Functional and Multipurpose Scissor Jacks for Car Owners – The Best in 2019

Functional and Multipurpose Scissor Jacks for Car Owners - The Best in 2019

Your automobile will probably come with a scissor jack. Manufacturers prefer them because they are light weight and users mostly gravitate towards since they are compact and can get the job done fast and efficiently. They only allow lifting a car through mechanical advantage for a tire change and in the case of most scissor jacks for leveling and stabilizing trailers and campers, since they don’t have the design for extensive garage work.

A Scissor Jack comprises a scissor linkage section that uses a power screw for compression to clinch elevation. It can also help move heavy merchandise over short distances by reducing the effort required to pull the load. It uses a gear mechanism where the jack lifts every time the ring it mounts to turns. It’s critical you remember to never get under a vehicle using a scissor jack only, always use an actual jack stand to prevent any accidental collapse by the car you’re working. Here is your guide to using scissor jacks safely

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Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Scissor Jack

The Weight of The Load or Car You Want to Lift: As efficient as scissor jacks are, they come with various weight capacities. Knowing how many tons your vehicle weighs is important since you’ll want to purchase a jack that can lift and keep your motor up. You may also consider getting two or more jacks to get a balanced lift.

Material That Makes the Jacks: The jacks you purchase should equate their material with the capacity they claim to raise. Light metal is for small vehicles while heavy duty steel works well with heavier weight vehicles.

The Height of Lift You Desire to Gain: Cars and motorbikes have very different frames. Your scissor jack should fit the profile of your car such that you won’t go looking for height extenders with a good pair of jacks.

Adjustability: You should effortlessly adjust the height of your jacks via the provided mechanism like by use of a hand-powered handle, or an electric powered drill. Most jacks allow for use with these two methods.

Durability: Ensure that you look for jacks whose frame is protected from rust and corrosion to give you service over a long time.

Stability: Remember to inspect the base of the jack you will be purchasing, since the wider the base, the more stable it tends to be.

Here’s a quick inspection of the jacks we have put considerable time researching.

10. Libra 5000lb. Model No. 26020 Set of 4, 24 Inch Leveling Scissor Jacks, RV Trailer Stabilizer with Power Drill Socket and Handle

Libra 5000lb. Model No. 26020 Set of 4, 24 Inch Leveling Scissor Jacks, RV Trailer Stabilizer with Power Drill Socket and Handle

If you’re looking to save some bucks for your trailer’s stabilizing mechanism, consider this set of four scissor jacks by Libra. For one they are very inexpensive and targets RV Trailers mostly used for camping and on the road travel.

With a weight capacity of up to 5000lbs. Per Jack, it’s critical to choose it if your RV trailer does not exceed 5000lb limit, including the weight of passengers and the food or cargo you’ll carrying since you’ll be selecting a stabilizing device without risking the possibility of collapse. It is fairly big in size so you can rely on it for a firm base.

This scissor jack set, consists of four steel jacks, meaning they are a durable set that is virtually unbreakable and will give service over a long time. It also comes with one crank handle which fits perfectly to a hex magnetic socket to use with an electric power drill when raising the jack to elevate to the desired level.

You’ll notice how handy they are when you own a long trailer and as we all know the longer the trailer, the more unstable they become. Installing these jacks will give you a rock solid ground even when you detach your camper from the tow truck. The good thing with these jacks is that they fasten tightly against the body of your trailer such it remains balanced.
Libra 5000lb. Model No. 26020 Set of 4, 24 Inch Leveling Scissor Jacks, RV Trailer Stabilizer with Power Drill Socket and Handle

With the help of jack stands, these scissor jacks can help stabilize and already raised vehicle like a lawn tractor when fixing tires or doing some repairs. Notice that when you fully extend these jacks, they reach the maximum load capacity but as you retract, the weight capacity lowers and you do not add weight to your camper when they are retracted.

The manufacturer ships these jacks with already drilled holes and with sixteen mounting screws; you can easily do this and get them working in less than two hours. You have the choice to screw or weld them onto the trailer or whatever else you may plan to stabilize occasionally.

When not in use, they retract to 5Hx26Lx7.5W (height by length by width) the extended height is up to 24 inches. Although these jacks are convenient, It is advisable to not try and use them as lifting devices for any vehicle, whether to change tires or otherwise.

