Shopping Advice for the Best Body Fat Scales In 2019

Shopping Advice for the Best Body Fat Scales In 2019

Gone are the days losing weight was determined by a number on the scale. A lot more now goes into making fitness choices with the help of a body fat scale. These units display various metrics of your body’s composition, giving a comprehensive report about your health status. They use medically and FDA proven technology to relay such results. With them, people have made it to their goals since when one knows the percentage of their body fat and lean muscles, they start losing the right pounds.

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With the onset digital technology, many manufacturers have flooded the market with the so making a buy is even more complicated. So what should you watch out for?

Accuracy & Consistency: You can get hold of the best scale that gives awesome results, but if they are not reliable, your scale is not useful to you. Finding that very invaluable body fat scale will take more than just looking at it, be sure to read other users reviews before you take it home. An accurate scale also has small weight increments like 0.2 pounds.

How Many Health Indicators Does It Portray? This is a personal preference so be sure to check how many measurements the scale can relay. Some scales have as little as four while others go to as far as ten health indicators. What do you want to know concerning your body’s health?

User Interface: For most body fat scales, they allow many users have their information recorded independently and privately. The number of users varies from one model to the next. Consider your requirements when you embark on making a choice.

Digital Smart Technology: Do you need to connect your scale to a health application? To some people, this draws the line for them. If you want a scale that connects via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, know that not all scales that call themselves ‘smart’ have that capacity.

10. RENPHO Bluetooth FDA Approved Body Fat Scale with Smartphone App, 400 lbs.

RENPHO Bluetooth FDA Approved Body Fat Scale with Smartphone App, 400 lbs.

A huge percentage of people wants to keep fit and keep their body fat in the right levels as well as all the other body compositions. However, this can be very difficult if you do not have the right equipment to make the journey easier. And, this is why body fat scales come in to simplify everything for us. If you get one that’s in a good quality and perfect functionality, you will be able to monitor your progress easily and plan accordingly.

The RENPHO Bluetooth FDA approved body fat scale is the best choice based on the price and performance. It is very accurate and consistent so you can solely rely on it to walk you through your fitness journey without any form of hiccups. Again, by being FDA approved and certified, this means that the scale is totally safe for use by just anyone. It has no difference with all the other body fat analyzers used by professionals thus you can fully rely on it.

Also, apart from being safe for use, it also presents to you more than just a way to measure your body fat as it also analyses other body compositions such as your BMI, water, bone mass, skeletal muscle, calories, protein and body age. If you are really serious in knowing what’s happening in your body, this is the scale you should be going for. You will understand your body better, make the necessary adjustments and plan appropriately on how to go about each step.

Again, this is a smart body fat analyzer. You will be able link it with your mobile devices via Bluetooth and be able to read your weigh-in data automatically as it uses the APP(KitNew). The greatest advantage is that you won’t be paying extra for this app. You will be able to download it for free from playstore among others and it is easy to use so no any sort of training needed.
RENPHO Bluetooth FDA Approved Body Fat Scale with Smartphone App, 400 lbs.

If you would like to walk through the fitness journey with your entire family and friends, this scale here will come in handy as it can be used by unlimited users unlike most that have a certain number of users that you cannot exceed. Thus, after receiving it, you can go ahead to create unlimited member accounts and watch as everyone in your family gain awareness of their own body and begin eating right and exercising as required.

The scale gives accurate and instant body composition analysis and the readings are easy to read thanks to the backlit LED display. It is in a compact size and a super sleek design thus very durable. What people don’t know is that the only way you can be fully committed to completing their fitness journey if they fully understand what they are dealing with. With this scale, you will get a full picture of your body and from there, you will know what to do and what not to.

