Here is What the Best Weight Lifting Gloves in 2019 Should Look Like

Here is What the Best Weight Lifting Gloves in 2019 Should Look Like

Done for fun, as a profession, or for the numerous health benefits that it has on the body, weight lifting is an interesting sporting activity enjoyed by millions of people worldwide. Unfortunately, because of its rugged nature and myriad of primitive accessories that individuals use to achieve their daily high, callouses and wrist and hand injuries are common occurrences, particularly among beginners.

To keep such and a plethora of other issues at bay, weight lifting gloves are simple yet effective accessories that can help. They are affordable, attainable in many sizes and design, and have a plethora of safety features that protect hands from irritation and injury without limiting performance. To enjoy the foregoing and other benefits without spending premium amounts, the 10 best model to buy include

10. Grip Power Pads Women Gym Gloves

Grip Power Pads Women Gym Gloves
Designed for female workout enthusiasts, Grip Power Pads are a set of two high quality gym gloves with a striking pink theme that users find interesting. They are protective. They are also light and have rugged yet comfortable rubberized pads that improve grip for safer and fulfilling workouts.

Unlike working out with bare hands, therefore, you will be able to lift massive weight without worrying about callouses and other issues associated with weight lifting. You also get an easy to pull on and off design for an adjustable fit, an ultra-strong wrist Velcro closure system that supports the wrist, and an ergonomic and comfortable build.

9. B Nooch Premium Gold Label Weightlifting Gloves

B Nooch Premium Gold Label Weightlifting Gloves
A sought-after product by workout enthusiasts worldwide, B Nooch is a pair of premium gold-labelled weightlifting gloves that are also perfect for doing crossfit and other physical workout routines. They are durable, have an aesthetic black theme, and are available from extra small through extra-large. Their comfortable and easy to use design works well for men and women.

If safety and comfort is of primary concern, these gloves have double-foam-padded leather palms that not only boost comfort, but also lower the risk of developing blisters and or callous. As a bonus, you get a detailed nutritional and training guide with every purchase.

8. CF Revo Crossfit and Weight Lifting Gloves

CF Revo Crossfit and Weight Lifting Gloves
Considered among the best gloves for weightlifting, strength training, and crossfit, CF Revo is a professional-grade set of high-quality workout accessories that offer full palm protection when in use. They are durable, have non-slip grips that come in handy when working out, and have high-density foam padding that lower the risk of bruising and or developing calluses when lifting weights.

As most product listed herein, CF Revo is attainable in several themes and sizes. It is easy to wear and remove, lacks physical irritants that can harm you over time, and has a durable design with an integrated Velcro wrist strap for added support, safety, and comfort.

7. US Muscle Division Weight Lifting Gloves

US Muscle Division Weight Lifting Gloves
By choosing this set of weight lifting gloves by US Muscle Division, you get valuable USA-made sporting accessories, made of a soft fine-grain leather fabric. The material is durable. It also flexes with the hand for optimal support, and has an on-back breathable mesh Lycra that wicks sweat and heat effectively to keep the hand dry and comfortable as possible.

Its integrated open finger tab adjuster guarantees a custom fit, while its double-stitched construction and well-padded stress point boosts its longevity and performance further. You also get durable wrap-around wrist straps for added support and safety, a free digital Mass Muscle Building Secrets report, and a limited return warranty from the manufacturer.

6. Ixion Gear Best Weightlifting Gloves for Crossfit or Workout

Ixion Gear Best Weightlifting Gloves for Crossfit or Workout
Designed to offer superior protection and support, and hold up wear and tear in all gym environments, Ixion Gear is a high-grade set of weightlifting gloves for men and women that ranks among the most sought-after by beginners and professional workout and crossfit enthusiasts.

They are durable, offer superior palm protection when power lifting, and have a supportive wrist wrap design that orients hands and wrist naturally to lower the risk of injuries. If cash is a challenge, this set of professional-grade weightlifting gloves is affordable. They are also easy to wear and remove, easy to clean, and come backed by a limited manufacturer’s guarantee

5. RIMSports Weightlifting Gloves

RIMSports Weightlifting Gloves
Comfortable, washable, and manufactured using a flexible and tear-proof material, RIMSports is a professional-grade set of women’s weightlifting gloves that work well in all environments. They are lightweight, easy to wear and use, and have non-slip contact padding that guarantees a firm and safer grip whilst working out.

For those that sweat a lot, these gloves have breathable inner lining that prevent accumulation of sweat. They also have flexible 100% leather and spandex bodies that does not pinch users and large Velcro latches for a custom/ comfortable fit. For the best experience, purchase an original set of gloves of the correct size.

4. Meister Women’s Fit Grip Weight Lifting Gloves

Meister Women's Fit Grip Weight Lifting Gloves
Manufactured using a high-density Amara leather, Meister for women is a form-fitting set of MMA-styled weight lifting gloves with a striking pink and black theme. These gloves are durable, washable, and have an innovative all-purpose design that benefits general workout, crossfit, and weightlifting enthusiasts. They are also durable; have breathable back panels and padded palms; and have pull-tabs on both wrists and fingers for easier wearing and or removal.

3. Harbinger 140 Pro WristWrap Glove

Harbinger 140 Pro WristWrap Glove
Harbinger 140 is a professional-grade synthetic pair of weightlifting gloves, each with a patented wristwrap design that optimizes support and user comfort. For professional athletes, it has a powerful wrist support system that lowers the risk of sprains and other wrist injuries.

It also has heavy-duty stretch panels (across the back and between fingers) for flexibility and fit, a wraparound thumb protector that lowers flexion and therefore injuries, and well-padded double leather palm and fingers that prevent abrasion, bruises, and callousing.

2. Nordic Lifting Weight Lifting GlovesNordic Lifting Weight Lifting Gloves

Acclaimed in top 10 best weight lifting gloves reviews, Nordic Lifting is a multi-functional set of weight lifting gloves that benefit cross training and all other fitness enthusiasts. These gloves are unisex. They are also comfortable, have well-made straps, hooks, and wraps that guarantee a supportive and custom fit, and have padded well-gripped palms that boost traction when lifting weights, doing pull up, and doing other strenuous workouts. You get a one-year replacement guarantee.

1. Harbinger Training Grip WristWrap Glove

Harbinger 1250 Weightlifting Gloves
As per our review, Harbinger 1250 is currently the best weightlifting glove for both men and women in the market. It is black and grey-themed, durable, and has a novel strap on design that boosts support and comfort when doing strenuous workouts. Its padded palm generates a secure grip. It synthetic fabric is light, flexible, and comfortable, while its hand-washable design is ideal for everyday use.


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