  • Have a sturdy design
  • Very affordable
  • Easy to install
  • High-quality steel makes them; hence durable
  • Cannot be used as lifting equipment

9. Rage Powersports Black Widow BW-1604A 1 Pack Motorcycle Scissor Jack

Rage Powersports Black Widow BW-1604A 1 Pack Motorcycle Scissor Jack

Rage Powersports offers reliable and convenient jacks for they believe in absolute safety when operating motorbikes. They are known to produce the best bike accessories, and this is just one of them. Take this reasonably priced scissor jack; the Black Widow it is first rated for durability and convenience. It would be nice if you gave them a try on your bike that, is if you don’t already own one. It passes the strength test through its steel construction since we all know how sturdy steel is.

This jack will lift and lower effortlessly; giving the user an easy time while performing repairs on their bike. It uses a 7/8”wrench or socket to raise a motorcycle at the center to place precise applications to the maintenance of your bike. It is also capable of allowing tire changes on one tire at a time since it lifts up to a height of 15 inches above the ground. Its minimum lifting height is 4 inches which is not bad at all either. We have more motorcycle scissor jacks here.

The Black Widow weighs only 20 pounds so you can carry it with you for emergency tire changes on the freeway. You’ll love its rubbery surface that prevents bikes from skidding or losing their stability. Since it allows a centered lift for your bike, you can easily do some quick repairs as you’ll have access to most parts of the motorcycle.

Another unique feature of this particular scissor jack is the ability to accommodate a jack dolly. A dolly is a metallic plate with a rectangular fill and wheels, where you place your jack and with the bike up and above the ground, you can rotate it and move it in any direction, adding to the flexibility of the parts you’ll be accessing.
Rage Powersports Black Widow BW-1604A 1 Pack Motorcycle Scissor Jack

This scissor jack not only guarantees that your motorbike will remain upright and stable, but it also ensures you have an easy time working. It can handle many bike models from the BW to the dirty Bikes, lawn mowers as long as you stick to the 1100 lb. capacity. The mechanism of operation and maintenance is easy since you only use a hand-powered socket or wrench to lift and lower. A little grease for the parts and your jack stays as good as new.

The price is fair for its versatility; you are sure to love its squicky clean performance. With all the essential features needed to securely lift your bike, from a non-skid rubber platform to a robust design. This jack can collapse to a few inches and fit like a flat book to your bike’s rear. It needs little maintenance making it the best choice purchase for a motorbike scissor jack.

  • Efficient for tire changes
  • Can accommodate a dolly to add mobility
  • Compact design for portability
  • Completely safe for lifting up stationary bikes
  • It cannot lift massive loads above 1100 lbs.

8. Red Hound Auto 4-Piece RV Trailer, Scissor Leveling Jacks, Heavy Duty 2.5 tons each 24 Inches with Handles

Red Hound Auto 4-Piece RV Trailer, Scissor Leveling Jacks, Heavy Duty 2.5 tons each 24 Inches with Handles

When you arrive at your camping site, the next logical thing to do is stabilize your camper. You’ll want to use the best stabilizers so that you can sleep in peace without the worry you may wake up on the wrong side of the camper. The Red Hound Auto scissor jacks are the most popular items found under stationary campers. They practically exceed our expectations for their convenience.

Firstly, they are a set of 4 scissors jacks with a length of 24 inches extended and can accurately level your trailer at a minimum height of 13.75 inches to a maximum of 23.5 inches. The most important factor to consider is the weight capacity. These particular ones have a 5000-pound limit. Notice that you should consider the weight of your load before making a choice on the leveling scissor jacks you want to buy. These are meant for heavy duty and might just suit your particular trailer.

The features are excellent, including a robust construction from thick metal that has an anti-rust coating, such that they are very easy to maintain. Find the best lubricant for the screws and cranking these jacks will always go smoothly. You can easily screw them on to your trailer since they already have drilled holes, the more holes it has, and the more stable they are. Another excellent choice is to weld them on to you RV and never have to get a loose bolt scare.

