Improve Your Writing with One of these 10 Best Speech Recognition Headsets in 2019

Improve Your Writing with One of these 10 Best Speech Recognition Headsets in 2019

Speech recognition headsets are sought-after accessories of late. Transcriptionists, for instance, use them to transcribe recordings with the help of voice recognition software such as Dragon. Sales executives, on the other hand, use them for telephony in business and or office settings for many reasons. Compared to some of the best headphones in stores, for instance, their lightweight designs are ideal. You can wear one for hours without getting tired. They also have powerful speaker systems and high fidelity microphones that improve their performance. Whether you want to make calls, video conference, or chat online, a quality brand will serve you well.

Speech recognition headsets are essential accessories in most sectors. To get the best, however, do not buy the most expensive product that you across online. You should not buy the cheapest of the bunch too. It is advisable that you research and buy a product that you will enjoy using for several months. Buying a headset every week is an expensive affair. You should also look out for a functional model that will help you to stay productive at work or at home. That is why most people choose them to some of the best wireless headphones available in stores. This process seems daunting. However, in our buying guide, we have reviewed this attributes in detail to help you to find the best product.

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What to Look for in a Speech Recognition Headset

What makes a good speech recognition headset? If you are struggling with this dilemma, you have come to the right place. As in most niches, no single speech recognition headset can meet the needs of all people. To find the best for day-to-day use, keep the following attributes in mind when shopping:

Type: Speech recognition headsets are two broad types – wired and wireless ones. Generally, wired headsets use wired connection to transfer signals from its microphone to devices and for devices to its headphones. Even though cluttered, most models are very reliable. You do not have to worry about changing batteries for them to work. They are also durable and work with both old and new devices. Wireless models used Bluetooth connectivity. Even though convenient, their high maintenance designs do not appeal to some people. Weigh their pros and cons and choose a type that will serve you the best.

Microphone: What type of microphone does your headset of choice have? Does it have an inline microphone or a tall boom model that you can adjust as needed? Both types work well. However, if you travel often and hate carrying bulky devices around, an inline microphone will serve you well. You might sacrifice a bit of clarity, though, because of their poor reception. Boom microphones, conversely, are omnidirectional accessories. They capture voices well. Unfortunately, they are bulky. They also often get in the way of people during storage or transportation. Keep these attributes in mind when shopping.

Comfort: Have you ever sat in an uncomfortable bus for hours while traveling across your country? That is how you will feel with an uncomfortable speech recognition headset over your head. When shopping for a new one, thus, never sacrifice comfort at all costs. Its headband, for instance, should be as comfortable as possible. If possible, buy a brand with an adjustable headband. You should also make sure its ear cups are comfortable before buying. Read the reviews of current users to learn about the product you are buying.

Durability: Speech recognition headsets are not as cheap as the stock earphones that come with your phone. To save money in the long terms, buy a durable product. The materials used to make it, for instance, should be top-grade. Also, make sure that its parts are durable. The low-grade headsets that sell dirt-cheap online always last a few weeks.

If you follow these steps carefully, you will have a better chance of finding the best speech recognition headset. If you do not, this article has you covered. With one of our recommended headsets, you get the best of the best in this niche.

10. Dragon Stereo Communication/Skype Headset HS-GEN-C

Dragon Stereo Communication/Skype Headset HS-GEN-C

For transcriptionists, Dragon is one of the most dependable speech to text software in the market. However, if you have a poor quality microphone, its effectiveness drops. People who have poor quality earphones also often make mistakes because of their inability to listen accurately. If you are struggling with these problems, we have a good option for you – Dragon Stereo Communication/Skype Headset HS-GEN-C. Recommended for individuals and professionals, this speech to text recognition headset works well. It is easy to use. Finally, it has a plethora of impressive features that improve the performance of people over time. Buy one to improve how you transcribe files or conference with friends or colleagues online.

