Information About the Best Saxophones in 2019 – Jazz Musicians

Information About the Best Saxophones in 2019 - Jazz Musicians

The saxophone is in the class of wind instruments developed in the 1840s by Adolphe Sax. It provided the balance between the brass and woodwind instruments because it is mainly made from brass, but the reed in the mouthpiece is made from wood. It produces music by blowing into the horn to create vibrations in the neck which are amplified by the body and modified by the keys.

For solo wind artists, the saxophone appeals most for its versatility in acquiring the tone through the voice. It is in a family of eight sizes that is the Soprano Sax, Sopranino, Alto, Tenor, Baritone Sax, Contrabass, Sub Contrabass and Bass Sax. They vary from the highest pitch which is the Sopranino and Soprano and the lowest; the Bass and the Baritone. Most commonly used are the Soprano, Alto, Tenor and the Baritone Sax. They mostly require the best music stand to place the sheets as you play.

The market today covers the saxophone in terms of the price and the level of experience. They vary in price from as low as under $200 to over $10,000. The level of expertise is also considered regarding the beginner, student or the seasoned professional.

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So What Should You Consider When Embarking on Buying a Valuable Saxophone?

Size: The four common sizes are the Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Baritone Sax. Sopranos have a high pitch which may be difficult to attain, and the Baritone is very deep and may also be unattainable. Most people prefer the Alto as it is suited with many music genres and is a size that can fit kids. The tenor has a higher level of difficulty than the Alto when it comes to fingering.

Style of Music: Jazz and Classics receive a much more allure with the alto sax while the rock and roll type get better with the tenor sax. You may also want to identify which audience you want to entertain since your style of music may not appeal to all crowds.

Level of Expertise: Are you a beginner, a student or a professional? Know where you stand so that you can get the saxophone which fits your ability. Manufacturers always indicate who should use their instrument so that it won’t be so much of a hassle.

Price: The cost of a saxophone may be reflected in size not always the quality. This is not to say that the most expensive ones cannot match the cheaper ones. In fact, there are excellent sounds with affordable makes. However, as a student or beginner, it’s important that you don’t spend thousands of dollars in a sax which may need replacing later.

Mouthpiece: It is best to examine the quality of the mouthpiece before you embark on using your mouthpiece. If your saxophone does not play well, the mouthpiece poses the first area of problems.

10. Merano GWD510BL Alto Saxophone E Flat with Mouth Piece and Zippered Hard Case, Blue

Merano GWD510BL Alto Saxophone E Flat with Mouth Piece and Zippered Hard Case, Blue

When we mention a saxophone, the first thing that comes to your mind is the sound of jazz. So when you want to add a touch of creativity to your music, this alto saxophone by Merano is the best place to start. It is of the E flat pitch category which falls in between the soprano and tenor versions. The reason it’s popular being that you’ll not strain as you learn new tricks and additions to the pitch which dictates your music. If you want to invest in a high-quality instrument, Merano has so much to offer.

With a bright blue lacquer exterior, one easily falls in love with it. It can equally find a home in an orchestra, a nightclub and even a rock and roll concert. It is loveable among kids who love to explore with colors as it opens up their imagination for more. Its warm alto pitch is quite likable with persons who love soft music as it touches the lowest of spirits to brighten up their days. It can accommodate other more genres including reggae, pop, salsa, RnB and of course the lovely blues. With it, you can entertain any crowd as it can help create a memorable melody that is catchy among your listeners.

The craftsmanship of this saxophone is quite a catch. With a properly fitted reed in the mouthpiece, the first blow of air will reveal the vibrations together with the help of the keys produce a mellow sound when amplified. One can, therefore, change the note to create their unique tune. You will learn to control the sound where with continued practice the modifications create a distinct tone. It is playable by people of different frames and heights as it weighs only 9.6 pounds. The strength it adds gives it balance from shaking so individuals with shaky hands can use it.
Merano GWD510BL Alto Saxophone E Flat with Mouth Piece and Zippered Hard Case, Blue

When it comes to the durability, you’ll find that it has a construction from brass so you can enjoy the grit of a rich sound for a really long time. The material also dictates that it is virtually unbreakable and can withstand bumps and accidental fall which may occur in the course of practice. It sets the stage for beginners because it has quite a number of pieces to choose from as many great musicians who practice on it have made legendary pieces. It comes with the mouthpiece made of wood which does not need a lot of air to make clean vibrations.

