Reviews Of The Best Cameras For Vlogging

Reviews Of The Best Cameras For Vlogging

Best Vlogging Cameras
A better camera equals better quality vlogs

Are you tired of recording your vlogs on your cellphone, constantly having to manually adjust your focus, or just generally fed up with your set up right now? You need one of the best vlogging cameras, and we’ve got the perfect list to get you on the path to YouTube perfection.

Picture Model Megapixels Price Our Rating
Reviews Of The Best Cameras For Vlogging 1 Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark II 13.1 (HD) $$$ 5
Reviews Of The Best Cameras For Vlogging 2 Canon PowerShot G7 X 20.2 (4K) $$$ 4.99
Reviews Of The Best Cameras For Vlogging 3 Canon EOS 5D Mark IV DSLR 30.4 (4K) $$$$ 4.98
Reviews Of The Best Cameras For Vlogging 4 Nikon Cool-Pix S9500 18.1 (HD) $$$ 4.95
Reviews Of The Best Cameras For Vlogging 5 Canon EOS Rebel T6i 24.2 (4K) $$$ 4.94
Reviews Of The Best Cameras For Vlogging 6 Sony a7R II Full-Frame Mirrorless 42.4 (4K) $$$$ 4.90
Reviews Of The Best Cameras For Vlogging 7 Sony FDRAX53/B 4K 16.6 (4K) $$$$ 4.88
Reviews Of The Best Cameras For Vlogging 8 Canon PowerShot D30 12 (HD) $$ 4.85
Reviews Of The Best Cameras For Vlogging 9 Sony PXWX70 HD422 20 (4K) $$$$ 4.84

Guide ToThe Best Vlogging Cameras

If you are here to pick up one of the best cameras for vlogging you have probably already thought about all the ways you can use them when you make that purchase. For those of you who are less sure about your plans, weve written a comprehensive guide to using a vlog and how to make sure that you get paidfrom vlogging.

What is Vlogging?

Vlogging is simply having a blog in video format. You can create just about any kind of vlog, such as a food vlog, travel vlog, or even just a daily lifestyle vlog to keep your fans interested in what you do day to day. More than just presenting information, a vlog is a type of entertaining peek into the life of others, so usually vloggers will follow their hobbies or talk about themselves from a place of genuine interest.You can use a vlog as a companion to an existing blog or website that you own, and it can add depth to the viewers experience that they wouldnt get from reading. Vlogging is a way of keeping your content fresh and dynamic, because sometimes it can be difficult to read pages and pages of content when youre trying to relax.

Why not be different and vlog using a video camera mounted drone!?

Starting a vlog can be something you do as a passion project, or something you want to earn money from. If you vlog for fun you probably wouldn’t consider putting a whole lot of money in to the equipment you use, but if you want to make it a full time job to create content online and get paid for it, you’re going to have to invest a lot of time and energy in learning about vlogging. Professional vloggers will train up their skills on camera use, video and sound editing software, and their social media presence. Click here for more camera equipment reviews.

What is a Video blog?

A video blog is also called a vlog, so they are essentially the same thing, but the way that these differ from a regular blog is a more important distinction to make. A video blog is usually a snippet of something you do in your daily life, whether that is baking your favorite cake recipe, or even spending some time talking about your political beliefs. The real change is that all of the content of a vlog is shown in video format instead of text as with a traditional blog, there are no lengthy write ups or newsletters. Think about it as the difference between holding a pen and holding a camera when you want to capture something you’re interested in. Its as straightforward as that, and there are some benefits to having a video blog instead of a regular one:

Easy to enjoy where some blogs might be easy to read and have a lot of images, some blogs would just work far better if they were done in video. For example, a news blog might be completely readable and easy going on the eyes, but if youre trying to repair an engine or learn how to check your tire pressure, a video is far more effective.

If one of these cameras is a little too advanced, why not try a simpler digital camera like these we reviewed.

Dynamic content with the right shots and good editing you can make anything seem exciting, which is why video blogging is so much fun. Take something which is otherwise not very fun like using every-day items or cleaning up the house and if you put on some funny music and speed up the footage it could be really fun to watch. You can do just about anything with video blogging, and the more creative you are the easier your content will stand out from the competition.

Short and sweet you could make long blog posts if you needed to get something off your chest, but people will be able to watch a 5- or 10-minute video full of content and not get bored or tired. Reading is tough on the eyes and brain, and sometimes you just want to sit back and relax while watching your favourite vlogger. Talking on video can also make your content relatable, because people will see your face and the way you use body language as you chat.

Wider appeal you will reach far more people by vlogging and sharing your content via video, because it is likely that younger people do not choose to read blogs, and the time commitment of reading might just be too much for busy working individuals. Vlogging can also introduce people to areas of life that they may never be able to experience, so taking a hike through the mountains in Japan with your vlogging camera might just make someone else’s day who could never dream of having the opportunity to do so.

How to start a vlog?

Starting a vlog is simple, all you need is a camera, an account with a video hosting site such as YouTube or Vimeo, and a touch of creativity. To post content to YouTube you need a Google account, so make sure that you have created one of these first. From here you can go to and log in to your account on the top right hand side of the site. Once you have done this you will find an upload button which looks like an upwards facing arrow, and you just follow the instructions from here on out. Some further tips for vlogging are below:

Planning your content the first thing to do when starting a vlog is to set out a plan for what you want to do. Filming vlog content can be as easy as carrying a handheld camera or setting up a mounted camera on your body. If youre doing a lifestyle vlog you are probably going to be more free with your filming and simply take the camera wherever you go in the house, to the shop or perhaps on a walk around town. You might have a more specific plan to film particular scenes if youre doing something like a motorcycle channel where you ride or build motorbikes, like bakerXderek.

