Our Recommended Bluetooth Wireless Shower Heads are the Best in 2019

Our Recommended Bluetooth Wireless Shower Heads are the Best in 2019

A Bluetooth wireless showerhead integrates a speaker at its heart and uses Bluetooth connection to play music. It is the ultimate way to spend your time in the shower where you connect wirelessly to your smartphone or computer for the purpose of listening to audio directly from Bluetooth sources. The Bluetooth speakers have the convenience of receiving calls or even being detached for use independently without the shower head. If you want more convenience, look at the Best Bluetooth Headphones.

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What Should You Bear in Mind Before Choosing a Bluetooth Wireless Shower Head?

These units are quite affordable with the best of them falling under $100. They range from different output systems, and they all claim to deliver the best results. These assertions make opting for a model a bit complicated, that’s why we have tested the water and come up with this list.

Size of the Showerhead: Your main aim is a shower followed by a good speaker. Finding the two with the right combination will be easier if you decide the size you want first. They come in a different number of jets with a variance in the water power.

Quality of the Sound: This goes for both music and calls quality. Some speakers deliver great music sound, but the calls are all noisy and unreliable. Examine the quality of both audio outputs before you take one home.

Operations & Functions: How many buttons does it carry? This influences the access level and the way you use your system. Ensure that the buttons are reachable and that you can control different functions effortlessly.

Battery Life: How long does it go on a single charge? Can it go for days on standby mode? A long battery life is better if you look forward to spending a longer time in the shower.

10. Amandak Upgraded Bluetooth Music &Phone Touchscreen Waterproof Showerhead Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

Amandak Upgraded Bluetooth Music &Phone Touchscreen Waterproof Showerhead Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

A great shower is the start of a smooth morning. Make it even better with the Amandak Bluetooth Wireless Showerhead. It is the epitome of quality in an elegant design with the latest version of Bluetooth technology to deliver a truly fantastic shower. With it, you get to listen to all your favorite tunes straight from your phone. You can even connect to other Bluetooth enabled devices when you want to listen to the News before leaving the house.

It features a simulated dual microphone that reduces noise from the surroundings and running water immensely. It helps one to still keep up a conversation when you make calls through in the shower. The sound quality is magnified in the deep but loud frequencies to offer you optimal entertaining time. This showerhead does not require fumbling with wires when trying to make a connection. A Bluetooth device will fulfill all the needs you ever needed from this superior showerhead speaker.

Working with this machine reveals a device that is very user-friendly. It carries a touchscreen with a simple interface to quickly operate and to turn on/off seamlessly with your phone. Consider this wireless Bluetooth shower head since it is entirely sealed from water and uses updated plated technology to prevent any wear that comes with constant water demands. The thickness portrayed shows a device that is impenetrable and leak proof.
Amandak Upgraded Bluetooth Music &Phone Touchscreen Waterproof Showerhead Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

When we look at the construction further, the shower head plus wireless Bluetooth speaker have the primary make from ABS material (Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene). Manufacturers prefer it because it is non-reactive to heat and chemicals, such that it retains a proper working condition. It can withstand very cold temperature; hence it is robust and durable. The shower head also integrates advanced water saving technology that regulates the water flow to around 2.5GPM. Consequently, the overall water saved is up to 30% of the water you’d usually use.

With the Bluetooth speaker, you get 11.5 hours of both music and talk time. It includes a USB charger for the 1100mA lithium ion battery it carries. The 3Wspeaker has a range of 33 feet to still use it when you are out of the shower in your room. When you want just to enjoy more music, connect your tablet, smartphone, PC, MP3 player with the 3.0+EDR Bluetooth support. You’ll also find that the volume is just enough for the available connecting distance. Make more connections with the best WIFI Router to use from the comfort of your house.

With Amandak, you know what you’re getting. Technology incorporated in a wise make of a showerhead. Showering like the king should be your daily goal. There’s no assembly needed or learning curve with this device. Everything is quite straightforward for the average tech person who can’t keep up with the popping technology words. Have it your way with music, calls, news and lift your mood or just listen to your favorite tips in the shower. It comes at a very affordable price; anyone who loves to take their time listening to some good music should definitely take this home.