You’ll be more impressed when you want to take it with you. It comes with a carrying case which affords it portability and easy storage. You can, therefore, take it on the road concerts, so you’ll be organized if you’ll be using more than one instrument. Everything goes wrong when you are in a band; you want to take part in more than one play, but you can’t locate your saxophone because there are so many of them lying around. When you have yours, it’ll just be a matter of minutes before you get on stage and carry the crowd away. And, if you spend some days on the road, remember to carry the best camping screen house to take a break from the scorching sun.

The essence of having a great working saxophone is to enjoy using it. With Merano E Flat, all the possibilities in whichever genre you choose come to life. It is budget friendly considering the cost of most saxophones. If you have a promising student in the house, go all out and surprise them. The benefits that come with owning one as a beginner are enormous not it’s like when you have a rented piece.

  • Easy to use
  • Suits beginners
  • Bright blue lacquer finish
  • Affordable
  • Users indicate it may not be the best size for adults

9. TS600L Selmer Student Model, Tenor Saxophone

 TS600L Selmer Student Model, Tenor Saxophone

In music, one has to learn their niche where they unleash their whole potential. The Selmer TS Student model is that equipment which will propel your rock and roll music. When you’ve decided you want to be in a band or go solo, as a tenor artist, you need more control. Selmer offers a way to be in sync with your music as the controls offer an easy method of modifying the sound that comes from your saxophone. It is an excellent way to find your distinct tune that can set the stage for many original songs.

We love the clear lacquer that is identifiable in a crowd. You want an instrument where people can identify you with. Choose a finish that reflects your personality and the type of music you play. When you are just starting out, this may not be important, but as you become seasoned, you’ll have the need to become memorable. When you choose a clear lacquer, you can always customize it with either your stage name or the memorable tune you create with it.

Some people may find the high F# key as an unnecessary feature since they never get to use it. Well, it may be the greatest surprise yet. Users indicate it has been the turning point in how their music is played and listened to. Although it may take practice to learn, it produces a clearer pitch. They describe it as the most stable high that can be played on their tenor saxophone. It is also not as flat as many may presume. Young hands will mostly benefit from the linear design of both the left and right-hand key sections. It also carries an adjustable right hand, thumb rest which gives the player a comfortable time when playing.
 TS600L Selmer Student Model, Tenor Saxophone

It is important that you practice with a solid piece. That’s why you need to identify the material which makes your saxophone. This one has sturdy nickel plated keys which ensure its durability. The body also has a robust construction from brass; players love it due to the heavy usage it can withstand. The mouthpiece is lightweight made from plastic. This adds to the simplicity of cleansing while maintaining a high quality of the sound.

This saxophone promotes an ergonomic design of use where the pivot screw is adjustable. It allows for proper maintenance where you can tighten the screws when they get loose. This way, you can customize the keys to rise as you wish them. It also carries leather pads, adding to the elegant design and the quality of music production. Leather means that the tone holes seal completely.

The qualities presented by this saxophone are admirable. It fits the rock players specifically as the features are specific to that genre. With the added F #key, one can create a distinct tune which is specific only to them. With the luxury of a carrying case, your concerts from far and wide are reachable without stressing about luggage. Your concerts will also benefit from the best audio mixer. All in all, this is a reliable saxophone which is high on the upscale end.

  • Adjustable thumb rest
  • Durable body construction
  • Maintains an ergonomic design
  • Strong nearly unbreakable keys
  • Comes off as heavy, so it needs the support of a saxophone stand

8. Costzon Alto Eb Sax New Professional with Accessories Gold

Costzon Alto Eb Sax New Professional with Accessories Gold

The Costzon EB Alto Saxophone is popular among music enthusiasts from different genres. It is a professional make which comes with a very attractive design. It has a luxurious touch from gold lacquer which adds as a personal preference for many players. With it, achieving a distinct tune is one blow away. It carries incomparable features as such it is on a musical path where the stage is set for professionals to shine and showcase their excellence.

