Interesting Facts About the Best LED Lanterns in 2019

Interesting Facts About the Best LED Lanterns in 2019

Light emitting diodes usually abbreviated as LED (interested in top best LED rope lights?) have continued to take the lead as the best forms of lighting. They come with uncountable benefits which make them outdoor all other competitive lighting devices. They have quickly dominated the market to become the norm of the modern days that we are living. Ranging from durability, environmental friendliness, versatility to affordability, Led lanterns have become a must have accessory for every aspect of human living.

Due to the myriads of merits that these lanterns possess, they are being used in a variety of applications. Just to cite the major users, we’ve fishermen, camping enthusiasts, hunters, researchers and any other person who has a great passion for outdoor excursions. LED lanterns offer reliable security during outdoors and come in good quality to make sure that your security is confidently covered.

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Factors to Consider When Buying LED Lantern

But, you need to consider crucial factors when deciding on the brand or model of LED lanterns to take home. Main factors include lumen rating, light output, portability, whether the design is waterproof, and battery life among other factors. Our review takes into account all these features and proudly presents the top 10 best-LED lantern worth your investment.

With a variety of LED lanterns to choose from, you must be aware of the important factors to consider. All LED lanterns aren’t the same. So, you must be observant when choosing the right device for you.

The Number of Lumens: At the lanterns packaging, there is a certain number that indicates how many lumens the device can produce. The number of lumens usually indicates the size of the area it can light up. Therefore, the higher the number of lumens stated, the larger the area it can illuminate. The average number of lumens is usually 200 or 300, but you might need a higher number depending on your needs.

Battery Life: Nothing is more embarrassing than a lantern battery drying out while you are out in the dark. Thankfully, most models in the markets possess reputable batteries that can light the lantern for between 3 to 300 hours. Some models are built specially to utilize the soar’s radiation. And in that case, you must know that the lantern will go off soon after sunset. However, most of these solar powered lanterns have control options that minimize energy consumption. These options include the ability to minimize the brightness of the device. So, you must inquire more about how long your battery will serve you.

How Bright The Lantern Is: Apparently, brightness is one the selling points of any lantern. So, you will just buy the one with the right brightness. You won’t buy the one with an extreme brightness that nearly blinds anyone unless it is for defensive purpose. On the other hand, you shouldn’t buy one that doesn’t produce enough illumination. The point is, you need a lantern that has a perfect balance your needs. Even though brightness and lumen count are related, they are entirely different. Brightness is how bright the light produced while lumen count is how much area the light can illuminate. A reliable LED lantern would thus need to have an ideal lumen count as well as equal brightness.

How Sturdy & Heavy The Construction Is: An ideal lantern should have a robust construction to enable it to overcome outdoor harshness. But, it should have a lightweight design to enhance portability such as during camping. However, you should also not buy a superlight lantern that shatters down into pieces when you drop it slightly. Sturdy construction will enable it to overcome any form of harshness including drops.

Ease of Use: One of the main appeals of LED lantern is that it is very easy to use than other types of lighting devices. But even if you will consider LED lantern with various control settings, they should be easy to follow and less complicated. To make the situation easy, go for the LED lantern with simple settings buttons unless you want something more.

10. Image Portable LED Camping Lantern, Ceiling Fan

 Image Portable LED Camping Lantern, Ceiling Fan

Are you in great search of a great multi-purpose camp light? You should consider Image portable LED lantern. The image is a reputable producer of high-quality lanterns that produce high-quality light. The device fits in some situations and environments. Besides, it has great functionality supported by excellent efficiency.

Image portable LED lantern is versatile. It boasts a unique construction with ultra-bright 18 individual low powered bulbs. The special design ensures that the device can be used in various positions. The design is tunable to different angles to serve different purposes. Unlike other models of led lanterns, which are built to be static in one orientation, Image portable LED lights to have remarkable features that allow them to take different inclinations top serve specific needs.

