Selecting the Best Replacement Wheels for Scooters in 2019 – The Bestsellers

Selecting the Best Replacement Wheels for Scooters in 2019 - The Bestsellers

Your scooter’s wheels are worn out and calling for replacement, right? Or could you be looking forward to improving your scooter’s speed and stability by equipping it with improved wheels? Well, for any of the above quests, we are the ultimate consultants. We are here to help you select the best replacement wheels for your scooter. We have spent days identifying and analyzing most of the available scooter wheels on the market so far. Our efforts bore great results. We managed to identify the top ten best replacement wheels for scooters in 2019. We didn’t stop there. We went ahead to prepare independent, unbiased and comprehensive reviews of the top ranking replacement wheels for scooters.

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Factors to Consider When Buying Scooter Wheels

The Construction: Most of the reliable scooter wheels are constructed from premium-grade polyurethane material. The best scooter wheels are engineered for maximum durability. They feature reasonable durometer ratings which determine their hardness. Checking the technical information printed on any scooter wheel is crucial.

Visual Inspection: There are some aspects that you can analyze visually to tell whether particular scooter wheels suit your scooter and your prospects appropriately. They include wheel diameter, wheel hardness, wheel rebound, wheel profile and wheel cores/ hubs. We discuss these factors below.

Wheel Diameter: This is the length of a particular scooter wheel. Usually, the diameter ranges from 90-125 mm. Most recreational scooters feature 100 or 110 mm diameters. If you are yearning for speed, go for the 100mm wheels although 110mm’s will work too.

Ensure that your scooter is compatible with your preferred wheels’ diameter. With the large wheels, cruising through long distances becomes easier and faster. The large wheels offer easier maneuverability as compared to the small wheels.

Small wheels are ideal for scooter stunts enthusiasts. They slide with ease. Again, the small wheels are known to last longer.

Wheel Hardness: Scooter Wheel hardness is measured in durometers. There are a vast number of scales used to measure the hardness. The “A” scale (like 78A) is the most popular for wheels. Wheel hardness is distributed over a range from 0-100.

Soft wheels offer exceptional shock absorption. They are ideal for outdoor use. Their downside is that they wear out fast. On the other hand, hard wheels provide less drag. They are used majorly in the smooth indoor environments.

Your areas weather condition might also help you in selecting the best scooter wheels. In cold areas, the ground is, in most cases, hard. So the soft wheels would work great. In the sweltering areas, the roads could probably be melting. Therefore, using the high-hardness wheels is the best decision.

Wheel Rebound: A wheel’s rebound rating determines its response with each stroke. Rebound ranges from low to medium and to high. A higher rebound score means better response to each stroke. Therefore, it’s crucial to consider your preferred scooter wheels’ rebound rating.

Wheel Profile: This is the cross-section of the wheel that meets the ground while the scooter rests. In other words, this is the wheel’s thickness. It affects the scooters stability and traction. Large footprints provide excellent stability and traction.

What should stop you from transforming your scooter?

10. Kean Replacement 110mm Pro Scooter Wheel 2

Kean Replacement 110mm Pro Scooter Wheel 2

Are you looking for the best value replacement wheels for your scooter? Do you own a Razor, MGP or Lucky Pro Scooter? then your search might end at this priceless set of replacement wheels for scooters. You can only achieve value from well-built scooter wheels that come ready for the beating. With that in mind, meet the Kean Replacement 110mm Pro Scooter Wheel. This is an outstanding scooter wheel that will transform your scooter by a significant degree. Let’s get to see what this scooter wheel has to offer.

The kean manufacturing holds customer satisfaction as their top priority, a practice that allows them to come up with futuristic products. We were pleased with the overall design and engineering of this scooter wheel. It’s built to be compatible with Razor, MGP and Lucky Pro Scooters. Please, note that this product is just a single wheel. You will need to order two Kean Replacement 110mm Pro Scooter Wheels for full replacement.

