Flaunt Your Innate Beauty Using the Best Nail Clippers in 2019

Flaunt Your Innate Beauty Using the Best Nail Clippers in 2019

Nail clippers have lived through the hands of time to give excellent results in nail grooming for their users. One always looks and feels good after using a nail clipper. Many people prefer them because they give them control and the convenience of using them anywhere. They help users to acquire stylish nails, especially for ladies. For men, they become more of a staple and acquiring them is even more of a hassle because their nails tend to be thicker and tougher. If you want to add swag to your properly trimmed nails, check out one of the best male watches and add to the swag of a perfectly groomed man.

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Today, we look at the highest performing nail clippers which show resilience, to help you beat the market hassle. You can relate your nail challenges with a nail clipper designed to satisfy your need here. Take your time to identify the unique features showcased by each of these clippers before you make a decision.

But First; What Makes a High-Grade Nail Clipper?

Type of Construction: Although most clippers claim to have a stainless steel make, it comes as no surprise to find that some of them are not pure and they bend and flex easily. Read about other users’ experiences about the particular handle you will be purchasing.

Length of the Handle: Is it long enough to afford you an easy working time? You don’t want to spend all your energy on one nail. The longer it is, the less effort you’ll use.

Purpose: Do you want a specific clipper for your fingernails, toenails or one that works for both? Finding a brand that serves both purposes is always a welcome idea. Look for the model which will serve all your requirements, preferably in one. Also, remember to watch out for a brand that offers baby nail clippers if you want one for your kid.

Weight: If you have ever worked with a clipper which is hard to handle because of the weight, then you’ll appreciate the working of a lightweight one. It will allow use by everyone even for persons with arthritis, diabetics and dexterity problems.

10. Rotary DPI Nail Clipper

Rotary DPI Nail Clipper

Keeping trimmed nails is a sign of good grooming. If you have tough ones; keeping them short calls for more than just any clipper. You don’t want to experience jagged, rough nails after using a blunt clipper. The Rotary nail clipper is one of a kind, helping you stay clean and admirable every day. It’s time you said goodbye to all the accidental handling with nail clippers.

You will like that this nail clipper is tough to tackle both finger and toenails. The blades have a construction from stainless steel. It means you can comfortably use it after you soak your feet in water since it will not start to corrode when in contact with water. The blades are also razor sharp, enabling you to have a clean cut on the first attempt. It will save you from painful collisions with your skin avoiding cuts all the same. It’s impressive to find a nail that will ensure you don’t do a repeat job after you are done trimming your nails.

You’ll grow fond of the ergonomic design this clipper exhibits. First, it showcases smooth swiveling of the handle to have an easy time working. The handle is also strong plastic which affords the smooth swivel and a firm grip to aid in the quick passes over the nail you desire to groom. The design accommodates persons with arthritis and dexterity issues because it is easy to handle and lightweight, your hand does not swivel in any awkward manner when it’s in use.
Rotary DPI Nail Clipper

Measuring only 3.5inches, this clipper enables smooth angling so that you can also clip the edges into a smooth finish. It’s always a welcome idea when you can do your grooming without seeking help. If you are well into your seniors with a back problem, this clipper is for you, and you won’t have to bend all the way to do your toenails. You can comfortably maintain a firm grip and as such reach out to the unsightly length on your nails.

When you look at the exterior design, you’ll love the black frame and colorless handle. If you are keen on style, this is your to-go accessory as you can use it in plain sight and very few people will notice what you are doing. This is crucial when you knock a nail on the edge of a desk, and the hurt toe must be clipped to ease the pain. This also means it appeals to both female and male users. If you also work in a parlor where you need to regularly give your nails a touch due to the handling of polish and water, this clipper will serve you just right.

If you always dread the moment you get down to clip your nails or always ask for help, this clipper will change the way you view nail clippers altogether. It will give that finished look, and you can use it to design your nails into any style you choose for the setting you want. If you want to acquire an official look, go freestyle or just any other you desire, with a combination of the best nail file you will be on your way to the best-groomed nails.

  • Durable construction
  • Individuals with arthritis can use it
  • Very lightweight
  • Appealing design
  • The colorless surface may sometimes slide, so it needs careful handling.