  • It has a strong ABS construct to assure the durability
  • Bluetooth speaker is 100% waterproof
  • Uses noise cancellation technology
  • Has a long range and hours for use with other devices
  • Isolated user complaint about the not very loud volume

9. iRainy Showerhead SH-BS07 with Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker in White for Music & Calls

iRainy Showerhead SH-BS07 with Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker in White for Music & Calls

Some time back, one usually jumped in the shower and hummed their way out of a boring time while lathering and getting ready for a hectic day. Other times you’d wake up earlier so that you can catch the news before you take a shower. But now you can sleep longer and rise just in time to listen to the news and do it from the comfort of running water and information reaching your ears. The iRainy is what your bathroom is lacking to give you the convenience of customizing your time in the shower.

The showerhead delivers great water pressure to soothe those tired muscles after a long day. Sync your head to the music to calm the nerves when you look forward to a busy day in the office. With this showerhead, choose music remotely from your phone and listen to them when cleaning up. It is compatible with all Bluetooth versions on smart devices. If you own a tablet, PC, iPhone, MacBook and laptop connect and partake in the relation that comes when you include good music to the flow of water on your body.

The iRainy wireless Bluetooth showerhead uses a push to speak button when answering and making a call. With the dual microphone noise reduction technology, your calls will not feel like you’re in a busy background. The environment it allows helps when you want to make a casual call and even better when on an official call. You know how serious it gets with official matters that call for complete silence when using your phone. Now you no longer have to jump out of the shower when you want to answer your boss’ call.
iRainy Showerhead SH-BS07 with Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker in White for Music & Calls

Get to use a tools-free installation system. It connects without hassle with any standard shower arm. Wiring is out of the question with this unit. If you are in a hurry a few minutes is all you need to get this showerhead running. The Bluetooth speaker is also waterproof and resists water damage over time. This is because the material features superior construction to make the shower time more than just running water. It is an ultimate convenience since you’ll not touch your other devices with water.

The functionality of this system allows a long playback time which indicates you won’t charge your device every day. It does not constrain the water flow and as such; many users praise the great sound experienced with the rain-like shower that is continuous with this system. However, it has one setting for the shower, but this has never been an issue with many users. The range of this unit is also admirable you can still enjoy great music when you’re in another room.

The iRainy delivers a spa-like experience every time you turn on the shower. The pressure is great, and the sound output is loud. You can control the volume and also pause the music midway with the touch of a button. With the inbuilt microphone, it picks up calls for you to enable a continuous shower time. The volume on the receiver is unchangeable, but it is very audible and clear with a high capacity to mask any accompanying noise. Take the perks of taking showers in a whole new level.

  • High-performance speaker
  • Seamless connection with all Android and Bluetooth enabled devices
  • Totally waterproofed
  • Protected from power surges and electrocution danger
  • Call answering volume has no control function

8. WAYCOM Wide Drenching Rain 2GPM Shower Head with Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

WAYCOM Wide Drenching Rain 2GPM Shower Head with Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Personalize your time in the shower with the WAYCOM Showerhead Wide Drenching Rain. It carries a wireless Bluetooth speaker that delivers high-quality sound and draws a hands-free operation with your phone. You can integrate easily with this system via a Bluetooth connection to give you an ultimately entertaining time. You don’t want to be left out in the Bluetooth shower heads craze. If your friend is using it, it’s probably because of the great benefits accompanied by such technology.

When you think of drenching in an awesome shower to relax and rejuvenate your body, think of the WAYCOM shower head. It’s in the luxurious lane that is designed for the person who loves the fine stuff on the market. It has a soaking rain pressure on the water system at the rate of 2.5 GPM. It will help you save plenty of water to cut down on water and heating bills. It gives one of those shower experiences where if you don’t watch the time you may go on for hours drowning in the soothing water.