This wheel features an 110mm diameter. Just from this trait, you can tell that it’s built for speed. You can now cruise through long distances in no time with the installation of this great wheel on your scooter. Durability is one of the key factors prioritized throughout the construction of this wheel. It boasts 88A hardness. It’s built to last long. Upon installation, you will be free to utilize your scooter on any terrain without worrying about the possibility of the wheels wearing out.Even more, a precision CNC Alloy core, as well as ABEC 9 bearings in this scooter wheel, raises its quality a notch higher.
Kean Replacement 110mm Pro Scooter Wheel 2

Ride your scooter with utmost confidence knowing that you are riding on high strength and integrity wheels. The bearings, as well as the powerful core, guarantee your stability and the wheel’s high rebound.

Any MGP, Razor, or Lucky Pro Scooter owner will be pleased to use these wheels. The Kean manufacturer has done all that’s in their ability to ensure accurate performance of this wheel. For its excellent build, we find its price reasonable. It’s not the cheapest and definitely not the most expensive. Purchase this wheel with utmost confidence. Ensure that it’s compatible with your scooter before purchase to avoid disappointments. This wheel is available in two color options: black and purple.

  • 110mm diameter for the undisputed speed
  • CNC Alloy core and ABEC 9 bearings
  • 88A hardness- for optimum durability and heavy duty performance
  • Easy installation
  • Limited compatibility- Only works with MGP, Razor, and Lucky Pro Scooters

9. Vokul Replacement 110mm Pro Scooter 2pack Wheels 2

Vokul Replacement 110mm Pro Scooter 2pack Wheels 2

The Vokul manufacturing is here again and this time with even better scooter wheels. With the introduction of this pair of replacement wheels, the Lucky Pro, Razor and MGP scooter owners have a reason to smile. Your dead and bumpy scooter can now kick again by replacing its worn out wheels with this fantastic set of wheels. The Vokul Company has dedicated their time and resources to research and relentless experimentation. These wheels are as a result of in-depth research and exclusive engineering. Let’s dive in to see what they have to offer.

We admit that these are some of the best-built scooter wheels that we have come across in 2019. Their cores are precision CNC expertly cut from aircraft billet aluminum. The centers offer excellent rebound for every kick allowing you to maneuver your scooter effortlessly. Even more, the cores promote the durability of these wheels by a significant degree. The rest of the wheel is made of cast PU of high-hardness for maximum wear resistance.

It’s also crucial to mention that these wheels feature ABEC 11 precision bearings. These are the latest ABEC bearings on the market. With these bearings, maneuvering your scooter will always be as easy as PIE. You can accelerate with minimal resistance and become the undisputed leader in your scooter riding crew.
Vokul Replacement 110mm Pro Scooter 2pack Wheels 2

Furthermore, these wheels come with an 110mm diameter which is an excellent specification for those who love riding scooters at high speeds.These wheels will support a weight of up to 140 LB. This trait will allow your scooter to be usable by a wide range of people with varying weights.

We find this unit incredibly built. Other manufacturers will find it hard to cope with the specifications of the Vokul Replacement 110mm Pro Scooter 2pack Wheels. We are certain that this set of replacement wheels will serve you in the best way with no disappointments. The wheels are built to provide unquestionable performance throughout their lifetime. Purchase them today. You won’t regret this move. It’s crucial to ensure that your scooter is compatible with these wheels before purchase. They are made specifically to suit the MGP, Lucky Pro and Razor scooters. .

  • ABEC 11 bearings- for easy maneuverability
  • 110mm diameter for speed
  • Supports up to 140 LB weight
  • Aircraft billet aluminum core
  • Limited compatibility with only three Scooter brands

8. HoverFixer® 350W Power Motor Wheel & Tire 6.5″ inch 3

HoverFixer® 350W Power Motor Wheel & Tire 6.5

Do you own an electric self-balancing scooter? Has its motor wheel stopped working? Lastly, could you be looking for the best replacement option? Then, it’s time to bring your search to a halt. The HoverFixer Manufacturing Company has got the ultimate solution to your problem. This is the best replacement wheel for most of the electric self-balancing scooters. Beyond a poorly working wheel, this unit also presents you with a solution to a dead or bumpy motor. We will tell you how. Read on!

If you want to see your hard-earned electric self-balancing scooter running again, then you should consider installing this high-quality motor wheel. It’s built in the best way to ensure top-notch performance when installed correctly. We find it significant that this motor wheel fits in a vast range of self-balancing electric scooters. If you own a 6.5” electric scooter, then this unit is for you.