9. Simply Essentials Stainless Steel BEST NAIL CLIPPERS with Catcher FOR MEN Very Sharp for Finger and Toe Nails

Simply Essentials Stainless Steel BEST NAIL CLIPPERS with Catcher FOR MEN Very Sharp for Finger and Toe Nails

You’ll always be in need to keep your nails at a comfortable length and as a man; this need is sometimes higher than for ladies. Fortunately for women, they can maintain their nails longer. That’s why as a man you can’t compete with setting your nails to grow. You’ll need a strong clipper to stay groomed and stay presentable. The Simply Essentials nail cutter is worth considering for various unique features we’re going to discuss.

First off, these clippers show a durable stainless steel construction to last you many years without corrosion. Is assures you of working with it when it’s still in good condition. Don’t worry about how sharp this is if you have rugged toenails. Its tough blades match any strong nail that is hard to clip. It slices precisely through a nail and leaves it smooth without any unsightly edges. This clipper is capable of cutting with surgical precision which is much-needed for a clean job.

You’ll love the handling by the Simple Essentials, Clipper. It features a longer than standard handle to ease the force you use when clipping. And, the longer the lever, the lesser effort required. You’ll always gain a better grip on the handle when using this clipper, seeing that the handle also features ridges which will help in locking the position on a nail. You don’t have to worry about sliding anymore when you have this nail clipper to thank.
Simply Essentials Stainless Steel BEST NAIL CLIPPERS with Catcher FOR MEN Very Sharp for Finger and Toe Nails

You’ll be even more impressed by its heavy duty design. The stainless steel make is enough evidence to support its claim to withstand heavy usage. You’ll always want to depend on your clippers even when it’s been years from the time you bought it. You can always rely on it to not split your nails, unlike the flat clippers which tend to go blunt with time. This property also shows it can be of use for a professional pedicure.

This product features a simple blade style which is easier to clean. Arm yourself with a soapy cloth and disinfectant, and you can have it working as good as new. Since it showcases resilience, you can expect it to resist scratches and abrasions that come with daily use. The satin matte finish is a welcome idea to add to the elegance it offers, and the clippings you take off your nails can be neatly whisked away since it carries a catchall for that purpose.

This is a sturdy but lightweight nail clipper to meet your entire nail grooming needs. If you have wider and thick nails, it can also handle that, since it is a professional grade. It will never rust, and the blade will never lose its sharp edge. If you don’t like doing your toenails, take this one with you to the next pedicure session and have your nails glow with style. Coming at a very affordable price, you can also choose to extend your love and gift your loved one this nail clipper.

  • It has a one year warranty
  • Heavy-duty design
  • Sharp blade which doesn’t become bale with time
  • It’s fit for professional use
  • Heavy duty design is not exactly befitting for persons with arthritis

8. Tweezerman Stainless Steel Professional Grade Toenail Clipper 5011-P

Tweezerman Stainless Steel Professional Grade Toenail Clipper 5011-P

Do your toenails threaten to pop your socks? Or rather, do you have toenails with an undesirable length? Well, Tweezerman represents the best go to for a quick and precise trimming of those toes nails. It primarily focuses on the toenails because it is not only wide, but it is also heavy duty to withstand high usage. Grab this reasonably priced clipper for better-looking toes.

Every morning you look at your toes after a shower is always a good time to trim the nails. You’ll appreciate the edge this clipper gives since it delivers precise clipper ability to cut through the thickest nail there is. It is known to give a clean cut free from any split or accidental cutting associated with cutting of very thick nails. You should not be afraid of having jarred nails because with this brand it is easy to have smooth edges on your nails.

You will also have the advantage of working with a professional grade nail clipper to groom your nails to a better look. The exterior design supports heavy usage which is typical of professional grade clippers. It is small and sturdy to afford a comfortable working time, and the handle is long enough to enable secure locking with the nail base so that you can have a safe angle to do the clipping even when you’re not looking. It means that even when you have gone into your senior years, you’ll still do your nail grooming because you don’t have to see where your clipper year, just feel and clip.
Tweezerman Stainless Steel Professional Grade Toenail Clipper 5011-P

You should never worry about exposing your clipper to the outside elements and moisture. The stainless steel build is of utmost importance in helping keep the luster of the clipper. It prevents it from losing its value and helps in preserving a working in good condition. It shows dependability for many years to come and with good maintenance; it will always work as good as new. It serves as a better option for your pedicure sessions as you can now groom your own toenails.

Surgical precision is all you need from a nail clipper, and this is exactly what you are looking for. To do the job once is what it’s all about so that the first pass can trim and the second can help you acquire the manly or feminine shape of nails you desire. Also, it’s light and sturdy to give you the repeatability of a clean job as many times as you use this clipper. This one is extremely sharp and will serve you through the rugged handle which ensures a firm grip and keeps the user from sliding hands.

