Stun Your Eyes With These Gorgeous 4k(Quad Hd) Monitors

The best 4K monitors are not only a marvel, but also an extraordinary revelation in today’s tech world. For their incredible support, people are turning to these monitors faster than you’d expect. Despite their higher price tags, these displays are more than worth it. Of course, they demand for an added dollar. Yet, these monitors are a lot more supportive that your regular computer monitor.

Since they provide unbeatable results, you would want to have a best model. You are also confident of a long-term, higher value investment that guarantees you a superlative user experience. As such, we bring you the top 10 best 4K monitors’ reviews in this article. Especially when you are a newcomer in the tech world, you will largely appreciate the information below.

Understanding a 4K Monitor

A 4K display is a LED-lit computer display monitor of the latest innovation breakthrough. It provides an astonishing 2840 x 2160 superlative screen resolution. As the top highlight, that is just one among many premium features this monitor offers. Several years ago, you could hardly imagined of such a high resolution. However, today you can enjoy the incredible experience of near-perfect screen resolution thanks to the these displays. It is a superlative screen resolution that provides for a billion plus perfect colors. Moreover, it includes more than 800 million pixels for supporting precise detailing to your screen display.

Other highlights offered by 4K screens are among them easy-tilt-and-swivel designs, easy pivoting, and height variations. Together, these features ensure that you always enjoy the best working, entertainment or gaming experience on the monitor.

How to Choose the Best 4K Screen for Your Gaming/Other Needs

Due to high appreciation and demand, the market is recording a high influx of the 4K monitor models from different brands. Consequently, this plurality can easily confuse a newbie, making it hard to tell the best 4K screens out of the rest. You should therefore factor in several considerations to give you light on the best model for your demands. To help you cut through the maze, these top five factors will always come in handy:

Design Size and Dimensions

Since different monitors possibly have varying dimensions, you ought to know what your pick offers. The best monitor size should meet your need for monitor, and auger well for your space convenience. However, your viewing or work convenience should first dictate the dimensions of the monitor you choose. While some people will go for the biggest monitor they can get, others may be content with a 23-24-inch model. In this regard, it is an imperative to check the dimensions that would best work for you. Therefore go for the option that offers you optimal comfort in size and dimensions. Curved 4k monitors are also in recent trends. However the curved 4k displays are only used for certain needs.

Refresh Rate

Refresh rate determines not only the speed but also the efficiency of monitors to refresh the image for display. It is another top factor to consider when choosing your best 4K panel, then. The faster and greater the refresh rate is, the better, since you will switch between images more efficiently. Moreover, you will also experience smoother flowing games due to reduced lag after you hit the buttons. This means higher responsiveness, resulting in a more rewarding experience whether gaming or in design works.


For what purpose do you need a 4K monitor? Gaming ? Office Work ? High graphics Related Work ? Movie Editing ?Do not forget to ask yourself this vital question when shopping for a new model. Only then you will outline the most important features in your pick for the best solution to your needs. If you need an upped gaming experience, go for the monitor with a great refresh rate. However, designers may want a large screen that can be split for enhanced versatility.


When looking for any LED screen, resolution stands apart as the most important feature to consider. It determines the picture quality of the display. Since you need the best in this, you should go for options that provide superlative quality resolution. Of course, 4K displays promise first-rate resolution. However, you need to test it before buying. Just to be sure.


You might want to connect some external drives to your monitor. As such, choose a monitor model with at least 4 ports for external connectivity. Again, when you want to play media from your phone or tablet on a larger screen, such ports come in handy.

Brightness and Contrast

Your 4K screen should have top-quality integrated brightness and contrast. This will protect your eyes from strain while delivering clear yet comfortable picture quality. Moreover, the screen should include an anti-glare matte covering. Your eyes will therefore know no damage from the excessively bright rays from the screen.


Finally, you need to check the price tag. This is another top consideration you shouldn’t overlook when buying not only the best 4K monitors, but anything. Prices for different models obviously vary. You can find your most ideal 4K screens without paying an unnecessarily gaudy check. For instance, know exactly your purpose and the most relevant features for it. Expensive does not always mean the best. Most noteworthy, do some supportive research in order to discover a budget that works for both you and your desire.

World’s Top 10 Best 4K Monitors

As noted before, it costs you an extra dollar for a quality 4K monitor compared to conventional LED monitors. However, it is not in vain since 4K displays deliver a lot more acceptable results. They clearly outsmart their competition in the tech world. Due to their excellence, people are increasingly turning to 4K resolution screens every day. They’re especially relevant if you want to enjoy a completely satisfying user experience. You also witness the finest in graphic details when you use the best 4K displays. Do not miss your chance while it’s been made easiest. Our chosen best 4K panel

s provide the best quality experience and convenience you need. Read on to discover and buy your favorite.

