Recommended Best Bread Loaf Slicers in 2019 for Average Joes (or Janes)

Recommended Best Bread Loaf Slicers in 2019 for Average Joes (or Janes)

Do you love your bread baked at home? What do you use to have perfect cut slices? A freshly sliced loaf of bread maintains the natural flavor that a pre-cut loaf looses giving you the pleasure you deserve. What’s more, making your bread at home gives you the freedom to explore different options apart from the white processed bread.

Besides, if you are conscious about your health, baking makes it possible to personalize. You can also avoid the harmful additives and preservatives present in sold loaves of bread. Bread slicer will ensure that you cut your bread with ease and have consistent pieces that boost your appetite more.

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What to Look for When Choosing a Bread Loaf Slicer

With a perfect bread loaf slicer, you are guaranteed of seamless and flawless slices. Besides, it makes your slices a breeze. Here are key things to consider when choosing a bread slicer:

Guided Slots: To cut different sized pieces, you need a loaf slicer that allows you to adjust the size of the slots. That way you can choose the thickness of your slice depending on your preference and uses. For example for toast and sandwiches, consider a slicer with many slots, so you don’t need to reposition the bread all the time. Bread for serving with soup or other dishes might need one with a single guide.

Versatility: Consider a slicer that has several applications to avoid buy multiple tools that achieve the same purpose. Leaving your bread exposed in the open air makes it dry. Putting in a plastic bag is no good option either if you don’t want it to go bad fast. As a result, you may need a special place to keep, which makes a slicer a requirement. Some slicers also function as humidity bread boxes. You can even find a bread slicer with crumb catchers which eliminates messes on the table or sink.

Quantity of Bread: How much slices of bread you need should be the guiding factor as to the type of slicers you need. A slicer that allows you to cut many pieces within a short duration is the best.

Material: Wood bread slicers can be hard to clean and can even become breeding grounds for bacteria. Besides, they are bulkier compared to their plastic counterparts. However, recent studies have supported the use of bamboo slicers as a perfect option due to its ability to resist bacteria and the appealing look. Others prefer ergonomically designed plastic bread slicers, which can be a good choice if made of robust plastic.

Functionality: Bread slicer ought to exhibit the best design and one that can accommodate different sizes of loaves of bread.

In a nutshell, the best bread loaf slicer is the one that gives you a better bread slicing experience regarding ease, convenience, and perfection.

10. Bread Cutting Guide ABS Plastic, Thickness Adjustable

Bread Cutting Guide ABS Plastic, Thickness Adjustable

For less than 10 dollars, you can bless yourself with this bread cutting guide. Made of robust ABS material, it stands from the other shaky brands in the market. Forget about the other disappointing guides you’ve used in the past. It is time to have those smooth slices that you desire.

The acrylic slicing guide will allow you to cut uniform ¼ inch slices. However, it is important to note that you cannot adjust the guide to cut slices thicker or thinner than the default. Also, you will note that the guides wobble a bit as you slice your loaf because they have no top support.

What’s more, this is an elegant yet nice-looking bread cutting guide. As such, even if it is your first time to use a bread slicer, you will find it simple to assemble and use. For the best result, it is recommended that you use your longest possible knife. That will prevent the blade from slipping out of the slicing guides when in action.

Bread Cutting Guide ABS Plastic, Thickness Adjustable

Besides, you will no longer deal with the annoying bread crumbs that result from using a board alone for slicing your bread. That is because it features a beautiful wooden catcher where all the crumbs collect. Also, the crumb catcher is removable. As a result, you can manage to maintain the highest levels of cleanliness possible by removing any messes in your kitchen.

By eliminating the bread crumbs on the tabletop and counters, you are sure they will remain protected from damages. Besides, the wooden crumbs catcher helps to keep the unit stable. Once the crumbs have collected in the wooden catcher, dump them and wipe them away. Do the same to your slicer, and you have maintained high hygiene levels.