If you love listening to loud music wherever you are in the house, don’t miss it for one minute because of taking a shower. Connect your Android smartphone or other Bluetooth devices in the home to listen to rich sound with the quality of a music system that doesn’t forgive when it comes to booming music. It offers fifteen hours of standby time with a range of 33ft. If leaving the shower because of the music, listen to it in any other room where the range does not affect the audio output. With a charging time of only 3 hours, it can deliver continuous music listening for up to ten hours. It, therefore, makes for a very reliable system.
WAYCOM Wide Drenching Rain 2GPM Shower Head with Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Other specific features of the WAYCOM showerhead include the ability to deliver 88 nozzles full body spray through the 8.5inch head. The sound volume and vibration do not compromise on the quality of shower you get. The power is consistent with the Diam polished finish which gives an elegant look, admirable by anyone who loves sleek items adorning their house. No standard showerhead comes close to this make. When you want to make a good impression on your friends, this is the kind of invite that will turn weekends to daily checkups on you just to enjoy a music incorporated shower.

The delivery by WAYCOM is assured to last a long time. You will grow fond of the way it rings when your phone has an incoming call. The noise in your background is always muffed with the inbuilt dual mic which enhances noise reductions. The snap-on installation is through a magnetic plate that allows you to take it places when it has a full charge. Don’t restrict yourself to just one level of volume; angle it in different directions according to your preference.

The overall design of the WAYCOM showcases a system that is here to fulfill all your music in the shower needs. If you love to make your karaoke come true in the shower, then, you’ll want to consider this model. It is also portable and not restricted to the shower. As the essence of having a shower with a speaker is to make your cleaning time memorable, you will love the coordination delivered by the WAYCOM Showerhead with the wireless Bluetooth speaker.

  • Straightforward and quick installation
  • The Bluetooth speaker gives clean and consistent music for hours
  • The showerhead helps save water
  • Quick establishment with other Bluetooth enabled devices
  • The sound comes off as too loud for some users.

7. Msh-10 Showerhead Bidet4me Waterproof Speaker with Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

Msh-10 Showerhead Bidet4me Waterproof Speaker with Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

Do you get bored listening to the sound of running water in the shower? Well, you can change to a more exciting showering experience with the Bidet4me waterproof showerhead. It uses wireless Bluetooth technology speaker that connects to your tablet, smartphone or a laptop. You will love it because it is waterproof, just a perfect fit for the shower environment. With it, you can get wholesome entertainment from all forms of audio.

Msh-10 Bidet4me showerhead uses the 3.0 version Bluetooth technology. This technique ensures you connect all your Bluetooth enabled devices which are at least 30 feet away. This system eliminates the need to carry your phone to the shower where it may get into contact with water. It comes with an inbuilt microphone to enable picking those important calls while you shower. With the Bluetooth speaker, you can listen to your favorite music and even stream news

Bidet4me system has a sophisticated pickup technology that cancels the background noise. This technology will ensure your calls are audible without interference f[rom the running water. The sound output is always impressive with the louder and clearer music play availed. This will ensure no straining occurs since the sound is consistent at all times. The wireless speaker gives you the control to always pick the songs you want to play. For the showerhead, it has a water flow of 2.5 GPM hence saving your water consumption by up to 30 %.
Msh-10 Showerhead Bidet4me Waterproof Speaker with Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

You don’t need to spend extra money to have your Bidet4me showerhead installed as it is easy to fix. You can also use the detachable speaker independently from the showerhead. It is easily detachable to use from anywhere you want. It’s very easy to operate the Bidet4me showerhead as no cords or wires to install are involved. It also has a rechargeable lithium ion battery that can run for up to 8 hours when fully charged.

As you know, speakers play a significant role to ensure that you listen to quality music. This feature has not been compromised even with the Bidet4me wireless showerhead. It uses the latest audio algorithms to make sure it is audible, so you enjoy your music to the fullest. The construction reveals a well-thought product, made to face the extreme elements it is deemed to integrate with. From hot water to freezing temperature, it rarely reacts to such elements, and since it’s waterproof, you are sure it will last for a decent period.

Owning the Bidet4me Bluetooth wireless showerhead is what you need to relax your mind from a long day of work while. You may want to consider buying this device even more as it comes at a very affordable price. It not only keeps you entertained but it also connects seamlessly to your phone each time there’s a signal established. Install this system to your household and partake in fun; you will wonder how you got along without one.

