Reach for the Sky with the Best Telescopic Ladders in 2019

Reach for the Sky with the Best Telescopic Ladders in 2019

If you are considering a home improvement, the chances are that you will need a ladder that fits your purpose. Having a ladder that you can use for high rising attics to small spaces in the basement, calls for one that level according to the access points you desire. That is why you’ll need a telescopic ladder since it is versatile in its usage. It simply has rungs that slide into each other so that it compresses to a small size for storage and carriage. It also carries the ability to rise very high unlike traditional ladders, which is why it is growing in popularity every day. You do not want to feel left out in this craze as acquiring one will prove very useful in and around the home. This list consists of the best-selling models to afford you information on selecting the best one and you can also look into other types of ladders.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Good Telescopic Ladder

Weight Capacity: How much weight can the ladder take with you and items on it?

Height of the Telescopic Ladder: Getting an idea of the maximum level, you’ll want to access is important, so as to get the highest height on your ladder to rid off stepping on the uppermost tread.

Purpose: Are you working at home or professionally? This will help make a choice between the heavy duty ones and the regular ones.

Durability: The material that makes the telescopic ladder will determine its longevity. Aluminum and steel make the most durable ones.

Safety Features: The material that makes the treads and feet should be slip-proof for ultimate safety on a telescopic ladder.

10. Oshion EN131, 16.5ft. Aluminum, Telescopic, Telescopic 330 Pound Telescopic Extension

Oshion EN131, 16.5ft. Aluminum, Telescopic, Telescopic 330 Pound Telescopic Extension

When working at home and need accessing different height levels, you wish you’d get one that can be at the level you want, and also get to move it from place to place. Oshion manufacturers ensure they fit your bill okay enough to afford you a ladder that configures four set ups. From a telescoping ladder, to scaffolding system, a step ladder, and the convention A-frame ladder.

This proves its flexibility to fit in diverse working areas from the grave DIY guy to the professional construction engineer. It extends up to 16,5ft, which is an important aspect when trying to reach very high rise surfaces for either a paint job or insulation work at homes. You can rely on it as you adjust the height at your convenience so that you can work with accuracy.

Transforming this ladder into a scaffolding and step ladder system will make it possible for more than one user to access it. It will save you time to complete projects and also energy needed for lifting and putting down tools. This ladder also transforms to the A-frame systems as it acquires a shorter distance up, the base becomes more stable and wider for more comfort and diversity in its capabilities. But, to be able to do all that it can enable you do with ease, such as moving your luggage up to the ceiling or fixing some joints on your wardrobe, you might need some gloves for easy and blister free- operation.

You’ll love how it folds into a compact style to make it more portable for carrying over distances or quickly from room to room. It carries a strap fastener that helps keep it together after depressing the rungs so that you can only lift it without stressing on the weight. It locks and extends through the click Smoot thumb buttons allowing you a secure way up and down this ladder.
Oshion EN131, 16.5ft. Aluminum, Telescopic, Telescopic 330 Pound Telescopic Extension

The quality of this ladder is way up there for it bears a construction from durable aluminum material that keeps it corrosion proof so that it gives the user long term service in good condition. Maintaining it is just by wiping the steps after use and spraying the parts with telescoping ladder spray. This keeps the rivets from gaining rust even in the most humid and saline air conditions.

When you acquire this ladder, you are assured of security, since the feet and treads are rubbery such that you will not have any chances of skidding or the ladder losing balance when in use. It is reasonably priced for all the qualities it exudes which makes it the perfect tool for at home projects in repair and maintenance.

  • Sturdy design for portability
  • Small folded size
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comes with a user guide
  • It may come off as being heavy for some users

9. Werner AA10 Duty Rating 250 Pound Televator Aluminum Telescoping Attic Ladder, Universal, 10-Foot

Werner AA10 Duty Rating 250 Pound Televator Aluminum Telescoping Attic Ladder, Universal, 10-Foot

If you are looking to utilize every available storage space in your house or office, then you might find Werner AA10 Duty Rating 250 Pound Televator Aluminum Telescoping Attic Ladder, Universal, 10-Foot very helpful. This ladder is especially ideal for any small openings and closets and any other tight places.

With it, you will instantly solve the problem of bins and boxes cluttering up your garage or home, and you will get to enjoy a more organized room. Maybe there are times that you have been forced to take the risk of climbing either to the top of your closet or ceiling and it’s obvious that this is an entirely unsafe practice.