The sound production is the most admirable capability of this saxophone. It carries consistent intonation since the keys are flexible and linear in design. They are compact and reachable where even intermediates find they have a natural fit to go with their speed. This helps you to acquire a clear tone quality and any modifications you make create much more volume to your music. If you are a classical musician, you’ll love the mouthpiece as it inclines towards a soft and smooth tone.

The make is another attractive feature since it is mostly made from brass. It does not rust or corrode when subjected to the outside weather. You can be sure to work with it as good as new after many years of use since it is resistant to abrasions. Another distinct feature is the make of the keys which is adjustable, and one can make changes according to the position they prefer. We can say it is a good way to customize your fit so every time you get on stage you don’t have to fumble when you find someone else altered the former positions.
Costzon Alto Eb Sax New Professional with Accessories Gold

There’s always a cool touch which is associated with this saxophone. The Eb E-Flat design has an auxiliary F #key which helps with intonation when playing high pitches. As a seasoned player, you may find it hard to start getting the hang of the F-key, but it is a great addition when learning to make versatile music. The good thing about this addition is that a beginner may practice creating unique music with proper fingering which is typical of this saxophone.

You’ll be pleased that it is lightweight and it comes with the carrying case. Traveling to concerts will be a breeze as you’ll find you can depend on the case to keep it safe and protected from damage. It’s an emotional thing if you lose you saxophone. Particularly so if you have customized it to fit your preferences; it is easy to keep any eye on it when you keep it in the case. This model comes with great accessories including the cork grease, strap, and aglet. Remember to take the best

If you want an all-around saxophone, this one fits the bill. This price is probably the best you’ll ever get on a saxophone. The design is simple, and it can accommodate a wide variety of genres meaning you can attract a large following.

  • Ergonomic design
  • Strong keys which don’t bend
  • Easy to assemble
  • Durable construction
  • Some users complain about the weight when used by young hands

7. YAS-280 YAMAHA Student Alto Saxophone

YAS-280 YAMAHA Student Alto Saxophone

Yamaha has a proven reputation for producing reliable and high-quality products. This one is just one of them where quality meets perfection. It has a desirable exterior where anyone who admires to play the saxophone can associate themselves with when they are starting out. This model is primarily focused on students and young beginners. It is loved because it does not need a lot of energy to sync the tone and produce great music.

The mouthpiece for this saxophone is a model which supports the production of music of many genres. As a beginner, you’ll learn that it supports an ergonomic use to stand the speed of learning. You’ll not need to buy an intermediate saxophone once you have become an expert as the keys support even seasoned players. The neck design is light where it produces a soft and mellow cover of the music you play.

When it comes to the functionality, it is impressive to see the keys are adjustable and make for a very easy-to-use operation. The low B-C# connection is an improved design which assists in the closing of the #C key. This works to promote the consistent closing of the keys in the low rank of the saxophone. It also features an adjustable thumb rest to add to the comfort of the user. Remember music is meant to be enjoyed and any discomfort that may come with it needs immediate remedy.
YAS-280 YAMAHA Student Alto Saxophone

Looking at the exterior finish, it carries a clear lacquer that is attractive and also delicate. Many players love it because they can easily engrave their names and their type of music with it. It carries robust keys which do not bend when subjected to heavy use. It is always a steal when you have the addition of soft pads which close the tone holes. They carry metallic discs that add to the volume and the projection of the music created.

You’ll love that you can travel with this saxophone because it is the lightest among alto saxophones. If you are in a band, it means the movements you make while maybe singing or matching do not weigh you down because of the weight. It is a good fit for both adults and kids who are just beginning or are on the verge of breaking out as forces to reckon with in the world of jazz and classical music.

Everything about this saxophones call for attention; from the tough exterior to the conveniently placed keys. It fits a lot of genres and audiences. One can depend on it to produce great music, and since it’s an upscale product, you can be sure that the price reflects the quality of the saxophone. Yamaha is a well-established brand, and this model points out the great benefits you get from using such a great piece of instrument.

