Only The Best Soccer Cleats Will Help You Win Every Game

Only The Best Soccer Cleats Will Help You Win Every Game

Best Soccer Cleats
Good shoes can give you an ever better game

Improve your football game tenfold with one of these best soccer cleats in 2019 – you’ll be amazed at how much easier it is to kick off and score. With our selection you’ll eliminate slipping and sliding on the field because of bad shoes, and there will be no embarrassing breakages when you need your soccer cleats the most.

Guide to the Best Cleats For Soccer

When youre getting serious about soccer you will need to purchase one of the best soccer cleats that you can afford. We simply cant emphasise this enough being able to move swiftly and strongly on the field will give you less fatigue and improve your game in so many ways. You will be able to intercept and tackle faster because of a more solid kick-off from the ground, youll last longer on the field because your ankles are well protected from torsion and youll even increase your shooting accuracy with a padded forefoot. Whether you’re a striker, defender or goalie, we have got the answers to the most frequently asked questions for the best soccer cleats.

What are the best cleats for soccer?

This can depend on your position that you play, but generally speaking there are some common factors that influence whether a soccer cleat will end up helping or hindering you while you play. Some brands pride themselves on having special technologies in their cleats which will give you the game advantage, such as a flex on contact upper that will feel lighter but still perform with optimum strength. Here are some examples that you should keep in mind when shopping for the best soccer cleats:

Overall Fit Of all the qualities you need to look for in a soccer cleat, the most important one will always be how well they fit. If you arent comfortable in your own shoes, there is not a chance that you will be able to perform at your best. Look for shoes that have specific qualities like extra padding, the proper width for your foot, and a toe box. If you are able to get a shoe with these features, you will certainly be able to play the best football you ever have.

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Collar although quite closely related to the overall fit, the collar determines how much ankle rotation or bending that you will have. If you have a loose-collar pair of boots you will be able to quickly rotate your ankle to change direction or fool your opponent, but you do leave yourself open to possible injury from over-extending your joints. We recommend having a firm or full collar, because you can always make up for slightly less manoeuvrability with mindful playing and some training to get used to this.

Stud Design the changes in cleat design technology have made their way from cylinders to chevrons, to triangles and all sorts of different shapes and sizes. A stud design that focuses more on the front of the foot is typical of a striker’s boot, where a even spread is something you’re more likely to find on a pair of defender’s cleats. The benefits of these differing designs is of course debatable, but our choices for the best cleat design would be a conical one.

Padding here you need padding in the right areas its no good if youre given a ton of extra padding and it all seems to be located in the heel. The flanks of your feet and particularly the tip are also going to be taking a lot of strain from passing and shooting, so make sure that these areas are also adequately padded to give you the proper support. Sometimes you will sacrifice padding in order to drop some weight of the shoe, but overall a good padded cleat is neccssary.

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Front / Upper the upper is important for a few reasons, but mostly because this is obviously the area that will find the most wear and tear on the field. Youll be taking shots, potentially colliding with other players feet when you tackle, and all of these moments take strain on your cleats. You should find a pair of soccer cleats

What are the best cheap soccer cleats?

Here we’ve got to go with the PUMA Men’s Evospeed SL, because it has a solid rubber sole and a textile mesh upper. That makes it a great starting shoe for the player who wants to step up from the stock standard cheap models, but is still working on a budget. The quality of this model is still fantastic despite it’s relatively low price in the industry, so we’d say that if you’re looking to start small the Evospeed is certainly the way to go!

What are the best soccer cleats for strikers?

You will want to change up your cleats depending on the position that you play, and there is a simple way to decide which shoes are more suitable for strikers or defenders.

As a striker you will require quick movement, fast kick-off and good upper.

Upper design because youll be shooting at the goals with high velocity, you need to make sure that the upper of your shoe can handle some abuse. You will want a strong material on top, but bear in mind that you dont want it to be heavy. If the material is designed to flex on contact this can be a great plus, because it stays comfortably soft while running, and only hardens up when you really need it to.

Lightweight The lighter the better, as a striker should be able to fly across the field unhindered. The more movement your soccer boots allow you, the easier it will be to outsmart your opponents time and time again.

Studs you will want a stud arrangement that is more closely-knit that a defenders shoe, because there will be better striking control with a front-balanced conical stud configuration than with an evenly spaced one.


As a defender you will favour steadiness, a fast kick-off and superior manoeuvrability.

Studs evenly balanced conical stud configuration that provides your best bet for mobility while jumping, landing and looking to close in quickly on defenders. The more evenly balanced your studs, the better your turning and kickoff is for most angles. You give up a bit of speed, but you gain a whole lot of stability.

Tight Collar keeping your ankle nice and firm when you’re making turns is a great way to improve your defensive game, so look for shoes like the Niek Men’s Mercurial Superfly V FG. This shoe has an elastic ankle support that hugs your leg and reduces strain. The last thing you want on the field is to sprain your ankle from a bad turn!

Snug Fit as with the collar, keeping the inner of the shoe nice and tight is a must for the defender, and some good padding is in order. Finding a shoe that has a nice durable padding will keep your shoes snug for longer, and allow you to receive passes and make effective tackles without losing too much momentum.


As a goalie you’ll need a solid pair of shoes that reflect your role as the last line of defense.

Strong Upper – as you’ll be kicking hard shots from the goal line quite a bit, you need a nice tough upper made from something a little more hardy. Finding a leather / synthetic textile mesh blend will be your best bet for keeping your shots on target.

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Front Toe Padding – because you will be on the tips of your toes in order to dive for saves or a change of direction, you’ll need to keep your front toes from being bent backward too much.

Good Traction – as with the defender’s boot you will want an evenly spaced cleat configuration that will give you good traction and movement in all directions, because you never know where you might need to turn next. Push off is also easier with a strong cleat, so look for a shoe that has broader, larger cleats.

No matter which position you play, kicking with power and accuracy is always key. Take a look at this tutorial by Billy Wingrove who teamed up with freekickerz to show you just how best to shoot an amazingly powerful shot called the Sledgehammer – you may want to enable subtitles from the very beginning of the video, as the players speak both German and English:

As you can see, a powerful run-up and a keen aim to kick your laces right in the centre of the ball will give you a great advantage in striking a really strong shot at the goals. You can follow freekickerz for more tutorials like this one to work on your striking ability!

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