How to Buy the Best Coconut Oils – The Best Brands in 2019

How to Buy the Best Coconut Oils - The Best Brands in 2019

When glorification of health and beauty went up a notch, one particular product kept appearing on health and beauty charts. Coconut oil has since seen significant usage in the main areas of our lives. Even when some said it contains saturated fat, science went ahead to prove it is the good saturated fat. The benefits go as wide as an improvement in immunity, weight management, anti-oxidant and it has the highest use is in the cosmetic industry. Many people now use it as an alternative to their beauty products regarding hair and skin.

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If you have decided to go the coconut oil way, you are probably wondering which brand will meet your specific demands. But worry no more for you have come to the right place. We have scanned the market and identified the top 10 rated coconut oils and compiled them on this list for you.

So, What Should You Look for in a Good Coconut Oil?

Refined Vs. Unrefined Coconut Oil: Some distinct differences are seen from these two types of coconut oil. The unprocessed oil is commonly known as virgin coconut oil and is mostly identified by the rich coconut flavor since it is extracted directly from fresh coconut meat. It is not exposed to heat, so it retains its flavors, and most people prefer this kind of oil for their cooking.

The refined coconut oil maintains a very slight scent and taste of coconut. It is mostly used in the cosmetic industry as a base and carrier for most beauty products. You will need to identify how you want to use your coconut oil before choosing the refined and unrefined.

Packaging: For the persons who are trying to stay a plastic-free life, you will want to look at the brands whose coconut oil comes in a glass container. This is because no matter how good a product is you will not be fully satisfied with the brand that comes against some of your priorities.

Size: Do you need a jar that you can carry around? A small bottle will work best for you. And because a little coconut oil can serve various purposes a large bottle may go beyond the shelf life before you have utilized the whole bottle.

Color, Aroma & Flavor: The first indication of the coconut oil being rancid is the color. Check for discoloration like yellow patches before you accept the product. The flavor and aroma depend on whether it is refined or unrefined but the bottom line is that any strange smell or scent should call your attention towards its quality.

10. Spectrum Coconut Oil Organic Virgin Unrefined

Spectrum Coconut Oil Organic Virgin Unrefined

If you love a healthier lifestyle, choosing healthy oil should make a good starting point. The Spectrum Unrefined Coconut Oil carries the highest concentration of beneficial fats. Coming from one of the names that has been in the health industry for over twenty years, you can already tell this product is one of the best on the market. It represents the leading brands that are actually unrefined without additives.

It’s important that you note coconut oil is no miracle food but the advantages lie highly for health improvement. First, the Spectrum unrefined coconut oil does not carry any GMO ingredients. You’ll notice it takes the coconut oil slight scent and flavor when you use it or sautéing you dishes. This is because coconut oil does not burn under high heat. And because it makes for the health fats, you can follow up your food with smooth digestion.

Coming with endless benefits, this one comes with a special focus on body moisturizing. It is of great use, especially for dry skin. Since it is highly absorbent, the skin readily takes it in, and the good thing is that it can last for hours, so you won’t need to keep using it during the day. Another good thing that accompanies the Spectrum coconut oil, is that it works as a moisturizer for the hair. So if you are going to massage some on your feet, create a good mask to strengthen your hair.

And, did you know Spectrum has been praised as a remedy for dandruff? Many users allude to the strength of their hair to this product. As a moisturizer, the science behind it is quite simple. Usually, dry hair is the culprit for hair breakage. Remember to dab a little Spectrum after the shower to lock in the moisture that keeps hair strong. You’ll also be up for recovering a lost hairline if you continue using this oil as a part of your hair maintenance routine. While this oil is mostly used by females for their hair, men can use the best hair gels for men for great results.
Spectrum Coconut Oil Organic Virgin Unrefined

The processing of this oil ensures that you get the best that’s why Spectrum uses only the organically grown coconuts that are without pesticides. As such, it is pure oil from mechanical expeller pressing. It is also stable at room temperature do you’ll not need to store it in the freezer to retain its flavor. It carries a high percentage of saturated fats making it a better option for all butter and margarine uses in the house.