It comes with a high-quality fan for cooling purpose. This ensures that the device remains functional in all temperatures without any sought of malfunction. The fan features blades that measure 4 inches across the compartment and are constructed of military grade material. This promises long time durability regardless of the situation you encounter outdoors.

Lightweight design ensures easy handling and portability. The extremely lightweight design allows you to carry the device everywhere you go. However, it is sturdy enough to resist damages that you encounter outdoors. Equally, this LED lantern is collapsible for easy storage and saving space.

The battery capacity of this LED lantern will surely change your lighting experience. With over 37 hours of continuous and regular use, the battery serves you beyond your expectation. On the same note of battery strength, the one D battery can power the fan for 5 hours at high speed, 15 hours during low speed and over 20 hours of for just the LED lighting.
 Image Portable LED Camping Lantern, Ceiling Fan

Therefore, you can choose the appropriate mode of lighting and the functioning rate of the fan. Depending on the particular needs and the extent of use that you intend, you will need to maneuver the modes to suit you. For instance, if you don’t need the fan, you will just need to switch to the normal mode and get the lighting only. For the indoor purpose, you will probably require great air circulation; you can choose a low-speed mode to get great air circulation while enjoying great illumination.

Easy mounting and carrying styles are aided by the unique design of this device. You can choose to suspend the lantern or carry with the handle included. This feature makes it great for both outdoors and indoor depending on the nature of the structure you are in. This feature makes it ideal for trips and emergency events.

To conclude, Image portable LED lantern is, therefore, a great device for lighting. It offers great functionality, versatility, efficiency and affordability. Also, the ergonomic design makes it ideal for boosting the décor of any particular event. Indeed, it is a great investment worth spending your money i. However, unlike in other brands, this lamp doesn’t come accompanied by batteries, thus you will have to buy then separately. In overall the lamp is a bit cheap.

  • Lightweight for portability
  • Affordable
  • Ergonomic design enhances décor
  • Great light output
  • The fan consumes a lot of energy

9. Coleman Quad LED Lantern, 4 Lighting Panels

Coleman Quad LED Lantern, 4 Lighting Panels

Coleman Quad LED lantern is yet another great invention representing a top rated model of LED lantern. The device has features that offer unmatched quality and reliable functionality. What’s more fascinating is that the design incorporates four panels to make a single device which emits 190 ultra-bright lumens.

Alternatively, you can choose to detach the four compartments to act as individual lighting devices. This great functionality makes Coleman Quad a reliable addition to any tent when used as a lantern. Equally, you can use it in an emergency or for trekking. All you got to do is, pop one of the four panels off the base for personal use. This feature eases the life when you are out for group camping. Each person will be able to enjoy the unlimited freedom of choosing between the four lighting panels.

Unlike the other models thronging into the market every now and then, Coleman remains to be a functional choice for a variety of applications. As we have seen, it possesses great maneuverability making it applicabl3 in different scenarios. Instead of purchasing costly models of Lanterns, it is a great idea to choose a wise investment such as the one offered by this Quad lantern. On the same note, the device is also applicable for home uses.

The different compartments or panels will offer great value for use in different rooms to serve the needs of the whole family. Each panel is powerful on its own in that it contains 5mm LEDS powered by a rechargeable NiMH battery with an independent on off switch. Regarding portability and easy mounting, Coleman Quad LED lantern features lightweight design and a top handle for carrying and handing on the wall or the roof.
Coleman Quad LED Lantern, 4 Lighting Panels

The total 24 LED bulbs have a lifetime existence and don’t need any replacement whatsoever. Moreover, they run cool so they are safe to touch. The fact that they remain cool is attributed to the incredible energy efficiency of the LED bulbs. They consume less power but produce great light output and lumen number.

This LED lantern also features diffused lenses. This property helps to reduce LED glare for more illumination. Another factor featured in this product is the ability to resist water penetration. It is an important feature that enables you to use the device outdoors during rain without damaging the equipment.

