iPhone or Android: Your Smartphone defines your Character

Have you ever realized that your smartphone defines your Character? Either you are an Apple Fanboy or Android Geek, you will find a lot of similarities in others who use the same smartphones as yours.

Which one are you, iPhone or Android?

Like the yin and yang, these two are constantly battling to prove their dominance over each other. It doesn’t matter if they are siblings, colleagues or in a relationship.

We’ve collected the data from various trusted websites and institutions and have used it to create a graphical and fun to read infographic which will help you understand this behavior pattern.

Here is an Infographic of the differences between an Apple IOS user and Android user.

ios vs Android Infographics

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Android and Apple users are the perfect rivals. As much as they hate each other from time to time but they should know that it’s this rivalry that drives the mobile market fiercely and forces the manufacturers to keep innovating and keep giving us something new to rant about.

There is a very consistent pattern between the Android and Apple users. Each of these brands’ user carries a very particular set of habits, lifestyle, and overall livelihood. This isn’t a random coincidence, though. Both, Android and Apple offers a very different user experience that appeals to a selected audience.

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