The beauty of the Spectrum coconut oil is the efficiency in the production process and the care taken to bring you a product worth its weight and value. You’ll want to invest in this brand not just because of the attractive price but more so because of the authenticity. Since it is natural, you should be able to use it even when you have sensitive skin. What’s more, pure coconut oil has a long shelf so expect to use it for around two years only remember to check the go bad signs. You can also see what experts are saying about coconut oil for better understanding.

  • No chemicals have been added like fragrance and preservatives
  • Retains the natural taste and scent
  • Very edible
  • It has numerous uses
  • Some users don’t like the plastic container

9. Pure Body Naturals Premium Fractionated Coconut Oil

Pure Body Naturals Premium Fractionated Coconut Oil

In the search for the most stable coconut oil, Pure Body Naturals processed this particular fractionated coconut oil. The main difference lies in that nearly all the long chain triglycerides are eliminated, leaving a rich mix of medium chain fatty acids. This is the type of fatty acid readily consumed by the body such that it is a quick source of energy for the body. Through the fractioning process, we can safely say Pure Body Naturals have the longest shelf life to their fractionated coconut oil.

The benefits of this oil cover nearly all parts of our lives concerning good health and wholesome wellness. As we said, the expectations are reasonably well above other oils as the uses can be endless. One it is the ideal carrier for other essential oils when you are creating a good mask or using it for aromatherapy. Say you have macadamia oil, avocado oil and any of the other thick oils that need softening to become applicable. When you blend this oil with them, they acquire the consistency required for massage oil, as a hair shampoo or even shaving cream.

Because of its high protein content, it is deemed useful for your hair and skin. It will thus be hard to bypass the benefits that come with fractioned coconut oil. If you are into DIY, you will want to try this oil as a base for processing other products like soap and lotions. Mainly because it is odorless, thin and extremely stable, it readily combines with other ingredients to come up with a unique blend that can be fully processed into a viable product for use at home or even commercially.

Have you tried fractioned coconut oil as an antiseptic? This brand is known for its disinfectant properties. If you get into a minor injury, this oil will come in handy to prevent further infections to an open wound. It is well known to be non-irritant so if your other lotions and body oils continue to give you rashes and itchy skin, switch out to the Pure Body Naturals Premium Fractioned Oil. Another unforgettable use is with food preparation. We love its longevity and its rancid resistance. It is fresh oil and the best choice for baking and frying food, so dig in your favorite fried chicken for this oil makes it all worth it.
Pure Body Naturals Premium Fractionated Coconut Oil

This specific fractionated coconut oil goes through steam distillation and hydrolysis. It is the process involved to separate the different oils contained in coconut to acquire the more stable fractioned coconut oil, based on their melting points. Pure Body Naturals also use organic coconuts you’ll be pleased if you are keen on top notch organic food. It does not also mix with other chemicals. For these reasons, it is a decent measure to aiding weight loss by increasing metabolism since it is regarded as a whole food.

One of the most beneficial features of coconut oil has been reinforced to give you the most credible form of fractioned coconut oil. The surprising thing is that Pure Body Naturals have not exaggerated their price even after taking this brand through a long production process. It assures you of durability without going bad, offering you optimum health, skin and hair benefits.

  • Odorless and Colorless
  • Does not stain clothes
  • A good moisturizer for winter
  • Perfect base and carrier oil
  • Disinfectant properties
  • Isolated complaints about the pump on the bottle being hard to operate

8. Sky Organics Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Col Pressed

Sky Organics Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Col Pressed

Everything about this coconut oil by Sky Organics is just beautiful. Their bottles and the tops are just beautiful and will catch your eyes immediately. Also, the color and the texture of the oil is just amazing. For whatever reason you are shopping for coconut oil, you will find this ideal as it is also ideal for so many uses. Any one and any household can find coconut oil useful and this is the best to have.

