Safe and Efficient Insect Repellents for Kids and Adults – The Best in 2019

Safe and Efficient Insect Repellents for Kids and Adults - The Best in 2019

With the incidence for insect-borne diseases such as the Zika virus in South America and malaria is Sub-Saharan Africa, the demand of insect repellents has increased significantly. Apart from spreading diseases, most insects are also irritant and often lower the experience of users, particularly those that go on frequent outdoor trips, those that hold frequent outdoor parties, and those with outdoor installations such as gazebos or patios that they use often.

If you are part of this group and hopping for a bottle or two of a repellent that works, the brand that you choose must be certified safe for use on humans, pets, and the environment. Application should be simple and all its ingredients natural and have potent extracts that will stay active on your skin and or clothing for long. Even though these requirements seem far-fetched, the 10 repellents reviewed on this list offer the foregoing benefits and more. Purchase an original from your favorite store to get a cost effective and safe insect repellent that works perfectly indoors and outdoors.

10. All Terrain Kids Herbal Armor

All Terrain Kids Herbal Armor

Do you go on frequent outdoor camping trips with your kids? Do you live in a wooded area and prohibit kids for venturing outdoors because of the plethora or insects in your vicinity? If you have answered year to either or all of the two questions, your life will get better with a bottle of this all terrain insect repellent. Christened the herbal armor, this insect repellent is affordable and contains a naturally acting herbal formula that repels several types of annoying insects including ticks, mites, and even mosquitoes.

It is DEET-free. It is also sweat and water-resistant, and retails in a 100% clinically proven safe and effective spray bottle that you can carry along during your outdoor trips. With an original bottle, you get an allergy-tested four-ounce accessory that does not irritate delicate skin.

9. Sawyer Products Premium Maxi-DEET

Sawyer Products Premium Maxi-DEET

Maxi-DEET by Sawyer Products is a premium repellent for insects, attainable in a travel worthy three-ounce spray bottle that you can carry along in your backpack or pocket outdoors. Blended with the user’s optimal protection and safety in mind, this product is valuable and recommended for everyday usage for several reasons. For those allergic to artificial odors and or chemicals, for instance, this insect repellent is chemical and odor free.

Its exclusive 98% DEET formula offers an excellent level of insect repellency against several types of insects (fleas, mosquitoes, ticks, and mites), while its suitability for use on the skin, head nets, mosquito nets, and clothing rank it among the most versatile products in this niche. Maxi-DEET is USA-made, affordable, and protects its users well for up to 10 hours.

8. Ovvio Oils Insect Repellent

Ovvio Oils Insect Repellent

Attainable in a convenient four-ounce container, this insect repellent by Ovvio Oils is a 100% natural DEET-free accessory with non-toxic nature-derived (active and inactive) ingredients that will never irritate your skin or sinuses when in use. It is affordable, works better and safer than most pyrethrin and DEET-based brands, and has a very smooth and easy to apply formula that also benefits kids and pets such as dogs.

Instead of the annoying artificial scents common in most synthetic remedies, this product has a pleasant citrus fresh natural scent with a whiff of floral notes that perfume the skin and or clothing well. The spray bottle it comes with eases application, while its potent extracts offer long lasting protection against a diverse range and insects and thus the diseases they transmit. You get a 100% guarantee with each original bottle you buy.

7. Sawyer Products Premium-Ultra

Sawyer Products Premium-Ultra

This premium-ultra edition of the renowned Sawyer Products line of insect repellents is an effective 30% DEET-based insect repellent with a smooth liposome lotion base that works well in backyards and in back-countries. The three-ounce container that it comes it is compact and travel worthy. Application is simple, while its ability to repel flies, mosquitoes, fleas, and chiggers without irritating the skin or greasing clothing makes it an ideal repellent for everyday use.

As most trusted brands, Sawyer Products Premium-Ultra is sweat-proof, odorless, and has a controlled slow-release formula that offers lasting protection against troublesome insects for up to 11 hours. It is also airline friendly, attainable cheap online, and lasts long.