  • Attractive exterior
  • Smooth adjustable keys
  • Comes with a thumb rest
  • It’s from an established manufacturer
  • Comes off as expensive but users assure it serves beyond the capacity of the cost

6. Jean-Paul USA AS-400Student Alto Saxophone

Jean-Paul USA AS-400Student Alto Saxophone

The alto saxophone is always popular of the saxophones family. This is particularly so because it has simple and smooth operations. The Jean Paul USA AS-400 is one of those saxophones you’ll be hard pressed to pass on. It expresses dependable features which are likable among beginners. When you think of a student, imagine the effort it requires to balance the saxophone while blowing into the mouthpiece. It brings up so many challenges when the vibrations are flat without a touch of expertise.

But someone needs to start somewhere. Jean Paul shows that one can become an expert by using the carefully placed keys to support great tone quality. Because it uses the Eb key function, one can find numerous sheets of music to practice on. It carries sturdy keys which withstand substantial impact where they do not bend during everyday practice. The vibrations created have a consistent intonation throughout the range. This way, one can acquire great music production characterized by catchy melodies.

With tapered keys and fluid key work, it sets the mood for a relaxed method of music production. They are power forged where with the help of Rico reeds, one acquires a professional touch. It also comes with a resilient mouthpiece which is easy to clean and maintain since it comes with a swab cleaner. You can always go with your disinfectant because when you use the same mouthpiece each time, you are prone to be exposed to germs.
Jean-Paul USA AS-400Student Alto Saxophone

If you are worried about the durability; no more worries because it has a construction from durable brass. It neither breaks nor gives to the effects bumping. When subjected to the rock and roll stage that is typical of heavy vibrations, yours will remain intact. A broken saxophone can immensely discourage someone to practice. This applies in particular when you imagine the steep cost they carry.

Another significant aspect is that comes with a travel case. So when you want to go to on the road shows, you can be sure your instrument is protected from bumps and the rough terrain which may cause accidental falls. The inside is soft, and you’ll find it’s also cozy to cushion the saxophone further. It is perhaps the best addition when you want to remain organized as a band. No losing of instruments or waiting on someone else to finish using yours.

The basics covered with this saxophone show that it is not only a durable piece of equipment but it is also a worthy investment. It fits both beginners and intermediate users who want to add the grit into their performances. It can blend in with many audiences as such it can be used for many genres. For the price, this sax works beyond our expectations.

  • Natural key placement
  • Strong, durable bell
  • Pivot tapered keys for easy access
  • Consistent intonation
  • It does not have a variety of colors

5. Conductor Model 300 Alto Saxophone, Gold Lacquer with Accessories and 1year warranty

Conductor Model 300 Alto Saxophone, Gold Lacquer with Accessories and 1year warranty

Being a student in your school’s music band, you need a valuable saxophone when you want to be part of the group. You’ll want to follow in the intonation made by your teacher when producing great music. It is apparent that the Conductor Model Alto Saxophone is a must have when looking forward to smooth practice sessions and excellent performance. It sets the stage for learners to follow through since it produces clear sounds likable and catchy among listeners.

You’ll like that the alignment of the keys follows the Eb which dictate a natural form when using it. This saxophone is even more popular because it comes assembled and all the parts have been perfectly placed. Conductor technicians always ensure to test it in advance before shipping, so users get the assurance it is of high-quality. It is a standard model with compact but sturdy keys that withstands great use. The design of the keys helps students on a simple start as fingering is effortless.

When we talk about the design, we can’t fail to notice the exterior gold lacquer finish. It adds to the luxurious touch. When starting out your personal preferences may dictate the kind of music you play and the audience you please. A gold lacquer on your saxophone may grow to be your signature color on the instrument as you may build a following with such preference. It is, therefore a great way to find your path and reflect it in your music even with a little impression of color.
Conductor Model 300 Alto Saxophone, Gold Lacquer with Accessories and 1year warranty

For the younger students, this is the correct fit because the neck is thinner and lighter. Holding it up or using it with a saxophone stand presents an easy method of operation and one can easily tell that they can make quick modifications. You can shape your sound as it helps exert control by the user. Elementary to high school students find it very appealing because it stays in tune and offers a natural rhythm for their speed.

