List of Fastest Animals On the Earth

Cars, trucks and planes are considered to be able to go very fast. But there are some very fast animals in our world too. People are very curious about the fastest animals in the world. So this article will discuss a list of the fastest animals on earth.

What is the fastest land animal in the world?

The cheetah is a beautiful large wild cat that lives in Africa and roams in the nations of Somalia, Senegal, and South Africa. It can reach a speed of up to sixty one miles per hour.

What is the fastest running bird?

The ostrich is the fastest running bird on earth. It has long legs and a powerful body. It can run up to thirty miles per hour.

What is the fastest insect in the world?

Scientist have discovered that mites are the fastest insects in the world and can really get to where they want to be in a mighty hurry.

What is the fastest swimming animal in the ocean?

It has been noted that the sailfish is the fastest swimming animal. It can even out swim quick dolphins and fast sharks in relation to speed.

People also ask: what are the top ten fastest animals in the world?

10. The Peregrine Falcon


The peregrine falcon has been deemed to be very swift with the ability to go as fast as up to two hundred miles per hour when it is diving for prey. It really is a terrific hunter in fact. The remainder of the time, it does not fly so fast. This is the fastest animal when it is in the diving position looking for prey.

09. The Frigate Bird


The frigate bird is a really powerful flyer as it can reach speeds that go as high as up to ninety five miles per hour, which is much faster than what you drive on the highway. This bird possesses the greatest size of wingspan to body weight ratio in comparison to other birds and therefore can be in the air for very immensely long periods of time. Yes, this bird has great ability in speed and endurance.

08. The Sail Fish


The sail fish is considered to be the fastest creature in the ocean. It can reach speeds that go all the way up to sixty eight miles per hour. This is very fast. In a swimming race, this fish would beat all other sea creatures and humans for sure. The sail fish uses its sail when it becomes frightened for the purpose intimidating other threatening sea animals.

07. The Elk


Though elks seem to be large and bulky, they can run a good forty five miles per hour. It is best not to antagonize an elk, as an angry elk will charge you and will be the winner in the battle.

06. The Pronghorn Antelope


The pronghorn antelope has been declared to be the second fastest land animal after the cheetah in relation to speed. It can out run most of its predators and can run as fast as up to a speed of sixty miles per hour. Its pointed toes that are highly cushioned absorb shock during running.

05. The Blue Wildebeest


The blue wildebeest is a very swift animal that dwell in the plains of Africa. They are very impressive with their ability to be able to run up to fifty miles per hour.

04. The Lions


Lions are very fast and are pretty much equal with the blue wildebeest in relation to their speed. They can run up to fifty miles per hour. That is why they are so victorious in being able to catch a lot of prey.

03. The Thomson’s Gazelle


The Thomson’s gazelle is able to run about fifty mile per hour also, so that places this beautiful and graceful creature in the same running speed ranks as the lion and the blue wildebeest. But these fast thomson gazelles, though they like to chase lions and wildebeests, are not able to outrun the dangerous cheetahs that are much faster.

02. The Brown Hare


The brown hair is acclaimed to be one of the smaller animals on this list. But though it is small in size, it is powerful in speed with the ability to run up to forty seven miles per hour. They can truly outrun many other animals, which makes it relatively easy for them to be able to escape from predators.

01. The Cheetah


It is a known fact that the fastest animal in the world indeed proves to be the cheetah. It is just a bit faster than the pronghorn antelope and can run at a very fast pace of up to sixty one miles per hour, which is very impressive. Though it is very fast, it is a very fragile animal and loses most of the battles that it encounters with other predators.


Now you have been presented with facts about some of the fastest animals in the world. It really is amazing how fast these animals are.

Yes, the animal kingdom is so amazing. So keep on learning more about the great animals that live on our planet and that bring so much enjoyment to our lives in so many ways.

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