electricity that others continuously make use of as they keep heating and reheating the water as the temperature drops below the defined level.

This way it saves up to 35% in your bills and also takes care of the environment and resources.

Before you set out to buy your new water heater, always conduct a certain market research and get to know about the available options and the specifications of each. This will help you in later on deciding upon the right one for your family.

There are several essential points to note before setting out in the markets, such as:

The volume

Almost all water heaters are priced and sold based on their capacity. They are classified for family sizes according to their holding capacities too.

For instance, a smaller family may not have much needs, whereas a larger family may require a lot of warm water for showers, dishwashing, clothes washing, etc. they will, therefore, need a larger tank to get more hot water to last them through the day.

However, for the tankless water heaters, you need to consider the GPM: Gallons per Minute to know the amount of water they can heat and provide in the first one hour. The best tankless hot water heaters provide a non-stop flow of hot water, unless, you open up many faucets all over the house.

If you are a large family and require hot water at different places at the same time, you may install two or three units of the same to keep the water going warm to meet your requirement.

Water heater types

The next thing to consider is the type of water heater to choose. There are various types available in the markets today, like:

Water heater with the storage tank

The most commonly found in all homes is the storage tank water heater. This has a tank in which the water is heated and stored and refilled when used up.

These are often run by gas and cost almost half as much in running than the electric water heaters. However, their buying price is higher than the other options.

Hybrid water heaters

These are quite energy efficient too, they work by catching heat from the air and using it to heat the water.

However, these have one flaw; they are not that great in terms of performing in extremely cold climates.

They also need a lot of vertical space to stand and a great open space to catch heat easily.

Solar heater

These types of water heaters convert the heat taken from the sun to a fluid; this fluid goes through the loops and keeps the water warm in the tank. These are more suited for the summers or hot climates, where the sun is out most of the times.

However, during the cold days when the sun isnt out much, they work rather slowly.

Condensing heaters

These are great as a gas heater and if you have a larger family and hence, need more hot water.

These too have a tank like the conventional water heaters but are more energy efficient as compared to them.

Anti-scaling and warranty period

Many models are available with the benefit that they do not let any minerals settle at the bottom. This helps is increasing the lifespan of a unit. However, if a particular water heater comes with a good warranty (Typically over 10 years) you should buy that.

There are good water heaters available in the market which come with a warranty of about 3 years or 5 years, etc. but could vary in their costs as the warranty period increases. If you plan on the long run, buy the ones which are covered over longer lengths to ensure a greater durability.

The drain valves

Fitted at the base, these are made for drainage purposes. There are two types in this category; plastic and brass. It is best to go for the brass ones for a greater durability of the model.


With technology digitizing everything, newer models are being manufactured with digital displays. These help you in more customization and conservation of energy and gas while the hot water is not in use.


Different models are available at different prices. The ones which enable a more flow of warm water are more powerful and hence more costly. Then, the electric and gas types, are priced differently. However as discussed above on average it may cost you around $500 to $600, more or less depending on your needs.

The source of fuel

Your home may have either an electric, gas or a hybrid fuel source. You need to consider the source you have in place, for ease of installation of a new water heater. The electric type involves the use of a single or dual elements for heating the water, whereas the gas types use a burner for heating.


The best thing about these tankless water heaters is that they occupy a much smaller space than the conventional ones.

Temperature control

The latest models allow a greater temperature control and other features to operate it as per your requirements. This further increases their efficiency in terms of energy as well as operational costs.


Another latest feature of these water heaters is the wireless connectivity. It allows you to control them from a larger distance. It helps you to match your schedule with the water heating and save on your electrical/gas bill.

Just like the traditional water heaters, the tankless heaters are available in different sizes to cater to individual needs or a large house.

You need to see the number of people in the house, the number of water outlets, including taps, showers, washing machine, dishwashers, etc. you will use and compare that to the total gallons or amount of water the water heater supplies.

There is another option for buying two units too, this way the total load is divided for the house and you can place the two units on different ends to ensure an optimal supply of warm water for all the household needs.

Once you go through these essential considerations, it will be much easier for you to make the right decision. There are a few more key points to take note of before deciding on the one best choice for your home; a few of these are discussed below:

Hot water requirement

Consider the amount of hot water required in your house. You may use various charts available to calculate the GPM (Gallons Per Minute) for each water outlet in the house and find the total for the house. This way, you can find just the right tankless water heater for your home.

Calculate the water temperature

To know the exact temperature you need, you have to make a certain calculation. The difference between the groundwater temperature and the water temperature you require determines the temperature you should look for in a water heater.