  • It has long life battery
  • Waterproof speaker
  • Has a pickup technology for background noise reduction
  • Over the edge sound output
  • Has a pin type charger rather the typical USB charger

6. Knox Showerhead Music Jet and wireless Bluetooth Music/Phone Speaker with White Rim

Knox Showerhead Music Jet and wireless Bluetooth Music/Phone Speaker with White Rim

As the market fills up with Bluetooth showerheads, one product manages to stand out among them. Knox Showerhead with wireless Bluetooth speaker gives a reason to wake up and be in the shower. The sound of soft music in warm running water is what you get with Knox. They use advanced technology to bring a smart device with Bluetooth compatibility to share, listen and drown in the sound of your music choices as you indulge in the precipitation of eighty-eight jets.

This system utilizes the latest algorithms to enable receiving of clear and clean calls. With noise cancellation technology, every call will feel as you would on your phone. By pressing a button, you’ll receive calls through the speaker, which incorporates simulated dual microphone. This speaker enhances the noise cancellation capability. You no longer have to get anxious about missing calls each time you’re in the shower, go on your days with the convenience afforded by this well-designed Bluetooth showerhead.

If showering had been reduced to just unreliable water flows on a little sprinkler, then you’ll get to enjoy a new way of having it your way. A total of 88 jets graces this system to provide an extensive coverage of high power. The water flow rate is controlled to enable water saving without compromising with the way it washes over you. This is the showerhead that will improve your shower experiences into better times that you’ll even long for.
Knox Showerhead Music Jet and wireless Bluetooth Music/Phone Speaker with White Rim

The automatic Bluetooth system gives a constant connection with all 3.0+EDR devices. It quickly picks up a signal to give you consistent music play. Your source device can be as far as ten meters and this system will still maintain a stable connection. You’ll get to enjoy ten hours of continuous music listening and talk time on the speakers. It detaches easily for charging the single inbuilt lithium ion battery. It comes with the USB cord to serve the charging purpose.

You’ll be impressed by the 3W waterproof speakers. They are completely sealed and can withstand numerous uses in the shower. The construction keeps it from wearing due to constant water contact.

It installs directly into the showerhead unaided by tools. This means it can pop out and be of use in another room. It weighs less than 1.5 pounds so you can also take it places as it will not add any significant weight to the items you carry every day. Remember to bring the best iPhone charger. It will prove useful in keeping your iPhone ON to ensure continuous connection with the speaker.

Knox showerhead is in its own lane. The features are slightly comparable to other showerheads on this list. However, working with it reveals a unique product, delivering sound output in its parallel competitive lane. You cannot beat the price it carries, and as such, it makes for a reliable and convenient product to adorn your shower for many years to come.

  • It has a long range distance
  • Automatic signal pick up
  • Unique sound output
  • Very affordable
  • It cannot be of use with a built-in handheld shower design

5. YOO.MEE Bluetooth Music Jet Rain Showerheads for Music with Waterproof Speakers

YOO.MEE Bluetooth Music Jet Rain Showerheads for Music with Waterproof Speakers

Who doesn’t love listening and dancing to good music? Well, all of us do, and now you will no longer pause your favorites because with YOO.MEE, they have devised a clever way of delivering music, particularly when you shower. Typical music speakers are not always waterproof so you can’t take them to your bathroom. With YOO.MEE this has all been made possible with their wireless Bluetooth speakers to go hand in hand with their shower head.

This model has its speaker finished with polished chrome. It is an important material when you want to keep your device in a top-notch performance. Did you know that Chrome gives steel its stainless feature? Bearing that aspect in mind, this system delivers the same if not better results when met with extreme elements like heat or freezing temperature. It is also non-reactive material that will not depreciate or fade over time. The speaker is an integral part of this showerhead because it gives the multifunction effect of having both devices work together as a unit.

This showerhead is one that lives a lasting impact in the way you spend your time under the water. The jet rain effect is a constant touch of unwinding as it gives a calming effect. If you have long working days, this is what you want to come home to. The setting delivers a smooth but powerful full body spray to give you a fulfilled time every time the water runs on your skin. You’ll have a chance to rest of the anxiety typical of daily hassle in spa-feel like water.
YOO.MEE Bluetooth Music Jet Rain Showerheads for Music with Waterproof Speakers

You’ll always enjoy the playtime delivered by this system. You can play continuous music for 12-15 hours keeping in mind it has a very short charge time. With a range of 33ft, you don’t have to keep your Bluetooth enabled device next to the speaker. The speaker carries a very simple tools-free installation that is fast and easy. It is lightweight, and it can be detached from the showerhead to use elsewhere in the house. When it comes to installing the showerhead to your regular shower arm, you’ll find a Teflon tape that makes the process effortless.