  • Wooden crumbs catcher
  • Affordable
  • Elegant yet attractive
  • Thickness not adjustable

9. Yummy Sam Sandwich, Bread Slicer, Adjustable Thicknesses

Yummy Sam Sandwich, Bread Slicer, Adjustable Thicknesses

Made of quality and robust ABS material, Yummy Sam toast slicer is a multipurpose unit. Has your flimsy slicer turned out to be a disappointment, you ought to ditch it for this specially designed unit. What’s more, don’t worry about the temperature it can withstand extreme temperatures of -10 to 90 degrees. Besides, the construction material is non-toxic and does not produce any irritating odor that might mess with your appetite.

Even more, Yummy Sam slicer can fit any size of bread, toast or bagel. What’s, this slicer is a perfect definition for multipurpose as it has many applications including cutting vegetables, cheese and ham.

Bearing in mind that you need slices for varied applications for example preparing toast, Yummy Sam slicer allows 4 different thicknesses. By adjusting you’re your unit, you can have 1, 1.5, 2, and 2.5 cm slices. And the best part; it has your safety at the forefront. It keeps your fingers away from the knife such that at no given time will you cut yourself.

Yummy Sam Sandwich, Bread Slicer, Adjustable Thicknesses

Storage should not prove as the unit is foldable for compact storage even if it means placing it in a small box to save on the little space. That allows you to leave your table top or kitchen countertop or tabletop clear.

What’s more, it has an anti-skid design to ensure that it remains stationary as you slice for fine and uniform slices. And you won’t spend a fortune to own Yummy Sam slicer. For less than 10 bucks, you have you have a professional bread slicer that is way better compared to other flimsy brands on the market.

  • Foldable to save space
  • Adjustable for varied thicknesses
  • Sturdy ABS material
  • Easy to use
  • Cut a piece at a time

8. BlackHillsbyDesign’s Better Bread Slicer, Hairless

BlackHillsbyDesign's Better Bread Slicer, Hairless

Probably you tried a few bread slicers available market and were hit hard by disappointments. From cheap materials, poor design, to flimsy slicers that break carelessly; all gotten into your nerves. Your search is over as Better Bread slicer is the solution to your problems. And now, you will be more than happy to be among the customers to enjoy the new color that you have been yearning for. Only natural materials (tea and coffee) have been used giving is a unique and yummy color. Even better, for those who love to change with time, you will be happy to enjoy more colors soon.

Most likely, you are used to slicers made of bamboo material. While there still high-quality bamboo bread slicers that stand out, nothing can come as close to this pure natural wood slicer. The Black Hills of South Dakota is the origin of the sturdy Ponderosa pine used in making this hand-crafted bread slicer. Owing to the natural wood construction, it is heavy, which is a characteristic of sturdy bread slicers.

BlackHillsbyDesign's Better Bread Slicer, Hairless

That heavyweight further ensures that it remains stable on the surface so as to cut straight slices. The finishing is a mixture of oil and wax, which are do not pose any threats to your health. As a result, you don’t expect to have a glowing appearance. Better Bread Slicer is a product ‘Made in America’ With Better bread slicer, you have the freedom to cut loaves of 3 types of thicknesses (3.6’, 4.8’, and 6.2’). So it doesn’t matter whether your bread is hand baked or you used the bread maker machine. Also to accommodate your loaf, it has vertical 6 inches side panels that are robust enough to hold your bread firmly as you slice. Not only does it become a companion in bread slicing but also gives your kitchen an attention grabbing appeal.

Did I mention that you need no face trouble with it on the counter table occupying the little space unnecessarily? To address the storage problem, it features a mounting hardware for the wall and the interior cabinet. Besides, for compact storage, the side panels are removable. You can easily place them below the bread slicer board and fit it inside your cabinet or shove it inside your bad for outdoor usage when need arises.

As always, you should neither soak this bread slicer in water nor should use put in a dishwasher. By wiping dry the bread crumbs, your unit will stay as good as new.

  • Allows for compact storage
  • Real sturdy pine wood
  • Accommodates several loaf sizes
  • Stable removable side panels
  • Quality but relatively expensive

7. Presto Bread Slicing Guide, Coded Slots

Presto Bread Slicing Guide, Coded Slots

Presto has a solution to your bread slicing. It presents the Presto bread slicing guide that makes slicing a breeze. Do you wish to have your sandwiches the perfect way? Presto bread slicer offers just that and probably more.Made of very robust plastic, Presto is not vulnerable to scratches. As a result, it is build to last you long. Besides, unlike the wooden types, you can feel free to use a dishwasher when cleaning it.