To avoid any accidents that might emanate from such climbing, get yourself this ladder as it does not only make climbing safe but also easy and quick. Some people go to the extent of stepping on an unstable surface just to access the storage space forgetting that there is too much danger awaiting them. Stay safe while maximally utilizing your storage space with this ladder.

If you have never owned a Televator Aluminum Telescoping Attic Ladder before, or maybe any other type of ladder at all, don’t worry about installation. With this ladder, you will enjoy an easy one-person installation, and this makes it ideal for most people especially those trying to own a ladder for the first time.
Werner AA10 Duty Rating 250 Pound Televator Aluminum Telescoping Attic Ladder, Universal, 10-Foot

This ladder, AA Series Attic Ladder, features a floor-to-ceiling height ranging from seven (7) feet four (4) inches to ten (10) feet three (3) inches. The ladder is installable into any opening as long as its size is a minimum of 22×22 inches. You will, therefore, have access to almost any space in your house, garage or office and be able to utilize as much space as possible safely.

Besides, this ladder is very robust and reliable. Its steps are wide enough to hold your foot comfortably and securely while the rails are sturdy with eased edges. The ladder, in general, offers you optimal stability enabling you to carry any items up and down the storage spaces safely.Bearing a load capacity of up to 250 pounds (your weight and of the item you are carrying combined), you can carry most items safely.

Its design is super compact, so you don’t have to worry about it breaking as you are halfway up to pick or store items. It also features non-marring feet meaning that you won’t end up damaging/scratching your floors in the process of using it. If you love installing staff like candelabras among others, you will appreciate the help coming from this ladder.

This is a great ladder. It offers the necessary safety and stability needed when climbing to your ceiling or closet and does no damage to your floors. Its weight capacity is generous, and you don’t need any professional’s or friend’s help to install. You will reduce clustering of boxes in your house as with it; you can utilize any available storage spaces.

  • Robust and reliable
  • Easy one person installation
  • Does not scratch the floors
  • Has enough weight capacity
  • Hardware included
  • Not ideal for heavy people (close to 250 pounds) as they will exceed the weight capacity limit

8. Amarine-Made Stainless Steel 3-Step Telescoping Boat Ladder, Swim Step

Amarine-Made Stainless Steel 3-Step Telescoping Boat Ladder, Swim Step

Amarine gives us a 3-step marine grade ladder perfect for use in boats and wet places. With a construction from stainless steel, this ladder is rust resistant and can withstand harsh salty water. Its frame can be mounted onto level platforms to provide for descending and ascending onto floating platforms. It is very useful with pontoon boats and docks to provide a safe way to access wet and slippery surfaces.

It is has a telescopic design that folds at the top such that you can lock it away after use. It also features a Velcro fastener to keep it together when it’s not in use. With a length of 34.5 inches when extended, it can be reliable for multiple uses like getting items from high ranking storage spaces in containers or boats. It compresses to a mere 14.75 inches for portability; thus you can easily carry it when standing, so you don’t have to drag it around.

This model makes for a safe way of accessing spaces since the treads are furbished in rubber to protect users from falling. It is efficient in giving the much-needed support in its uniquely set environment; hence this ladder is versatile in its uses. You can choose to use two or the three availed steps, or customize your length by purchasing from the different step number ladders available by Amarine. For home or office safety, you might consider installing motion sensors and given that they are best installed somewhere up in your house, this ladder will come in to offer a great help.

With this ladder, you are assured of ease in use and installation since you only need screws and bolts to mount in on the surface you desire safely. It has a desirable design, with handles on the side for added support. This attribute is important when you have elders around so that they can feel safe when boarding or exiting your boat. The steel frame is a sure tale of a strong a durable product for a safe and comfortable time when in use.
Amarine-Made Stainless Steel 3-Step Telescoping Boat Ladder, Swim Step

Storage for this ladder is quite easy. It is slim and lightweight, and when folded, it is safely secured with a Velcro strap. This means you save up on storage space making it convenient for small boats that need the use of a ladder. The steel alloy means it does not stain or corrode in the harsh marine waters hence it will not rust your carriage. Maintenance is by application of a lubricant to the rivets and braces so that it serves in good condition.

It is a ladder for everyone in wet and saline environments for it proves its reliability in such situations where the ordinary ladders cannot take the salinity. The safety and support it provides make it convenient for use with even the elderly who may need extra help ascending in slippery surfaces. With all the necessary features, invest in this leader and provide a safe space for your whole family cruise.