This motor wheel is built from high-grade alloy and ABS materials. Its excellent build allows it to support high weights up to 240 LB. Therefore, it allows a scooter to be used by a vast range of individuals of different weights.This unit features an electric braking system. You can now ride your electric self-balancing scooter with utmost confidence as your chances of falling are minimized by the reliable braking system in this motor wheel.
HoverFixer® 350W Power Motor Wheel & Tire 6.5

Also, this unit boasts an 800rpm speed rating, a great trait for those who love riding scooters at high speeds. It can move at an optimum speed of 18 km/h with no problem whatsoever.

Even more, we were pleased by the powerful motor that comes with this wheel. Its motor features a 350w power. Therefore, if you are disappointed by the dead or bumpy motor in your electric self-balancing scooter, this is the solution.

This unit is pretty easy to install. You should manage to fix it yourself without professional intervention. All you need is a handy screw driver to perform the wheel replacement on your electric scooter. It’s very user-friendly and straightforward to DIY.

This is a product from the USA. So, you should be certain of its quality. It ships fast and promptly after purchase. The HoverFixer offers warranty and excellent customer service for their products. You should purchase it with utmost confidence as it’s a product by a trusted, caring and reliable manufacturer. It will last long thanks to its premium quality. It’s time to wake your dead hover board with this high-grade motor wheel that won’t disappoint.

  • Easy to install
  • Up to 240 LB weight support
  • Powerful 350w motor
  • Premium construction from alloy+ ABS materials
  • Maximum speed of 18 km/h
  • Fit only the 6.5” electric self-balancing scooters

7. Kick Push 2 Replacement Wheels Abec7 Bearings Scooter 9

Kick Push 2 Replacement Wheels Abec7 Bearings Scooter 9

Kick Push 2 Replacement Wheels Abec7 Bearings Scooter is just another great option for those looking for scooter replacement wheels. If you have been using a street scooter for quite some time, then you must know that Kick Push is a trusted brand. Their wheels stand out in all ways: build, durability, stability, and ability to withstand various terrains. Here is one model that has ranked among the top replacement wheels for scooters with no hassle. We tell you why.

The Kick Push replacement wheels are built from a high-grade plastic material. Their excellent construction allows them to last long. They bring you 88A hardness. Therefore, you can cruise through the harsh terrains with a street scooter fitted with these wheels without experiencing any problem.

Speed is everything in a scooter. Therefore, equipping your street scooter with speed-oriented wheels is a wise decision. The Kick Push pair of replacement wheels features a diameter of 100mm. This is the factor that guarantees your scooter’s speed. Covering long distances with your scooter will become as easy as pie after installing this pair of wheels. They also boast high rebound that allows them to offer a high response to every stroke. With their high rebound, you will need petite effort to get your scooter cruising at high speeds.
Kick Push 2 Replacement Wheels Abec7 Bearings Scooter 9

We are confident that with the installation of these Kick Push replacement wheels on your scooter, you will become the ultimate street leader in your area. These wheels are engineered to maintain high integrity and strength. Therefore, they will support your bid to learn and perform the extreme scooter moves. The ABEC 7 precision bearings fitted in these wheels will see you riding your scooter with utmost confidence. They guarantee the wheels’ durability by countering any occurring friction. Even more, the bearings come with shields which protect them from various contaminants like dust.

This pair of scooter wheels is compatible with any mini scooter that works with 100mm wheels and no suspension. We find it a great but limited move by the manufacturer to offer two color options for this scooter wheels. You can choose to buy the black or clear wheels. Transforming your scooter by replacing the wheels need not cost you a hundred bucks. The Kick Push 2 Replacement Wheels come to you at a reasonable price. You can purchase them without compromising your financial plans. This is just another selling point of this amazing replacement wheels for scooters.

We highly recommend this scooter wheels for those with the mini scooters with no suspension. They have all it takes to serve you in the best way. Whether you are looking for speed, durable wheels, an affordable option, or high rebound wheels, this is the undisputed deal. Get them today and experience the best scooter transformation. These wheels deliver as they promise.