Another feature that renders this slicer simple to use it the color code in the slicing guides. The difference in color ensures that you select your thickness easily. With the colors, you will only position your knife in the right slot. That means at no given time will you cut the wrong size.
Presto Bread Slicing Guide, Coded Slots

If you would like a bread slicer that can accommodate almost all bread sizes, then Preston is the choice. It doesn’t matter whether yours is hand baked or machine baked bread. This slicer is there to take any type and size for the best slices. You only need to ensure your bread does not exceed 5.25’ and you are sorted regarding the length and height.

What’s more, the Preston slicing guide comes in a unique tilted design. That ensures that the loaf does not move as you slice. In a slicer where the bread cannot stay stationary, you will find it hard to cut that bread let alone cutting fine slices.

  • Sturdy plastic material
  • For any bread size (>5.25” wide)
  • Color-coded guides (vary thickness)
  • Titled design
  • Guides not adjustable

6. Brushed Stainless Steel Guide and Maple Bread Slicer

Brushed Stainless Steel Guide and Maple Bread Slicer

So you’ve decided baking your own bread at home. While the knife will still give you the slices you need, you want straight slices. As such, buying a bread slicer remains a top priority. Grab this quality stainless steel guide slicer by Bread Slicer Depot for an excellent slicing experience. By stainless steel, we mean the one that meets the international foods standards. Besides becoming a partner in slicing bread, it will give your kitchen a sophisticated look.

Featuring is a bread board made of natural hardwood and untreated maple. To ensure the best quality slicer, this slicer is handmade. That renders this bread slicer hardy enough to withstand a sharp knife without the annoying wood shavings. Besides, the marble makes it hard sufficiently to prevent simple breakages.

Besides, maple bread slicer elite is reinforced with 20 stainless steel screws making it extremely robust. As such it weighs 4.5 pounds compared to the standard ones weighing approximately one pound. The difference is the material used in construction with the heaviest making the best slicer.

Brushed Stainless Steel Guide and Maple Bread Slicer

This bread exhibits an elegant yet a fabulous look. Unlike other brands, this slicing guide comes ready for use. You don’t need to assemble anything. So put your screws away. That makes a perfect choice for those who are not experts in assembling tools.

Don’t you find it annoying when using your slicer and it moves all over the countertop or table? Featuring below the hardwood maple board are rubber feet that offer that slicer a perfect grip. That grants you a seamless cutting experience giving you straight and fine slices.

And it doesn’t matter whether your bread is handmade or you used a bread maker. Although the main objective was to use it for slicing standard bread makers’ loaves, this highly sturdy slicer knows no type when it gets to slicing. Besides, since most loaves of bread are 5 inches wide, it will accommodate almost any type providing you make sure it doesn’t exceed 5 inches.

Everything about this slicing guide is cool. The only disadvantage is that it allows you to cut one slice at a time. You have to adjust your loaf each time you change the position of your loaf. Some would consider that as slow and therefore prefer slicers with many grooves. However, you can be sure to get even slices.

  • Rubber feet for stability
  • Sturdy (marble and stainless steel)
  • Cuts difference loaf types
  • Elegant yet classy
  • Cut one slice at a time

5. Maple Bread Slicer Classic Solid Bread Slicer

Maple Bread Slicer Classic Solid Bread Slicer

Change your bread slicing experience with the Florida handmade Maple bread slicer. With this heavy duty bread slicer guide, there is no more need to use those flimsy slicers that you have to replace all time. If you are after a durable slicer, then this is it. Extra thick hardwood maple is the material used in construction, ensuring that it is hard enough to offer you a long time service. What’s more, it is assembled with stainless steel screw to make sure that it does not shaky meaning it can serve you a lifetime. You will not experience any inexplicable breakages.

You don’t need to trouble yourself buying slicers that may prove difficult to assemble. Maple bread slicer comes assembled and ready for use. So there is no more gambling about seeing what fits and what does not. Featuring below the cutting surface are rubber feet. They ensure that the slicer has a firm grip on the countertop or table. That eliminates any unnecessary movements as you when in action, which results to flawless slices.