A few additional tips regarding the installation of a typical tankless water heater include:

  • Install your unit where there is sufficient ventilation for the system.
  • The best place to fix the tankless unit is near the gas supply as well as water supply, for the gas heaters, whereas for the electrical heaters the best place for installation is near an electrical power outlet.

This enables a safer installation and a lesser wiring or gas pipes are required for the water heater.

  • For increased safety, employ professionals for installation of your unit.
  • The tankless water heater should not touch the ground or sides. Ideally, it should be at, at least about half an inch distance from the wall and have a foot space at the front and a foot and a half above the ground.

So, which one is an ideal water heater for your home?

The most common water heaters these days are the tankless heaters. It gives you multiple benefits including the following:It is very energy efficient. It heats up the water that is used only and doesnt have to work for hours heating and reheating the gallons of water, like the tank heaters do, over and over again.

There are two types of these; one runs on the electricity whereas the other type uses gas for heating water. So you can select the best one for your needs.

Although water heaters are not a cheap product, but you can select one according to your needs and price. The considerably lower priced models may have a shorter warranty period or ability to provide hot water if you use a single or two faucets only, at a time.

However, over the long run, these prove to cost you much lower than the conventional heaters.

  1. The best thing about this heater is that the water doesnt run out. Theres plenty for everyone all the time. It is best suited for large families as well as businesses, where time is the key resource and there is a far greater requirement for hot water.
  2. These heaters are safe against electricity or gas fluctuations, and consistent in their work.
  3. They require much lesser space as compared to the conventional tanks and can be fixed anywhere you like.
  4. Since there is no water storage, it greatly reduces the dangers of rust and spills.

To get the most out of your installed unit, check out a few tips here. Just ensure you take periodic care of the unit to make it last longer and perform better.

Should You Buy a Gas or an Electric Tankless Water Heater?

The best bet would be to replace your existing tank water heater with the same source of the tankless one. i.e. if you have a gas water heater and you need to replace it with a tankless one,it is better to buy a gas tankless water heater.

Even if you buy the best electric tankless water heater for your house, it will require some additional expenses in the form of added lines for its installation and so, it raises the overall costs.

However, still is the cost is not a concern, you may buy either of the two.

How Efficient are These Tankless Heaters in Monetary Terms?

These tankless units are surprisingly great conservers of electricity and gas. If you already have a larger water heater with the storage tank fitted in your house, it may be costing you much more than you really require. Just have a look at your daily requirements.

Typically warm water is required for:

  1. Bath which takes 10 to 20 minutes on average
  2. Washing a few minutes
  3. Dishwasher which takes 30 minutes, just to keep a safer margin,
  4. And if you desire any laundry with the hot mode on.

If you analyze the above, you will see that the actual time you need the water accounts for a few hours only of an entire day. But the water tank has to have a full tank of warm water, all through the 24 hours!

This actually takes up a lot of energy, which may be put to some other productive use if not wasted here. With the tankless water heaters, there is no such wastage. It works just to fulfill your demand for the hot water and yet, never disappoints.

Hence, the operational cost of these tankless water heaters is much less than the water heaters which come with a storage tank. They cost about 40% less in operation as compared to an electric tank water heater and about 30% less than a gas water heater with tank storage.

As for the cost, it is about 2-3 times more than the conventional ones, but they come with lesser issues of corrosion and seepage. Plus, the overall operational costs, conserve much more energy and lower your bills; this way you can recover the cost much sooner.

Can You Install the Unit by Yourself?

Yes, it is quite easy to install the unit if you have a basic knowledge about these water heaters. However, keep in mind that the installation affects the warranty of the unit.

To be on a safer side, we recommend letting a professional do the job for you, however, if you feel no such need of employing one, you need to thoroughly study the manual that comes with your unit.

If the unit is installed right, it can help you achieve optimal efficiency.

To ensure a proper installation of the unit, keep the usual weather, safety concerns, and the fuel type into consideration to avoid any issues from arising later on.

If you wish to employ the services of an external contractor to assist in the installation, you can always check for the references of the seller, check for his background company and see if the company abides by the building laws and understands other legal codes about the local buildings.


As discussed above, there are various benefits of the tankless water heater. This is the best tankless water heater review for your convenience and to give you a fair idea about the market prices and features of these heaters.

Make a wise choice and invest in an efficient, best tankless water heater for your home today and pamper yourself with a warm water bath, whenever you want!

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