To conclude, this lamp is easy recharge of the four compartments ensures that you will never run out of power. Whether you are using a single compartment or the whole device, Coleman Quad LED lantern guarantee you convenient service with no problems. When a panel goes out of power, you can easily reattach it back to the base which will recharge it successfully without consuming a lot of time. Besides, the panel runtime is approximately 1.5 hours which is pretty sufficient time for performing various outdoor activities before you go back to the bas and recharge.

  • Great functions due to removable panels
  • Remarkably bright
  • Excellent running time ; has 8D cell batteries
  • Affordable
  • Lacks AC output

8. Supernova 500 Ultra- Bright Camping & Emergency LED Lantern

Supernova 500 Ultra- Bright Camping & Emergency LED Lantern

Have you been searching tirelessly for the bet LED lantern with great efficiency and perfect for the darkest environment? Supernova 500 ultra-bright LED lantern is one of the few choices you can ever make. It has great features that make t suitable for various environments. It doesn’t matter whether you are camping out in the jungle, waiting out for a storm, or simply telling narratives to children, supernova 500 will surely deliver as per your expectations.

The LED bulbs in this lantern are more effective than most of the existing models on the market. They are effective in they consume little energy while delivering great light output. On the other hand, the lights can function continually for six days without any harm. This particular feature makes the device applicable, and a must have in emergency situations.

Great illumination and light output is not only enhanced by the powerful LED bulbs, but also by the integrated state of the art convex reflector. This features optimal lighting and reflection of light produced by the LEDs. Equally, it has a removable top that aids in providing focused forward lighting.

There is yet another feature that makes this item ideal for emergency situations. By having an LED indicator light, the device can be easily traced and accessed in case of an emergency. Besides, the Supernova 500 is highly durable. Thanks to the sturdy rubber and the plastic molding which ensure durability and great water resistance. In addition to sturdy design, the LEDS guarantee approximately 100,000 hours of continuous use without the need to replace them.
Supernova 500 Ultra- Bright Camping & Emergency LED Lantern

Now, you might be having problems with your current lamp when there is an emergency need. This is because you have to spend a lot of time searching for it under dark conditions. However with this lantern, all hassles are eliminated since it is equipped with a slow pulse light for quick identification when the need arises. On the other hand, the top part is removable to allow for more focused lighting. This is important since it allows for adjustment especially if you are hanging the lamp. Thereby, it’s an important feature during camping.

In summary, Supernova 500 is an excellent lantern to own. If you like to experiences outdoor activities, we can advise you get the device. It’s not a toy lamp and won’t break easily. Once you have it in your backpack, you can be sure of sufficient light at night. Versatility, on the other hand, gives the lamp additional credit. It can be used in boating, hiking, emergencies among other activities. This device price is moderately cheap.

  • Highly durable and water resistance
  • Incredible running time
  • Affordable
  • Versatile design
  • Hard to close the battery lid effectively

7. Streamlight 44931 Siege Lantern, Battery Level Indicator, Non-Slipping Base

Streamlight 44931 Siege Lantern, Battery Level Indicator, Non-Slipping Base

Streamlight is a reputable company in the production of a wide range of devices. With over 44 years of experience in the manufacturer of lighting equipment, you can bet on the quality of their products. In this Streamlight 44931 Siege lantern, you will experience powerful and brilliant lighting applicable in a various environments.

The device boasts a C4 LED technology making it impervious to shock. This feature guarantees 50,000 hours lifetime. The design incorporates a Streamlight engineered reflector which creates an intense light beam that is capable of piercing darkness while providing an increased level of brightness. Moreover, it is safe to use even in close quarters without destroying the vision.

Streamlight Siege LED lantern also features a rubber molded base. This feature ensures that the device remains stable on all surfaces including the slippery and the uneven surfaces. Besides, it has an ergonomic handle that is specially designed to lock in both upright and stowed positions. This gives you ease of use in a number of working environments.