Maple bread slicer features a gap sized in such a manner that it allows you to use almost any bread knives. When cutting your bread, not a single slice falls on the table. All of them remain held on the slicer board. That helps to reduce unnecessary crumbs on the table. And the best part; both the right handed and left handed people can use this slicer without difficulties. That is because this unit has open ends on both sides. Therefore, your slices can fall on either side without the need to turn it.

Maple Bread Slicer Classic Solid Bread Slicer

Storage is not a big issue. Although it does not fold like other brands, it does not occupy much space. That is if you know the secret. For instance, if you have it placed on the tabletop, you can place other small items on the open cutting surface. By doing that, you will have saved the extra space that those items would have occupied.

Besides, you can cut different sized loaves, whether hand baked or the bread maker sized loaf. You will only keep pushing your bread each time you cut a piece. The only downside is that it can tend to be slow compared to the slicers with many cutting guides.

In this case, upon cutting your first slice, you have to reposition the loaf and pass the knife again. However, rest assured that you will have uniform slices just the way you like them. Grant yourself an easy time with this elegant, yet solid bread slicers that will at no given time disappoint.

  • Sturdy bread slicer
  • Cuts all bread sizes
  • Accommodates most bread knives
  • Simple to store
  • Slices a bit slowly

4. SierraBASE Maple Birch Foldable Bread Slicer

SierraBASE Maple Birch Foldable Bread Slicer

An adage goes ‘cheap is expensive.’ that implies that if the price is the motivating factor when buying any tool, then you ought to reconsider your perspective. Thinking about the number of times you’ve replaced those flimsy low-quality bread slicers that you have had before. Don’t you think that’s a waste of resources and precious time? Meet the original foldable bread slicer, SierraBASE Bread Pal that will transform your slicing. Did we forget to mention that this slicer is American made, with a history dating back to 1984?

Bread Pal is foldable thanks to the loaded spring design. With the spring design, this bread slicer opens and closes automatically. There is no assembly needed to open, which is an advantage as there is hardly enough time especially in the morning. As a result, you cannot afford to waste any time attempting to fit your bread and slicing using the standard slicers. Also, you will not need much time to close this slicer. In 2-3 seconds you can have it folded by only rotating the knife guides up, and they are locked in place. There is no excuse not to store it safely in your kitchen cabinet as it folds up 1 ½ inches high.

Other brands will come with claims of ease set up, but having a closer look will prove without doubts that most of them have only replicated Maple Birch design. The only problem is that they have only copied the wrong in a bid to lure you into believing that they have it all figured. None has managed to have an ease to set up design self-locking system. Besides, you don’t want to have a low-quality material for your bread slicer.

SierraBASE Maple Birch Foldable Bread Slicer

Bread Pal will allow you to slice a loaf of bread 6 ¼ inches wide with no limit to the length. For your small and larger sized loaves, you have this slicer at your service. Half of slicing guides are ½ inch while the other half is 3/8 inches. That allows you to have uniformly sliced slices with the respective thickness. However, you have the freedom to cut thickness sizes by passing the knife the knife in every other guide. For the best slices, you consider using a knife measuring 10” or more.

This bread slicer is highly durable thanks to robust maple and birch hardwood materials utilized in the construction. If you are used to a bamboo bread slicer, then it’s time to experience some change.

  • Foldable for compact storage
  • Original construction material
  • Cuts different thickness slices
  • PU cutting base
  • Hardly catches bread crumbs

3. Skater SCG1 Bread Slicer – Multi-functional

Skater SCG1 Bread Slicer - Multi-functional

Why lie? I remember vividly the first time I saw SCG1 bread slicer was in friend’s house. Seeing how professional the slices looked, I knew I had to ask. I must inform you that I know that he loves doing things his own way and so I was aware he had baked the bread. Upon inquiring the name of the bread slicer, that when I recalled that I had been ignoring the slicers despite it attracting a good number of positive reviews. Checking on Amazon, there was no proper description, and I thought it wise to recommend it to you.