These set lifts and lowers easily with little effort by use of a hand-powered crank. You can also include a hex socket to use your handle with an electric powered drill and elevate your trailer in less time. These jacks guarantee that your motorhome is protected from unwanted movement, and remains so on leveled ground. Also, they are weather proofed to survive several summers without the need for repainting. They have a plush black finish that does not come off quickly.
Red Hound Auto 4-Piece RV Trailer, Scissor Leveling Jacks, Heavy Duty 2.5 tons each 24 Inches with Handles

When you walk inside a camper, you’ll notice how it rocks from side to side, installing these jacks equally around the base of your camper will stop the shaking. Especially if your camper is on sand, you’ll surely need this set. It’s incredible how functional they are. Knowing that they bear a sturdy design is a bonus because they do not risk collapsing or having the inner screw catch before you’ve attained the full extension.

We can say that these scissor jacks are developed for efficiency and reliability. They are an indispensable set that will ensure your camping goes more smoothly. Seeing that they are reasonably priced; they also come with two crank handles so you can have someone else do the elevating together with you. They are high quality which will ensure you customize every trip to be on your terms.

  • They can be permanently attached to the RV’s body
  • Serve heavy duty purposes
  • Are easy to turn and stabilize
  • Simple to maintain
  • They come with only two crank handles

7. BAL R.V Products Group Deluxe 2400 2D BAL 24 Inch Leveling, Scissor Jacks

BAL R.V Products Group Deluxe 2400 2D BAL 24 Inch Leveling, Scissor Jacks

BAL Leveling scissor jack is heavy duty equipment that features an oversized base for absolute stability. It is built for excellent performance to level and stabilize travel trailers and fifth wheels. The base is also plated with steel so that it is robust and durable; hence you will notice that it does not wear easily or rust due to the weather.

The scissor arms bear a roller bearing assembly such that application with the screw is precise and goes smoothly. This aspect is important in that it makes utilizing functional avoiding damage before its life is over.

The scissor arms also feature a tooth gear design that ensures you can retract and extend this jack with absolute vertical elevation. This design helps keep the jack from gaining much friction, even when you are not using a lubricant. It gains its popularity among users more so because the frame attains a straight line movement by having elements that restrict horizontal movement, hence stabilizing the trailer automatically with no hassle.

Working with the crank has never been easier. Particularly with this scissor jack, it bears an acme thread drive screw that is double leaded to ensure reliable performance. It combines with an acme nut to pull the optimum service for this jack. This combination brings a polished surface that cranking does not corrode hence making it resistant to corrosion. Consequently, the applications are quieter and you will use less power for a long time.
BAL R.V Products Group Deluxe 2400 2D BAL 24 Inch Leveling, Scissor Jacks

You may find that your trailer is in an awkward position and still need stabilization. For some jacks, this may be hard to level, especially in a tilted position, but this is not the case with this scissor jack. The crank can still access the screw and do some elevating quite effortlessly. You just need to get it up to the handle receiver and rotating becomes smoother.

This jack has an anti-rust coating that will ensure your jack does not rust and wear after a considerable duration. Especially if you decide to install it permanently, the coat will keep it in good condition, bearing in mind it will go through the outdoor elements like U.V. It also prevents accumulation of grime and dirt, since it may be difficult to get to such parts when you notice any rust after a few summers. The finish is shiny you can always tell if the weather is getting to it.

The crank is zinc coated meaning the galvanizing action it expresses will protect the handle from the elements for a long time. Zinc is known to tremendously reduce the corrosion process and especially if you live in wet areas this coating will ensure you get the maximum service life.

The efficiency of this scissor jack does not only lie in its ability to stabilize but also in its durability and high quality performance. The construction is sturdy ensuring it is secure from causing any collapse accidents. I’d recommend this especially if your motor home is long and need serious leveling.

  • Easy to mount onto vehicle frames
  • Can raise up to 7500 lbs. of load
  • Have a tough construction
  • Are built for longevity
  • Using grease with them will make them prone to dirt accumulation

6. Extreme Max Motorcycle 1100 lb. Wide Scissor Jack

Extreme Max Motorcycle 1100 lb. Wide Scissor Jack

The first thing you notice about this motorcycle scissor jack is their bright red polished surface. Extreme Max is well known to produce renowned Motorbike jacks that perform at optimum efficiency; ensuring users get the best service from them. This particular scissor jack has a robust construction from heavy-duty steel, meaning it can handle all types of motorbikes to perform repair or maintenance operations.

We love them for their convenience because you can perform a repair entirely by yourself at home or on the road.