This LED lantern features a night vision preserving mode. It is characterized red LED light that extends the running life which in turn favors emergency preparedness (these ate top best spotlight you might be interested). The design also features D rings which are located at the top and the bottom. But the spring loaded D rings can stow out of the way when not needed. On the other hand, the device is certified and rated IPX7 for waterproof functionality to approximately 1 meter submersion. Besides, the device is impact resistant for 2 meters.
Streamlight 44931 Siege Lantern, Battery Level Indicator, Non-Slipping Base

The keyed battery door enhances battery change even in total darkness. Unlike other lantern designs which must pass through some procedures in order to change the battery, Streamlight provides a direct way of doing that. On the same idea of the battery, this device features a battery level indicator which changes green, yellow to red. Also, the flashing red color indicates that the battery has reached the end of its usable life.

Accidental actuation is one common problem faced in most of the LED lanterns. However, Streamlight 44931 Siege is uniquely designed to prevent this encounter. It features a recessed power button which plays the main role of preventing accidental actuation. So, if you really care about the overall safety of using the LED lanterns, be sure to consider Streamlight Siege lantern.

To summarize, this product comes with a removable globe cover. This cover is a polycarbonate cover that is intended to reduce glare. As a result, this device produces a soft light distribution. Equally, you can remove the cover, if you plan to illuminate a large area. The ergonomic handle and ability to hand either in standing or inverted mode allow device to compete with rivals effectively. Also, it has a battery indicator which is a rare feature among available lamps. Price wise, we can consider it moderately cheap.

  • Great durability
  • It is water resistant to a depth of 1 meter
  • Great handle; can stay upright even at various angles
  • Pretty easy to reinstall after battery changing
  • Blinking light isn’t all that reliable

6. Etekcity Ultra Bright Portable LED Camping Lantern, Collapsible

Etekcity Ultra Bright Portable LED Camping Lantern, Collapsible

Etekcity has been in this industry for a long time now. For this ultra-bright portable camping lantern, the company has displayed its many years’ experience and professionalism. This is a device that will make you save your money and let you enjoy life without limits. The design is ergonomic, collapsible and charming to fit various environments.

With 30 individual low powered LED bulbs, this device is specially designed to provide service for a longer lifespan. It boasts 360 degrees of luminous light which makes sure the light is profoundly bright while consuming little amount of energy possible.

The design of this LED lantern boasts military grade construction and materials. This feature ensures that the device remains durable for a long time relieving you any worry, wherever you go. By the virtue of being portable and collapsible, you can use it by setting it on a table, on the ground or use the adjustable handles to hang it up. Besides, the lightweight and the collapsible design ensure that this device remains highly portable. Therefore, this great device by Etekcity remains to be a reliable lighting solution for outdoor excursions.

This LED light is also highly efficient in power consumption. This feature is attributed to the LED bulbs used in its construction. They possess great power saving ability while providing great light output. For continuous use in regular brightness, this device can serve you for up to 12 hours. On the other hand, the device can serve you for 8 hours in high intensity brightness.

The innovative design of this device incorporates various concepts to bring up an omnidirectional design. The model has a super bright and high intensity LEDs that has the potential to light up your environment in all directions. Thanks to the state of the art design and the omnidirectional design. Additionally, the lightweight and collapsible design provides for simple operation. It also enhances easy storage on a trunk of a vehicle, basement, and survival kit among other places. Besides, the simple design provides for easy operation that wouldn’t require past experience.
Etekcity Ultra Bright Portable LED Camping Lantern, Collapsible

The multi-function and practicality of this device ensures that wherever you go Etekcity collapsible was built to enhance safer visibility and easier operation. This is a lantern like no other. It woks without requiring any set up or tool. As a result, it is safe and saves you from fire hazard associated with oil and propane lamps.