  • FDA approved and certified for safety
  • Offers a wide range of body composition analysis: Body fat, BMI, Water, Bone Mass, Skeletal Muscle, Calorie, Protein and Body Age
  • APP(KitNew) displays all the weigh-in data automatically through Bluetooth (easy to use, downloaded for free)
  • Unlimited users
  • It’s in a compact size and a sleek design
  • Backlit LED display
  • Gives accurate and instant body composition analysis automatically
  • Very durable
  • The App is limited to some phones

9. INEVIFIT BODY-ANALYZER SCALE , Digital Bathroom Scale

INEVIFIT BODY-ANALYZER SCALE Body Fat Scale, Digital Bathroom Scale

If you need something that will help you reach your fitness goals as quickly as possible, a body fat analyzer should be your first priority. It’s one thing to work blindly towards your goals or to just guess if you are improving or not and another to work with visible results. It’s not only satisfying to see the progress you are making but it’s also a form of motivation. You will find that you will be able to follow your fitness plan effortlessly once you start tracking your progress.

With this scale, you will be able to track your body fat, weight, muscle, BMR, water and bone mass. This keeps you at a better place in your fitness journey. It is also very cheap considering all that you will be able to achieve with it. With all these details of what’s happening in your body, you will be able to plan yourself appropriately and make the necessary adjustments for to reach your goals.

When it comes to accuracy, you won’t be gambling with this scale. It is one the leading digital bathroom body fat scales in terms of accuracy and consistency. Most people invest in more expensive scales only for them to get disappointed with the kind of results they read off with every step on the scales. Whatever your interest is, weight, body fat, bone mass, among others, you will be getting accurate results every time.

What’s more, this scale can be used by 10 different people. This is very helpful especially if you want to use it with friends or family as it will recognize everyone who has been using it and be able to give their results accordingly. This could be really motivating as you can get the urge to push further after seeing the progress that your friend is making. All this is possible cutesy of the INEVIFIT Body Analyzer.

INEVIFIT BODY-ANALYZER SCALE Body Fat Scale, Digital Bathroom Scale

The scale is simply described as a smart scale for smart users. This is from the understanding that the body composition analysis is supposed to be hassle-free. It thus features an auto-on and auto-off technology that enables you save on time as well as the battery life. The LCD display allows for easy and quick reading and the scale itself looks so elegant you will love using it.

  • It’s a smart scale
  • Auto-on and Auto-off
  • Highly accurate
  • Measures body fat, weight, muscle, BMR, water and bone mass
  • For 10 users
  • LCD display
  • Weighs up to 180kgs/400 lbs.
  • Not accurate when placed on carpeted floors

8. Tanita BF679W , Duo Scale with Body Water

Tanita BF679W Body Fat Scale, Duo Scale with Body Water

If you are searching for a perfect way to calculate the amount of calories that you should consume per day, you got a perfect solution in this scale. One thing with trying to keep fit is that if you don’t figure out the calorie issue first hand, you might end up fighting a losing battle. Once you know the number of calories to consume, you will know what to do if you end up exceeding and this way you will be able to progress easily to your fitness goals.

Apart from estimating the number calories to be consumed per day, this scale also tracks your body fat as well as your body water percentages. There is no better and easier way of walking in your fitness journey than when you know the level of your body fat, be able to tell if you are reducing, maintaining, or adding and on top of this, be able to track your body water percentages. No guessing or waiting for comments from your friends or family to know how you are doing. You will be able to monitor your progress and know when to push harder, relax a bit or just take it slow.

Most people wait until they feel thirsty for them to take a glass of water. If you are in this category, it’s time you realized that your body is not as hydrated as it should be and this is where this scale comes in. If you are in the active category of people then your body loses much water than you would expect and the only way to avoid being dehydrated is to drink water often. The moment you begin monitoring your body water percentages you will be able to compensate the water lost as quickly as possible which is very healthy especially when trying to keep fit.

