List of Most Dangerous Animals in The World 2019

Danger fascinates us. This is evident in the movies we watch, articles in magazine and newscasts that contain people performing dangerous acts or coming into contact with dangerous animals. When we think about dangerous animals it is usually an animal that is large, with big teeth, sharp claws and maybe one that makes a loud growl or roar.

What we don’t realize is that appearances may be deceiving. While we’re worrying about the largest animal it may be the small ones that are more of a risk. Certain dangerous species look playful, cuddly and very cute, others might look completely harmless and we don’t pay much attention to them. So one has to wonder, which is the most dangerous animals in the world?

Another misconception with dangerous animals is that they can’t harm us because they aren’t near us. Watching shows and reading articles about them gives us the feeling they are faraway in foreign lands. The reality to this myth is they could actually be in your backyard right now. If they aren’t really in far away places, then where are the most dangerous animals in the world?

The world is starting to look a whole lot more dangerous with animals that appear to be cute being deadly and that they might be in our backyard so it is important to know how to avoid dangerous animals. First we need to know which animals to fear the most.

Being out in nature, going on hikes or swimming, always pose a threat to having an encounter with some type of creature. Many times we feel comfortable with an area and do not look for those small almost invisible animals or insects that pose a threat to us. Some of the creatures we come into contact with look totally harmless so we pay them little attention.

Knowing which are the most dangerous will make you more aware and attentive next time you’re out enjoying nature. Here are is a list of the top ten most dangerous animals in the world to help you be on the lookout:

10. Jellyfish


This graceful floating sea creature moves through the water with so much grace it is a wonder to watch. Watching is all you should do as these incredible free-floating wonders are actually responsible for over 100 deaths each year. In particular the Box Jellyfish is the most dangerous in this species. There is not one case where a person has survived its poison. These deadly creatures can be found around the Australian coast and are most often seen during the summer months.

09. Shark


Many should already fear this deadly hunter of the sea from all the news it has made in recent years for attacking swimmers and surfers. They have an organ in their head called, Ampullae of Lorenzini that allows them to sense the movement of any creature in the water. A person treading water looks like lightning to them and activates a sense to attack. The Great White Shark averages about 15 feet long with about 300 sharp teeth inside a four foot powerful jaw. They prefer the seal or sea lions as they are much fattier but have been reported to attack humans too.

08. Hippopotamus


The hippopotamus is the third largest mammal on land. They are generally found in Africa where they are responsible for more human deaths than any other animal on the continent. Males attack to defend their territory and females become aggressive defending their young. Together they are responsible for more than 200 deaths every year.

07. Lion


This powerful and graceful animal is known as king of the jungle for a reason. They are the most brilliant and cunning hunter with extreme power. They are not fussy about what they hunt as they are red-meat eaters and will accept anything they can catch. They will look at a human as just another lunch that is slower and less capable of escaping. A full grown male lion can weigh up to 550 pounds and is found on the plains of Africa. They are held in captivity in other places around the world.

06. Cape Buffalo


These dangerous animals are found in the grasslands of Africa and are known as “black death” being responsible for more than 500 deaths a year. They are both unpredictable and aggressive weighing anywhere from 900 to 1800 pounds. These aggressive animals have been known to charge and attack without provocation with speeds measuring up to 40 miles per hour. They have also been seen to charge a vehicle and can continue to charge even when shot in the heart.

05. Komodo Dragon


The Komodo dragon does not have any preference in what it eats. They can be found in the Indonesian Islands and belong to the monitor lizard family. They are a very patient hunter as their prey cannot run away from them easily. If the prey does manage to get away; it can’t survive long as the saliva from the dragon contains a poison that will enter the blood stream and eventually kill it. They will follow the prey with their keen sense of smell and find the corpse. Their bite is extremely poisonous as it will cause liver, heart and brain cell failure.

04. Crocodile


These fearsome creatures are responsible for over 2,000 deaths every year. They are definitely not the cute or cuddly animal you would mistake for being harmless. They are a prehistoric looking beast that is just as dangerous as it looks and it loves the taste of humans. Saltwater and Nile crocodiles are the most deadly and with its eyes, ears and nostrils on the top of its head, it can hear and see prey. They can grow anywhere from five to twenty feet long.

03. Death Stalker


Death stalkers also known as the scorpion are responsible for over 5,000 deaths a year. They are a predatory species from the Arachnida class. They can be found over all continents, except Antarctica, and in a variety of habitats except in high latitudes. They are an eight legged arthropod that can deliver a powerful punch and has the ability to disperse doses of venom based on which prey it is attacking. Buthids are the most dangerous in the scorpion family and mostly found in Africa. Some deadly scorpions have been seen to survive and thrive in the Andes and Himalayas where it is quite cold.

02. Snake


Snakes can be found on almost all continents. Many species of snakes are dangerous as there are over 450 species which are venomous and 250 of those are capable of killing humans. Most of the dangerous ones are found in Africa, Asia and North America. The snake normally kills only when it feels provoked as its defense is to lash out and with its teeth sink venom into the skin. The different dangerous snakes around the world are responsible for over 100,000 deaths a year.

01. Mosquitoes


Making number one on the list of most dangerous animals in the world is the mosquito. This small, blood-sucking insect is responsible for more than three million people dying each year. They serve no purpose to humanity and are mostly a nuisance as they mostly take blood from living vertebrates especially humans. The female mosquito is the one that sucks blood and leave behind diseases like malaria. They are also responsible for spreading; yellow fever, Dengue fever, West Nile virus and elephantiasis. They are found in tropical areas as well as areas that have winter weather conditions. There are 3,000 different types of mosquito that all carry and transfer population killing diseases.

It appears from the list of the most dangerous animals that Africa is the most dangerous continent. The number one; however can be found on almost all continents and carries with it the most danger. This makes an encounter with it quite unavoidable for most of us.

The best advice to avoid the most dangerous animal in the world would be to visit your local pest control center and find a way to decrease your chances of them wanting to bite you and a way to eliminate or reduce their numbers in your backyard.

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