To finalize, this super bright lamp from Etekcity is the answer to your lighting problems during power outages, emergencies, and outdoor trips. The ability to offer omnidirectional luminous illumination makes it absolute lamp for multiple uses. Moreover, the lantern comes accompanied by batteries at no extra cost. This ensures that once you buy this lantern its ready for use. The lamp is among the cheapest and provides numerous features.

  • Simple to operate
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Exceptional light output
  • Versatile design for various applications
  • Weak handles

5. Etekcity Portable Outdoor LED Camping Lantern, 4 Pack, 12 AA Batteries

Etekcity Portable Outdoor LED Camping Lantern, 4 Pack, 12 AA Batteries

If you have been struggling when there are power outages especially during storms, you can now relax by getting these Etekcity portable outdoor LED lanterns. They are perfectly designed to withstand any situation whether indoors or outdoors. Additionally, they are powered by batteries and will ensure that you get maximum illumination for a longer time before batteries drain out. The lanterns are light, enhanced with handles to make suspension easy. Above all, compact design ensures that no extra space is required to keep these lamps and won’t add the size of your language.

The first feature of these lanterns is energy efficiency. Etekcity has utilized LED technology when constructing these lamps to ensures that they don’t use a lot of energy hence allowing batteries to last for a longer period. Additionally, with just single lamp, it will deliver smooth 12 hours of omnidirectional light without dimming. To ensure that it further increase battery life, it automatically dims to energy saving mode to further provide 4 hours of illumination. Amazingly, these lamps, each is equipped with 30 individual bulbs to produce super bright light.

The other quality is robust construction to suit ant kind of application. These lanterns are designed to ensure that you enjoy a broad range of application without compromising their functioning. That is why they are constructed from tough military grade plastic to withstand outdoor use without getting damaged. On the other hand, the materials waterproof to prevent damage by precipitation. Though they are durable, these lanterns are collapsible to ensure they take less space hence no need for additional space.

Another features to enjoy in these lanterns is the versatility. To enable this, the manufacturer has constructed featuring a compact design and lightweight design. Therefore, they are usable in camping when there is a power outage and also as emergency kits. Storing is simple since they can be stored in your vehicle trunk and house basement. Therefore, when going out, there is no need to worry as it can’t be damaged when kept together with other items. Moreover, these lanterns are light than most of the available flashlights.
Etekcity Portable Outdoor LED Camping Lantern, 4 Pack, 12 AA Batteries

Lighting Etekcity portable lantern in your home comes with enhanced safety. Unlike other types of lamps, these don’t require fuel thus reducing fire danger. This is contrary to propane lamps which can pose a threat due to accidental ignition in case of mishaps. But with these lanterns, only batteries are required, and you are ready to go. As a result, they can be used perfectly for small children without posing any risk to them. Further, the omnidirectional illumination is ideal for the whole room.

As we summarize, these lamps are perfect for ensuring you achieve full illumination with less hassle. When you buy these lanterns they come accompanied by 12 AA batteries; thereby when you buy these lamps, you can use them instantly. In addition, they are easy to carry and suspend due to the installed breakaway handles. Moreover, these lanterns come in a pack of 4 thereby ideal for home use as you can keep each in different room. Etekcity portable lanterns come with a 10 years warranty backing.

  • Arrives in a pack of 4 lanterns
  • Extensive warranty
  • Omnidirectional illumination
  • Highly versatile
  • A bit weak and can let water in

4. Rayovac SE3DLNOR Sportsman 3D LED Lantern, 240 Lumen

Rayovac SE3DLNOR Sportsman 3D LED Lantern, 240 Lumen

Rayovac is a company which specializes in production or batteries, hearing aid batteries, flashlights among other products. Formed in 1906, the company has spent a lot of time and resources to produce extra high-quality products. Today, one of their known products is Rayovac SE3DLNOR Sportsman lantern with ability to produce 240 lumens. The lamp is designed to assist in daily living without any hassle. Featuring hardest cover, it means that the device can survive even in worst conditions without getting damaged. Further, this lantern is pocket-friendly due to energy conservation as it retains batteries for a longer time.