Bluetooth sharing for this system is with the V3.0+EDR version which is standard for many devices. You will rarely come across a smart device that does not support that version. It comes with an 1100mAh Li-ion battery that helps the device conserve energy even though it delivers high sound output with a rich enhancement to music. If you want to be a better singer, you’ll want to practice with this speaker because of the clear sound delivery. The clarity is seen even with the call function that still delivers a crisp background for making all kinds of calls.

YOO.MEE wireless Bluetooth speaker shower head is your go to if you are an adept music lover. You will also like the massage-like the effect it gives since the power is enough to relieve stiff muscles on your back and shoulders. It has amazing sound output, easy to install and portable. The versatility it shows is seen in the flexibility to fit adjustable shower heads, and the accessibility is on point. If you have friends, who can’t keep their will away from music, get them this showerhead with wireless Bluetooth speaker and brighten their days.

  • Long standby time
  • Lightweight for mobility purposes
  • Great power showerhead
  • Durable construction
  • The speaker does not have a rewind or forward function

4. LORDEAR Modern 87Jets, 8.5-Inch Round Chrome Finish Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speakers TPR Nozzle Rainmaker Showerhead

LORDEAR Modern 87Jets, 8.5-Inch Round Chrome Finish Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speakers TPR Nozzle Rainmaker Showerhead

If you jump for joy when rain soaks you, then you will love the LORDEAR showerhead with the Music Playing Wireless Bluetooth Speakers. The good thing with such a system is that it connects simply with your phone. Wires and cords are not part of this make. It represents the real future that was only unimaginable several years ago. No one thought they’d take their music choices to the shower but with LORDEAR, you can enjoy hours of tunes with water running on your body.

With this showerhead, you’ll get a rain-like shower output. It gives 87jets for a complete wash so lather up and get clean faster with this showerhead. It has 8.5 inches diameter, to give you a full spray without leaving out some parts out. You don’t want to keep scooping water in your hands with a narrow showerhead that is barely enough for your frame. The LORDEAR delivers power and is an invigorating system for a brisk morning or a tired evening.

With the wireless Bluetooth speaker, any source is compatible with it. You don’t have to through configuration settings as you would with a Wi-Fi system. No apps are to be installed on your phone such that you can stream music and news direct to the system. Fill your shower with sounds from this system and give yourself a time of a lifetime. The essence of a good speaker is the great power handling capability to provide repeatable quality every time you listen to the audio. The LORDEAR shows a high sensitivity to power by the batteries such that it doesn’t need high power to give back great sound output.
LORDEAR Modern 87Jets, 8.5-Inch Round Chrome Finish Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speakers TPR Nozzle Rainmaker Showerhead

You’ll be pleased by the simple installation style. With an extension arm, you can have it working in a matter of minutes. For the speaker, it has a magnetized bottom that fits directly to the showerhead. You can detach it at any time to listen to music out of the shower and with a range of 50ft. This device gives convenience for you to go on with your everyday tasks without confining you to a small space where your phone can establish a connection with the system. It offers ten hours of continuous use with a full charge. This way, you can take it to school or on the go and have uninterrupted entertainment.

This showerhead is made of polished chrome ABS, which gives it the durability properties it exudes. It can withstand the heat generated by hot water, and it rarely combines with other elements to give harmful compounds. You’ll be impressed by the simple one button function to ease with the operation. With the button, switch on/off and control the volume with it. Also, it comes in handy when you want to answer phone calls in the shower.

This is one of the greatest makes we have. The rain effect is more real than you get with a regular shower. With 87jets and an 8.5diameter, the water flow will always serve your invigoration purposes. This system shows reliability because it will serve in proper condition for a long time. We can say for the money this wireless Bluetooth shower head lives up to its actual value.

