Most Handsome Korean Idol 2022

Creative talent in singing, acting and rapping distinguishes the most handsome Korean idol candidates for 2022.

Kim Jae Joong

A handsome profile complements Kim Jae Joong’s talent as a singer, actor, songwriter, composer and director. At age 30, his military service has ended, and he plans a nationwide concert tour in 2022. He received recognition from MBC Drama Awards in 2022 as the Best Male Newcomer for his role in “Time Slip Dr. Jin.” He appeared in “Jackal” and “Taegukgi,” and the Seventh Korea Drama Awards recognized his talent by presenting him the Top Excellence Actor Award.

Lee Jong Hyun

A charming smile and strikingly handsome profile contribute to the popularity of Lee Jong Hyun. Appearances in dramas such as “Fluttering India” and “We Got Married” give fans an opportunity to see and admire his sleek physique. His good-looking likeness appeared in “Best Nine Ulzzang.” His talent qualified him as the lead guitarist and singer with CNBLUE. He has achieved popular status as a songwriter as well.

Park Chanyeol

Facial features that create an admirable visage draw fans to Park Chanyeol as a favorite idol. Pursuing his interest in musical instruments that started when he was a child, he earned popularity as the premier rapper with EXO. Receiving a second place award in a modeling contest in 2008 led to his successful audition with the S. M. Entertainment Company. Earning a guest starring role in “Royal Villa,” a situation comedy, resulted in a cast part on “You Don’t Know Love.”

Song Joong Ki

With good looks that qualify him for starring roles, Song Joong Ki has taken the opportunity to enhance his popularity by performing with emotion. His performance in “The Innocent Men” and an appearance in “A Werewolf Boy” in the same year put him on a path to success as an actor. He achieved status in “Sungkyunkwan Scandal,” a historical drama that provided contrast to “Running Man,” a variety show. His leading role in “Descendants of the Sun” established him as a rising Hallyu star.


As a talented performer at age 19, Jungkook thrills fans with his good looks. Filling each performance with emotion and creativity, he can sing with or without musical accompaniment in Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese and English as well as Korean. He wrote and produced “Love is Not Over” with intricate melodies that endear him to his fans. He enjoys physical exercise and is an excellent runner. His kindness toward all creatures makes him a favorite among animal lovers.


Using a stage name, Kwon Ji-Yong has found success and popularity as a good-looking fashion icon. He developed his talent for music into establishing himself as a record producer, singer, songwriter and rapper. After training with a music company for six years, he got a big break when he joined Big Bang and produced some of the group’s most successful tracks. He accepted a position with the YG Power Tour in 2022 and played to audiences of more than 400,000. His “Good Boy” took the top position on Billboard’s list of World Digital Songs.

Min Yoon Gi

At only 23 years of age, handsome Min Yoon Gi has compiled an impressive set of accomplishments. His talent finds expression in singing, songwriting, dancing and rapping. In 2022, he received the Golden Disk Award for “Bong Sang” and the Seoul Music Award as well. His role on “Running Man” increased the popularity that continues to soar among his fans. His creative efforts include “Wake Up” and the release of the “Dark and Wild” album in 2022. In 2022, he released “Wings” and “Youth.”

Yook Sung-Jae

As a rising young star in his early 20s, Sung-Jae focuses on solo performances after his years as a vocalist. He youthful looks gained the popularity that catapults him to featured roles in the entertainment industry. His success led to his selection as a presenter at the “A Song for You” program in 2022. A big break came his way when he won a leading role in “Who Are You: School 2022,” a teen drama series. He later accepted four solo endorsements.

Kim Myung Soo

With a face that many admire and the ability to perform, Kim Myung Soo got a start as a vocalist in 2010. The 26-year-old idol has supporting roles that include “Cunning Single Lady” and “My Lovely Girl.” Opportunities came in 2022 with an appearance on “Celebrity Bromance.” Adding to his credits was his role in “The Day After We Broke Up,” a four-episode drama.

Cho Kyuhyun

Following his starring role in “Moon Embracing the Sun,” handsome Cho Kyuhyun was cast for “Singing in the Rain” in a leading role in 2022. He continues to expand his career with the release in October 2022 of his concert album “Autumn Memories: Story of a Novelist.”

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