Among many features which come accompanying this lamp is durable bulbs. When using this lantern, there is no need to worry about lifespan of fitted LED bulbs. They are highly designed by professionals to deliver lifetime lighting. They are 4 watts and have a durability of over 100,000hours thus no replacement is needed. In addition, the lamp is ideal for producing high-quality light of 240 lumens; thereby, it’s a perfect lamp to have in case of an emergency. Depending on your light requirement, it’s possible to adjust light as it is enhanced with 3 modes; high, low and strobe.

Another quality is the durable construction which permits usability within any environment. Typically, there are numerous lanterns in the market which offer different qualities. But, not all can deliver usability in conditions without getting damaged. Rayovac SE3DLNOR allows you to enjoy light everywhere you go without subjecting it to weather damage. The outer casing is manufactured from a durable rubber and ABS plastic. This means that even when the lantern falls it can’t break easily.

Now, when it is dark, it’s challenging to find anything in the house. Now, in case of a power outage getting a torch or a lantern is the first step. But you find that many lamps in the market don’t have identification feature in the darkness. However, Rayovac knows this well, and this is why they have enhanced this lantern with a green blinking light thus easy to find. As a result, even when there is an emergency or unexpected power outage, getting the lamp is easy and quick.
Rayovac SE3DLNOR Sportsman 3D LED Lantern, 240 Lumen

Well, the other feature is ease of carrying this lantern is comfort due to its lightweight. The plastic construction used in this lamp gives it ability light weight hence friendly when you are lifting it. Moreover, the installed handle is rubberized to give it a soft and firm gripping. This lantern is designed to use D size batteries and can use batteries for duration of 40 hours under high mode while low mode can go for 90 hours. The white tinted light enables a balanced illumination enough to light a whole room perfectly.

In summary, Rayovac SE3DLNOR is a great lantern for home use whens there is a power outage. It’s cheap and sturdy hence can deliver extended period services. With compact size coupled with robust features to light up your house correctly while taking less space and offering lifetime services. Apart from home use, you can also use it when camping and other outdoor places. Regarding size, it’s much smaller than most of the available lanterns, but the quality of light is excellent. Comparing available features, we can confidently the lamp is much cheaper and affordable.

  • Rubberized handle for perfect grip
  • Easy to find at night
  • Much compact than existing lanterns
  • Safe than propane lamps
  • Blinking light reduces battery life

3. Vont Portable Outdoor LED Camping Lantern, Collapsible, 2-Pack>>

Vont Portable Outdoor LED Camping Lantern, Collapsible, 2-Pack>>

When you are going for outdoor occasions like camping, hiking or mountaineering, a robust and reliable lantern is necessary. If you are looking for such lamp, Vont portable outdoor lantern is all you need to keep you going regardless of prevailing weather condition. The lamp is also useful for homes especially during storms due to unexpected outages. Featuring lightweight and collapsible design, there is no stress when carrying. On the other hand, thus lantern will give you unlimited services due to military grade materials which are hard to break even when subjected to heavy duty application.

One of the features which come accompanying this device is the super bright illumination. The use of LED technology in the construction of this lamp has enabled it to improve light production significantly. This is contrary to other traditional bulbs which emits less light while consuming a lot of energy. Vont portable outdoor lantern is equipped with 30 individuals LED this means that it gives brightest light while using minimal power to deliver an extended period of illumination. Additionally, with a single lamp, it can be utilized in a whole room since it gives 360 degrees light.

Another quality is ease of use. When you equip your house with this lamp, there are no complications involved. No buttons to switch on and off, thus convenience of use. The collapsible design is in charge of everything in this lamp. To switch on, you just need to decollapse it while switching off is by collapsing the lamp. Moreover, the same mechanism is used in controlling levels of brightness of b this lantern. As a result, the device becomes an ideal selection for your next camping trip or during emergencies.