When it comes to versatility, this coconut oil takes the lead as it is very versatile. There so many ways that you can use it. First, most people use it as a supplement for boosting their immune system which is very important and healthier than other form of supplements. Secondly, you can use it for cooling thus adding some flavor and important nutritional values to your foods. Also, you can use it to moisturize your hair as well as skin. It actually makes your skin look and feel so smooth that you will love use it every day.

It is also great when used on your hair. It gives it such a strong and healthy texture while also eliminating dandruffs thus leaving you with healthy hair and even healthier sculp. And, you don’t even need to use a lot. Just a few drops and it will be enough. You can also add it to your skin and hair care products if you don’t want to use it alone. You will love using it and even love your hair more as you will have an easy time taking care of it.

Also, with this particular coconut oil, you will be getting many health benefits for unimaginably low price. First, for people trying to lose weight, this is a product you should definitely add in your shopping cart. You can use it as a supplement to boost your body immune system without having to eat too much foods. Also, it is a great antimicrobial agent thus ideal for skin and hair care and it increases metabolism thus better and faster digestion, more energy and a healthier you. You can never have enough of it.
Sky Organics Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Col Pressed

What’s more, with this coconut oil, there are no additives, no bleaching or deodorizing thus you will be getting it in its purest form for healthier benefits. It is just cold pressed without any refinement thus all its nutritional values and benefits have been preserved throughout the process. This is important as you want to know that you will be getting all these health benefits from your oil and if the pressing process is messed with you might not rip as much from it.

This coconut oil is also USDA organic approved thus you can be sure that there are no harmful pesticides or antibiotics added to it. You can thus use it as you wish without any worries. The last thing you want is to use any oil on your skin or hair or even consume it as a supplement only for it to harm you. The coconut oil is also KOSHER certified meaning that it is the cleanest and purest coconut oil you can ever come across. No doubt you will love using it.

  • Very versatile
  • Many health benefits
  • No additives, bleaching, or deodorizing. It’s just cold pressed without any refinement thus preserving all its nutritional values
  • USDA organic
  • KOSHER certified
  • No odor so for people who like it otherwise might not find this to be the perfect deal.

7. COCO&CO Beauty Grade 100% Raw Coconut Oil for Hair& Skin

COCO&CO Beauty Grade 100% Raw Coconut Oil for Hair& Skin

With a special focus on hair and skin, COCO&CO Beauty Grade Coconut Oil is designed for that exact use. It comes in a small jar that is easy to store anywhere so you can reach out whenever you need it like on a cold freezing night. Seeing that it is for use on the skin, face, and hair, this coconut oil is silky and does not clog the pimples. You just use a pinch, and it’s more than enough.

You can already see how economical this type of body oil is. It’s now easy to throw out all other lotions you may have for one this is natural so expect no side effects and only the goodness of the oil benefiting your skin. Many users now gravitate towards the COCO&CO Beauty Grade coconut oil since it’s very fine, it has been processed without the grainy feeling that comes with raw coconut oil, so it absorbs fast into the skin. This means you’ll stay moisturized all day long. And don’t forget to use some on your lips too.

Do you have dry and dull hair? The beauty of the COCO&CO coconut oil is that can be used safely for your hair either as a conditioner or as shampoo. Application of this particular coconut oil will aid in the strengthening of your hair by providing just the right oils and proteins needed to prevent hair loss as you hit your senior years. If you want to preserve that long length together with the volume of your hair, we recommend this product highly for you.

The purity of this coconut oil is seen in the fact that it does not discolor and is safe to use on sensitive skin. This includes baby skin as users have pointed out the significant benefits it has on acne and baby rash. The reasons for this purity being that it does not have any additives including preservatives, gluten, lanolin, topical antibiotic and many others. You’ll notice this as it is a crystal clear liquid and a silky white solid. It’s safe to store it out or in the refrigerator.
COCO&CO Beauty Grade 100% Raw Coconut Oil for Hair& Skin

When it comes to the extraction process, you’ll love that no heat is involved. The coconut milk is spun at different speeds which result in separation of the impurities and the oil itself. You’ll definitely identify this coconut oil on your hands because it does not feel greasy or carry a gritty texture. Instead, it retains the consistency and lives through the whole jar as fresh as you bought it. Only remember to use clean fingers when scooping it.