If you want to look good in your sandals, this is where you want to look. It gives the same level of accuracy as you would get at your local pedicure parlor. It makes maintaining your nails no longer feel like a chore, and as such, it can become part of your weekly unwinding. This is one of the few affordable clippers there is on the market, so you better don’t forget to take two sets of your loved ones. They perform optimally and will serve for many years to come.

  • Resists rust and corrosion
  • Does no lose the sharp edges
  • It can withstand heavy usage
  • Wide blades cut through very thick nails
  • Some users don’t like the length

7. Victorinox Swiss Army Nail Clippers, Stainless with Nail File, in Blister

Victorinox Swiss Army Nail Clippers, Stainless with Nail File, in Blister

Nail clippers are always essential tools for grooming. But they also form parts of other handy tools around the house. If you are asking for the all-around clipper, Victorinox Swiss Army is here for the asking. It can fit different settings since it can take the value of a nice key holder pack or occupy a space in your toiletry kit. Working for long hours may cause a nail or two chipping, carrying this nail cutter with you will prove useful to avoid cutting a chipped nail with your mouth.

It’s always unhygienic trying to cut an unsightly nail using your mouth. You may end transmitting germs which may cause you severe illnesses. To avoid such a situation altogether, choose this nail clipper to have clean admirable nails. Who doesn’t want to be at the center of attention when you flash very well maintained nails, thanks to this clipper? It is accompanied with a screwdriver and a nail file to add to your kit. The nail file helps put everything in better condition because you can smooth out any sharp edges that may remain after you are done with the clipping.

It comes as no surprise the smooth working of this high-quality product. The handle is long, and the base is wide. With a long handle, it means you do not over exert the wrist when working and you don’t have to pivot awkwardly to get to every part of the nail. Its sharp edges are there to afford you an immaculate first time trim through hard and thick nails. It can easily handle whatever you throw at it, and you’ll end up even having to rely on it for your subsequent nail trimming sessions.
Victorinox Swiss Army Nail Clippers, Stainless with Nail File, in Blister

The long handle also means many people can use it. If you have weak hands or have arthritis, you may want to consider this product. The grip it affords will ensure that you safely get through every nail on your fingers, it is a very subtle size, and many users say it is better off on their key holders because we tend to lose nail cutters every time we use it we misplace it somewhere. When it’s in your keys, it will always be accessible for quick, easy use.

Whatever function you throw at this clipper, it can take it. With a stainless steel frame, it’s a virtually unbreakable clipper that will remain so for very many years. It does to give to the passing of years since with the right level of maintenance; you can have a high-performing tool at your beck and call. The strength it showcases means it does not bend and the strain it may undergo through constant pivoting does not lead to any parts disengaging from this clipper.

This is indeed an all-around piece, to satisfy most fingernail grooming needs. With it, you can comfortably go through with maintaining your nails without help. Keep your nails at a desirable length and be safe from clipping the under the nail or the bed of your nail. You can choose to gift a friend who shares the same nail clipping plight.

  • Can withstand numerous uses
  • Professional grade
  • Gives a firm working grip
  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • Cannot be returned

6. Sleepy Baby Safety 1st Nail Clipper

Sleepy Baby Safety 1st Nail Clipper

For a baby, perhaps the part that grows longer the most is their nails you’ll notice the slight scratch when they tend to grab your hand. But, you can’t share your clipper with them. Hygiene is of utmost importance that’s why you need to get them the Sleepy Baby Safety 1st Nail Clipper. The color is appealing to kids and will sure not scare your baby as you try to take them through their first grooming lessons. It gives a soft touch so that your child can associate the clipper with good feelings to enable repeats without hassle.

You know how scary it is if you try to trim, but the clipper jams or your baby jerks their finger before you are done. This clipper ensures you can do a very fast since it has sharp edges you can pass the clipper through their nail and slice a nail in the slightest time possible. You don’t have to go back to even out any uneven edges because, with this clipper, it’s trim from end to end without worry. The ergonomic design ensures every touch is a calculated move which does not get your hand twisting or lacking a grip when using it.