You will notice that you will begin feeling healthier and actually looking healthier the moment you start consuming the right amount of water. Most people even realize that their skins start becoming smoother, brighter and generally healthier as they improve on water intake. You will also be avoiding some serious health problems once you start taking the right amount of water and in the right intervals.
Tanita BF679W Body Fat Scale, Duo Scale with Body Water

We all know the health complications that come with high fat levels in your body thus such a scale that helps us monitor these levels should be our priorities. It’s just a small scale but it features everything you need for a successful healthy journey. You will find it easier to adjust your workout routine, eating routine among others because you can see the results on a daily basis and know what’s working for you.

With the BIA technology, which is the same technology used by doctors, you can expect nothing short of accurate results and consistency with every use. It can be used by both children and standard adults thus it is ideal for use by a family. It also stores records for two people and the LCD display making it easy to read the unit.

  • Ideal for both children and standard adults
  • Bioelectric Impedance Analysis
  • Daily calories intake estimation
  • LCD display
  • Batteries included
  • Tracks both body water percentages as well as body fat
  • Not for use by athletic, pacemaker wearing or pregnant individuals

7. Easy@Home Body Fat Digital Bluetooth Smart Scale, iOS & Abdroid Mobile Devices App, CF351BT

Easy@Home Body Fat Digital Bluetooth Smart Scale, iOS & Abdroid Mobile Devices App, CF351BT

If you are looking for an accurate scale that will give you detailed info about your health you definitely got it in this. Whether you are a health enthusiast or just a normal human being trying to monitor your health, this scale will work perfectly to meet your needs. With it, you will keep the body fat at the desired level with ease and you won’t have to go guessing about a thing. If you are like most people who mind about their health, you will find great satisfaction in this little guy as it makes your work easier.

To begin with, with just this single scale, you will be able to measure your body fat, weight, BMI, bone density, hydration and muscle mass. This is enough details about your body that will guide you into living a healthier life. If your only concern is the body fat, you will certainly get the results without any problems. Your health journey will get easier as you will be able to track all the factors contributing to it.

What’s more, this is not just an average body fat scale. It is very accurate thus you can be sure that with the details if gives you after every weigh is correct and with it you can move towards your desired health goal. For once you will not be walking blindly in your healthy journey. You will have an accurate guide to tell you when your body fat is going beyond the desired level as well as the other five metrics as mentioned above.

To add to its accuracy, I would like to mention that with this  scale, you will be getting consistent results with every measurements. All this is made possible by this scale’s BIA analysis technique that’s designed to give you consistent results all the way. Anyone who has been watching their health will tell you the importance of the scale being consistent.
Easy@Home Body Fat Digital Bluetooth Smart Scale, iOS & Abdroid Mobile Devices App, CF351BT

Again, no matter how accurate or consistent the body fat scale is, it is important for it to fit your bathroom design otherwise you might not like to see it siting in there. With this particular scale, you will be able to use it in just any bathroom because it blends in quite well with any bathroom thanks to its design of sleek tempered glass that matches any bathroom. And, when it comes to storage, it’s the easiest to store again thanks to its design.

When it comes to reading off the measurement details off your scale, you will have it easy even when in a low lit room thanks to this scale’s extra-large backlit LCD screen. And, the scale will calibrate itself automatically with every use thus you won’t be doing any adjustments or settings before stepping on it to weigh yourself. Even better, it is non-slip and scratch-resistant thus it will remain in a good condition for the longest time.

  • Measures a total of 6 key metrics thus giving you a more detailed picture on your health. i.e weight, body fat, BMI, hydration, bone density, muscle mass
  • Very accurate and consistent because of the BIA analysis technique
  • The sleek tempered glass design will match any bathroom.
  • Extra-large backlit LED screen
  • Scratch-resistant feet
  • Non-slip
  • Batteries included
  • Not ideal for pregnant women

6. Yunmai Mini Smart Body Fat Scale Body Composition Monitor with Fitness App

Yunmai Mini Smart Body Fat Scale Body Composition Monitor with Fitness App

As they say, pounds are not the same. Weight from fat and lean body mass gives different indications about your health. If you are trying to get back in shape, then the Yunmai Mini Smart Body Fat Scale will be your friend in this journey. More so, if you seek to lose the excess pounds, you’ll want to ensure you’re losing the correct weight. You don’t want to come out weaker and vulnerable to gaining more pounds if you shed muscle mass.