10. ViewSonic XG2700 27-Inch IPS 4K UHD Monitor

 ViewSonic XG2700 27-Inch IPS 4K UHD Monitor

The XG2700 by ViewSonic start off our reviews for the top 10 best 4K list. It is a 27-inch gaming monitor featuring a stunningly sleek and stylish design. Besides, it packs outstanding features for the best promise. For instance, this IPS 4K beast provides the FreeSync technology for AMD-powered devices. As such, you get to enjoy a digital world boasting of more than a billion colors. Moreover, ViewSonic XG2700 features multiple ports that allow you to enjoy multi-picture viewing simultaneously. This is the kind of versatility you can rarely find anywhere else. It is also factory calibrated, thus ensuring optimal image stabilization settings while delivering Ultra-High Definition gaming experience. In addition, you can adjust its position to your desire due to the effortless flexibility of its stand.


  • This monitor offers ideal accuracy without calibration
  • ADM users highly appreciate the FreeSync feature
  • Stylish and sleek design yet still premium-grade
  • Natural image clarity and contrast
  • Easy adjust flexible stand


  • FreeSync refresh limited to 40Hz
  • May not scale lower resolutions

Despite a few shortcomings with almost insignificant effect, you have to count the XG2700 among the best 4K monitors. If you need to enjoy incredible gaming performance experience, this is a top choice for you. Most noteworthy, it is an affordable option, yet it delivers premium quality. It is also great for designing, editing, and even for 4K movie watching at home.

9. BenQ BL3201PH

BenQ BL3201PH IPS 4K UHD LED Monitor

The BenQ BL3201PH is a mighty 32-inch screen size sophisticated 4K panel. On such a large screen, 4K performs incredibly well without any scaling failures. It also provides great color quality and accuracy due to its maximum performance as well as crispy display. As such, the BL3201PH will allow you to clearly distinguish the whitest white and also blackest black colors. The dynamic contrast ratio integrated ensures such pretty color articulations. Moreover, 100% sRGB delivers flicker-free display. As a result, you experience minimized eye strain, thus enjoying increased work productivity. It doesn’t matter how long you stay on the screen.

Furthermore, this BenQ monitor model provides enough ports for versatile connectivity. The design also offers a stylish yet string stand for stability, while integrated sensors make it auto adjust to the surrounding conditions.


  • In-depth and accurate image quality
  • Self-adjusting sensor controls
  • Various options for external connectivity
  • Very adjustable stand for such a large-sized monitor
  • Ultra sharp color precision and consistency
  • Great price for the mighty 32-inch screen


  • Ports positions not very convenient
  • Contrast is a bit mediocre since the 4K pixels are spread on a larger screen

First of all, BenQ BL3201HP delivers an experience that is clearly beyond its cost. Although it is more professional-leaning, this is also a great UHD (Ultra High Definition) monitor for appreciable home use. Additionally, it makes a great pick for special Animation or Auto-CAD purposes due to its wonderful specs.

8. HP Spectre 32-inch

HP Spectre 32-inch 4k LED-lit Monitor

Hewlett Packard makes an amazing entry among the best 4K monitors. The renowned American Tech Giant does so with the Spectre 32-Inch Studio Display LED-lit monitor. This is an ultra-sleek and thin model with awesome specifications. It offers ultra-candid and extremely colorful picture quality, as well as extra-wide angle options for viewing convenience. The several ports design is yet another supportive aspect, hence the versatile connectivity to almost all 4K devices instantly.

This monitor carries heavy workloads with grace. Whether you are gaming or using 3D and animation applications, HP Spectre will hardly let you down.


  • The HP Spectre is lighter relative to its mighty display size
  • It provides multi up-scaling options from different resolutions
  • Convenient remote control for added convenience
  • Easy VESA mounts quite compatible
  • Heavy duty grade


  • Not all may like its integrated 6-watt speakers
  • Some complaints about slight light bleeds

If you are looking for a flagship 4K resolution display that packs most desirable features, the Spectre can likely be your trusted partner. For lovers of the high quality technologies HP delivers, this 4K panel will be a favorite in digital display experience. Therefore, if you don’t mind the inclusion of the speakers, you are good to go 4K display world with the HP Spectre. The price is clearly less than the quality.

7. Philips BDM4065UC 40-Inch UHD 4K Screen

 Philips BDM4065UC 40-Inch UHD 4K Monitor

The Philips BDM4065UC a giant to watch. At 40 inches large, this product offers one of a kind 4K display you may want to try out. VA-IPS technology powers this monitor. Although it may look as a TV, don’t forget that 4K pixels performance is a lot better on larger screens. Its color quality and impressive contrast produce visually vivid and bright images. More seemingly as an OS, the Philips SmartImage is not only quite user-friendly. It also allows various modes for versatile utilities. You also can stream media with the MHL connection from your smartphone, right away. As such, you savor HD videos coupled with awesome digital sound finesse.