A food choice for customer service representatives, Dragon Stereo Communication/Skype Headset HS-GEN-C is a comfortable headset. If you have one that irritates you whenever you are working, buy this model today. It is lighter than some comparable models. As such, you can wear it for many hours without getting tired. Its foam padded ear cups are also comfortable. You do not have to worry about them irritating your ears as you work or engage in other online activities. Finally, because this speech recognition headphone has an adjustable headband, it works well for most people. Whether you have a small or large head, you can easily customize its fit to maximize comfort levels. Some of the best Bluetooth headphones on Amazon do not meet this threshold.
Dragon Stereo Communication/Skype Headset HS-GEN-C

Have you ever set up and interview over Skype only to realize that your microphone does not work well? Such cases are common and among the most frustrating in workplaces. To avoid such disappointments, choose Dragon Stereo HS-GEN-C headset. As discussed earlier, it is a comfortable accessory. It is also one of the best for Skype and communication, in general, because of its quality microphone. Featuring and advanced noise canceling technology, the microphone filters background noise well to keep your voice crisp and clear. It also has a Nuance-certified design that works well with most Dragon software. Finally, you get a versatile boom design. When in use, you can adjust in on demand to improve voice pickup. This is unlike some inline microphones.

With Dragon Stereo HS-GEN-C, you get an easy-to-use headset that you will enjoy using every day. Featuring color-coded plugs, for instance, you can easily set it up on computers when working. You do not have to set up tiring Bluetooth connections, as some wireless headphones often require. Its operation is also simple. The boom microphone that it comes, with, for instance, adjusts easily over a 270-degree orientation. It even has a well-labelled “TALK” side that guides you on how to orient it well. You will enjoy using it.

  • Adjustable headband
  • Foam padded ear cups
  • Adjustable boom (270-degrees)
  • Heavy-duty plastic
  • Color-coded plugs
  • Excellent voice pickup
  • Nuance-certified design
  • Plug and use system
  • Noise-cancelling headset
  • Cost-effective headset
  • Reliable wire connections
  • Fits tightly over ears
  • Cheap-looking design

9. AAAPrice com Inc. Voice Recognition USB Headset

AAAPrice com Inc. Voice Recognition USB Headset

Nuance Dragon is a popular speech recognition software that has helps people to transcribe files and write reports hands-free. It is also popular among students, scientists, and office workers who take many notes for reports and or projects. Even though the versatility of this software is impressive, you need an equality impressive speech recognition headset to unlock its power. This is where most people fail. We use bulky and inefficient headphones that end up screwing its performance. The low-grade standalone microphones that some people use are not any better. For best results, consider buying this AAAPrice com Inc. Voice Recognition USB Headset.

In terms of design, speech recognition headsets look the same. However, in terms of features and overall performance, you get good products and stellar ones. AAAPrice com Inc. Voice Recognition USB Headset falls into the latter group of products. With one, for instance, you get a versatile accessory that works well with most versions of Nuance Dragon. Whether you have the professional version, the premium version, or Dragon naturally speaking, you will have a fun time with this software. Its frame is durable. It also has a well-finished (smooth) and adjustable design that fits most people comfortably. You will enjoy having one at home or at work.

When shopping for the best noise canceling headphones, most people choose form over function. With AAAPrice com Inc. Voice Recognition USB Headset, however, you get both. It is a stylish accessory. It also has a durable microphone with an advanced noise-canceling technology that never disappoints. When in use, for instance, it delivers accurate speech recognition in most environments. Even if you have a deep accent, expect wonders from this one of a kind headset. The microphone also has an intelligent design that delivers high-definition (HD) audio for VoIP applications. If you talk over Skype often, it is one of the best headsets to use.
AAAPrice com Inc. Voice Recognition USB Headset

The quality of the noise-cancelling microphone that this headset comes with is impressive. Because of its placement on an adjustable pro-flex boom, its performance is even better. When you are working or playing, for instance, you can customize its placement easily to maximize voice pickup. This is not the case with most inline one. You have to hold them close to your face manually, which is often frustrating. The wire used to make its boom is durable. Finally, because this microphone has a Windsock, breath popping is minimal whilst in use. This improves sound quality and clarity further.

For people that spend many hours on a computer working or chatting, this is the best headset to use. The large 40mm speakers that it uses, for instance, produce loud and immersive sound. Ear cups, on the other hand, are thick and comfortable. You can wear then for long without irritating or tiring your ears.