The other outstanding feature is the ability to be weather resistant and durably made. When you are outdoors, weather conditions can restrict the usage of your lamp especially when there is precipitation. But, there is no need for panicking whenever its rains when you are outdoors. With this lamp, it is durably constructed with a military grade plastic resist any form of extremity, and it’s water resistant. Thereby during storms, it’s a perfect lantern to get.
Vont Portable Outdoor LED Camping Lantern, Collapsible, 2-Pack>>

Now, no need to keep on buying batteries after one hour in operation with a lamp, it’s time to upgrade. With this one, it’s capable of lasting for over 12 hours without depreciating light quality. This means it slowly drains your batteries, unlike earlier lanterns which used to drain almost instantly. Fantastically, this lamp can be used with rechargeable batteries further improving efficiency. In the long run, the lamp will save you from buying batteries now and then as only recharging is required.

In conclusion, Vont portable outdoor lantern is a superior quality product which is dedicated to improving your experience whether at home or outdoors. The lamp is an excellent substitution to your older one since it saves on energy by utilizing less energy. Additionally, it’s a thumb up against rivals since it can use rechargeable batteries. Breakages are minimal due to durable plastics which is also water resistant. The ease of storage, portability combined with multiple applications further gives this lantern popularity among users. .

  • Can use rechargeable batteries
  • Multi-purposely designed; for indoors and outdoors
  • Cheaper than most brands
  • Bright light for large rooms
  • Weak battery compartment

2. Etekcity Portable Outdoor LED Camping Lantern, 6 AA Batteries, Collapsible

Etekcity Portable Outdoor LED Camping Lantern, 6 AA Batteries, Collapsible

If you want to give your home new appearance, Etekcity is a company which is dedicated to assisting you. By being manufacturers of variety of home appliances such consumer electronics, and outdoor equipment to offer an improved lifestyle. Now, one of this company’s products is this LED lantern which provides an ample illumination while reducing energy consumption. Thereby, it’s a great lantern for every home or people who like outdoor activities to have one. Additionally, it’s a solid device created to bring convenience and efficient lighting.

One of the features which accompany this lantern is ability to run on batteries for a long period. Gone are days when you used to get news batteries, they last for one hour, and they are flat. With this lamp, you can enjoy a longer time while experiencing extra bright light. The lantern can last with batteries for duration of 12 hours of continuous lighting. This is made possible by installed 30 LED individual bulbs, which cuts down energy consumption considerably. For convenience when you get the lamp, it comes backed by 6 AA batteries; thereby, it’s only sliding and enjoying 360 degrees bright light.

Another feature which accompanies this lantern is ease of carrying and usage. Etekcity has designed this lamp with ability to be used under different circumstances. One of the reasons is the fitted suspension handles which are foldaway. They allow for hanging on the wall if you are using indoor and they can be used to suspend it when outdoors. This makes the lamp perfect choice for outdoor activities as well as when there are emergencies.

Well, if its durability combined with lightweight construction gives the lamp ability to be used without worrying of breaking. To ensures that you live and go with it every place you need light, it’s constructed from a military grade plastic which also is water resistant. This means it can’t break easily and can withstand application in extreme situation. On the other hand, LED bulb are much durable that halogen counterparts since they do not overheat; thereby, they live for an extended period without blowing. No matter where you go, this lantern is a handy device.
Etekcity Portable Outdoor LED Camping Lantern, 6 AA Batteries, Collapsible

When you are going for camping (Get some camping lighting tips here), sometimes you are forced to carry large lamps which cause inconveniences by occupying larger spaces. But now you can rejoice as this lantern is friendly and compact. It doesn’t need large space due to compact construction. Additionally, the device is collapsible to decrease its size further. Besides being useful for saving space, foldability function allows for protection of bulbs and other delicate parts from damage when carrying the lamp. As a result, storing and carrying this lantern is efficient and straightforward.