They focus their lift at the center so you can equally work on the front as much as you can work on the rear. This centered approach is also critical in ensuring stability for the bike will not rock from front to back as you work. You will have an easy time maneuvering as all the parts are fully exposed when doing maintenance jobs. It is also handy when replacing tires such that you can lift the rear to change the front tire or lift the front to change the rear tire. Read also our comprehensive review of the best motorcycle locks.

Seeing that it has a rubber pad, resting your bike on it will feel stable and firm as it will not slip from the surface when working. It also provides a smooth rest of your motorbike’s frame, preventing scratches and irritation on your bike’s body. A rubber padded surface is also suitable for storing your bike in an elevated position as it will protect the undercarriage through winter.

Using this jack is by manually lifting the scissor board by use of a 7/8” wrench or socket. The rotations are comfortable and steady since the nut flows smoothly gradually raising to an extended height of 13.5 inches above the ground.
Extreme Max Motorcycle 1100 lb. Wide Scissor Jack

The platform is wide and stable measuring 15×9 inches so that the bike remains unwavering for firm and precise applications without any signs of sliding. When you are done, collapsing this jack goes to a mere 3.5 inches which can fit on your bike so you can use it on the go.

This Jack bears a full deck that can lift a total of 1100 lbs., except for Trikes which are a bit longer and heavier. You’ll appreciate the stability a wide deck brings, especially if you need to lift a Bike that utilizes the maximum capacity weight of this jack. You can always put a dolly with this platform so as to make your repairs easier and faster because you can rotate the steady bike from one position to the other when doing maintenance that requires a lot of moving.

You can make the lifting much faster by using a cordless electric drill to extend the jack in seconds. This aspect is helpful when you need to work on many bikes and manually lifting each bike can prove tiresome. The worm gear is built for flexibility as it can take up various drills. For the price of this scissor jack, it is an excellent piece that promotes safety and efficiency for every Motorbike user or serviceman man.

  • Ensures stable lifting
  • Robust frame
  • Flexible worm gear
  • Large platform
  • It cannot lift Trikes.

5. XtremePowerUS Center Scissor Jack Motorcycle lift repair Stand

XtremePowerUS Center Scissor Jack Motorcycle lift repair Stand

This scissor jack first gives you the comfort to know it’s made in the US, by one of the leading motorbike accessories manufacturer; XtremePowerUS. It allows working on your bike convenient and simple by giving a comfortable lift to the height you can easily access parts you want for repair and maintenance. This steel-based jack enables a secure working space for ATVs, Lawn Mowers and many other motorbikes for it does not give under impact.

It lifts to an extended height of 15 ¾ inches up and a minimum of 3 ¾ inches that is 95mm-400mm. You’ll notice that it comes with two saddles and adapters so that you can comfortably add to the working height. This is especially important when working with high profile motorbikes. Just looking at it, you can see the bearings are thick to hold up enormous weight to be safe when working on your motorbike.

It’s operational with a simple crank to lift and lower the jack, with options of using a powered drill for faster lifting. In particular, this jack can adapt various positions of the motorbike, so as to perform customized applications. The platform is tough with a rugged but clean finish so that your bike is protected from irritations and scratch when working on it.

You’ll notice that the base has wings on each of three sides to completely secure lifted Bikes preventing them from tipping over. The gear has a solid design that gives accurate raises to balance the jack so that the platform evenly distributes the Bike’s weight on it. With the added saddle and adapters, it is incredibly easy to lower, raise or even relocate your bike.
XtremePowerUS Center Scissor Jack Motorcycle lift repair Stand

No much effort is required to rotate the crank as it feels natural and straightforward. The body of this scissor jack has an anti-rust coating that will keep this jack from depreciation especially from repeated use, and it gives the maximum service to a varied number of machines.

Its quality assures that you will have no complications with it. It is steel reinforced and will allow tire changes smoothly and amicably. You will never get a scissor jack with such qualities at the same price. It’s worth the investment you make in gaining a secure jack for any motorbike.

  • Allows for adjustable height
  • Has a wide lift range
  • Collapsed lightweight for portability
  • Base wings add stability
  • It cannot be used as storage device

4. Dragway Tools Wide Deck 1100lb. Motorcycle Scissor Jack Center Lift Hoist Stand Bikes, ATV

Dragway Tools Wide Deck 1100lb. Motorcycle Scissor Jack Center Lift Hoist Stand Bikes, ATV

When working on a bike, you’ll probably need a good lift to access the parts you want to repair or maintain. Drag ways provide a sleek jack that is well made to give a nice lift to a stationary motorbike. From the outward appearance, you can see it’s a red powder coated frame that is rust resistant. It comes with two plates that lie parallel over each other to provide a nice stable lift.