If you are after a nice-looking multi-purpose bread slicer, SCG1 is the option. Trust me. You will not be taking a gamble like my ally; this is a tool that has proven its worth. Wood bread slicers sometimes can result into wood shavings together with your slice. That mainly happens if you have a very sharp knife or the wood is not hard enough to withstand sharp objects. Don’t you hate it when eating bread with foreign objects with it? Since SCG1 bread slicer had hard plastic construction, there is no more worrying about cutting pieces of the plastic.

A friend of mine once lamented how her bread slicer was flimsy. It broke down after a short duration of use despite coughing up some bucks he had set aside from her savings. With the tough plastic material, you can be sure the slicer won’t give in to any kind of pressure easily. And because it is not flimsy like other slicers, you can be sure it will offer you lifetime service.

More often than not, you will have a slicer with a single size limiting you to cut other slices as you would love. Sandwich and toast may need different sizes and such slicers will only inconvenience you following the limit. Because SCG1 bread slicer is completely adjustable, SCG1 bread slicer allows you to vary the width of your slices of bread depending on your preferences. The result is variety of smooth slices with different thickness.

 Bread Slicer - Multi-functional

Please note that you can choose from 4 sizes of thicknesses. As a result, you can cut a single slice at a time. You have to remove the slice and move your loaf once again to cut it. However, you have the full control of your slice as it is very robust unlike those with many grooves.

The size of your loaf is not a big deal. Whether you make your loaf of bread without the bread baker, or yours is the French or Zojirushi type, you can be sure SCG1 bread slicer will accommodate it. So you don’t need to worry about inconvenience at that crucial moment.

Don’t you think it would occupy unnecessary space and can be a block to your other activities in your kitchen when left on the countertop? If you don’t have much storage area on your kitchen counter or the tabletop, you are sorted. Because it’s foldable, you can easily shove it inside your kitchen cabinet. As such, you no longer need to leave it on the counter after use. By folding it and storing in the cabinet, you leave your kitchen looking organized.

  • Robust and durable plastic material
  • Adjustable for different thickness slices
  • Accommodates different bread sizes
  • Folding for compact storage
  • A bit slow in slicing bread

2. Norpro 370 Bread Slicer and Guide

Norpro 370 Bread Slicer and Guide

Kick out the mess from bread in your home by using blessing yourself with Norpro 370 Bread Slicer. Cutting bread should not look like a punishment by forcing you to clean every time you cut bread. Ditch that board that you’ve been using and give yourself a fabulous slicing moment.

Norpro 370 bread slicer features an excellent crumb catcher where all the tiny pieces collect. That way, you can you can easily remove them and throw in the bin. Besides, by eliminating the crumbs from the tabletop or the counter, the bread slicer remains stable. What’s more, that helps to ensure that those placing surfaces are protected from damages. Besides, by eliminating the crumbs from the tabletop or the counter, the bread slicer remains stable. What’s more, that helps to ensure that those placing surfaces are protected from damages.

With the acrylic slice guides, you are sure to get flawless ½ inch slices of bread. Norpro 370 is synonymous with uniformity. The acrylic slice guides ensure that you have perfect bread than never before

Norpro 370 Bread Slicer and Guide

However, you should note that it does not offer other sizes of slices meaning that you cannot have thicker or thinner sizes. Also, it is worth notin that the guides wobble a little bit as you cut your bread because they have no top support. However, that will not prevent you from having the evenly cut slices. To have straight slices, it is advisable to use an electric knife. Even though you may have access to a long knife it can be difficult to maintain it in the slots using your hands.

Your loaf of bread size is no longer an issue with Norpro 370 as it features a sliding surface allows you to fit in any bread size. You will agree that there is nothing as annoying as having to go back to the same irritating bread cutting board when you bake a loaf large than your slicer. The slicer is 6 ½ inches high and 12 ½ inches long.

Don’t shy away from trying Norpro 370 bread slicer as it is easy to maintain thanks to the crumb catcher. Besides, it is simple to assemble it has a classy look which elevates your social profile.

  • Crumb catcher
  • Attractive acrylic guides
  • Easy to maintain
  • Simple to assemble
  • Accommodates any bread sizes
  • Plastic guides snap with short knives

1. DB-Tech Compact Foldable Bread Slicer

DB-Tech Compact Foldable Bread Slicer

If you are a fun of homemade bread, then you ought to revolutionize your bread slicing experience. Also, the bakeries are not left out it either. Say goodbye to the troubles you’ve had with other cheap material slicers. You need DB-Tech bread slicer which is highly versatile for fantastic slicing experience.