6. Cutter Lemon Insect Repellent

Cutter Lemon Insect Repellent

Fortified with lemon eucalyptus oil and potent repellents that offer natural insect protection for up to 6 hours, Cutter Lemon is a professional-grade insect repellent that ranks among the most recommended by healthcare workers and research bodies such as the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). The fast-acting formula that buyers get applies easily on the skin and clothing.

Its sweat and waterproof blend does not fade over time, while the large four ounce bottle that it comes in will serve you and your family members for long during your outdoor escapades. Forget about the bracelets and ineffective contraptions hyped in most television programs. For just a few dollars, you will be able to keep mosquito and arboviral diseases such as Zika at bay, without irritating your skin.

5. 3M Ultrathon Lotion

3M Ultrathon Lotion

Perfect for regular usage, 3M Ultrathon is an effective lotion based insect repellent attainable in a compact 2-ounce bottle. Even though slightly expensive that some spray-based ones available in the market, it is not only convenient, but also has an advanced 3M technology that stays active on the skin for up to 12 hours straight. This way, you and or your children can explore the outdoors for a whole say without worrying about a mosquito or a tick feeding on you.

Its water resistant formula is also splash and sweat resistant, while its military-grade bland is not only freeze and thaw-stable, but also repels deer ticks responsible for Lyme disease. 3M Ultrathon Lotion has less DEET that some comparable brands. It is also rigorously tested before commercialization and has a 5-year guarantee.

4. Repel Lemon Eucalyptus

Repel Lemon Eucalyptus

Popular in top 10 best insect repellents in 2019 reviews, this Lemon Eucalyptus insect repellent by Repel is a well blended all natural remedy, fortified with rich oils of lemon eucalyptus. Its plant-based formula is 100% safe and recommended for use on all skin types. It is also effective (up to six hours in several environmental conditions), and has a cool and refreshing scent that will perfume your skin or clothing without overbearing you.

If personal safety is of primary concern and or you are on the market for a quality repellent that your kid (three years and older) can use, this Repel Lemon will not disappoint you. It is DEET-free, chemical-free, and has a non-sticky and non-grease formula that will never harm your skin and or gear.

3. Sawyer Products Premium (20% Picaridin)

Sawyer Products Premium

Used in moderation, Picaridin is a potent insect repellent that keeps bugs and disease causing insects such as mosquitoes and ticks at bay. To exploit value without compromising health in the long term, this premium edition by Sawyer Products is among the best in 2019. It is affordable, has a well-blend and skin-safe formula containing 20% Picaridin, and is attainable is a travel-worthy four-ounce lotion bottle that you can carry along in your backpack.

Application is straightforward. The long lasting (up to 14 hours) lotion that buyers get cuts down mosquito bites by up to 100%, while its suitability for use on both normal and sensitive skin, firearm finishes, fishing lines, and even synthetic fabrics makes it an ideal all in one insect repellent for the whole family. It will never disappoint you.

2. Avon SKIN-SO-SOFT IR3535


By far one of the moist versatile and recommended products in this niche, Avon SKIN-SO-SOFT IR3535 is a skin moisturizing and insect repelling body lotion that offers SPF 30 protection against harmful sun rays (UVA and UVB). It is PABA and DEET-free, attainable in a large four fluid ounce bottle that lasts long, and contains rick extracts of vitamin E and Aloe Vera that rejuvenate the skin to leave it looking young and healthy. It is also kid-safe, non-greasy, and has a non-staining formula that will never damage your clothing and or gear.

1. Sawyer Products Premium Permethrin

Sawyer Products Premium Permethrin

Topping our list, this permethrin-based clothing repellent for insects by Sawyer Products is a dependable skin safe accessory that comes in a large 24-ounce container. For those that live in wooded environment and or want to lower the risk of yellow fever and arboviral diseases such as a the Zika virus, this trigger spray repellents is effective against several species of mosquitoes.

It also kills mite, chiggers, and ticks on contact and has a concentrated formula that stays active for up to six weeks or up to six washes. This insect repellent is odorless, fast drying, and works excellently on household fitting as well.


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