You can perform most typical maintenance tasks with it since the base is wide measuring 9×14.5 inches and is heavy-duty reinforced steel to work with most Bike Models that need exhibiting the maximum lift for this scissor jack, which is 1100lbs. it’s design can do three-way lifts, either on the rear, front or a center lift for overall Bike tasks. This is useful when you want to work on many different parts and change tires at the same time.

It lifts to an extended height of 13.5 inches, which is good considering that most bikes will need such a height for actual applications. It is also important that you can adjust this height to a minimum 3.25 inches so that you can work with low profile Bikes. The popularity of this Jack grows every day for its flexibility to work in garage shops or the freeway since it features a compact design allowing it to collapse flat for easy portability.

This is the ideal go-to for when you need first and stable lifts for your Bike. It works manually by using a 7/8” socket to raise it to the level you need gradually. Ideally, you can also use a powered drill to work the gear for a much faster and easy lifting.
Dragway Tools Wide Deck 1100lb. Motorcycle Scissor Jack Center Lift Hoist Stand Bikes, ATV

The platform is padded and wide; measuring 16×10 inches which contribute to a smooth surface for your Bike such the frame remains sleek without scratches. This is important when working with Bikes with non-standard widths, since it can balance out these types of Bikes, allowing for perfect executions.

The quality of this jack goes to the fact that it has wellbeing locks for added security. This model is designed to support a wide range of Bikes. So if you own different types of Bikes, you can comfortably use this jack on all of them. You don’t need a hydraulic system, no oil and no spillage you are sorted everywhere you are.

  • The base has a sturdy design for added stability.
  • Doesn’t need assembling
  • High quality at an affordable price
  • Powered drill enable quick lifting
  • It takes practice to use it on the floor safely

3. Torin 1.5 ton T10152 Scissor Jack

Torin 1.5 ton T10152 Scissor Jack

It’s not hard to see why we love this scissor jack from Torin. Firstly, it’s manufactured by the world’s motor accessories giant. Everything by Torin screams quality and performance. With this Jack, they live up to our predictions. You are looking at the most solid built manually powered car jack that can lift a car and enable tire repairs. Its construction is of steel and coated with an anti-rust finish to ensure it lasts a long time.

With this jack, you can comfortably lift up to 1.5 tons of car weight. This means it is mostly used with small cars having low profiles. Your Mercedes will surely benefit from this jack during a flat tire by the roadside. To see that it has a strong built is good, but the oversized base all 4 ½ inches is even better, so as to provide ample support for your car when one corner rests on this jack.

The height is adjustable in that it can lift to an extended height of 15 3/8 inches above the ground, while it has a minimum of 3 ¾ inches collapsed for easy carriage. This lightweight design is ideal because you can even store it under a car seat. It can also be used to level a small camper but not lift it above ground. This makes it versatile for its extensive uses mainly because you can use it for emergency tire flat changes.

It is easily operable with two handles, to extend the working distance so as to make rotations faster and use less effort. You can also use a hex magnetic socket on the lead screw to connect a cordless powered drill for a much more rapid lift. This base is large to allow for a stable platform that prevents the car from going back down if your ground is not so hard.
Torin 1.5 ton T10152 Scissor Jack

The saddle is padded to protect your vehicle from scratches when replacing your flat tire. You can also help a friend by the road as it is made for most car models and you have different cars from different models, you don’t have to shop for a scissor jack twice. This will be enough to serve both.

This scissor jack is versatile and reliable, with so many possibilities, what’s more, you have an inexpensive tool that assures durability and stability to perform with efficiency. Users indicate it has served well without the need for much maintenance saving them from unwanted road troubles. With an active powered lift system, it easy to customize the way you replace your flat tire as you get to choose whether to power it or use a power drill manually. It is indispensable you’ll be glad you purchased it when you did.