Creating your content this is where the best cameras for vlogging come in, as youll need a nice high resolution video camera to take awesome footage. You can get various accessories for your camera which makes content creation even easier, like a tripod or a rig that you can slide the camera across for moving shots. Infographics and animations also may form part of your content, so you might want to budget some time for creating or sourcing these. Using a stock image photo site like Depositphotos or Shutterstock will give you an edge in getting high quality content out for voice overs or backgrounds to your vlog channel.

Editing your content you can use professional software to edit your vlogs, such as Apple Final Cut Pro or Corel VideoStudio Ultimate X9, which are more advanced and probably require some tutorials. They arent all that hard to master, however, and if youre learning these skills for making some money they are certainly worth knowing. Using little jump cuts and fun transitions between scenes can be an entertaining way to spruce up your content and attract a bigger viewership. YouTube also has an on-site editing section where you can do some simple edits if you need to, but it is usually best to upload your finished video directly to the site.

Sharing your content there are various platforms you can share links to your content on, such as Instagram, Facebook, Google+, Twitter and more. Make sure that you hook yourself up with as many of these as possible, as each one reaches a viewer base that will increase your views. You can set up automatic sharing from YouTube so that when a video is uploaded you will receive a short URL to link to your Facebook and other pages. Keeping your page active is also vital! Post updates or even teasers of content when you cannot upload full length videos, because you will still want your page to seem busy and active even when youre not able to do much with it.

What about some ideas for vlogs? Well, let’s break them down into some simple categories and think about what that might entail:

Travel – the most coveted vlog (and probably the most difficult to maintain) is the travel vlog, because showing off exotic places and foreign lands is one of the best ways to get people interested in what you’re doing. You don’t have to go international to do a travel vlog, however, you could do quite well taking tours around your own country and giving others an experience of how people live in another state, or what the landscapes are like in the natural parks in your state. Even doing nature walks might qualify!

Food – we should include drinks here too, because it’s quite common for people to start food and wine blogs, but having a food vlog like Daym Dropscan be a fast-track to fame. You can do food reviews from anywhere you like, and as long as you have a plan for how you’re going to rate the food. Do you use a scale of 1-5, or a percentage? It’s all up to you. Reviewing restaurants or fast food joints might set you back a bit of money, but if you work it in to your daily routine and set up your camera around dinner time, you might be able to make a profit just from eating your own dinner once you’re popular enough. People may even begin to ask you to come on over to their restaurant to do a review to boost their popularity.

Lifestyle – sometimes just showing people what your daily life is like is enough to garner some interest from the online community. People love to watch other people, it’s built in to us! Lifestyle vlogs can be based around a particular part of your day such as your morning routine, or pretty much any time that you feel like recording. Don’t be afraid of having a vlog based on your own life, because you’d be surprised how much people will appreciate your effort and insight.

Pets – people love animals, so vlogging about your pets is usually an easy way to get people interested. If you take your dog for walks or play with your cat in the garden you might want to take the camera out and just have a good time filming some cute content. If you know a thing or two about pet care you could also do an informational vlog which teaches people how to look after their pets properly.

Hobbies – this category would include showing off your hobbies and talking about them as you go out to have fun with them. If you enjoy fishing, you could do a fishing vlog where you go out to the lake and sit with your camera while you wait for a catch. If you like to build RC cars or airplanes you could also have a vlog following your latest builds and how you’re getting on with making new things. One very trendy hobby vlog idea at the moment comes from blacksmiths, and there have been several channels starting up about what types of things people are making in their home forges.

Tutorials – think about something you’re quite knowledgeable about. It could be hair and makeup, woodwork, fixing car engines – anything you have some sort of expertise or interest in that you can teach to others. You could start a vlog showing people how to do a new hairstyle or makeup style once a week, or if you like cooking you could take interesting recipes and see what you can do with them in each new episode of your vlog. Usually you will choose something that you know quite a lot about, but it can be funny to attempt things that you have no clue about too – which brings us on to the next category.

Humour – trying to make people laugh can be a tough call, but if you’ve got the gift of the gab you could start a humour vlog where you tell funny stories, test strange products or just mess about for entertainment. Keep in mind that not everyone has the same sense of humour, so it may take a while to gain a following if you have a particularly rare sense of humour.

If you need some more vlogging tips you can always check out how to be a vloggerat WikiHow, and check out this video by BFvsGF to see what a professional popular vlog looks like:

How to make money vlogging:

The most common way to make money vlogging is to earn it from advertising revenue. YouTube is the easiest site to use because it is relatively easy and hassle free. You will need to sign up to a Google AdSense account, and bear in mind that you may only have one of these accounts. You can have a few different YouTube channels, but only one AdSense account, because billing and any relevant copy-write information will relate to your specific identity. You can go to your channel settings and select Monetization, then navigate to Associate an AdSense account. Depending on your country you may have to provide an identification or social security number, and link the AdSense account to a bank account. With YouTube you can get paid wherever you are in the world, but if you live outside of the US it is likely that you will be mailed a cheque with your name on it instead of being paid by direct electronic fund transfer (EFT).

The more views you have, the better your advert revenue will be, so working hard on your vlog content will be a good way to make sure you keep the cash flowing in. Adverts will play before or during your video depending on the options you select, and it’s always a good idea to check in with your audience about which format they prefer. If they don’t mind banner ads popping up as an overlay to your content this might be a good idea to avoid people having to wait to skip full adverts that play before your content. It is also a good idea to read up about the Google AdSense terms and conditionsbefore really getting in to being paid from vlogging. Know what the legal limits are to using other’s content, and how you can conduct business properly as an online professional. Remember that you must be 18 years or older to start making money from YouTube, but you can always work with an older person like a parent or a friend to collaborate on videos and split whatever money you make this way.

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