  • Large 40mm speakers
  • Loud and clear sound
  • Comfortable ear cups
  • Adjustable headband
  • Pro-flex boom microphone
  • Noise-cancelling technology
  • Built in Windsock
  • HD audio output
  • Supports VoIP applications
  • USB plug and play
  • Supports all Nuance software
  • Sensitive volume control
  • Not very durable

8. Andrea Monaural Voice Recognition USB Headset

Andrea Monaural Voice Recognition USB Headset

Do you use Dragon Professional or Dictate at work? Do you depend on Dragon NaturallySpeaking or Dragon Premium to transcribe audio files at school? If you are shopping or a new speech recognition headset that will help you to work like a professional, Andrea Monaural is a good option. Reputable among students and professionals, its performance is impressive. The advanced USB plug and play technology that it uses, for instance, is one of the best in this niche. It connects fast. It also works well with most devices (including Windows and Mac computers). An original model will improve how you communicate or work at home or in your office.

When shopping for speech recognition headsets, people have to choose between boom and inline microphones. With this brand, however, you get a versatile boom microphone that will improve how you work. Because of its adjustable pro-flex design, for instance, sound pickup is impressive. You do not have to shout to relay audible and or clear sound, as some brands of headsets often require. The boom is also durable and improves microphone placement. If you work for hours transcribing files or answering questions over the phone, you will have a good time with this headset.

In homes or offices, background noise lowers the quality of sound that people relay when communicating. Even though moving to a quieter area can solve this problem, buy this speech recognition headset instead. Featuring an advanced noise-canceling technology, its performance in all environments is impressive. The technology filters environmental noise well to keep your sound crisp and clear. Finally, to minimize breath popping and other related problems, this headset has a windsock that responds well. Mounted directly on its boom, you can also move it around with your microphone to maximize its efficiency.
Andrea Monaural Voice Recognition USB Headset

Worldwide, Andrea Monaural Voice Recognition USB Headset has attracted the attention of people because of its accurate speech recognition. Most people also like the high definition audio that it produces. However, if you love music but cannot afford one of the best Bluetooth speakers, this headset is also good for entertaining. This is twofold. First, the 40mm speaker it comes with produces loud and immersive sound. You can use it to listen to your favorite tracks at home or in your office without sacrificing sound quality in any way. It also has a soft cushion that improves the experience of users further.

As most headsets reviewed, this brand is easy to use. The USB plug and play connection that it uses, for instance, is super convenient. You do not have to customize it in any way to work. This headset also has in-line mute and volume controls that ease its use further. You can access them easily and customize its performance on demand.


  • USB plug and play
  • Inline controls (mute and volume)
  • Powerful speakers (40mm)
  • Comfortable ear cushion
  • Accurate speech recognition
  • Pro-flex boom (adjustable)
  • High Definition (HD) audio
  • Noise-cancelling technology
  • Effective windsock
  • Comfortable design
  • Windows and Mac compatible
  • Indicator light
  • Overpriced headset
  • Inconsistent results

7. Sennheiser PC 36 Call Control USB Binaural Headset

Sennheiser PC 36 Call Control USB Binaural Headset

Because of its quality products, Sennheiser has helped millions of people to work and entertain well. Its line of speech recognition headsets, in particular, is popular because of the value that people get. Sennheiser PC 36 Call Control, for instance, is a recommended USB binaural headset that works well with both Windows and Mac computers. It is easy to setup. It is also durable and has an integrated sound card that delivers the best experience indoors. You will communicate better. You will also operate speech recognition software such as Nuance Dragon better with an original one.

Do you have a challenging time holding fruitful conversations with friends and or colleagues because of your poor quality headset? If you have a few dollars to spend on a new one, buy Sennheiser PC 36. It is a reputable brand. You also get a feature-rich device that will improve how you communicate and capture voice notes in your office. Designed to deliver noise canceling clarity, for instance, its microphone is one of the best. It picks up sound well. It also has a flexible boom arm that you can use to improve its placement.

Are you planning to buy a new speech recognition headset? Many people recommended Sennheiser PC 36 because of its convenience. Even though wired, for instance, the USB plug and play technology it uses is ideal. It is easy to setup. Whether you have a Mac or a Windows computer, all you have to do is plug it into a compatible outlet to work. Its wires are flexible and durable. Finally, with an original one, you get inline controls (mute and volume) for controlling your phoning sessions.
Sennheiser PC 36 Call Control USB Binaural Headset

If the functionality of this speech recognition headset does not captivate you, its comfortable design will. Forget about the hard and uncomfortable headphone that you have at home. This one will serve you better in many ways. Because of its lightweight design, for instance, you can wear it for hours without getting tired. This makes it an ideal product for customer care representatives that spend hours talking to customers. It is also good for medical dictation and or research. Its stitched double-sided headband is also comfortable. This is unlike the hard all-plastic models that often irritate people. Finally, its padded earcups are soft and comfortable.