  • Robust design for maximum stability
  • Ideal for emergency situations
  • Can work on a variety of car models
  • Lightweight making it portable
  • It cannot be used with heavy vehicles

2. Husky 76862 24 Inch Set of 2, Stabilizing Scissor Jack

Husky 76862 24 Inch Set of 2, Stabilizing Scissor Jack

A heavy duty stabilizing scissor jack is what Husky is all about. You can tell from the wide Base that it’s up to a hefty leveling job. For your camper or trailer that needs some steady base out in the woods, you will grow fond of these jacks with a lifting weight capacity of 6500 pounds per jack. They bear a sturdy construction from strong steel that is virtually indestructible.

Placing these two scissor jacks on either side of your RV will provide a nice stable base that cannot easily collapse. Seeing that they can take that much weight, you can either drill or weld them on to your camper’s frame for a much permanent look. They are best used on hard surfaces but can also offer considerable support on soft surfaces like on sand.

The base is a good 35 inches which is a good length for a huge motor home that may rock from side to side. A broad base distributes the weight more evenly; you can peacefully sleep in your motor bed and feel like in your home bed.

When extended, these scissor jacks can give a lift of 24 inches for a safe elevation. They are universal for use on many types of RVs since the frame can be attached to most trailers. They are easy to install and the manufacturer ships the instructions, just in case it’s your first time having them. With an included swivel handle, you can easily rotate the gear and get the lift you desire for your trailer.
Husky 76862 24 Inch Set of 2, Stabilizing Scissor Jack

These swivels feature a black powered finish which is important in protecting the set from rust and weathering brought about by the outdoor extremities, like UV and wet conditions which can drastically cause corrosion and broken parts. Maintenance is easy via a little lubrication, so that dirt and grime may not accumulate in the bolted parts, which may easily eat at them. Maintaining your scissor jacks will ensure you have them for the maximum service time.

For the price, the features are exquisite to pass by. Among other sellers, these set combines both convenience and affordability in the same basket. You can have it all with this Jack for a safe trip and save yourself the risk of skidding on a rainy day. They are the best definition of bold and sleek since they live up to their praises.

  • They have anti-rust properties
  • Heavy-duty build
  • Easy to install
  • Very affordable
  • Available in only one color

1. Eaz-Lift 24 Inch #48830 pack of 2, Leveling, Scissor Jack, 7500lb

Eaz-Lift 24 Inch #48830 pack of 2, Leveling, Scissor Jack, 7500lb

Making it to the top this year is this pair of leveling scissor jacks from Eaz-Lift. They show a significant degree of resilience in stabilizing heavy loads of up to 7500 lb. These are heavy duty for the larger trailers and Pop-ups. If you own one of those, you’ll greatly benefit from acquiring a safe and stable lift avoiding all risk of collapse and nasty accidents.

To say that these jacks are just strong is understating their capabilities. There are noticeable results immediately you install them for they exhibit a solid rock base that is virtually immovable. Your camper will seat still over summer, and your family will thank you later for such a safe time. They extend to a height of 24 inches and retract to 4 inches when it’s time to go; they do not go knocking on the road as you move since they tuck well under your camper’s frame.

This pair lifts and lowers effortlessly with the help of a scissor jack socket to enable the use of an electric cordless power drill for a much faster turn. This is important as it saves you so much energy from the old fashion rotating swivel handle which is tiring and much less perfect. For heavier trailers, you need to be sure that the nut remains and your hands cannot always tell the difference, but a powered drill can..
Eaz-Lift 24 Inch #48830 pack of 2, Leveling, Scissor Jack, 7500lb

Another unique feature is that they are coated against rust with a black powder finish which provides for an excellent cover to ensure they service for a decent period. If you live in wet salty areas, metal depreciates at a faster rate, but with these jacks, the coating can take them through considerably unforgiving outdoor extremities. The build is robust, and the parts are easy to maintain with a lubricant to make them serve in good condition.

It is imperative that you never use these jacks to lift your vehicle off the ground. Their sole purpose is for safety with stationary vehicles and not to perform repairs or maintenance. This set guarantees complete road safety for massive pop-ups and trailers and lives up to their promises. They are affordable for excellent service over a long time.

  • Suitable for heavy trailers
  • Easy to set up
  • Have an easy lifting mechanism via a power drill
  • Built to last over a long time
  • They cannot be used to lift a vehicle of the floor


We hope that with this article helps you in purchasing the best scissor jack. It’s a comprehensive compilation of ONLY the best scissor jacks you can find on the market currently. However, we are open to fair critics and suggestions and you can do this on our comments section and from there we will do the necessary. Good luck shopping!


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