  • 100 mm diameter for speed
  • ABEC7 precision bearings- For high rebound and easy steering
  • 88A hardness- guarantees performance on all terrains as well as durability
  • Compatibility with most of the mini scooters with no suspension
  • Limited color options



TMG skateboards is the manufacturer behind the making of this transformational wheels for the Razor scooters. Are your scooter’s worn out wheels the only hindrance to enjoying great moments with your Razor scooter across the streets or around the estate? Then fret not. These wheels are all you need to bring your scooter back to life and improve its power by a significant degree. We go ahead to present you with all you need to know before purchasing these wheels so as to help you to make an informed judgment.

These wheels measure 100 mm in diameter. With their size, you can now become the ultimate scooter riding geek in your area and beyond. They will let you accelerate gradually with ease to beat your friends with no hassle. Even more, the TGM skateboards UPGRADE WHEELS for RAZOR SCOOTER feature ABEC-7 precision bearings for easy steering, minimal rolling resistance and therefore high speed.These wheels are built to last. They boast 88A durometer rating. With their high degree of hardness, you can now trust their durability. These wheels will serve you for long before demanding replacement. Also, they will withstand harsh terrains.

If you are planning to try out the extreme scooter riding moves, then these are the wheels that you need to purchase. They feature high strength and integrity to support all adventurous riders in the best way.Unlike other poorly made replacement wheels for scooters, this set features durable bearings. The bearings are fitted with shields that protect them from dust as well as other depreciating contaminants. Therefore, the bearings are configured to last long as they meet high-quality standards.

We find it fair to appreciate their affordable price. It’s obvious that you won’t find any other replacement wheels for Razor scooters that feature the same quality and price as the TGM Skateboards UPGRADE WHEELS for RAZOR SCOOTER. This is a clear indicator that the manufacturer concentrates on quality provision before profit making.

TGM Skateboards is a trusted brand. Over the years, the have managed to build amazing skateboards and skating accessories. We are impressed by their efforts to spice up the scooter world. They have managed to construct this premium-quality replacement wheels for scooters.These wheels are worth way far beyond your few bucks. By analyzing their cost VS performance after purchase, you will realize that these wheels provide much more value. We highly recommend them to those with mini Razor scooters with no precision. They will serve you beyond your expectations. The package includes two wheels. We can’t forget to mention that these wheels feature a green color which is appealing. The green theme is a sure bet in raising the look of your scooter to a great extent.

  • 100mm diameter and ABEC-7 precision bearings for speed and easy maneuverability
  • 88A hardness rating- Thus ultra-durable
  • Easy installation
  • Bearing shields- Ensures that the bearings are never contaminated
  • Only compatible with the Razor scooters

5. Razor PowerWing FlashRider 360 Replacement Rear Wheels 30

Razor PowerWing FlashRider 360 Replacement Rear Wheels 30

Worn out scooter wheels should no longer keep you from the action with the introduction of this powerful replacement wheels for your scooter. The Razor manufacturing has done all that’s in their ability to develop these wheels in the quest to ensure that you don’t say goodbye street scooter riding due to worn out wheels. These wheels, as we are going to see below, are of the best quality and come to you at an affordable price. Therefore, you have no reason not to transform your scooter and hit the streets again. Here is a comprehensive review of their build and performance. Dig in!

The Razor PowerWing FlashRider 360 Replacement wheels are meant for replacing worn out scooter rear wheels. They are compatible with the Razor PowerWing FlashRider 360. They feature a dual inclined caster design. Their construction style allows them to suit riders who enjoy spinning and performing other stunts with their scooters. You can now maneuver your scooter with ease after installing these rear wheels. The results will be better mastery of the scooter riding art. So, what will stop you from becoming the ultimate scooter riding pro in your area?

These rear wheels feature 64mm diameter. They diameter allow them to accelerate your scooter reasonably. Your scooter will never move at an incontrollable speed. This leaves you at a suitable position to perform incredible stunts as you cruise the streets. They will also improve your scooters stability by a significant degree.Their high hardness rating allows them to withstand heavy duty use. They will last long even when used regularly. They can hold large weights without depreciating.
Razor PowerWing FlashRider 360 Replacement Rear Wheels 30

Razor is a trusted manufacturer. They have been in this industry for a long time. Therefore, through their hard-earned experience, they manage to build the best scooters and scooter accessories. We are confident that these wheels will serve their purpose beyond your expectations. We highly recommend them to our readers. They are affordable, so you should manage to acquire them with ease.