With COCO&CO, you can always tell the quality you’ll be getting is high grade. They only use fresh coconuts with no additives to create this unique coconut oil. It remains fresh, and it comes at a very fair price. We can say you get more than what you pay for because a little goes a long way. If you have friends who will benefit significantly from this oil, this is a thoughtful gift for them.

  • It’s not subjected to heat in the production process
  • For use on all skin types
  • It’s available in different sizes
  • Excellent packaging
  • The smallest size easily slips from hands

6. Island Fresh Organic Virgin Superior Coconut Oil

Island Fresh Organic Virgin Superior Coconut Oil

With lauric acid being the highest constituent of this coconut oil, the Island Fresh brand has three primary uses. These uses include as a health supplement, for the hair, and for the skin. All its nutrients are preserved carefully because it is not heat pressed. You’ll grow fond of this product from the very first day of use. From the flavor to the texture to the fragrance, everything about it points to a very pure, unrefined brand.

Even as the usage plays out like the rest of the coconut oils in this list, you should notice some difference whenever you use this particular product. It’s not a mystery, but because no oils are split from the initial processing, it carries a higher protein content, higher number of natural fatty acids than the rest of them. You should expect to use less of this product and see satisfactory results especially if you use it on your hair. As a hair mask, you’ll be in for healthier, silky hair that is smooth and equally conditioned.

Perhaps the most distinct feature about this brand of coconut oil is its antioxidant nature. It is the number one choice for health weight management. When taken orally as a supplement, it is known to improve the digestive system because of its high MCT content. Even better include it your recipes if you seek a health bountifully. Add it to your stews and soups to improve the taste considerably and also use it as a spread for your daily bread.

This is an ideal lotion for the whole family. It attains significant use for even the most allergic skin types and including young baby skin. It is the correct remedy for dry, chapped skin, acne and even stretch marks. Make it your natural deodorant or even better mix it up with baking soda or coconut oil to use a shaving cream that leaves your skin free of bumps. And if you already have those irritating after shave marks it will improve their appearance and aid in their fading.
Island Fresh Organic Virgin Superior Coconut Oil

You may be wondering by now, how credible is this stuff? Well, Island fresh is USDA certified, and although the medicinal results have not been used in hospitals, it’s clear for use as an antiseptic. It can even improve your pets, fur especially for persons who don’t like dog odors you can be sure to rely on it to take off that shaggy dog’s coat. The cold pressing production process ensures that it is pure and rich in nutrients. This means it will not go rancid before you have utilized the 54-ounce jar.

Island Fresh Organic Virgin Coconut Oil assures of the best usage and reliability that comes with unrefined coconut oil. It is inexpensive and 100% organic certified. You’ll get the full benefits of an all-around coconut oil. It is suitable for the whole family, and you’ll love experimenting with its many possibilities. As an alternative to most of the oil at home, this is the perfect product you could ever subject to everyday needs.

  • Purely organic
  • Rich in nutrients
  • Excellent for skin and hair
  • Great substitute for cooking oil
  • Melts fast under high heat so don’t store it where the sun hits it directly

5. Majestic Coconut Oil, Pure Fractionated, 16 Fl. Oz.

Majestic Coconut Oil, Pure Fractionated, 16 Fl. Oz.

If you have not been using any coconut oil and in particular, the Majestic Pure Fractionated Coconut Oil, just know that you have been missing out on great benefits big time! This particular brand is designed to take care of so many needs that would otherwise force you to incur extra costs every now and then. With just a bottle of this oil, you will be able to achieve so much that would otherwise require separate purchases from time to time.

First off, this coconut oil is odorless. This means that you will not have to worry about not liking the how it smells and for anyone allergic to certain smells, this will be the perfect coconut oil to go for. We all have different likings when it comes to how the products we use daily smell and thus this oil could really help as it is odorless.