With the Yunmai mini, you can get ten accurate measurements of your body composition. Your weight, plus the BMI, body fat, water, visceral fat, bone mass, BMR, muscle rate and your age. It’s important to know how old your body because it is a definite indicator of the everyday choices you make on your health. This device uses bio-impedance sensors that give results by passing an undetectable electric signal through your feet, and the results are technically calculated and displayed on the LCD screen.

This scale connects via Bluetooth to share the results on your smartphone. You just download the Yunmai app on your phone and turning on the Bluetooth function on your phone immediately synchronizes the information on the scale to your phone. This way you can track your progress during the months to come. You’ll make changes to your exercise and food choices according to their reflection on your health.

The Yunmai APP can sync with other health applications like Google Fit, Apple Health, and Fitbit. This is important for you who want to evaluate what the results say about your health. The app plays a role in identifying the path your health is taking. Like your daily food requirements can be tracked, and the activity level is also shown on the synced apps. Yunmai stores information for up to sixteen users, so you don’t have to buy many scales for every member of your household.
Yunmai Mini Smart Body Fat Scale Body Composition Monitor with Fitness App

When it comes to the functional ability, this scale is much faster than other typical body weight scales. It utilizes a 24-bit conversion chip, and its Multipoint Control Unit (MCU) uses little power. It comes with AAAx4 batteries applicable for this device as they deliver high power for quick results. It has a construction from hybrid steel and organic polymer. These materials give it the strength to withstand heavy weight without breaking down.

The Yunmai mini Smart Scale is a must have for the serious health watcher. Its features are enough to take you to a better place in reaching your health and weight goals. It can be of use to sixteen people, and each person’s information is stored privately. The results are always accurate, and it is deemed to last a long time. If you want to see true results to your body, monitor the fat with the Yunmai Mini Smart Body Fat Analyzer.

  • Gives precise measurements of 10 health indicators
  • The set-up is fast and easy
  • You don’t always need the phone when taking measurements
  • It’s available in three different colors
  • The Yunmai App does not sync with some other health applications except the ones listed

5. Smart Weigh, Digital Bathroom Body Fat, BMI Tempered Glass Weight Scale

Smart Weigh, Digital Bathroom Body Fat, BMI Tempered Glass Weight Scale

Traditional scales just measure one’s weight. But to get your actual body composition, you will need a proper body fat monitor. Choose the Digital Smart Weight Scale to accurately measure not only your weight but also shows other five health indicators. By determining your body fat percentage, you will know whether you are fit or you need to take some measures to better your health.

The Smart Weigh Body Fat Scale uses Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology. This technique is clinically proven to show precise results where an imperceptible electric current passes through your feet. It meets resistance when it passes through fat, and the machine calculates this impedance in seconds. This scale has setup functions to store health information for up to eight users. Everyone in your family can keep up with you in their weight goals.

Smart Weigh accurately measures vital data including BMI, body water, fat percentage, bone mass, weight and lean muscle in your body. These are important in determining your actual body fat so you can know your health status. The good thing it does not have buttons to switch on/off. It utilizes step-on technology to give a reading the instant your feet get on the scale. The large LCD screen is visible and displays large numbers for easy reading.