  • 100% Marine-Grade ladder
  • Durable construction
  • Compact and efficient
  • Facilitates easy boarding
  • Easy fitting
  • Young children need help accessing this ladder

7. Telesteps Extension Ladder1800EP 18ft, Professional OSHA compliant

Telesteps Extension Ladder1800EP 18ft, Professional OSHA compliant

Telesteps focuses on the production of the most reliable types of equipment, including this incredibly flexible extension ladder. With slip-proof wide steps on their ladder, this makes for a stable and safe surface to help in making comfortable strides up the ladder. It is suitable for reaching on stuff up at 18ft. Thus it is convenient for reaching your house lofts or commercially uses it for getting on to roofs, check great rising features in buildings, etc. conveniently and fast.

With this ladder, there’s no more dragging around. It just folds to a compressed set weighing only 30.5 lbs., which is easy to move from room to room in your house or even store it in the back seat of your car. It is also very efficient in DIY projects in and outside the house since it is sturdy to hold up 300 pounds of body and tools weight. Reaching the top parts of your wall will no longer be a problem as you can now do the painting you’ve been waiting to do for so long.

You can not only reach your highest ranking shelves, but you can also access middle placed ones, since it telescopes effortlessly, using an exclusive one-touch release mechanism for either up and down, that you can now customize how you use your ladder. Its versatility is not only expressed in the ability to access top shelves and attics but to also do it safely. It features heavy pivoting feet constructed from 100% silicone.

This type of construction is critical it gives a firm grip even on wet surfaces. With such support, you are assured of a safe way up or down this ladder. The engineering of this ladder is ingenious from aluminum alloys, meaning it has high tensile strength while remaining lightweight at the same time. Aluminum alloys are known to resist corrosion as in the case of this ladder; the rivets remain as good as new for a decent period.
Telesteps Extension Ladder1800EP 18ft, Professional OSHA compliant

It is a durable set that will endure being left out in wet environments since it naturally forms a protective layer to keep if safe against rust and deterioration from UV. But because it has a small style, you can fold it for storage for you don’t need help bringing it back to the house. This extension ladder offers safety and support when in use.

You can easily collapse it in seconds, using the two buttons in the middle of the bottom rung saving you time from collapsing one rung at a time. It is highly recommended on account of convenience and reliability. The portability is also spot on, and for the quality it exhibits, I can say it is affordably priced.

  • Has a robust design
  • Manufactured from anti-corrosion material
  • Quick to rise and collapse, using the one-touch release mechanism
  • Easy to set up
  • Collapsing this ladder may take some practice to perfect

6. Xtend & Climb, 12.5 ft. Type II 770 P Home Series, Aluminum Telescoping Ladder

Xtend & Climb, 12.5 ft. Type II 770 P Home Series, Aluminum Telescoping Ladder

This reasonably priced telescoping ladder by Xtend & Climb has ranked one the high-quality ladders on the market today. It retracts completely to a compressed set that is easy to carry through sensitive places and also get to different heights without the need for a shorter or longer ladder. This makes it ideal to reach high roofs as well as low-lying ceiling since adjusting the height is on a whim with the no-pinch closure system.

Having approval by ANSI/OSHA, it means that this product is authentic and is out to offer the safest ladder without compromising on the comfort of the user. It features a spring loading mechanism which automatically locks to secure each step height. The treads are notched for traction, such that one may never slip or fall. It also carries red and green indicators that show when it is safe to climb.

This ladder comes with a wide base which makes up for extensive stability for professional and industrial use. It holds up a considerable 250lbs. weight to enable working with tools and be adequately supported. Also, the feet are embellished in non-skid caps to ensure it holds firmly against even the most slippery floors. This means you’ll always have a safe time using it.

Also, it is of an aluminum construction which makes it not only corrosion resistant but also less bulky. That is why it’s possible to take it from place to place without fatigue. With a sturdy closure strap, it ensures it is in place mid-transport. It can also be stored conveniently in small spaces or moved compactly in cars.
Xtend & Climb, 12.5 ft. Type II 770 P Home Series, Aluminum Telescoping Ladder

It also features rubber bumper guards that keep it from irritating and scratching on walls or glass, such that it leaves each place it touches the same. This is also critical when working in sensitive environments, in order not to destroy property. The feet also have the molded rubber which covers the ladder against sliding or rocking to the side.