Again, this particular coconut oil does not have that greasy feeling. Most people would really love to use the coconut oils because they have so many great uses and benefits but one thing that nobody likes is the greasy feeling that some brands have. This is especially important if you are going to be applying the oil on your skin or hair mostly when in a hurry. The greasy feeling makes most people shy away from certain great uses of coconut oils and if you have had such an experience you will appreciate this oil.

What’s more, this coconut oil is colorless. Colored coconut oils have their own share of limitations as sometimes you are forced to rub it in more than would be necessary if it was colorless. Also, when using it as recipe when making certain products, you would be hesitant as its color might completely change the color of the product. Also, being colorless means that it does not stain. We cannot be sure that we will not be making a mess when using it and it’s only safe if we know that the oil will not stain our towels, clothes and much more.
Majestic Coconut Oil, Pure Fractionated, 16 Fl. Oz.

Another great advantage of this coconut oil is that it does not solidify lime most regular coconut oils do. The problem with the coconut oil solidifying is that you will be forced to warm it every time you wish to use it in its liquid form and regular warming might interfere with its properties thus affecting is effectiveness. Because it does not solidify, you can go ahead and divide your oil in different containers and place it in various places in your house like kitchen, in the bathroom and bedroom and from there you can use it as often as you wish.

Finally, you will be amazed by how useful this coconut oil is. There are so many ways in which you can use your coconut oil instead of buying so many other products to do the same. You can use it as a moisturizer, in cooking, as shampoo, in toothpaste making, as lip balm, natural deodorant, hair conditioner, face washing, shaving cream, and makeup removing, in sunburn remedies, aromatherapy, for massage, and many more. You can also discover other ways to use it because it is not harmful at all thus great for experimenting.

  • Odorless, no greasy feeling and colorless
  • Very long shelf-life
  • Does not stain
  • Does not solidify like most regular coconut oils
  • Has multiple uses
  • It’s for external use only.

4. Carrington Farms Organic 12 Ounce Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil

Carrington Farms Organic 12 Ounce Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil

This is a certified organic coconut oil and just like many other organic coconut oils, it has many great uses. Every household needs at least one bottle of coconut oil as it is the healthiest oil you can use whether in cooking or on your skin. You can actually eat it straight from the jar as it has no additives, not bleached but just cold-pressed.

It is actually the best replacement for fat and butter. If you do not use any dairy products, you might have a hard time finding a perfect replacement that will work just as good and be just as healthy. However, with this coconut oil, you will have the best replacement and be able to cook just anything as long as the heat does not exceed 350 degrees. It is what every kitchen needs to make those delicious foods or to just add in your coffee or smoothies.

For people who like to keep their skins moisturized, this is a perfect product to use. It is not greasy and does not require you to apply immediately after shower as most coconut oils are because otherwise they will feel like they are just “sitting” on your skin. It is also great when it comes to hair conditioning as it leaves your hair feeling so silky and strong while looking so shiny. It is also claimed to stimulate hair growth so you can give it a try and see how it goes.
Carrington Farms Organic 12 Ounce Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil

The oil is super healthy and delicious. Thus, if you are a health enthusiast, you might consider putting a jar of this oil in your shopping cart. It is healthier than any vegetable oils or any fat and butter and on top of this, it is very delicious and will completely change how your foods taste. You will thus enjoy your meals more and be able to be even more creative with your recipes.

If you are searching for great and nourishing supplement, this here is your best solution. It is cold pressed without any additives or bleaching thus you can be sure that all its essential contents remain intact and not interfered with thus just a spoonful of the oil will be really beneficial. It is also great for oral care. For a healthy gum or teeth, this coconut oil is the ideal deal. You don’t need to pay expensive consultation fees or medicines. Just twenty minutes with this oil in your mouth and you will feel the difference.