It goes without a saying that this saxophone is built for longevity. The keys are sturdy, and the neck design is remarkable as it is strong and complements the brass body. It is, therefore corrosion resistant. You can depend on it for many years to come. Take it to places as it has a travel case where you can just put it on your back, and off you go. This case comes in handy because you can also place the other accessories which include one mouthpiece, one reed, a cap and microfiber cloth to clean the mouthpiece.

Conductor Alto saxophone is quite versatile for its price. It’s incredible how much you save considering the high prices that come with other brands. Many users stand by it in support of the durability and ease of maintenance. It carries the accessories and has a one year warranty. You get quality and style which is not compromised on any ground.

  • Very affordable
  • Has a strong construction
  • Best suited for students
  • Natural alignment of keys
  • One may need to check the screws after many years of use because they may start to loosen up

4. Professional Alto Eb Sax Saxophone, with Accessories, Gold

Professional Alto Eb Sax Saxophone, with Accessories, Gold

If you are looking to broaden your range as a saxophone musician, you may want to consider the Professional Eb Sax Alto Saxophone. You will gravitate towards its unique creation of music through its precise tonal intonations. If you are a jazz or classical artist, this may be for you. It has smooth operations on compact keys that do not require additional expertise to learn. There are few auxiliary keys, and the working is in a relaxed mode.

Each time you get to practice your music, there’s always the need to make catchy melodies which are recognizable among diverse crowds. This way anyone can listen to your music and remember you as an artist. This saxophone is built to help users get a hold of their full potential as a way to connect with the audience. It carries an ergonomic design of linearly placed right and left-hand keys. You can quickly make adjustments because they are reachable from whichever hand you use.

You’ll appreciate the body design which plays great importance in the performance. It bears a mini-rib construction to improve the projection of the sound greatly. This saxophone is a must have for the ribs are strong to take great use of simplicity. Seeing that it bears soft paddings which tightly seals the tone holes, the various sounds you create gain significant volume, unlike the high shrills which may be produced by defective padding. The lightweight design helps one use it in a standing or seated position with a choice of whether to use a stand or not.
Professional Alto Eb Sax Saxophone, with Accessories, Gold

You’ll love the large casing it features. Measuring good 6x10x25 inches, it perfectly fits the saxophone plus other music accessories. It also has sectioned compartments to fit the neck and mouthpiece. The parts also fit the reed, mouthpiece and gloves. This piece of equipment is so easy to assemble. You don’t need to ask assistance when getting it to work as the neckpiece goes to the body perfectly and very little screwing is required. The ease in assembly is an important part of learning for when you are putting it together in a hurry, maybe during a competition.

With a construction from brass, you can tell that this is a durable saxophone. It has a high resistance level to damage and breakage. When it’s not in the case, the body keeps it secure and when you balance it with your thumbs, you’ll notice it does not stress when going through heavy vibrations. It remains intact and thus suitable for varied music genres like heavy rock. The gold finish not only adds the elegance but also keeps it protected from corrosion and abrasion.

Professional Alto is by Best Choice Products. They do not make any compromises when it comes to creating great music by its users. The parts have been thoroughly tested so it’s an assurance you are getting a high-performance product. This is one of the least expensive saxophones we have on this list. It makes for a great gift to loved ones who are into jazz and classical music.

  • Compact and strong keys
  • Sturdy brass makes it
  • Rust resistant finish
  • Has a versatile casing
  • Some users complain about the strength of the mouthpiece, but this usually happens after several years

3. Lazarro E-Flat Eb 370-BK Alto Saxophone, Black Silver Keys with 11 Reeds, Case, Care Kit

Lazarro E-Flat Eb 370-BK Alto Saxophone, Black Silver Keys with 11 Reeds, Case, Care Kit

Many saxophone brands offer one to two colors on their sax which may be a bit boring to have. This is not the case with Lazarro. This model is a Black Sax with silver keys. Many other colors range from blue to purple to red, etc. It fits nearly all preferences among the users as the keys also have varied finishes between silver and gold.

This one carries all the desirable features with a very attractive exterior. It carries silver keys that are perfect for withstanding heavy usage. Thus, they give the assurance of breakage resistant, and you can easily tell they are not bound to bend anytime soon. This color is appealing with the engraved Bell decoration and the faux mother of pearl inlays on the keys. It is the first eye-catching design that we have come across making it irresistible among the young users. Therefore, this saxophone is equally acceptable for schools, bands, orchestras and even live concerts.