Please note that these wheels are only made for the Razor PowerWing FlashRider 360 scooter. Fortunately, they are also compatible with the Razor RipRider scooter. Avoid buying them for other scooters until you are certain about compatibility. You will avoid the disappointments that come with incompatibility. You should experience no problem installing this set of PowerWing FlashRider 360 or RipRider rear wheels. They are incredibly easy to put in place.

  • Trusted brand
  • Dual-inclined caster wheels
  • Inexpensive
  • 64mm diameter- Regulates the speed to facilitate learning stunts and performing great spinning actions
  • Easy installation
  • Restricted to rear installation

4. Liberty Imports Light Up Scooter Replacement Wheel 31

Liberty Imports Light Up Scooter Replacement Wheel 31

Most people fret riding a scooter on the streets due to the rising cases of accidents. It’s a common occurrence to see a scooter riding enthusiast knocked by a motorist. With these cases, most scooter riders have chosen to keep off the busy streets especially at night. Fortunately, with the introduction of the Liberty Imports Light Up Scooter Replacement Wheels, we all have a reason to smile. Riding your scooter at high speeds at night on the busiest street should no longer worry you. You must be eager to find out what these scooter wheels have to offer. Let’s get to the detail.

BE SAFE-BE SEEN is the top driving force that has led to the development of these powerful scooter wheels. These wheels bring you 3-LED lights (green, blue and red) to light up your scooter in the best way in the darkest of nights. No more accidents on the streets as a result of a motorist failing to spot you. What’s interesting, the LED lights in these wheels are powered by your scooter’s centrifugal force. Therefore, you won’t need to purchase batteries from time to time.

Apart from your security on the road, these wheels also guarantee you an excellent scooter riding experience. They feature a 100mm diameter and ABEC-7 precision bearings. These two features ensure that you can now cruise through the streets at high speeds like a professional. Even more, these scooter wheels are designed to withstand tough terrains. They are made of 82A polyurethane material. Their high degree of hardness ensures that they serve you in the best way without depreciating. The wheels also bear a reasonable shock absorbing ability for utmost stability.
Liberty Imports Light Up Scooter Replacement Wheel 31

We love the fact that these replacement wheels for scooters are easy to install, weather-resistant and maintenance-free. Installing them takes a short while, and you won’t need expert intervention. No maintenance is necessary throughout their lifetime. Furthermore, you can use them under any weather condition. They won’t skid on rainy days or melt on scalding days.

With all these features, the Liberty Imports Light Up Scooter Replacement Wheels rank among the top products in this category with no hassle. They are also reasonably priced to suit even the average person. You can now sparkle and stand out at night all-gratitude to these scooter wheels. Begin to use your scooter every day as these are all weather wheels. They are worth buying.

  • 3 LED lights- Be seen- Be safe
  • 100mm diameter and ABEC-7 precision bearings for speed and easy maneuverability
  • 82A polyurethane construction
  • Easy to install, weather-proof and maintenance-free
  • None

3. Big Foot Wheels L.E.D. Scooter Wheels 55

Big Foot Wheels L.E.D. Scooter Wheels 55

Are you a night scooter riding enthusiasts? Do you yearn to turn heads while riding your powerful scooter at night? Then bless your luck instincts for coming across these LED scooter wheels by the re-known Big Foot Wheels manufacturing. All-gratitude to their hard earned experience and creativity in this field, the Big Foot Wheels manufacturing has managed to come up with this exclusive set of scooter wheels. Who wouldn’t want to transform his/her scooter with a high-grade pair of LED scooter wheels? Let’s get deeper to see whether these scooter wheels are worth buying.

This set of two inline caster wheels, beyond featuring an appealing LED design are also built to last long. They feature 82A hardness rating which is great. The hardness rating reflects their ability to withstand harsh terrains and serve for long without depreciating or demanding a replacement. Now, focusing on speed, these wheels will make your scooter a ground rocket. They ride smooth and fast for the best experience.