  • Certified organic coconut oil
  • Perfect replacement for butter and fat
  • Super healthy and delicious
  • Hair conditioner and growth stimulant
  • Moisturizing dry skin
  • Pure coconut oil
  • The jar is plastic

3. Nature’s Way 32 Ounce Organic Coconut Oil, Extra Virgin

Nature’s Way 32 Ounce Organic Coconut Oil, Extra Virgin

You will never come across a good deal on coconut oil than this. The pricing is perfect and the benefits that comes with it are just immense. You can use it on your face and body and it’s not greasy. You can also use it on your nails and hair, as massage oil, add some to your dog food for that tasty treat and it is very soothing on any hot spots on your dog. If you love cooking and baking, this should be a must have item in your kitchen. It also helps I balancing hormones, improving digestion, killing Candida, reducing cellulite, burning fats, decreasing age spots and wrinkles, improving energy and balancing blood sugar among others. You will definitely love it.

To start you off, this particular coconut oil is Non-GMO project verified. You know how almost everyone is getting over cautious on whatever they consume, give their pets or even apply on their skins? Well, this coconut oils manufacturers have made it even easier for you by ensuring that their product is totally non-GMO. This means you can cook or bake with it, consume it straight from the jar, add it to your dog’s foods or hair products without any hesitations. It has too many great benefits that you cannot overlook it.

This is organic coconut oil meaning it is all pure, unbleached, unrefined and cold-pressed. This makes it ideal for various uses as you are sure it won’t harm your skin or scalp if you decide to use it on your hair. Most people have testified to how good it is when used on skin, it makes it feel so smooth, and also works magic to give you an itchy free scalp. For those struggling with cellulite, you will find it effective after a short period of rubbing it on the affected areas and you can never run out of the various ways you can use it when cooking or baking.
Nature’s Way 32 Ounce Organic Coconut Oil, Extra Virgin

For a delicious taste and great aroma, you won’t go wrong with this coconut oil. You can consume it directly from the jar, add it to your coffee, shakes or smoothies. All you need is a small amount to change the whole taste of whatever you are having. What’s more, your dogs too will enjoy their foods more with just a little amount of this oil. The fact that it is an all organic coconut oil makes it safe to use on a daily basis even more than one time per day. And, for people who are working towards keeping their appetites down, the best appetite suppressants might be all that you need.

If you need something that will give you instant natural energy source this organic coconut oil is the best as it contains the good fats (MCTs) that’s necessary for the body to produce the much needed energy. This is partly why it is great as a dietary supplement. This means that you can add it to your physical activity, weight loss program, exercise and much more. And, apart from being a dietary supplement, this coconut oil can be used for cooking as well as on the skin or hair. There is just too much that you can achieve with this coconut oil and it allows you to be as creative as you would want be it in your kitchen or when it comes to your skin or hair.

  • Non-GMO project verified
  • Organic coconut oil
  • Delicious taste and great aroma
  • Can be consumed directly from the jar/ add to coffee, shakes or smoothies
  • Natural energy source as it contains the good fats (MCTs)
  • Great dietary supplement
  • Can be used for cooking or baking
  • Some people don’t like the tops.

2. Nuvita Pack of 2 Organic Coconut oil, 15 Ounce, Virgin

Nuvita Pack of 2 Organic Coconut oil, 15 Ounce, Virgin

First off, even from the customer reviews, you will be able to easily tell that this is a great coconut oil. It is very nourishing and does great when it comes to body care. There is so much that you can do with a good coconut oil and this helps you get even more creative be it in your kitchen or when it comes to hair or skin care. Also, for people who like massage, you will find it very useful.

For people who do not use dairy products for one reason or another, this is a great substitute. It is very healthy and it is an all-purpose coconut cooking oil so you can confidently say that your kitchen will be more lit than ever. It is actually way better than butter for people who love bread or when making popcorns and all types of vegetables. As long as whatever you are cooking won’t exceed 360 degrees you will be good to go.

When it comes to baking, this oil is all you need to get the best results and the best flavors. It will help you enhance your recipes and everyone will be praising your foods. In fact, if for one reason or another you don’t do butter, this will be a perfect replacement and even for those people who have no issues with using butter or milk this is still way better in so many levels. Also, if you don’t like vegetable oils, please go for this oil. It’s the best.
Nuvita Pack of 2 Organic Coconut oil, 15 Ounce, Virgin

Again, this oil is perfect for body and hair moisturizing. It is all natural without any chemicals. You can use it to moisturize your skin on a daily basis or even better, use it as a shaving cream and enjoy its smooth feel and great after shave skin. For people who wear eye makeup, you can use this coconut oil to remove it and you will love how effective it is.