This is a multi-purpose ladder that works equally well in the home or industrial environment. It assures longevity by the qualities it exudes and is accomplished for users who need daily telescoping applications making it versatile equipment to have around.

  • Allows for compact carriage and storage
  • Adjusts the height safely
  • Construction is of durable aluminum
  • Anti-skid Treads and feet for optimum safety
  • Cannot be used by children

5. Ollieroo 12.5ft. Telescoping Extension Aluminum Ladder with Loaded Locking Mechanism EN131

Ollieroo 12.5ft. Telescoping Extension Aluminum Ladder with Loaded Locking Mechanism EN131

There’s a reason everyone appreciates and loves this telescoping ladder by Ollieroo. The unique features it exhibits are a reason to try it on all household jobs, DIY projects and professional repair and maintenance jobs. This ladder rises to 12 ft so you can quickly reach the high ceiling of your home, or do painting jobs at offices. It extends to various heights; hence you can use it on surfaces with different heights.

For it has a construction from aluminum alloys; this ladder can last a decent time in good condition. Aluminum makes it a stable entity that can hold up to 330lbs plus tools one is using and also a compact, lightweight ladder that can be easily moved from place to place. It features a collapsible design where it goes as low as 34×19 inches that is short and can fit under your length for simple carriage. If you plan to use it from one site to another, you can place it in your car trunk or seat allowing for easy portability.

It features a loaded locking mechanism that prevents steps from sliding back after extension, to ensure a safe climb. It also comes with button thumb buttons for easy collapse as you descend the steps. Also, there’s a foot board after the first step at the bottom that holds this ladder stable since it is for heavy-duty use. With the rubber grip caps in its feet, it does not skid under any circumstances, even on wet and slippery floors.

This ladder makes for an efficient and compact tool that makes work way easier. The fact that it can fit into small spaces is a bonus. The steps are wide for a comfortable and safe footing on your way up. It gives a pleasant stride to prevent slipping since the distance between each step is considerable for every size and frame, up to 330 lbs. This is why it has been authenticated by the European Safety Standard En 131, so you are assured of getting a high-quality, safe product.
Ollieroo 12.5ft. Telescoping Extension Aluminum Ladder with Loaded Locking Mechanism EN131

Users appreciate that it can squeeze into small attics since its width is only 19 inches making it flexible for it does not compromise on spaces. It can fit most primary ladder applications at home or industrial situations providing for safety support and compatibility. In almost all home projects, you’ll need this versatile tool. Seeing that it can hold up 330 lbs and itself weighing only 24lbs, it is commendable how well it fits the home and industry environment.

If you are working on a budget, this ladder is the way to go. It is fairly priced for the work it can accommodate plus the portability it affords. It can serve every need in most situations and has a wide coverage area. If you plan to shift working at home to the field projects, this ladder is for you. It is rust-proof and serves for its maximum time in a good state.

  • Easy to use
  • Compact design for portability
  • Rises and collapse safely
  • Anti-slip feet for maximum safety
  • It cannot be used by persons over 330lbs

4. Generic 12.5 ft. EN131Std Telescopic Aluminum Ladder Extension, Extend, Loft

Generic 12.5 ft. EN131Std Telescopic Aluminum Ladder Extension, Extend, Loft

You’ll be hard pressed to get just a ladder for your home, that is why this telescoping ladder by Generic is the most secure to cater your specific needs. It has gone through rigorous standardization processes and come out head high having been authenticated by European Standards. This proves its safety and utter usefulness. With a reach of up to12.5ft. when extended, this ladder is the real deal for DIY projects, for unassailable benefits.

It reaches safely with one-foot increments to afford you an easy time ascending the steps. With skidproof rungs, it makes for a secure footing to prevent any fall whatsoever. The steps acquire a loaded state through a tight lock ring that prevents the steps from slipping back after extension. It exhibits excellent qualities for use in stressful situations since you easily maneuver it to fit small spaces to reach difficult spots. It manifests a reliable quality for users up to 300 lbs.

It also displays a tough frame made from aluminum ensuring that it is a durable product that serves its maximum time. It does not corrode or rust since with aluminum alloys it is expected that it forms a tough exterior as it interacts with the harsh environments, such that it acquires a resistant body. You’ll notice that maintenance is also easy for you just wipe it with a damp cloth after use and a telescopic ladder spray to keep it clean.