In summary, Etekcity portable lantern is a device to buy to be well prepared in case of emergency or outdoor activities. The construction is sleek and features military grade for excellent endurance under heavy-duty application. Besides, lightweight design is ideal in facilitating portability even when you want to carry small luggage for camping or hiking. Unlike other brands, this comes equipped with batteries without additional cost. Above all, there are no doubts about the quality as it is backed by 10 –years warranty against defects. Price wise, we can conclude that this lantern cheap and affordable to everyone.

  • Compactly constructed
  • 360 degrees illumination
  • Low energy consumption
  • Extra durable construction material
  • Small size not ideal for larger campsites

1. Vont Ultra Bright LED Lantern, Multi-purpose

Vont Ultra Bright LED Lantern, Multi-purpose

Having a standby lantern at home is an ideal during emergency situations. Also, when camping, or having others outdoors activities, they are ideal to have reliable lamps. VontUltra LED lantern is manufactured to suit different occasions due to heavy duty construction. Boasting a lot of versatility and durability, they are absolute lamps to get. Further, compactness makes it easy to carry without causing damage due to the ability to fold hence preventing delicate parts.

In terms of features, this lamp is a great deal. Among these qualities, is the ability to produce super bright light than other lamps on the market. Even when there is a power outage, emergencies, hurricanes among others, it delivers enough illumination allowing you to go on with your work. The ability to provide high-quality light is enhanced by equipped by 30 individual divine LED bulbs. This ensures that for every arising need, you can rely on this lantern without doubts. Further, unlike old bulbs, LED are durable and don’t blow out easily hence increasing lantern durability.

VontUltra Bright LED Lantern is greatly manufactured lamp designed to last for an extended time. To make sure it attains this, the company has invested much on the construction material. It features a military grades material which ensures it doesn’t break quickly. Therefore, when going for challenging tasks like mountaineering, hiking, and camping, no need to stay in darkens as this lantern perfectly suits you. On the other hand, the lamp is equipped with suspension handle. This is important as it facilitates easy hanging when using this lantern.

Another feature with this lantern is the ability to fold easily for convenient storage and portability. The lamp is designed ton allows users to fold when it is not in use. This gives it the ability to protect delicate parts like bulbs and protective glass. As a result, the lamp can be carried in your travel bag with getting harmed. Also, being foldable means smaller size hence ideal in minimizing space required to keep it. Additionally, collapsing the lamp is simple with just a simple push.
Vont Ultra Bright LED Lantern, Multi-purpose

Regardless of all these features, VontUltra Bright LED Lantern is extremely light and won’t add weight to your bag. The plastic materials used though are tough. They significantly reduce overall weight allowing the lamp to enjoy a light weight even when fitted with batteries. To make it even more appealing, it delivers 360 degrees illumination, eliminating needs to have several lamps in one room.

As we conclude, s this lantern is the answer to all your needs requiring ultra-bright illumination. It’s one of the brightest lanterns available to allow lighting your dark areas. Designed to withstand heavy-duty applications, it guarantees durability as it’ also water resistant. On the4 other hand, the lamp is equipped with enough energy saving LED bulbs which allows one to experience a longer bright light. To give customers satisfaction, VontUltra bright LED lantern comes backed by 10-years warranty. Above all, it’s cheap and has a wider range of application.

  • Keeps battery for a longer time
  • Lightweight and collapsible design
  • Durably constructed; military grade materials
  • Equipped with suspension handles for easy hanging
  • The lantern isn’t s rechargeable


Getting a reliable lantern to perform required tasks ensures that you are well-prepared for any situation. As we have seen in or review, the majority of lamps are designed to achieve energy conservation while improving rate of illumination. Additionally, size is also is a major factor which influences the construction of these lamps. Most of them are compactly designed to facilitate portability while performance wise they are great. Now, when you are planning to buy an LED lantern for various activities, you can do so comfortably without any hassle.


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