Reviews of the Best MIDI Cables of 2021

The advancement of technology has seen USB take over from other types of cables. However, in the music and computer industries Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) cables remain sought-after for their convenience. They support most peripherals, which includes keyboards. They are also cost effective, relay fast digital signals, and are resistant to abuse and electromagnetic interference. The following models offer these benefits and more:

List of the Best MIDI Cables of 2021

10. Monoprice MIDI Cable

Monoprice MIDI Cable

The Monoprice MIDI Cable is suitable for personal and professional use. It is a simple and affordable cable with notable quality features. Thus, you need not spend too much to upgrade your music systems. This quality brand will safeguard your accessories from electrical damages associated with low quality makes. It comes with standard five-pin connectors that are compatible with most accessories.

The cable has a shield, which is flexible, easy to coil but durable. It does not develop cracks when coiled or after long time usage. This design is also resistant to electromagnetic or radio frequency interferences that affect the quality of connections. It comes with a length of three feet that is good enough to connect your devices. This medium-length will not clutter your office space. Besides, it makes it portable in your rucksack and easy to store in your drawers.

What We Like
  • Resists electromagnetic waves
  • Long-lasting design (coils)
  • Medium length (three feet)
  • High-quality connections
  • Supports most accessories
Our Verdict

Monoprice is a versatile 3-foot long MIDI cable that supports most devices. It is plug and use, durable, and has a shielded cable that its less prone to electromagnetic interference. Therefore, while in use, it delivers quality and interference-free pictures that people like.

9. Creative EMU XMIDI

Creative EMU XMIDI

If you are looking for a cable that has an ultra-fast response, the Creative EMU XMIDI cable is the best choice to use on your accessories. It has a USB-powered system with a fast MIDI response than most similar cables. This model works well on most computers with the Windows operating system or Macintosh operating systems. It will also relay data seamlessly and without lapses or lags. It may not be cheap, but it is of great value for your money. Irrespective of the purpose you are buying it for, it will serve you at its best.

The quality of Creative MIDI cable is very high, and it will not easily snap under extreme use. It is, therefore, suitable for daily use. The contact pins are free of interference and deliver precise sound transmission for music lovers. Finally, this brand is plug-and-use and therefore does not require installation of any special drivers.

What We Like
  • Plug-and-use design
  • Interference-free system
  • Fast MIDI response
  • Supports Windows and Mac
Our Verdict

Do you have a Windows or Mac computer that requires a new wireless keyboard and MIDI keyboard? We have reviewed the best wireless keyboard here. However, to get a valuable MIDI cable, check out the Creative EMU XMIDI model. It works with Windows and Mac computers. It also has a USB-powered plug-and-use design that takes seconds to set up. A new one will improve how you play or work.

8. M-Audio USB MIDI Interface Cable

 M-Audio USB MIDI Interface Cable

The M-Audio USB MIDI Interface cable is still a reliable model in the current state of computer technology advancement. It is a portable and professional-grade design for your audio accessories. It comes with a high-quality USB connector with sixteen input and output channels. This lightweight cable has a one in and one out MIDI connection and works with most computers and peripherals. It does not require a separate power input to operate. Instead, its universal USB port powers it once plugged onto your computer.

This design allows you to add as many similar brands upwards as your computer USB ports would allow. No manual installation procedures are necessary for the M-Audio USB MIDI Interface cable, as it will automatically setup immediately you plug it in. The contact pins are interference-free for higher quality connection. Finally, the cable is stable, durable, and rarely snaps under stress.

What We Like
  • USB-powered MIDI cable
  • USA-made MIDI cable
  • Interference-free performance
  • Light and portable cable
  • Supports all computers
Our Verdict

The technology for making the best gaming mice and MIDI cables have improved over the years. M-Audio, for instance, has a versatile USB interface. Used on a Macintosh or Windows computer, it transfers information at a blazing speed. It also improves both sound and picture quality, which is beneficial to movie lovers. Even though M-Audio is not as durable as some brands on our list, its small footprint does not clutter small desks and or office spaces.

7. iConnectivity Mio MIDI Interface

iConnectivity Mio MIDI Interface

The iConnectivity Mio MIDI Interface is a one in and one out USB to MIDI connection cable. It will boost the performance of your accessories like the keyboard. It is a versatile design and compatible with Macintosh and Windows operating systems. Hence, it is suitable for your office and home computers. It is a super-fast make with a low latency system. You will not experience lapses in sound transfer and or quality when playing music or your keyboard.