You’ll love the black hourglass design showcased by this scale. It’s a real inspiration to keep fit and get the perceived good figure for women. It has a sturdy construction from steel to hold up to 440 pounds. It carries a tempered glass that is durable because it can resist scratches and also absorbs shock. It is easier to clean since it retains the smooth surface, so you’ll use this scale in proper condition for a long time. If you happened to drop something heavy enough to shatter the glass, the parts would not spread out, but rather they amount to small pieces which prevent cuts when handling.
Smart Weigh, Digital Bathroom Body Fat, BMI Tempered Glass Weight Scale

The longevity is also portrayed in its powering mode. It comes with high-performance CR2032 batteries which conserve energy. Hence, they can last longer than they could on another electrical device. This device, however, does not sync with any mobile applications but the information provided can be transferred independently to a health app. This way you can keep track over an extended period about your fitness level. This means the scale supports you when making crucial decisions regarding your weight and overall wellness.

Smart Weigh will help monitor your body fat. When you’ve tried losing some pounds basing on your weight, you must have wondered about how much fat you’re really losing. With Smart weigh you can know that and much more. Also, involve your family and inspire a healthy trend among all of them with this scale.

  • It has a sturdy construction
  • Long battery life
  • Sleek design with durable tempered glass
  • Uses the automatic step-on technology
  • Pregnant women and persons with heart pacemakers cannot use it

4. Omron Body Composition Monitor, 7 Fitness Indicators with Scale, 90-Day Memory

Omron Body Composition Monitor, 7 Fitness Indicators with Scale, 90-Day Memory

Your health is better determined by relevant indicators rather than the weight alone. With a body fat scale, you can know more than the weight and be on the path to great health. The Omron Body Composition Monitor is not your typical scale. It has seven health indicators that all show how effective your exercise routine is. It helps identify the different constitutions in the body, so you’ll lose right.

As other fat composition scales, it uses the Bio-Impedance, but it has a twist to it. This scale comes with a retractable cord for taking measurements through the hands too. The reason being that gravity affects water retention to the lower body during the day. With the cord, your upper body measurements can be taken separately from the lower body, and as such you get precise measurements of the body’s constitution. You don’t even have to visit your doctor to know such indicators.

This scale can efficiently monitor the measurements of four different individuals. It stores the information for 90-days so for three months, you can keep up with the progress you make while successfully modifying your routine to be in line with the goals you set. Remember, you can have the best monitor, but if you don’t make the change, your progress is deterred. The user interface is an easy set up where everyone’s information is independently stored for privacy purposes.

With Omron body fat scale, you don’t fumble with the operations. It has a simple switch at the base and a large LCD to give precise results. This machine is robust in that it can successfully give accurate indicators for persons up to 330pounds. Each indicator shows your BMI, the skeletal muscle, body fat percentage, resting metabolism, visceral fat, body weight, and age. When you have all that information at hand, you can either change or maintain your body’s needs.
Omron Body Composition Monitor, 7 Fitness Indicators with Scale, 90-Day Memory

This scale uses 4AA batteries. The first batch comes with the scale, and since they have a long life, you’ll not need to change them for some time. It comes with the user’s manual and a log sheet. The recording sheet is an accessory for recording the measurements on a hard paper for a progress report. The important thing is for you to get consistent results. Omron technology allows repeatability, so if you are trying to gain weight, it will help you get there. It does not overestimate any reading, and the room for error is negligible.

The Omron Body Fat Monitor proves to be reliable. Many users identify with it on accuracy and consistency. The user interface supports four individuals, and it can determine who is accessing the scale by the previous measurements. It comes at an affordable price. It’s easy to set up as much as it’s easy to use. Everything you’ve been looking for to support your health goals is in this body fat monitor.

  • Gives accurate, consistent results
  • Extended memory for progress tracking
  • Affordably priced
  • Lightweight but sturdy design
  • It does not support smart technology like Bluetooth

3. GoWISE USA FDA Approved Body Fat Analyzer, Measures Body Fat, Weight, Bone Mass and Water

GoWISE USA FDA Aprroved Body Fat Scale, Measures Body Fat, Weight, Bone Mass and Water

If you consider yourself highly active and you need a scale that will give you correct estimates of your body fat then this is the right scale for you. It features a rare athlete mode that correctly and accurately calculates your results to enable you monitor your health progress accurately. All you need to start using it is included, batteries too, so you can begin using it as soon as you receive it. And, it is not just limited to the highly active individuals, if all you need is accurate results from a scale, feel free to use this as this is exactly what you will be getting with every weigh.