The Big Foot Wheels manufacturer fits them with the ABEC 9 precision bearings for the best performance. The bearings allow these wheels to offer high rebound for easy maneuverability. A 100mm diameter is a direct guarantee for speed. With these large wheels, you can now ride your scooter through long distances in no time, without experiencing fatigue.
Big Foot Wheels L.E.D. Scooter Wheels 55

Now, focusing on the LED lights, we find this a major selling point of these scooter wheels. The 3 super bright LED lights offer great motivation to the rider. The lights are powered by the scooter’s centrifugal force. Therefore, the faster you cruise, the brighter they light up. You will be excited to see people watch as you ride your scooter like a pro at night. The lights are rated 10000 hours which is great.

With all these features, you have more than enough reasons to purchase these Big Foot Wheels L.E.D. Scooter Wheels. They are of the best quality. You will love riding your scooter smooth, fast and bright, especially at night. They will also last long to serve you in the best way. We highly recommend them. Why not buy these scooter wheels and present them as a gift to your scooter loving friend, sibling or child? We are confident that they will be pretty excited to use them. They are also reasonably priced despite featuring a load of valuable features and additives. They are worth buying.

  • 82A hardness- for optimum durability
  • ABEC 9 precision bearings and 100mm diameter- ultimate speed
  • Super bright LED lights rated 10000 hours
  • Inexpensive
  • High initial rolling resistance- The demand effort to set them rolling.

2. Razor Scooter Replacement Wheels Set 372

Razor Scooter Replacement Wheels Set 372

The Razor manufacturing has risen to the occasion to let you transform your ordinary scooter in the best way. By equipping your scooter with the best wheels, you can now ride with utmost confidence, perform any stunt, and enjoy cruising at high speeds. Their scooter wheels speak for themselves regarding build quality. This is just one of their scooter wheel models that have received a warm welcome on the market. We found it impossible to eliminate it from the top ranking products in this category. Here is what it has to offer.

It’s crucial to mention that the Razor scooter wheels are made for Razor kick scooters. They are compatible with the following Razor kick scooter models: A2, A, A4, Spark 2.0, spark, and A Sweet Pea. The Razor Company makes these wheels from high-grade urethane.

This is a material that guarantees their top-notch performance in various terrains. The wheels are also fitted with quality bearings for easy installation. With the bearings, you can now install these scooter wheels on your own. In fact, the replacement process should take less than ten minutes. You will need 2 0.55 mm Allen wrenches to remove the old wheels from your Razor scooter and replace them with the new ones.The wheels feature a 98 mm diameter. With this diameter, you can tell that these scooter wheels are made for speed. Cruising through long distance with your Razor kick scooter will cease to take hours upon the installation of these wheels.
Razor Scooter Replacement Wheels Set 372

With these Razor scooter wheels, you get to enjoy choosing from a wide range of color options. They are available in clear, pink, blue, orange, red, purple, and green colors. This is a great feature. You can now select the color that suits your preferences in the best way. We were impressed by the affordable price tag offered for this pair of scooter wheels. It’s a price that you will hardly find in other scooter wheels by other manufacturers.

Despite, featuring an incredible build, these wheels are accessible by even the average person. Therefore, you don’t need to spend a fortune to get yourself the best replacement wheels for your Razor kick scooter. In summary, these scooter wheels by the Razor manufacturing are worth buying. They are built to last and for speed. With the vast range of available colors, these wheels are a sure bet in elevating the look of your Razor scooter. Even more, they are affordable and easy to install. They are worth way far beyond their cost.

  • Constructed from premium-grade urethane- durability guarantee
  • Easy to install- takes about 10 minutes
  • 98mm diameter- for a reasonable speed
  • Inexpensive
  • Various elegant color options
  • Quite slim- The only factor that lowers their durability

1. RazorX RipStik Caster Board Replacement Wheel Set 426

RazorX RipStik Caster Board Replacement Wheel Set 426

It’s only right to acknowledge the RipStik Company’s effort to provide scooter lovers with a broad range of replacement wheels. RipStik has been on the front line to ensure that you don’t throw your scooter away after the wheels are worn out. You just need to transform your scooter with one of their replacement wheel options and continue to make significant discoveries in the scooter riding arena. Let’s dig deeper to find out what the RazorX RipStik Caster Board Replacement Wheel Set has to offer.

