Fun Gifts For 9 Year Old Girls That Will Encourage Creativity

Fun Gifts For 9 Year Old Girls That Will Encourage Creativity

Best Gifts For Girls Age 9
Best Gift For Girls Age 9
Let your little girl indulge her curiosity with these fun and creative gifts!

Do you need to buy a gift for a special little girl, and wantto know theBest Gifts For Girls Age 9 in 2019? You’ve come to the right place! With each passing year introducing new milestones, memories, and challenges in a child’s life, birthdays are a way to celebrate the past and to welcome the future! Growing up brings many changes, and around birthdays and Christmas it means that childrenrequire newtoysand gifts that suit their new stage of life. Not sure what kind of gifts a 9 year old girl would like? We’re here to help with our list of the Best Gifts For Girls Age 9! At 9 years old, your little girl will be extremely curious about the world around her, improving her decision-making skills, and enjoyingcreativity as she explores new ways of expressing her blossoming identity. Our choice of gifts will let her indulge her curiosity, creativity, and provide her with endless fun!

Best Gifts For Girls Age 9

Picture Product Name Learning Category Price Our Rating
My Super Big Bag Of Science Science, math, technology $$$ 5
Singing Machine Karaoke Player Confidence, music $$ 4.85
Super Moon In My Room Science, astronomy $$ 5
Nerf Rebelle Agent Bow Blaster Co-ordination, sports $$ 4.5
Roominate Townhouse Building Kit Spatial skills, creativity, imagination, architecture $$ 5
The Complete Ramona Collection Reading, language comprehension, vocabulary $$ 5
Shopkins Scoops Ice Cream Truck Imaginative play, creativity $ 5
My Password Journal Writing, identity formation $ 4
Creativity for Kids Butterfly Necklaces Art, creativity $ 4.4

Guide For Buying Gifts For 9 Year Old Girls

Caught in-between childhood and puberty, 9 year old girls are in a unique stage of life where learning, friendships, school, and fun are their primary concerns. Generic gifts recommended according to age group and genderare no longer appropriate, as girls this age will be forming their own opinions and a unique identity, and so they will have increasingly defined interests and obsessions. A thirst for knowledge in their areas of interest will keep them eager to engage with books and toys that will challenge their rapidly improving skills (such as reading, fine motor skills, spatial skills, and social skills). Novel gifts that allow girls to express their creativity will always be appreciated! Need more tips? Read our gift guide for the Best Gifts For Girls Age 9, and check out the frequently asked questions with theiranswers below!

What are the best educational gifts for 9-year old girls?

Gifts that facilitate the learning of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) in a fun way are a great choice if you’re looking for educational gifts. Giftsthat require hands-on, practical engagement with various subjects, such as science, art, or engineering, will encourage her to learn using multiple methods. Children learn best when the subject is interesting and applicable, so look for fun and contemporary toys and games in a subject that she has shown interest in. If you don’t know exactly what the recipient is interested in, try asking her parents what her favourite subject at school is, and that should guide you! As for the kind of skills 9-year-olds are developing – they fall under several simple categories:

  • Social Skills – Gifts that have a team-building or friendship aspect will help to develop more complex social skills. Board games will encourage them to practice conflict-resolution skills and group problem-solving, as well as developing empathy as they are prompted to anticipate the actions of their peers.
  • Reading – Most young girls in middle childhood (9-11) love reading, and will read with the goal of gaining more knowledge about things they are interested in. Both fiction and non-fiction will be appreciated by an avid bookworm! Reading helps to improve concentration and allows them to enter their own imagination as they read about characters and places that exist only in fiction.
  • STEM – Science, technology, engineering, and maths can be learned the fun way with gifts that engage girls in logical thinking and practical problem solving. STEM will also give them a head-start for high school and possiblefuture careers.
  • Art – Toys and games that encourage creative, open-ended play will enhance the development of the imagination and innovative thinking.Art also allowsthem to express their emotions and thoughts in a visual way, which helps them to develop emotional regulation and emotional intelligence.
  • Active play / sports – Girls around 9 years old are mastering their fine-motor and spatial skills, and will enjoy active play that involves challenging, complex activities. Fitness and physical activity is also essential for maintaining good health in childhood, and it lays down the foundation for good physical health in later life.

Keep in mind that education extends beyond school, so gifts and toys that are educational, suited to their cognitive developmental stage, and also outside of the school curriculum are just fine. Whilst academic skills are essential, so are social skills and physical education!

What kind of outdoor toys make good gifts for girls?

If you’re buying a gift for a girl who is active, sporty, and full of energy, then an outdoor toy is a great gift idea! Equipment for team sports is a bonus, as she can develop social skills whilst keeping fit and active outdoors. Whilst sports are usually encouraged in childrenfrom an early age at school, sports for girls is often seen as secondary in importance to their development in other, more traditionally “girly” skills such as art, language, and music. In fact, getting young girls participating in sports and firing up their passion for physical activity is essential for their physical and emotional well-being.Considering the burden of lifestyles diseases (e.g., childhood type 2 diabetes, childhood obesity) in developed countries, getting children interested in sports is essential for ensuring their future good health. By making physical activity fun and accessible with sports-related gifts, you can gently guide her towards a happy and healthy future that includes physical health and good exercise habits.

At this age, she will be curious about new games and fun, challenging activities to learn, so the more varied sports-related toys, the better! If she isn’t quite into fast-paced team sports, even a simple game she can play outside by herself will have an impact. Outdoor toys that require group play will strengthen friendships and relationships with her siblings, as well as providing an opportunity for parents and daughters to spend healthy, quality time together. Traditional sports such as soccer, softball, and basketball are great for young girls, as well as more fun activities such as Nerf gun wars, archery target practice, obstacle courses, and other novel activities that don’t feel like “work”. Fun physical activityis also great for children who struggle to concentrate all day in school, as it allows them to release their excess energy and refresh their minds after sitting and working during the school day. A fun outdoor game after school, before settling down to do homework, increases productivity and helps to keep children interested in formal learning. Getting girls active is both fun for them and beneficial for their school performance!

What are the best gifts for girls age 9 who are typically “girly”?

If the intended gift recipient is a self-professed“girly girl”, then she will LOVE gifts that will allow her to express her femininity. Gifts and toys that let her create things like her own hand-crafted jewellery, the interior design and architecture of a LEGO house, and fashion design games where she can create her own outfits from scratch are all great choices. She will be able to decide what she thinks is pretty and stylish, and this will build her self-confidence and creative skills. Toys that encourage role-playing (such as games with characters and themes) and story-telling will help her to unleash her creativity with confidence and passion. Drawing, painting, hand crafts, knitting, weaving, and many other art-related toys will keep her occupied and entertained whilst also teaching her valuable life skills for the future. A personal, secret diary that she can confide in is also a lovely gift idea – the new voice-activated password diaries are really fun to use and will make her feel like her private thoughts and dreams are important and can be locked away safely.

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