It utilizes the Eb of key and an auxiliary accessory of the F #Key. This key adds the clarity in high pitched intonation, giving them a warm feel which makes the sounds created more unique. You can range more to acquire a wide variety of music so you can venture into different genres. Whenever you venture into very high pitches, the F #key serves to bring it down to a soft tone and not a sharp unlikable sound. It is with this saxophone that you can gain a large following with different audiences since you can create a distinct tune.
Lazarro E-Flat Eb 370-BK Alto Saxophone, Black Silver Keys with 11 Reeds, Case, Care Kit

When it comes to the construction, it carries a robust design. It is made from brass and carries a tough exterior that can resist damage from lots of abuse associated with heavy saxophone use. It can serve for long periods, so we can add that it has the tendency to resist abrasion and corrosion from being used outdoors. If you plan to take it on road shows where it gets exposed to too much sun, there’s 100% chance that you’ll have it in one piece when you get back.

This saxophone like the others above comes with a travel bag. The bag is resistant to wear and tear as it also has a construction from flexible fabric. The inside is well cushioned to protect the saxophone, and it can also carry all the accessories that come with this saxophone. These accessories include; the mouthpiece, reed, neck strap, cap with the ligature, cork grease, etc. You may never be required to buy other accompaniments for a long time.

If you are a seasoned saxophonist it’s clear that this is the instrument for you. It is embellished with excellent sound productivity and perfect key alignment, so you won’t strain as you modify the sound to make it more appealing. It shows longevity features, and it comes at a very attractive price. Whether you are a student or an intermediate artist, you will find this is the catch you need to transform your music.

  • Available in variety of colors
  • Reasonably priced
  • Accommodates a lot of genres
  • Has the F #key
  • There are complaints of being unable to reach a smooth sound using the lowest note

2. Glory, Professional Eb Sax Alto, Gold Lacquer Finish, 11 Reeds, 8Pads, Care Kit, Gold Color

Glory, Professional Eb Sax Alto, Gold Lacquer Finish, 11 Reeds, 8Pads, Care Kit, Gold Color

Playing one kind of genre may seem appealing especially when it’s jazz. Then comes the moment when you want to grow and experiment with other genres. As a saxophone artist, you’ll need a versatile instrument to help you add some spice to your music. The Glory professional Eb F #key is the kind you want to choose when it’s time to revitalize your music. It is appealing to many users since it is lightweight and it has a relaxed key layout. The key alignment makes it reasonable for play in many environments including orchestras and live shows.

There’s no limit to the unique features it bears like the distinct hand engraved bell decoration. Beginners and intermediate users alike give it a home as its sound is calm and clear. One can easily practice their sound control to come up with their unique intonations. The gold finish is another feature that pleases many users who love to pop some style. This does not compromise on the sound quality; in fact, many users indicate the finish serves to protect their saxophone such that no corrosion can occur.

You’ll like the key design, even more, when you find you can range high pitches and still get a soft and smooth sound. With the addition of the F #key, it is a reasonable addition to a professional’s saxophone since one wants to improve and perfect their skill in intonation. With it, you can add a unique tone which may set you apart if you are into composing great music. The alignment also sees that you can reach all of the keys, even the low ranking ones. So you may want to rethink your stand if you feel the F #key is not an important feature.
Glory, Professional Eb Sax Alto, Gold Lacquer Finish, 11 Reeds, 8Pads, Care Kit, Gold Color

It is even more impressive to see that it comes with leather pads which carry metal resonators to close the tone holes completely. These are crucial when adding volume and projection to your music. You need to have the holes completely shut if you are going to have a rich sound produced from this saxophone. The metal resonators, therefore, form a major part of the audio production process. You will even admire that the thumb rest is adjustable and the key height screws can be customized to fit your natural fingering positions.

This saxophone has the best longevity features among those at its price range. It has a robust brass exterior. This is complemented by the hard shell case which serves more so to protect it from damage. The interior of the case is well cushioned and acts a shock absorber when subjected to high impact. It is also big enough to fit other accessories that are the 11 reeds, 8pc mouthpiece, cleaning rod &cloth, neck strap and other small pieces like the screwdriver and grease.