If you own a Razo RipStick scooter, then these wheels are for you. They are compatible with all RipStick Brights, Classic, and G models. You have the power to keep it rolling in the best way. You should never miss a moment of scooter riding fun. These wheels are made of high-grade urethane a material that allows them to serve you for long and in the best way. They feature a 78mm diameter and come fitted with quality bearings to let you turn heads on the streets with incredible scooter riding speed, effortlessly.

They are super easy to install. In fact, you don’t need to take your scooter to an expert to do the replacement for you. Just do it on your own from home. It’s crucial to equip yourself with the recommended safety equipment for your safety as you do the wheel replacement. With the availability of these wheels, your scooter’s look should no longer be limited. You can now customize the appearance of your scooter in the best way as these wheels are available in 5 distinct color options. They include red, blue, pink, white/green, and white/silver-grey.
RazorX RipStik Caster Board Replacement Wheel Set 426

No high-end maintenance practices are necessary after the installation of these wheels. However, it’s a good practice, especially during the rainy moments, to clean the wheels. You can also choose to lubricate the bearings for maximum durability.

We are pleased by the overall build of the RazorX RipStik Caster Board Replacement Wheel Set. They are scooter wheels that live up to their promises. If you are looking forward to transforming your scooter in the best way, then these wheels will do the trick with no hassle. These wheels will also enable you to do exclusive stunts with your scooter. Ensure that you own a RipStick classic, G or Brights scooter model before buying these wheels to avoid compatibility issues.

  • 78mm wheels with high grade bearings
  • Constructed from premium-quality urethane
  • Super easy to install
  • 5 distinct color options
  • 2 free Allen wrenches provided for hassle free installation
  • Only compatible with some of the Razor RipStick scooter models


We have come to the end of this buying guide. We are hopeful that our reviews will be of utmost help to you when buying replacement wheels for your scooter. We urge you to read through these reviews keenly to ensure that you purchase the best quality scooter wheels. Ensure that your preferred scooter wheels are compatible with your scooter model before purchase. This way, your will evade incompatibility disappointments. All the reviewed products have all it takes to take your scooter to a whole new level. Purchase them with utmost confidence. All the best in exploring the scooter riding world!



  • When I ask my friends, they recommend me to try Strider ST-3 Scooter Wheel. The Strider ST-3 has also built its name in the scooter wheels market. Its reviews confirm its durability. It has a very strong rim made from high quality materials to offer the best performance for a very long time. Among its major selling points is the no-flat tire feature that makes it not only durable but safe too. The Strider ST-3 also doesn’t disappoint, it has been engineered to bring out a sleek sporty look. This wheel is easy to maintain compared to other wheels.

  • This is clearly explained. I suggest you to try Envy 7-Spoke Metal Core 110mm Wheel. The 7-Spoke Envy is also another great and very reliable scooter wheel that you can invest in especially if a smooth ride is among your major consideration in wheels. This wheel has been made using high rebound polyurethane making it strong and sturdy and most importantly, stable for smooth rides. Its manufacturers also incorporated performance bonding, a feature that works to reduce dehubbing. With cold forged 6061 alloys and ABEC-9 bearings.

  • My wheel is 100mm. So i decide to choose Luck Atoms 100mm Pro Scooter Wheel. Made from T6 Aluminum material, the Lucky Atoms Pro Scooter Wheel is a great wheel replacement for your scooter. This wheel has been crafted using the latest technology and features a spoked metal core. It also boasts of a custom urethane specifically for a solid grip, stability and speed. One major selling point of this wheel is the Lucky Rebound Technology meant for an awesome wheel experience. Lucky Atom has been tested and proven to be a reliable wheel by the Lucky Pro Team. It has received many positive reviews from users all over the world thus cementing its position in this list. You’ve done good work admin 🙂 Thanks for this article

    • Hahah so my wheel is longer than you 10mm, mine is 110mm. Then I try UrbanArtt S7 110mm Scooter Wheel. Another great wheel replacement that should also feature in your wishlist is the UrbanArtt S7. This wheel sports a sleek and stylish design to complement your scooter’s general look courtesy of the anodized satin finish and aluminum alloys. This wheel’s major strengths are built around its durability, stability and also the cool finish. It also comes with ABEC 9 bearings and spacers installed.

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