  • Fast installation process
  • Simple operations
  • Long wireless range
  • Many shower jets
  • Some users encountered problems finding a hose to fit

3. Morpilot Top Spray Rain Shower Head Waterproof Music Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Audio Box

Morpilot Top Spray Rain Shower Head Waterproof Music Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Audio Box

Do boring hums dominate your shower time with a tune you struggle to remember? Then you must wish to change the way you spend your time cleaning up. Did you know including music in your shower is a remedy for de-stressing and living a fulfilled life? Choose the Morpilot Top Spray Rain Showerhead with a wireless Bluetooth speaker. It is a one of a kind item to brighten up your morning because you don’t have to wake up early to listen to the news before hopping in the shower. Just connect any Bluetooth enable device to this system and listen to your morning routine news in the shower.

This system will save you time spent before a morning rush. If you are a student who can’t help but play tunes back to back, you may want to invest in this showerhead to take to the shower. Don’t pause your dear melodies, dance your way to a great shower and even take the Bluetooth speaker when you leave the bathroom. It can easily be disengaged from the showerhead so that you can use it from another location of the house. The speaker is a lightweight that is easily portable.

The beauty of this showerhead comes with the inbuilt microphone to help with answering incoming calls on your phone. It carries a long press button to receive the calls. This convenience does not stop there, with the inbuilt mic, comes enhanced noise reduction technology to make your voice calls feel like you are in a silent background. With this speaker capability, you won’t have worries about taking an urgent call that follows you have an entirely silent background.
Morpilot Top Spray Rain Shower Head Waterproof Music Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Audio Box

This showerhead as an integral part of this system gives you the comfort of knowing you are purchasing a device to use in the bathroom to clean your body and not a musical device only. It delivers spa-like spray power, more advanced than a regular shower. It’s ultra-wide with three times more the potential of any other shower with the same technology. The soothing sensation it gives is enough to jumpstart a slow moving Monday morning.

The functional capacity of the Bluetooth ability sees that you can connect fast and easy up to 33ft from your source. It affords 11.5 hours of play time on a single charge. This speaker comes with a rechargeable 1000mA battery, together with its USB cord for that purpose. It also carries a standby time of fifteen days, to eliminate the need of turning it ON each time you start the shower. It features a normal rating 10GHz sound frequency that will satisfy your loud music needs.

The Morpilot wireless Bluetooth shower head is must have for syncing your music while taking a shower. The battery life gives long hours of continuous music, if there are several users for this shower head, it will give each one a memorable time. The pricing is quite attractive, so if you are working on a budget, the quality on this one will be worth every dollar.

  • Reasonably priced
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Robust, durable construction
  • Easy to recharge
  • It doesn’t have an FM capability

2. Kohler Moxie 2.5GPM K-9245-CP Showerhead and Wireless Bluetooth

Kohler Moxie 2.5GPM K-9245-CP Showerhead and Wireless Bluetooth

Kohler is one of those renowned brands that keep us waiting for what they offer on all their products. When it comes to this shower head, it is a state-of-the-art system that incorporates Bluetooth technology to enable you to listen to music when you shower. It comes in the simplicity of a speaker and a showerhead which fits seamlessly to work as a unit to deliver what would have been two different functions apart.

Perhaps the most attractive feature about this unit is the sound output that relays high volume levels. This system attracts the younger generation who won’t let great music pass them by even for a minute. With this Bluetooth showerhead, you can keep up with current music as you can listen to as many as you want. It avails seven hour hours of continuous use on a single charge, even when set at the highest volume. This Bluetooth speaker can establish a connection with all sources with the 3.0-R-enabled devices as tablets, smartphones laptops, and MP3 players, 32ft away. And as your music collection grows.

The comfort level by this showerhead is seen in the bathroom experience it gives. If you regular shower delivers slow sprinkles that bore you to the ends of the earth, you’ll not help but admire this showerhead. It produces a highly invigorating power to give a flow that’s not only rain-like, but it also has some soothing massage-like sensations. If sleep is hard to come by, connect your most peaceful song and hop in the shower by the time you’re down, you’ll feel better, and any stiff muscles will be a forgotten story.
Kohler Moxie 2.5GPM K-9245-CP Showerhead and Wireless Bluetooth

When it comes to fitting the bathroom environment, the speaker is waterproof to fulfill longevity purposes. It does not confine you to using it just in the bathroom, it pops in and out of the showerhead to take for recharging and when you want to listen to music when you travel. The beauty of the Moxie speaker is that you can choose a color that pleases your style for your showerhead. The building rechargeable battery also affords a very long standby mode.