  • Ideal for designing, gaming and 4K movie watching
  • Features highly sensitive pixel density
  • Impeccable graphical stabilizations and image quality
  • Stylish and sleek in design
  • Included ports for easy external connectivity


  • The stand is not adjustable
  • Its large design requires bigger desk space

Ultimately, you will find that the Philips BDM4065UC is a worthy choice for your 4K expectations. It comes at with a fair price tag relative to the various high-end features it offers. It is therefore in all order to call this 40-inch display a professional-grade model. You will appreciate it for both working with large digital files and convenient viewing. Whether it’s 3D design, CAD, movie watching, or anything demanding a large UHD monitor, this is your ideal choice.

6. Acer B286HK ymjdpprz 28-Inch Ultra HD Display

Acer B286HK ymjdpprz 28-Inch UHD 4K Monitor

Also ranking among the top 4K options is the Acer B286HK. This Acer B6 Series blends ergonomic design and professional style to meet all your viewing and environments concerns. The Ultra HD resolution 28-inch display works with the amazing contrast ratio to present the best in picture quality. As such, you enjoy detailed imagery when browsing the web and viewing photos. Moreover, the large screen also side by side document viewing easier. The integrated Acer eColor, 100% sRGB, and ComfyView technologies render every pixel vividly colorful and natural. In addition, Acer B6 Series includes VESA compatible mounting for a sleek option ideal for tight spaces. It also has power-efficient technology for reduced energy bill.


  • Ergonomic and professional design altogether
  • Power-saving technology
  • Produces detailed picture quality
  • Allows easy VESA compatible mounting
  • Ideal for small spaces


  • Reported backlight bleeding

Although a few customers have complained about issues of slight backlight bleeding, many more appreciate it. From the Ultra High Definition to incredible contrast ratio on the 28-inch design, you seldom find a fault. Whether you do large digital documents, watch movie, or browse the web, convenience and style are your new things. For Acer B286HK deliver.

5. Acer XB280HK bprz 28-Inch

Acer XB280HK bprz 28-Inch UHD 4KMonitor

Here comes another great 4K display for you from the reputed Acer. The XB280HK also features 28-inch screen design, while glossy black bezel borders it for style and strength. Although not so premium-looking, the plastic exterior is remarkably durable. However, the monitor sits comfortably anywhere due to its magical stand with easily adjustable options. G-Sync technology powered this monitor, therefore delivering the true excellence of Ultra-High Definition quality and performance. Despite having just one Display port 1.2 input option because of the 4K and G-Sync combo, everything is fine. It is not a big deal for focused gaming or work sessions. Moreover, integrated TN technology ensures just 1 millisecond refresh rate, the fastest in 4K monitors.


  • Reliable build quality for durability
  • Up to 60Hz G-Sync with only 1ms refresh rate
  • Detailed post-calibration picture quality
  • Very adjustable stand with easy VESA support
  • Delivers quite smooth game-play and great 4K video playback


  • A bit inconvenient monitor controls position
  • Just a single display input port

Nonetheless, Acer XB280HK stands out as an ideal 4K option for professional use. However, gamers might want to add premium Nvidia graphic cards to enjoy UHD experience. Most of all, you will find incredible value in this monitor compared to its affordable price. Perhaps that is what makes it so popular in the 4K screens world.

4. BenQ BL2711U 27-Inch IPS Ultra HD Display

BenQ BL2711U 27-Inch IPS UHD LED Monitor

With BenQ BL2711U, you have the assurance of crisper, natural and gorgeous images you have been looking forward to. Indeed, the 4K experience gets its full show manifested on this great design and convenient monitor. BenQ cuts its class right with the BL2711U 4K2K, delivering ultra HD experience to its customers. Due to its IPS technology, this monitor screen provides a wider viewing angle of up to 178 degrees. In either vertical or horizontal planes, you will certainly enjoy outstanding clarity and stunning image quality from any angle. Moreover, you will be inspired to work with 100% sRGB plus Rec. 709 color space. As a result, you experience over a billion exciting colors precisely reproduced on your screen. This is arguably the greatest it can get in both image viewing and photo editing.


  • Integrated IPS technology for wider viewing angle
  • Best for photo editing and image viewing
  • Over 1 billion vibrant color on-screen reproduction
  • Perfect view both horizontally and vertically
  • Crisp-clear natural picture quality


  • Lovers of giant screens may consider 27 inches smaller

As long as you are comfortable with a 27-inch screen, the BenQ’s BL2711U makes the best for your 4K monitor. Everything is premium, from crystal picture quality to wider viewing angle and color vibrancy. Adjustability comes as you may have dreamed for. This option clearly merits its high rank among the best 4K monitors in today’s market.