When you compress this ladder, it shrinks to just 34 inches for easy portability. This adds to the versatility as it can cover major areas of home refurbishment since you can effortlessly take it through rooms without congesting the place. You can also store this ladder compactly as it does not take much room in your storehouse. The depressed rungs are very light weight you will not need help to get it through spaces.
Generic 12.5 ft. EN131Std Telescopic Aluminum Ladder Extension, Extend, Loft

Looking at the base of this ladder, you’ll notice that the feet have rubber caps that keep it from skidding or rocking from side to side. It is, therefore, safe for use when fully extended since you will still safe as you reach out to high roofs on smooth floors. It is an exact definition of stability and security even for our friends who fear heights.

To say that this ladder expresses a generous convenience over a range of uses is an understatement. It is approved for safety and users love its flexibility and secure footing. If you are planning to do some serious DIY at home, you’ll find this ladder on the high end of value and quality. It is a great undertaking for home safety and support. What’s more, the price is irresistible.

  • Tough and durable
  • Easy to compress
  • Has a stable base
  • Easy to maintain
  • It may need proper leveling on uneven ground

3. Xtend& Climb 15.5ft Type I Aluminum Professional Series Telescoping Ladder

Xtend& Climb 15.5ft Type I Aluminum Professional Series Telescoping Ladder

This model is the best high-rise ladder you’ll ever get on the market. From a manufacturer so highly appreciated, Xtend &climbs always lives up to our expectations. This telescoping ladder is a combination of multi-talent and absolute safety. It features retracting rungs that compress safely through the no pinch system which affords you a functional set up as you descend.

It can virtually be taken anywhere since its compact design allows for better transportation. If you are a contractor, this ladder is a professional grade for use in construction sites and industries. It is manufactured from an aluminum alloy which makes it unyielding and durable, giving you the comfort of having a high-quality product. You can also store it anywhere you like, as it can fit small storage spaces.

Also, it is lightweight, so it does not need additional help lifting to move from space to space. If you are having a busy day, it will save you a tremendous amount of time and energy against the traditional cumbersome and immobile ladders. There’s no limit to what you can do with it as you can take it home and still find it useful to access high points in the house. The varied height extensions allow you to use it even in reaching high shelves in the kitchen.

You’ll love that it carries red and green indicators that show when the ladder is secure to ascend. This aspect is important as you don’t want to take a step and have the whole thing crashing on your toes. It keeps you protected from such occurrences including having thumb buttons to collapse it safely. The functionality also features a comfortable position where when the ladder is slanting against a wall; your back remains straight so that you can make precise applications on the project you are working.
Xtend& Climb 15.5ft Type I Aluminum Professional Series Telescoping Ladder

With this ladder, you are sure to be on a safe footing. It carries non-slip caps that will keep you from skidding and affords you balance even when you are using the top rungs. It remains steady under considerable weight including the tools you carry so that you can have a secure time while carrying out your projects. The base is quite wide with a large surface area on the feet; thus it cannot rock to the side when climbing.

The rungs also feature a rubber liner that will perfectly keep your feet atop this ladder; you will instantly feel a firm grip on your feet as you stride up or down this ladder. The rubber lining also muffles your steps, so that you can have a quiet working space without causing disruptions to the people around you. They also help keep your treads looking new since rubber minimizes a worn look.

This telescoping ladder is the ideal fit for a vast area of use, from your home to the professional world. It proves useful and reliable for you as a construction engineer to the severe DIY for home remodeling. The safety it affords is unassailable for all users no matter the recommended usage you put it. Seeing that it comes at a competitive price, you will be hard pressed to pass it over.

  • Suitable for heavy-duty use
  • Affords easy storage
  • Durable construction
  • No pinch closure system
  • May come out as heavy for some users

2. Little Giant Type I 14016-001, Alter one Model 22, Foot Ladder

Little Giant Type I 14016-001, Alter one Model 22, Foot Ladder

Little Giant presents an all-round telescoping ladder that combines the best aspects that make up the highest quality ladder on the market today. First off, it integrates a scaffolding system with an A-frame staircase, step ladder plus a 90-degree. This makes it the most versatile and flexible ladder for all heavy duty uses. It features a sturdy design to withstand all kinds of construction tasks so as to make work easier in such an environment.