Also, for people who like to exfoliate, you can just add this oil to coconut sugar to make a nice exfoliating scrub and love how well it exfoliates. Again, if you have dry and damaged hair, use this oil to as a perfect deep conditioning hair mask and see how effective it is. I feel like everyone should own a bottle of this oil because there is so much that you will be able to do with it and save time and money.

  • Great for oral care
  • Ne refrigeration required
  • Great for body care
  • Perfect for sautéing, enhancing recipes and baking
  • Cold-pressed, not refined, bleached or deodorized
  • USDA Organic verified and Non GMO verified
  • Cholesterol-Free
  • Non-Hydrogenated
  • Some users don’t like the plastic container

1. Viva Naturals Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil, 16 ounces

Viva Naturals Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil, 16 ounces

If you are keen on your health, you will love to use just the best product that cares for your health and skin in the most natural way. The Viva Naturals Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil is the best seller on Amazon, and as such it has gone through numerous evaluations and because it comes out clean we can tell without a doubt that this is credible virgin coconut oil. Viva Naturals are keen on the cold pressing process that’s why their coconuts are hand-picked before production.

As this is virgin coconut oil, it comes in a solid state at room temperature and melts at around 240 Celsius. This goes along to say you should expect the highest level of healthy medium chain fatty acids that carry the desirable antifungal, antibiotic and antioxidant properties. It plays a significant role as a health supplement to increase energy, improve metabolism and best of all boost the body’s immunity. It is, therefore a remedy for weight loss and prevention of disease naturally.

This oil does not carry the distinct coconut oil fragrance typical of oils with added scents; instead, it is mild referring to what you should expect from pure legit coconut oil. With that said, it is safe to use for your foods since it is raw. The fact that it carries a very slight taste of the coconut oil flavor means it will not alter the ingredients of your food. Instead, use it in your smoothies, as a pan spray or to improve on the flavor of your baked products. Alternate it for margarine, butter and cooking oil and see your kitchen menu grow healthy.

Using this coconut oil every day on your skin will see great improvements on daily skin issues including diaper rash on children. Viva Naturals is your go to if you experience skin conditions like eczema, dermatitis and even athletes foot. Manage any yeast and candida infections that recur particularly for ladies. You’ll be satisfied with the results if you choose to use it on your hair as part of the care and maintenance routine. The moisturizing effect that goes into your roots follows through with lustrous hair and healthy growth.
Viva Naturals Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil, 16 ounces

The Viva Naturals brand is also USDA certified as organic. It contains no gluten, preservatives and artificial fragrances or flavors. This is a GMO-free product and is equally good for vegans and persons who are keen on what they include in their meals. You’ll love that it is as good to you as it will be for your cat or dog. To promote their intestinal health, this product will get your companions all healthy as they are also dear to you.

For Viva Naturals, delivery of a quality brand is their top priority as you can see; the price reflects a very affordable product. It is the ultimate health supplement for weight management and cooking ingredients. It enhances the state of your skin and hair and is a great addition to pets’ food. It is unprocessed thus rarely affects people with allergic reactions. Acquire this coconut oil to see great health improvements for the whole family.

  • Pure and Unprocessed
  • Reasonably priced
  • It’s available in varied sizes
  • Rich in antioxidants and antibiotic properties
  • Some users have had issues with the sealing of the jar, saying it was leaking on arrival


It is clear that coconut oil has a million and one uses. We hope with this list; you can acquire the jar that lives up to its claim. Coconut oil is safe to use for a high percentage of the population so expect no reactions 99% of the time. Remember to look for signs for rancid coconut oils since even if most oils are claimed to stay fresh for long, some may carry hidden additives, and it’s up to you to keep checking for signs of freshness throughout the time you’ll be using your bottle of coconut oil. You can also look at the best oil diffusers and the best fish oil supplements if they interest you. Good Luck!!


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