This make does not require any manual installation or additional software for it to operate. It is, thus, a favorite plug-and-use MIDI cable for most users with a versatile five-foot long design. This enables you to connect peripherals to your computer from a distance. More so, its high-quality plastic coating protects the internal wires from cuts and moisture that may result in rusting.

What We Like
  • Mac and Windows-compatible
  • Heavy-duty plastic sheath
  • Super-fast signal transmission
  • Plug and use architecture
Our Verdict

The iConnectivity Mio is a Plug-and-use MIDI cable that will improve the performance of your Windows or Mac computer. It transmits super-fast signals and is thus suitable for people who travel often. It also has a heavy-duty design with a flexible plastic sheath that does not crack and or break over time. You will like the quality of the cable.

6. Roland MIDI Cable

Roland MIDI Cable

For you to experience fast and reliable connectivity, the quality of your cable must be excellent. The Roland MIDI Cable is a high-performer. It has a one in one out MIDI interface integrated with a USB for convenience and fast processing of data. Your accessories will not experience frustrations from lags and other electronic issues. This design is a compact and powerful model. Unlike different designs, it does not clutter your working space.

The wire coating is of soft PVC that is flexible to allow you to coil it without cracking or losing connection. This model has a data transmission indicator for both MIDI input and output that lights up when you achieve connectivity. It has a plug-and-use USB connection, which does not require an external power supply to work. The system is also compatible with Mac and Windows systems.

What We Like
  • One in/one out output
  • Soft PVC coating (flexible)
  • Clutter-free MIDI cable
  • Fast data processing
Our Verdict

The flexible PVC used to make this cable’s coat lasts for long. It does not crack nor breaks as quickly as cheap plastic often does. It also shields this cable’s wires from interference, which boosts picture and sound quality. Roland works well with most operating systems.

5. Hosa MID-204 MIDI Cable

Hosa MID-204 MIDI Cable

The Hosa MID-204 MIDI Cable comes in a pack of quality and reliable set of two. The connectors are beautifully color-coded to add an appealing look to your devices. The colors also assist you in identifying and separating connections from one end to the other. They are ideal for use on your keyboard and other multimedia devices for accurate and secure connectivity. This universal brand has five-pin plugs that are compatible with most computers and audio devices without any issues.

The plugs are nickel coated to offer durability and resist interference. The design also features oxygen-free conductors for a clear and seamless signal. The dual cables come with a flexible PVC shield that does not crack over time. This coating also prevents electromagnetic and radio frequency interferences. The engineering is thirteen feet long to connect remote devices conveniently and without losing quality signal.

What We Like
  • Color-coded contacts
  • Interference-free design
  • Super long (13 feet)
  • Flexible PVC shield
  • Plug-and-use interface
Our Verdict

Are you looking for a durable and interference-free MIDI cable for your home or office computer? Hosa MID-204’s color-coded design is not only easy to set up but very dependable as well. You can fold it and travel with it, for instance, without its PVC cover snapping. It is also less prone to interference from electromagnetic rays. While in use, thus, you should expect an improvement in sound and video quality.

4. Radio shack MIDI Cable

Radio shack MIDI Cable

The Radio shack MIDI Cable features a three in one set of high quality and relatively cheaper option. These cables come with standard five-pin connectors compatible with most computers. They also connect well with most peripheral devices and work well with standard audio devices. Each piece is three feet long and connects to most musical instruments. This design does not clutter or take too much of your space. Since the connector pins are male to male, they offer you the freedom to connect them from any orientation.

The Radio shack MIDI Cable has a flexible shield for ease of handling. It is also thick and water-resistant to protect the internal wires from rusting and sharp cuts for longevity. Additionally, it protects the connection from electromagnetic and radio frequency interferences. Therefore, maintaining a high response rate and quality output.

What We Like
  • Flexible and shielded cables
  • Water-resistant MIDI cables
  • Support all musical devices
  • Standard five-pin connectors
  • Long cables (three feet each)
Our Verdict

The Radio shack package consists of three five-pin MIDI cables, each with a water-resistant sheath. Thus, you can use them outdoors without interference. The wires are also long and have flexible designs, which you can set up on musical instruments hassle-free.

3. Rocktron 7 Pin Midi Cable

Rocktron 7 Pin Midi Cable

Enjoy the convenience of connecting your devices from any location in your house or office with the Rocktron 7 Pin MIDI Cable. It supports connectivity to all seven-pin MIDI ports. The connectors are sturdy to withstand careless handling and will last for a long time. The plugs are easy to set up and do not require you to install drivers to operate. This versatile brand is long and will connect and transmit data efficiently from both ends.