For those that travel often, Sennheiser PC 36 is a portable headset. It has a light, foldable, and space-saving design that you can carry around easily. Its wires are durable, while the boom microphone it comes with folds out of the way during storage. The risk of damaging it is low when traveling.

  • Light and portable
  • Adjustable boom microphone
  • Double-stitched headband
  • Comfortable ear pads
  • Loud 40mm speakers
  • Adjustable design
  • Heavy-duty plastic
  • Inline controls (mute and volume)
  • USB plug and play
  • Mac and Windows compatible
  • Comfortable binaural design
  • Free HeadSetup software

6. Andrea Communications NC-181VM USB On-Ear Monaural Headset

Andrea Communications NC-181VM USB On-Ear Monaural Headset

Unlike what some people think, you do not need a large and expensive headphone to entertain or communicate well. Performance is key. Even though compact, for instance, Andrea Communications NC-181VM is a versatile on-ear headset that never disappoints. It is perfect for listening to music. It also has an array of advanced features that will help you to communicate better over the Internet. Its unique black, sliver, and gray theme, for instance, enable you to communicate or entertain in style. You also get a lightweight monaural design that produces high definition sound.

To communicate well with Skype and other voice recognition software, you need a quality microphone. Even though many standalone models are available online, they are often bulky. Most brands also need special add-on accessories to connect to and work with devices such as computers. Andrea Communications NC-181VM solves this problem. With one, you get a pro-flex wire boom microphone that never disappoints. Because it is adjustable, you can customize its placement over your mouth to improve sound pickup. It also has noise canceling properties and a windsock that minimizes breath popping. You get clear sound every time.
Andrea Communications NC-181VM USB On-Ear Monaural Headset

Forget about the cheap plastic headsets that break over time. Andrea Communications NC-181VM is a workhorse with a stainless steel headband. The material is durable. It is also stylish and has an adjustable design that you can customize to fit most head shapes and sizes. Instead of squeezing into the small and irritant headset that you received as a gift years ago, buy this headset. It is affordable. You even get inline mute and volume controls that improve its convenience.

This monaural headset from Andrea Communications is a versatile device. It is also affordable and has an easy-to-use design that meets the needs of most people. Featuring a long 8-foot cable, for instance, you do not have to be close to your computer to use it. You can use it from a distance without compromising its performance in any way. It also has a reversible design that supports both left and right side usage. You will have a good experience either way. Finally, its foldable design is easy to store and or transport. This makes it ideal for students who dictate notes.

  • Shielded 8-foot cable
  • Supports right or left side usage
  • Foldable frame
  • Stainless steel headband
  • Adjustable design
  • Padded ear cup
  • Adjustable boom microphone
  • Noise canceling properties
  • High fidelity speaker
  • Light monaural design
  • USB plug and play
  • Flimsy boom microphone

5. Koss SB45 USB-178203 Multimedia Stereo Headphone with USB Plug

Koss SB45 USB-178203 Multimedia Stereo Headphone with USB Plug

In the multimedia industry, you can never go wrong with the Koss brand. Home to some of the best gaming headsets, it is a sought-after brand worldwide. It also has innovative stereo headphones with this Koss SB45 USB-178203 model ranked among its bestsellers. With an original one, you get a well-made headphone that supports most multimedia applications. If you enjoy interactive gaming, for instance, it is one of the best models to use. It is comfortable. Sound quality is also impressive in all environments. You can also use it for speech recognition and PC VoIP applications with positive results.

With Koss SB45 USB-178203, hands-free communication has never been easy. Because of its light and fitting design, for instance, it benefits both gamers and customer care representative. The hands-free boom microphone that it comes with is also one of kind. It is adjustable. You can place it directly over your mouth on or on the side to get your desired results. The noise canceling technology it employs produces clear high-fidelity sound. Finally, if you breathe and or pop a lot whilst talking, its windsock will come to your aid. It keeps sound crisp and clear.
Koss SB45 USB-178203 Multimedia Stereo Headphone with USB Plug

Koss SB45 USB-178203, as all other speech recognition software that we have reviewed, is easy to use. The USB connector that it comes with, for instance, works off the bat. You do not have to program or customize it in any way to get clear audio and quality sound. All you have to do is plug it into your Mac or Windows computer and you are ready to go. The long (8-foot) wire that it comes with is also very convenient. Unlike short models that place people close to computers, you can work from anywhere with this one. It maximizes comfort. It also prevents the eye problems that people suffer because of bright computers.