Another thing that sets this body scale apart is its BIA analysis technique that gives it the best consistency. When you are watching your health progress whether you are super active or just average, you will need a consistent scale to make sure that you are able to plan your workout routine, meal routine or any other routines that you intend to use along the way correctly. As with all other forms of measurements, consistency is key and this is what you get with this scale.

I know our focus here is on measuring only the body fat but if you decide to go with this you will be getting more than just a body fat scale. It also weighs your weight, bone mass and water. With these four, you will surely be in a better place to plan and achieve your health goals. Talk about getting a perfect 4-in-1 scale at the fairest price giving you accurate and consistent results all the way. It’s a deal breaker no lie.
GoWISE USA FDA Aprroved Body Fat Scale, Measures Body Fat, Weight, Bone Mass and Water

Reading off the results details off your body fat scale will be so easy, clear and quick thanks to the LCD display featuring blue LED backlight. Even when in dark or low lit rooms, you will still be able to weigh yourself and read off the results without any problems. This makes this scale preferable by most people as it makes the whole process totally hustle free.

It also features an auto-on function so there is nothing much that you really have to do other than just stepping on your scale then getting your results within a flash. This is really helpful because you don’t want to waste time setting or adjusting your scale here and there plus if you have to set it every time you want to weigh yourself, it might remain as consistent. It is also very accurate so rest assured that the displayed results will always be accurate.

  • BIA analysis technique for consistency
  • LCD display featuring blue LED backlight
  • Measures body fat, weight, bone mass and water
  • Auto-on function
  • Very accurate
  • It’s not a smart body fat measuring device.

2. Smart Bluetooth Weight Gurus Body Fat Analyzer by Greater Goods

Smart Bluetooth Weight Gurus Body Fat Scale by Greater Goods

Are you looking for an actual digital body fat scale? Well, look no more as Weight Guru is just perfect for you. It has the fitness expert and the health watcher in mind with the ability to display five health indications. It connects via Bluetooth to your a Smartphone to record and for health tracking purposes. It is useful especially when you want to lose the excess weight. With the Bluetooth capability, you can record the measurements and look at them later.

Weight Gurus records your measurements and syncs them with popular fitness apps like Google Fit, Apple Health among others. These apps are of great importance when you want to monitor your daily activities continuously. What’s more, you may not have your phone with you but go ahead and take the measurements since it records and syncs with your phone later when the Bluetooth function is ON. This ensures that your fitness and health status are maintained at all times. With proper keeping of recorded measurements, even doctors can use them to provide guidance regarding your health.

With this device, you can be sure about your data’s security. It will not broadcast your data to other devices when transferring via Bluetooth. It connects separately and independently with every user. It can measure and record information for up to 8-people. It comes with four sensors for an accurate reading. Unlike an old-fashioned weight scale, this one is more reliable as you will also get the BMI, water weight, lean mass, and bone mass. Thus, know your fitness level and make the correct decisions.

Weight Gurus comes with a large display to give a clear view of your measurements. It has an inbuilt backlight so you can measure yourself at night without the need to switch on the bathroom lights. This device has a fantastic well-designed look with a rugged surface. It is very safe to use as it has an anti-slip surface. It is deemed to last a lifetime as it has a scratch-resistant glass to keep the machine working in the right condition for a long time. You will also find it easy to use because of the digital guide that gets you started.
Smart Bluetooth Weight Gurus Body Fat Scale by Greater Goods

Since it supports 8-different users, you can use it to manage your family’s fitness and good health. The need to buy more than one scale is eliminated with the user capacity of Weight Gurus. It’s good to note that with every purchase you make, a certain amount has been set aside to give back to society. As you support you loved ones, you can rest easy by knowing someone else benefits from your purchase. This scale comes with a 5-year warranty, it assures of the durability and authenticity of this product.