3. Samsung U28E590D 28-Inch

Samsung U28E590D 28-Inch UHD LED-Lit Monitor

You probably know that Samsung is a global leader in rolling out top-of-the-range tech products. Not lagging behind even in 4K technology, Samsung is proud to bring you the U28D590D 4K unit. This is a 28-inch Ultra high Definition screen whose price you will appreciate, yet it delivers incredibly awesome value. Although it is one of the most affordable options, it offer a 1ms response time. As such, gamers who desire a smooth 4K gaming experience will never get it wrong with this monitor. Due to its excellent 60Hz refresh rate, you will no longer suffer the embarrassment of slower transitions in image flow.

However, a there is a 30Hz refresh rate limit when you use HDMI input. Although not entirely embarrassing, such a limit may make the panel’s 2 HDMI inputs less than perfect for high motion contents. In contrast, the dual HDMI inputs provide great support to some interesting picture-by-picture and picture-in-picture modes. The modes work superbly well for productivity programs that don’t require as high as 60Hz refresh rate.


  • Dual HDMI inputs for some productivity tasks
  • Offers excellent 60Hz refresh rate
  • One of the most affordable options
  • Great for smooth 4K gaming experience
  • FreeSync Support for ADM excellence


  • Stand is a bit flimsy
  • 30Hz refresh rate limit on HDMI input

Except for the 30Hz limit when using HDMI input, the Samsung U28E590D is an excellent 4K choice. The limit doesn’t mean less, since the dual HDMI inputs support unique modes for productivity tasks requiring average refresh rate. As such, you can find great value in this 4K model as long as you well know your purposes.

2. Dell Ultra HD 4k Display P2715Q 27-Inch

Dell Ultra HD 4k Monitor P2715Q 27-Inch LED-Lit Monitor

The Dell Ultra HD P2715Q is not only the best of Dell’s, but the second top choice among the best 4K monitors. It provides users with multiple yet convenient viewing options. Its good-design panel head easily mounts on the Dell arm or wall. It is also easy to adjust, thus suiting your different sitting positions for greater convenience. You can also easily adjust the monitor height to your preference. Moreover, the unit boasts a whopping 99% RGB screen coverage, resulting in ultra bright yet precise and harmless colors. You will therefore love the picture quality and image smoothness on the screen.


  • Stunning refresh rate and contrast ration, hence great color precision
  • Ideal for wide-angle viewing and gaming
  • Easy-adjust VESA stand
  • Full port connectivity support
  • Powerful yet seamless on-screen controls


  • Typical old-school buttons
  • Limited options for image adjustment
  • Compatibility issues with some MacBooks

Since you need to first determine your purpose for a 4K resolution display, you can be safe with the Dell P2715Q. This is the kind of product that delivers the very best in its capacity. Therefore, as long as you have checked to find that its features will work for you, you are assured of unbeatable results.

1. ASUS PB287Q 28-Inch 4K/UHD Eye Care Monitor

 ASUS PB287Q 28-Inch

Take your game to breathtaking levels of precision thanks to the ASUS PB287Q 28-inch 4K UHD monitor. Its LED display with 16:9 aspect ratio provides 4K UHD visuals whose experience is beyond description. Due to a 157 PPI (pixels per inch) density, this monitor offers more than 8 million pixels. This is four times what regular Full HD monitors provide. Yet, it produces exceptionally detailed images. As such, you experience more exciting image clarity that is perhaps beyond your expectations. Moreover, PB287Q provides impressive 1ms GTG quick response and a high 60Hz rate, hence its ultra-smooth game-play. There is one HDMI display port for convenient external connectivity.


  • The 4K monitor with highest customers’ ratings
  • Provides breathtakingly natural picture quality
  • High PPI density for millions of pixel colors
  • Impressively fast response rate at 60Hz
  • Ultra-smooth game-play experience
  • Eye-care screen shield for reduced eye strain


  • Big screen junkies may consider 28 inches small

Any person who wants incredible visual 4k experience shouldn’t look further than the ASUS PB287Q. Although not a mega screen at 28-inch size, it delivers virtually everything a 4K display promises. As a result, it has garnered more customer reviews than any of its competition. Majority customers report satisfying experience, what with the incredibly efficient features the ASUS PB287Q packs.


To sum it up, when shopping for an impressively convenient 4K monitor, the above best 4K displays reviews are very reliable. You can hardly find any other option that beats the quality assured by these options. They ensure true value for your money. Most of all, they deliver to their promise with excellence.

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