When recording medical notes or responding to the queries of customers, people wear speech recognition headsets for hours. With a poorly built model, thus, you will not only stay uncomfortable but also perform poorly. Avoid such problem by purchasing a new Koss SB45 USB-178203 headset today. It handles abuse well. In this niche, it is also one of the most comfortable models because of its premium design. The thick headband that buyers get, for instance, lays comfortably on the head. You can also adjust it to match your head shape of size without compromising its stability. Finally, you get padded leatherette cushions that boost comfort further.

  • Superior sound isolation
  • Comfortable leatherette cushions
  • Thick and adjustable headband
  • Durable design (heavy plastic)
  • Universal USB connector
  • Mac and Windows compatible
  • Extra-long (8-foot) cable
  • Adjustable boom microphone
  • Noise canceling technology
  • No in-line volume control
  • Runs small

4. Koss SB-45 Communication Stereophones

Koss SB-45 Communication Stereophones

Ranked among the best headphones in 2019, Koss SB-45 is a popular communications Stereophone that also appeals to gamers. Even though larger than most products on this light, it has a light/ comfortable design that people like. Sound quality is also impressive. If you are a gamer, thus, or like listening to music, you will appreciate having an original model at home. You get large and loud speakers. You also get anisotropic ferrite magnets that improve sound projection and quality over an 18Hz-20 kHz frequency range. Do not waste money on one of the low-grade headphones available in some stores.

Recommended for communication, the performance of this headphone indoors is impressive. This, in part, is because of the quality microphone that it comes with. Mounted on a boom, for instance, its performance is impressive. You can move it around your mouth to find the best orientation from maximizing sound pickup. You can also move it out of the way when not needed or fold it out of the way for easier storage. The microphone itself is also one of the best. It is durable. It also has a clear voice noise canceling technology that neutralizes background noise. Whether you are making a call or using a PC voice application such as Skype, expect the best experience.

Are you conscious about comfort? Are you looking for a new speech recognition headset? To entice you into buying, many brands promise people the best experience. Koss SB-45 Communication Stereophones, on the other hand, deliver memorable results. With one, for instance, you get a wide and thickly padded headband with its share of benefits. It stays comfortable for long. You do not have to worry about hard plastic pressing onto and irritating your head, as is always the case with some brands. You can even adjust it to fit your head shape or size better.
Koss SB-45 Communication Stereophones

In addition to its comfortable headband, you get a pair of well-made ear cups that work just as well. Thickly padded, for instance, they are broad and comfortable. You can wear them for hours without irritating your ears or getting tired. These cups also isolate noise well. Whenever you are working or playing a crowded or noisy area, you will listen clearly and have a good time overall. Finally, both cups fold for easier storage. For those that travel often or have space limitations at home, this is ideal. Do not hesitate to buy yours for Amazon store today.

The quality of Koss SB-45 Communication Stereophones is on another level. Even though made of plastic, it does not break easily as some brands often do. It also has a durable cable and quality parts that offer value for money.

  • Noise isolating ear cups
  • Thickly padded headband
  • Durable construction
  • Foldable design
  • Powerful boom microphone
  • Noise isolating technology
  • Long and kink-proof cable
  • Adjustable headband
  • 18Hz-20 kHz frequency range
  • Perfect for communication
  • Ideal or gaming
  • No-inline controls
  • Somewhat bulky

3. Cyber Acoustics AC-104 Mono Headset

Cyber Acoustics AC-104 Mono Headset, headphone with microphone

Cyber Acoustics, as most notable brands, is home to quality and affordable devices that influence the lives of many people positively. This AC-104 Mono Headset, for instance, is a top-rated model that has found its way into classrooms for many reasons. Its compact and streamlined design, for instance, has a professional outlook. You can easily convenience your professor that you are recording notes and not listening to music. It is also portable and has a durable design with many innovative features. Apart from school, you can also use it at work or at home with good results.

