Korean Actor Son Ji-chang sues Tesla Automotive for unintended sudden acceleration

Tesla is in the hot seat after Actor Son Ji-Chang  had an accident with his Tesla Model X.

“Instead of investigating the defects, they blamed me that it was my mistake,” Ji-Chang contends. “They even dispatched an investigator a week later who took away the files from my black box and refused to share the results.”

The Tesla was described as having suddenly accelerated without warning from the garage and into the living room. Tesla contends that Ji-Chang pressed the accelerator to 100%. This has not been the first time that  Tesla has been accused of this defect. An AutoBlog.com account of a Tesla Model S suddenly accelerating similar to what Ji-Chang experienced.

We found four reports in addition to Ji-Chang’s complaint about the Tesla models having experienced sudden unexpected acceleration. Reports include ramming a restaurant glass wall, sudden acceleration while wanting to turn left, and two incidents with a nail salon.

The lawsuit has since turned into a class action law suit. 10 Accidents and 8 injuries due to sudden acceleration have been reported over the years.

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