All the necessities you require from a high-performance saxophone are fulfilled by this unit. It shows resilience, and it can be used by a wide variety of artists, to appeal to many audiences. This versatility comes at a very budget-friendly price, as you’ll see for approx. 200 dollars, you get to own the Glory Professional Alto Saxophone.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Has adjustable key height
  • Versatile alignment of keys
  • Carries the F #key for smoothing out high pitches
  • Available in only one color

1. Mendini by Cecilio Gold Lacquer MAS-L+92D+PB E Flat, Alto Saxophone

Mendini by Cecilio Gold Lacquer MAS-L+92D+PB E Flat, Alto Saxophone with Tuner, Mouthpiece, Case, 10 Reeds, etc.

Great music originates from the ability of one’s composing skills. It is also from using a high-quality saxophone whose sound appeals to the ears of many. If you want to delve further into making the music that shapes the path of your musical career. Whether you go solo or are in a group, Mendini presents a perfect way to play and be heard. The unique build of this saxophone ensures that you produce a rich sound which is catchy and can be felt by many audiences.

The outer shell is a distinctively alluring make. It features a gold lacquer finish that is not only beautiful but also adds to the longevity capacity. The finish gives it a protective layer which keeps it looking and performing as good as new for many years. With it, the sound you create will never depreciate as no cracks can get to the coating. The keys have a contoured design which takes the shape of the fingers, and they have a desirable faux mother of pearl inlays. They do not make them any fancier but are important in helping you maintain a firm grip.

Looking at the key alignment, they follow a natural path which is reasonable for use by both adults and kids. It comes with high-quality leather pads and forms a great deal of vibrant music when combined with the metal tone boosters. They close completely against the tonal holes to add to the volume and command of the tune produced. They also add to the even intonation experienced throughout the range of this saxophone. The large bore is a meaningful style which makes this instrument playable by short persons and kids. The reason being one gets a full body sound. Together with the customized speed on the keys, many players can find their exact niche with it.
Mendini by Cecilio Gold Lacquer MAS-L+92D+PB E Flat, Alto Saxophone with Tuner, Mouthpiece, Case, 10 Reeds, etc.

This saxophone is even more desirable because it is hand crafted. The technicians at Cecilio assemble over 300 parts which make up this horn to enable everyone to find a way with it. Therefore, it has been tried and tested to ensure nothing comes between the user and production of music. With such capacity, it has many approvals from teachers and instructors. The music it presents has a recognizable tone, likable among thousands of users.

You’ll like the hard casing it comes with. It plays a significant role in keeping it intact. The case is tough, nylon covered, lightweight shell that is large with a very soft interior to absorb shock from bumps and any falls that it may encounter. Its brass construction also makes it robust such that it can last for many years while working in good condition. Since the accessories are hand-crafted, Mendini comes with all the necessary ones you’ll require throughout your journey of making and presenting great music. They include ten reeds (2.5”), a pair of gloves, cleaning cloth& rod, and a mouthpiece. It also includes a saxophone pocket book that contains the assembling, fingering chart, care instructions and fundamentals for music reading.

Users love the uniqueness that this saxophone presents, first it is hand crafted, and secondly, it is very affordable. Its price range is at around 200 dollars. We cannot forget the best feature that is a variety of colors. If gold is not your preference, you don’t have to settle for it because there are other colors which will fit your keen eye. Think of your most popular finish, and you have it. With a one year warranty against the manufacturer’s defects, you are assured of getting the highest quality; there is on the market today.

  • Reasonably priced
  • Available in many different colors
  • Comes with a tuner
  • It has a warranty
  • Repair requires only the parts from the original manufacturer


Playing music using the saxophone is supposed to be an enjoyable and fun activity. If you are a beginner, a good saxophone will help you move from one stage to the next in your music. Your exact needs should be met when buying a saxophone. If you take home a lot of compromises, they will reflect in your music. We hope this list gives you a perfect guide in helping you choose your next saxophone. Also, you can always get more information about the history and working of saxophones. And, keep those questions about how to the play the saxophone flowing as you can get the answers you want from the online community.


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