When shopping for a new speech recognition software, voice or sound capture is an essential attribute that you must never sacrifice. Check the type of microphone that it uses. Is it inline or boom type? Is its quality good? With Cyber Acoustics AC-104, however, you do not have to worry about these issues. The boom-type noise-cancelling microphone that it uses is one of the best in this niche. It is durable. You can also adjust it on demand to maximize coverage. Finally, it has a built in windsock that filters popping and or breathing to keep sound crisp and clear.

Even though this headset uses a standard 3.5mm cable, its performance is desirable. The single connection plug it uses is convenient. You do not have to plug microphone and sound lines separately, as some models often require. It also works well with most devices. You can use it on your phone or tablet with good results. If you use VoIP applications on your computer, on the other hand, you also get a dual 3.5mm PC Y-adapter with each headset that you purchase.
Cyber Acoustics AC-104 Mono Headset, headphone with microphone

This headset’s comfortable design appeals to most people. If you have sensitive skin, for instance, or spend hours behind computers, you will like its leatherette ear cups. They are large and comfortable. They also have soft and breathable leather covers that do not irritate people as some fabric ones often do. Finally, in terms of maintenance, you do not need special tools or experience to clean them. A clean and damp cloth is all that you need to remove dirt and grime.

Have you bought many types of headsets that failed to meet your needs? Do not expect similar results with Cyber Acoustics AC-104. It captures sound well. It also sounds nice and has a tough design that will serve you well for years. Its plastic frame, for instance, does not break nor crack easily. You also get a durable boom microphone and long-lasting kink-proof wires.

  • Durable boom microphone
  • Noise canceling properties
  • Kink-proof wires
  • Soft leatherette ear cups
  • Very easy to maintain
  • Adjustable headband (plastic)
  • Dual 3.5mm PC Y-adapter
  • Standard 3.5mm cable
  • Lightweight design
  • Works with phones and computers
  • No padding (hard)

2. Cyber Acoustics AC-201 Stereo Headset, headphone with microphone

Cyber Acoustics AC-201 Stereo Headset, headphone with microphone

As the Cyber Acoustics AC-104 headset reviewed above, Cyber Acoustics AC-201 is a quality headset for students and professionals. Made using the best materials and technologies, its quality and performance are desirable. If you are looking for a durable headset for use at school or work, for instance, this is the product for you. Even though lighter than most brands, the plastic used to make it does not break easily. It is also scratchproof and has a smooth exterior that lays comfortably on the skin.

Sound quality is also impressive. If you use VoIP applications such as Skype, for instance, you will appreciate the quality of the microphone that this headset comes with. Mounted on a boom, for instance, its versatility is impressive. Unlike inline microphones, you do not have to hold it over your mouth whenever you are making a call or communicating. It does so by itself. It also has an adjustable boom. When in use, thus, you can change its orientation as needed to maximize sound pickup. Most inline microphones do not achieve this. Finally, because of its noise-cancelling design, you get crisp and clear sound always.

Do you have a phone that you listen to music from often? Do you record voice notes on your computer every day? To get a well-rounded headset that can achieve both tasks, consider Cyber Acoustics AC-201. This is a premium device. The two 3.5mm plugs that it comes with, for instance, better it functionality. You can use them on your computer. You can also use the audio cable on your phone to listen to music on demand. Its speakers are also phenomenal. Even though small, they are loud and entertaining. The fact that you are getting two comfortable earcups (leatherette) also makes it ideal for entertaining.
Cyber Acoustics AC-201 Stereo Headset, headphone with microphone

Perfect for personal, school, and business use, this headset is durable. Forget about an original one breaking easily, as some low-grade headphones do. Its plastic frame is durable. It thick and adjustable headband is durable. Finally, this headset withstands the elements well. You can use it outdoors without its fading or cracking over time.

Do you have a tight budget? To get a versatile headset without breaking the bank, do not hesitate to buy this model. In stores such as Amazon, you only need a few dollars to own an original one. Moreover, because of its durability, your experience will be better. You do not have to worry about buying a new headset soon for school, gaming, or professional use.