You can use this ladder as the convention A-frame ladder with a broad base to support a good deal of weight and working tools. It has side rails for support when mounting the ladder and makes no slip under its stated weight capacity which 250lbs. For this ladder. You’ll be amazed at how the base prevents it from rocking because it designed for heavy duty purpose.

It defies the traditional ladder by having the ability for use as a scaffolding system. This means it can open and make a platform where workers can stand and work on it. It is very reliable for when you need to do a whole lot of things on a top surface that requires a lot of turning and picking and dropping tools where you’ll also need a surface to place them. It will give you the access you need in a secure manner.

The treads are extra thick for ample support to hold up your body weight with a feeling of safety so that your foot maintains a steady grip to prevent slips. This keeps you balanced as they are also wide and equally spaced for an ultimately safe working time. This ladder also features rubber feet which keep it together; this ensures it does not skid when you move your body when carrying out different tasks. It is super easy to transform one style into the other to get the best use out of it.
Little Giant Type I 14016-001, Alter one Model 22, Foot Ladder

For the telescoping aspect, it features a tip and glide design for this configuration so that it transforms readily into a high rise telescoping ladder. Its length is adjustable to your desired height up to the upper rungs which come with a skid free surface that allows you to work with a stable footing on the treads. Working with the exclusive triple locking hedge gives the ultimate safest telescoping ladder for scouring those heights.

Its construction is of aircraft grade aluminum making it strong and sturdy while still retaining the light weight aspect of storage and safety. The Little Giant abilities go way beyond from being an ordinary telescoping ladder, to being the highest sought ladder. It does disappoint in all its claims, as we have interacted with it and found out first hand that it is the real deal of telescoping ladders.

  • Great versatility
  • Strong, durable construction
  • Ideal for heavy duty use
  • Exclusive triple locking hedge for safety
  • Light people may find it a bit heavy

1. Werner 22ft. 300 Pound MT-22, Telescoping Multi Ladder

Werner 22ft. 300 Pound MT-22, Telescoping Multi Ladder

Werner makes out top best for he proves time and again that products can be versatile and comfortable at the same time. With this telescoping ladder, you get the best of both worlds, seeing that it extends to the highest height of 19ft among the best ladders and still affords stability and security for the use. It can also transform into a step ladder such that it can be used by two people because it acquires a wider width and a larger base.

The above aspect comes in handy when performing tasks that need a hand at the same height you are accessing. It will massively reduce the time you take to complete projects by providing a safe working for more users. This is the first ladder that can transform into that manner making it gain favor among the professional industry workers and home modeling experts.

It makes for a safe ladder by having steady rubbery feet that are anti-skid, preventing the user from sliding and tipping over, whether as a telescoping ladder, steps or scaffolding system. It is diverse in its uses as it can traverse different places compactly without a struggle. This design makes it lightweight so that you don’t have to drag it anywhere. You can also fit it in your car for use on the go.

It features soft nobs that come in easy for transforming this ladder, and for adjusting the different lengths that come with it. This means you can mount it on to short or tall surfaces with ease, helping you gain control over your work. It has shown excellence in keeping its users safe for it comes with rugged, heavy-duty feet which keep it stable in all its configurations. This means the step ladder is as safe as the scaffolding surface.
Werner 22ft. 300 Pound MT-22, Telescoping Multi Ladder

When it comes to the durability, this model ranks high for its frame is rust and corrosion proof. Its rivets do not exude any forms of depreciation over time, as with a little maintenance it stays looking good. It is built for longevity that surpasses all other models’ for it is deemed to serve its optimum time. With this ladder, you get a mix of all the useful tasks you can undertake and how safe it gets with each step on this ladder.

This is an investment worth considering for home and professional area usage. It’s versatile and flexible to most working conditions. At a reasonable price for all the necessary features that completes a safe and reliable high levels access tool.

  • High quality construction
  • Safe rubber treads and feet
  • Four configurations
  • Heavy duty use
  • It may prove cumbersome for some users


There’s a whole lot of information on telescoping ladders out there, which can make selecting one prove difficult. We hope that the list above will enlighten you further while making this important decision. Ladders are not built the same, and it’s important to follow the manufacturers’ usage, and purpose information for the right ladder also equals absolute safety. Learn how to properly use the ladder you purchase to avoid accidents associated with telescoping ladders. And, you never rule out the possibility of carrying your telescoping ladder with you while going outdoors as some destinations demands it. Good Luck!


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