The make of this showerhead ensures it works for you in excellent condition. It carries a silicone spray face that makes wiping mineral build up a breeze. This finish keeps it from depreciating over time and losing its shiny luster. It comes in a white polished chrome finish too; it completes the overall durability of this system. It is rust and corrosion resistant and tough enough to contain the vibrations brought forth by the rich sound output.

Moxie delivers beyond our expectations with this Bluetooth showerhead. Many users appreciate its cool design and the speaker capacity. Installing has not been a challenge to any use so far. The showerhead improves the bathroom experience and gives reason to spend more time lathering over and over to continue engaging in the superior features it carries. This is the system to choose if you want to improve your shower experience. Every dimension on it is calculated, so you’ll always have a smooth time with it.

  • Speaker available in multiple colors
  • Syncs with a wide variety of devices
  • It has long run time
  • Speaker is detachable for use outside of the shower
  • The deep speaker sound does not appeal to some users

1. Chromo Inc. H2O Vibe Showerhead with Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Rain Jet Polished Chrome

Chromo Inc. H2O Vibe Showerhead with Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Rain Jet Polished Chrome

H2O Vibe allows you to have an absolutely entertaining time in the shower. Their Bluetooth technology on their speaker gives a quick connection to your phone, and any other Bluetooth enabled device. If you like practicing your music in the shower, with H2O Vibe, you get to polish your artistry with a personalized time and playlist you love. You no longer have to hurry through the shower to finish listening to good music.

Designed to give a hand free operation of your phone in the bathroom, you can still receive calls with it. A special ring indicates, and incoming call, all you have to do is to long press on the receiver button on the Bluetooth speaker. It incorporated background noise reduction technology, so you won’t give the impression of being in a noisy parking lot. When you have the need to be taken seriously by people who matter, invest in this Bluetooth showerhead and never have to worry about the impression you give.

Enjoy your time with the powerful jet spray it exhibits. It boasts three times more power than standard showerheads and with the ability to minimize water usage to a great extent. The power it delivers is good enough for bringing you to complete relaxation. You’ll grow fond of this showerhead as it will be your choice whenever you’re feeling moody. Restore your beautiful self with good music and a calming melody at the same time.

With the high-performing speaker, the sound output is quite excellent. Many are times when a small size speaker would not give the impression of high music delivery. H2O Vibe has found a clever way to increase the sensitivity of the power so that it uses lesser energy to produce an enriched sound. You’ll love that it is also clear and offers uninterrupted audio delivery for a long time. They give you a chance to make the most of your time under the running water in a pleasant manner.
Chromo Inc. H2O Vibe Showerhead with Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Rain Jet Polished Chrome

Additionally, you’ll not need a plumber to help with the installation. H2O Vibe comes with well-written instructions manual to help with the installation if you get stuck. More so, the speaker just needs inserting to the showerhead because it is magnetized. This way, you can still disengage it to use in other areas of the house. It now wired electrical applications are to be used with this system. Charging is with a standard USB cord, and it can last around eight hours on a full charge.

When you think about the best Bluetooth showerhead, H2O Vibe should pop up immediately. The design is unique and personalized. It is also a system that finds a home in many households because of the excellent sound output and the overall meaning it adds to the bathroom experience. It’s fun to use and affordable at the same time. If you have music lovers in the house, it’s time you give them a pleasant surprise with the H2O Vibe Bluetooth showerhead.

  • Incorporates noise cancellation technology
  • Wide stream of jet shower
  • Fast and simple installation
  • Clear and crisp sound output
  • Isolated complaint concerning the loud volume


The convenience of Bluetooth wireless shower heads come at a time when we need to untangle our lives. They now help us unwind and relax with the Bluetooth capability. As good as they sound; making the real choice takes a lot into consideration. We hope we have walked you through the best designs to help you with opting for a system that will serve your interests as a whole. Remember to check out more from reputable sources and be sure to get answers to the arising questions, like why your shower head may leak.


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