  • Adjustable headbands
  • Padded earcups
  • Premium speakers
  • Lightweight design
  • Long and durable cable
  • Noise canceling microphone
  • Dual 3.5mm plugs
  • Crisp and clear sound
  • For personal and professional use
  • Adjustable boom
  • None

1. Koss Communications CS100-USB USB Headset with Microphone

Koss Communications CS100-USB USB Headset with Microphone

In our review of the best speech recognition headsets in 2019, Koss Communications CS100-USB tops our list. Designed to offer the value that people like the Koss brass for, it is a durable accessory. It is also affordable and has a versatile design that you can use in many ways. If you enjoy gaming, for instance, this is one of the best headsets to use. It does not lag as some models. Its impressive sound quality is also ideal for chatting and for communication. People who use PC voice applications such as Skype also appreciate its value. Finally, if you record voice notes using software such as Dragon, you will enjoy using this headset. Its accuracy is out of this world.

The quality of the plug that a headset uses affects its performance. If you buy a brand with a plug prone to interference, for instance, expect poor results at home or in your workplace. A plug is also the lifeline of a headset. Once it breaks, you have junk in your hands. Koss Communications CS100-USB uses a durable USB plug that works well with most devices. It is plug and play. You do not have to program it in any way to use it. It also has an interference-free design that improves how people communicate or chat. You will like it.
Koss Communications CS100-USB USB Headset with Microphone

The sound quality of this headset is out of this world. If you have one that crackles or has static, for instance, you will notice a marked improvement with an original one. While its premium design plays a part, the noise-cancelling microphone that it uses offers these benefits. Mounted on a boom, it delivers the hands-free experience that most people crave. The boom also improves its performance in many ways. It improves placement, for instance. You can move it around until you get the best spot for communication. Finally, the dynamic element that this microphone uses has an extended frequency response. This improves the experience of users.

Because of its comfortable design, Koss Communications CS100-USB is one of the best speech recognition headsets for day-to-day use. Toss the heavy and irritant model that you have at home, for instance. With this one, you get a lightweight accessory that you will enjoy using for hours. You can even travel with it on demand with positive results. The headband that it comes with fits comfortably. You can even adjust it up and down to fit your small or large head. Finally, the foam padded ear cushions that it uses are among the best. You can hear through them well. They also have comfortable and breathable designs that you will like.

  • Adjustable headband
  • Padded ear cups
  • Lightweight design
  • Extended frequency response
  • Noise canceling microphone
  • Adjustable boom
  • USB plug-and-play
  • Foldable design
  • Supports all PC applications
  • Ideal for gaming
  • Low microphone gain


With all brands claiming to be the best, for instance, people often have a challenging time sifting the fakes and end up with bad products. This will not be a problem for you. After careful and detailed research, we have identified 10 of the best noise-cancelling microphones for students, gamers, and professionals. They are durable. They also have powerful designs that improve how people communicate or use PC applications. Buy yours to get the best of the best in 2019.



  • Why not Plantronics Audio 995 ?? This wireless stereo headset is very powerful to support all of your needs. You can enjoy rich and big stereo sound from this powerful headset. It can work properly via its wireless connection. Therefore, it is very comfortable to start using this reliable stereo headset today. Its noise canceling microphone is very useful to support any speech recognition software. You can also enjoy using this headset because it is equipped with pillow-soft ear cushions.

  • I’ve used 3 speech recognition headsets below, but it also works well.

    1. Pyle Home PHPMC7
    This speech recognition headset is able to work in the frequency within 20 – 22,000 Hz. This device is supported by its direct noise canceling microphone technology. It can detect your voice clearly because of this powerful technology. Its headband and arms are able to be adjusted easily. Therefore, you can feel comfortable with this reliable headset.

    2. Saitek PH04AU Vibration Headset
    Some people are interested with this famous headset. It is good for voice chat, voice command, Internet gaming, and also online conferencing. Its cushioned headband is very comfortable for all users. It can work with any voice recognition software easily. You can also maximize all benefits from this adjustable microphone. This headset comes with powerful vibration and high quality deep bass effect.

    3. iCon Stereo Headset
    This is a powerful over-the-head headset from iCon company. It comes with interesting style and design. You can wear this device with full of comfort because it is made with adjustable headband. Its flexible book microphone is able to provide crystal clear sound for all users. It is ideal for video chat, voice chat, multiplayer gaming, and also speech recognition process. This headset is compatible for PC and Mac devices.

    • Speech recognition software is a great app that you can use in your daily life. This software allows you to convert your voice to text immediately. However, you need to find the best speech recognition headset for yourself. This product is able to capture your speech clearly, so you can maximize all benefits from this software.

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