Are you tired of the annoying bread crumbs that shout loud to your guests that you ate bread long after a meal? Then DB-Tech comes at your service. By just placing the bread inside the slicer, you only need to cut your knife through the slicer, and the crumbs will remain held inside. As a result, you will have your bread ready without dropping the piece on the counter or tabletop. That averts any damage arising out of the tiny pieces of bread.

And the best part; the slicer does not cut slices of the same width. And that is not a flaw because it comes with 3 groove sizes. It leaves you the freedom to cut the sizes you want depending on your preference and use. You can have your slices in different sizes ranging from 0.8cm, 1cm to 1.2cm. In fact, you will realize that size 0.8 is even less thick when compared to the store bought bread, which is usually 1cm thick.

And that is not all. However thick you want your size, you are at liberty to do it by placing your knife in any other slot. You don’t have to pass your knife in every other groove. Having a variety presents you a perfect opportunity to try different things to see what work and what does not.

DB-Tech Compact Foldable Bread Slicer

Made from 100% natural bamboo, you can be sure that DB-Tech bread slicer is sturdy. No more worrying about breakage as this slicer will last you long for as long as it is properly stored. With this, you have an environmentally friendly natural wood slicer. As such, you have no right to complain about environment pollution associated with disposable plastic materials.

Another feature making this slicer a perfect choice is it folding aspects. There is no more worrying about space as you will simply fold it nicely for compact storage. The folding mechanism gives it a perfect height for storage in the cabinet if you don’t have much space in your cabinet. Besides, you can easily use it outdoor since the compact design allows you to flip fast and carry it with ease.

Despite the fact that it a natural bamboo material, you cannot clean it in a dishwasher. The secret is to place the board inside the slicer to reduce the temptation of using a dishwasher. That plays two major roles. First, it will ensure that your bamboo is protected from the sharp knife. Secondly, you can pick your board together with the slices to the table ready for serving.

Since the spring that makes it fold down is metallic, it may rust if it does not dry properly. Due to that, we advise you to ensure that not bread crumbs are stuck in between. Besides, occasionally, make sure that you leave exposed in the sun to kill all the bacteria that might attack if kept in dumpy areas for long.

  • Folding mechanism
  • 3 different thicknesses and more
  • Works with different loaf sizes
  • It holds bread crumbs
  • Durable bamboo material
  • Long lasting
  • Only works with knives smaller than 8 inches


Going by the reviews above, there is no doubt that bread loaf slicers are an integral part of your kitchen cutlery. Bread slicers not only make slicing easy but also a symbol of class. And with it, your kitchen acquires an attractive appearance. It is our belief that you are convinced enough to purchase a bread slicer to take your slicing a notch higher. Take a closer look at the remarkable features of each of the bread slicers reviewed above and choose one that you think will offer you the best experience.



  • I’m here looking for ZNU New Kitchen Bread Loaf Slicer. It is very ideal for perfect bread cutting. When you want to make perfect and even slices, you can consider using this slicing unit. It is very easy to wash and clean this slicing unit. This product is very affordable for most people. You don’t need to spend your money for purchasing this powerful slicing guide. Where can I buy it??

    • It’s out of stock I think, but well try Toogoo Kitchen Pro Bread Loaf Slicer bro. This bread slicer becomes very famous on the Internet these days. Many people are using this reliable product today. It is easy to use and clean this durable bread slicer. This product is also equipped with its reliable crumb catcher. Therefore, you can collect all crumbs during the slicing process easily. The dimension of this product is about 16 x 15 x 14.5 cm. This product allows you to make bread slices safely.

  • Nice post & listing sir. But brand Gracelife Kitchen Bread Loaf Slicer is also good. Which is one of the most popular bread loaf slicers these days. This item can help you slice your bread loaf easily. You can place your bread loaf inside this guide, in order to get perfect slices. This product is made from high quality food grade plastic material. Its cutting mold allows you to use mandoline knife to make some bread slices quickly. This product also has safety feature that can keep your fingers away from your blade.

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