Weight Gurus is one of the best body fat scales on the market today. We love it due to its accurate and consistent readings. The construction is sturdy, and it has the potential to last a lifetime. However, because of the electronic sensors, pregnant women and individuals with an electronic medical implant should not use this product. Overall, it is a great investment for anyone who wants more control of their health and wellness.

  • It has five health indicators
  • Carries four sensors which provide accurate results
  • Connects via Bluetooth to smartphone for measurements recording
  • Syncs with many health applications
  • Some users have had difficulties when syncing with the app, but once you have it done, there’s no going back

1. EatSmart Products Precision, with Auto Recognition Technology Getfit Digital Body Fat Analyzer  

EatSmart Products Precision, with Auto Recognition Technology Getfit Digital Body Fat Scale

EatSmart Products Precision tops our list with the Getfit Digital Body Fat Scale. Their accuracy is hard to beat, that’s why people gravitate towards it. When you want to get fit, lose some pounds or just stay healthy, you’ll want to know more than just your weight. A digital body scale will give such results, with one of the best-rated scales; you can’t miss out on making choices for your body and health.

With this machine, you can undertake the journey to better health. It shows more than just the weight and gives the body fat and water percentage, and bone and muscle mass. When setting up it requires the input of your age, height, gender and activity level. By the BIA technology, it calculates the relevant health factors which show your fitness level. You might be surprised you‘ve always underestimated the capacity of your body.

The BIA technology for this machine is accurate with weight increment allowance for every 0.2 pounds. This means keeping up your weekly or monthly progress will be a breeze. The scale can store information of eight users and recognizes any user just by stepping on it. The step-on technology used by this machine provides a fast way of measuring your weight since you don’t have to go through many setup steps like turning it on after you step on it.

The Getfit digital scale comes in an elegant black color that is loved by many. It qualifies as a bathroom scale because of its strength and ability to withstand shock. It can hold a maximum weight of 400 lbs and gives the reading on a blue backlight, 3.5” LCD screen. The display is a smart touch screen for easy maneuver through the functions. With four high precision sensors, every measurement you get remains accurate and consistent every time. It maintains a low profile for maximum balance when stepping on and off.
EatSmart Products Precision, with Auto Recognition Technology Getfit Digital Body Fat Scale

You’ll love that anyone can use this scale. Whether you’re in a fitness program, in active sports or you just like collecting data, the scale will never disappoint. It’s with it that you get to take control of your health. It comes with all the accessories like the 4 AAA batteries and even an instructions manual. If you get stuck using it, you get to ask directly from the customer support so don’t worry about any mishaps because they can be resolved easy.

EatSmart, Getfit Digital weighing scale has undergone thousands of personal evaluations and come out with high ratings. The consistency and precision are a major attraction for many users. You can involve your family in the fitness process and with the attractive price, gift it to your friends and relatives to partake in your new found joy.

  • It has a slim but durable design
  • It uses the step-on technology for fast results
  • Gives accurate and consistent results each time
  • It has an easy to use touchscreen display
  • It cannot record your information or connect to a smartphone


The use of conventional weighing scales is now outdated. For any serious health watcher, we hope one of the scales above gives you more reason to live a healthier lifestyle. For whichever reason, you may want to purchase a body fat scale, the ones listed here have lived up to their claims. We hope you make an informed choice that will get you to the results you want in health and fitness. Remember, every day is a day to make your health right. Here is a list of the world’s fattest countries that will make you realize that the body fat issue is huge and when you have doubts on which tests to trust, you can always see what doctors and other professionals have to say about body fat weighing.


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