The entire length of the Rocktron 7 Pin Midi Cable comes with a flexible and high-quality PVC shield. This coating protects it from electromagnetic and radio frequency interferences that lower signal quality. More so, it will not only withstand physical damage but is also water and acid resistant to prolong its service life. The connectors have a gold coating that resists rust and corrosion. Moreover, by eliminating interference, it boosts picture quality as well.

What We Like
  • Seven-pin MIDI ports
  • Less prone to interference
  • Gold-coated contacts
  • Durable PVC shield
Our Verdict

The gold-coated Rocktron is one of the fastest and longest on our list. Its 20-foot design enables you to pair devices from most areas of your home or office. Its PVC sheath is durable, while the 7-pin contacts on offer (gold coated) are less prone to interference.

2. Hosa MID-510 MIDI Cable

Hosa MID-510 MIDI Cable

The Hosa MID-510 MIDI Cable is a reliable make that comes with serviceable five-pin in and out plugs. These smart plugs are all metallic for durability even when overly and carelessly handled and for ease of repair. Therefore, the risk of this cable breaking is low, even when bunched for storage. The interference-free conductors are from oxygen-free copper for enhanced signal quality and clarity.

Its spiral shield is soft and flexible. Therefore, while traveling, you can coil it into a compact and portable size without creating structural damage. Hosa MID-510 also resists water and cracking, and has a protective shield that minimizes electromagnetic and radio frequency interference. Finally, you are getting a 10-foot cable (universal) with a plug-and-use design that supports all peripherals.

What We Like
  • Fits most peripheral devices
  • Electromagnetic shielding
  • Long (10 feet) and durable
  • Oxygen-free copper cable
Our Verdict

With this cable, radio frequency and electromagnetic interference will be a non-issue for you. The oxygen-free copper used to make it is not only durable but also less prone to interference. The contacts are robust as well, while its long cable (10 feet) works in all settings.

1. Monster Midi Cable

Monster Midi Cable

The Monster Midi Cable is high quality and robust design capable of handling powerful peripherals. This cable is a strong brand and made of premium materials for durability. The engineering will assist you in controlling the voltage and current from your peripheral devices such as the keyboard. It is hence ideal for all-day live performance and studio recordings. This make reduces edge distortions and delays from your musical instruments.

The rugged design features heavy-duty connectors from quality nickel metal. This metal is resistant to corrosion and offers better connectivity. The contact pins are equally sturdy and resistant to bending when plugging in. The PVC molding on each connector provides exceptional grip when plugging or unplugging the cable. This durable design comes in a flexible coating to allow easy spiraling without cracking. It also protects the cord from electromagnetic and radio frequency interferences.

What We Like
  • Connectors have molding (PVC)
  • Flexible sheath (crack resistant)
  • Rust-resistant wires/connectors
  • Compatible with most peripherals
Our Verdict

Do you have a Blu-ray player that requires a MIDI connection to your 4K television to work? Monster Midi is a versatile product that will make your life fun for many reasons. First, it is less prone to interference. Its rust-resistant contacts and wires are durable, while its flexible sheath (PVC) is resistant to cracking and water.

Shopping Tips for MIDI Cables


MIDI cables are suitable for connecting peripherals such as keyboards to computers. While setting up a musical system, you can also use one to connect your microphone to a speaker and vice versa. Thus, while shopping for a new one, the interface of the model you choose should be compatible with your peripheral. If your keyboard has a 7-pin contact, for instance, look for a 7-pin MIDI cable. It will not only boost its performance but also lower the risk of damage.


How many MIDI ports do you need to connect your peripherals to your computer? If you only have a mouse or keyboard that you use often, a 1×1 MIDI cable will satisfy your needs. It will save you money too.


While in use, we bend and stretch MIDI cables often, which compromises their integrity. Therefore, while choosing one, opt for a product that can withstand such a level of abuse. Models with oxygen-free copper wires, for instance, are not only durable but also less prone to interference. If possible, make sure it has a flexible sheath as well made from a long-lasting material such as PVC.

Conclusion: Even though many people consider them old school, MIDI cables play an important role in homes and offices. You can use one to connect your keyboard to a computer in seconds. They are also less prone to interference because of their thickly shielded designs. Our ten picks are among the best. They are long, durable, and easy to use.