Working with this nail clipper is a breeze. Apart from the appealing color, it utilizes a battery to perform a clean job. The clearly stipulated instructions give directions for use which come in handy when trying to use this clipper for the first time. If you want to keep your baby at peace when you do their nails, it’s advisable that you do it as they sleep. This way, you won’t have a crying baby in the middle of working. You’ll also like the emery board it carries which ensures you have a steady time filing and keeping your child from scratching themselves after you are done the clipping.
Sleepy Baby Safety 1st Nail Clipper

When it’s travel time, don’t forget this valuable product. The good thing is that it carries a vinyl casing to keep your clipper in easy reach on the go. This clipper comes with a LED light to preserve the battery as it acts like the auto shut off when you leave your clipper on for more than four minutes. It also gives an easy time if you are going to use it in a dimly lit room. You can’t miss a bonding time with your baby because with a clipper that offers a soft touch; it will be more exciting every time you use it on them.

It’s such a joy when you can clean after your baby. This clipper is easy to maintain with a damp cloth. It restores its shining frame after cleaning, and you’ll see it will serve you for a very long time. If you worry about using your clipper for long because of rust formation, this clipper is an exception. Its stainless steel body serves to keep it in good shape, and you can see as time goes this will become your favorite clipper. It will help as the baby grows up and maybe they can do their nails with a little help.

Bundles of joy need to be protected, even from themselves. When you see an overgrown nail, grab this very affordable nail clipper. Shape their nails into a desirable frame and have them a peaceful night sleep. The color is universal for both boys and girls, and you can use it on both finger and toenails. No more worrying about your baby’s nails, keep this as part of your baby’s supply, and they’ll never give you a surprise scratch.

  • Battery is long-lasting
  • Universal baby color
  • Carries detailed instructions
  • Comes with a carrying case
  • In spite of it having a universal color, some users still prefer a gender specific color

5. LTD Twizzerman Stainless Steel Nail Clipper Deluxe Set (Toenail &Fingernail Deluxe Clippers)

LTD Twizzerman Stainless Steel Nail Clipper Deluxe Set (Toenail &Fingernail Deluxe Clippers)

If you don’t exactly feel having one nail clipper to satisfy all your nail grooming needs, then this pair of clippers will appeal most to you. And if you love elegance above all, the LTD Twizzerman Deluxe set of Stainless Steel Nail Clippers was made just for you. Choose it for your daily grooming and be on your way to having the smartest looking nails in the room. Since they are finger and toe specific, you can navigate through them easily and fast.

You’ll love the design of this pair. They have a black handle, which appeals to both male and female users. The blades can perfectly slice through any ladies nails and can do an even better job on a man’s. The toenail clipper has a wide base which is most important when it comes to cutting through a thick nail. It gives a firm hold of any point you want to trim, and by a small squeeze, you can acquire a clean finish. It’s apparent that you’ll grow fond of this cutter especially when you travel, you can’t miss it by chance.

When it comes to the real handling the curve on the blades will give the accuracy you need for a precise cut. For either your toe or fingernail, you’ll find the specification does indeed serve its purpose. They are also strong, so you won’t have an awkward time cutting through tough nails. The strength is important when handling the rugged toenails which always give you a headache when you step into your sandals. As a woman, you know the volumes your nails speak so choose this nail clipper, and you’ll never have a reason to worry.
LTD Twizzerman Stainless Steel Nail Clipper Deluxe Set (Toenail &Fingernail Deluxe Clippers)

This nail clipper is also from stainless steel. Many users gravitate towards this type of make because it can last a really long time. The sharp blades can reserve their cutting capacity for years to come because it does not give to corrosion even when exposed to moisture. That’s why you can still do your nails straight from the shower. You’ll find it will never give you a hard time on the swivel handle from the first time you use it will always twist desirably and remain so for years to come. It is with this handle that you’ll discover a favorite for your nails.

The construction also supports clean working equipment. It can easily get clean with a damp cloth, and through disinfection, it acquires a professional touch. You and your loved one can join in the benefits of this nail clipper because it shows the ability to be relied upon in heavy usage. The handle is always an excellent feature when it comes to this clipper. It carries a rugged design to prevent sliding in use so that each time you use it, it will feel something desirable to do.

If you can’t get enough of sparkling nails with adorable lengths that are free from unsightly undersides, choose these clippers. Remember taking care of long nails is always a hassle and we reserve it for the chosen few. That’s why a desirable length is adored the world over. If you are in a formal working environment, long nails also depict you are taken less seriously, so if you want to restore the confidence your bosses have in you, you better own this nail clipper.

  • Strong, durable design
  • Specific for the toenails and fingernails
  • Sharp blades which do not go blunt over time
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • It’s not available in multiple colors

4. American Red Cross First Years Deluxe Nail Clipper with Magnifier

American Red Cross First Years Deluxe Nail Clipper with Magnifier

From one very reputable company, Baby Nail Care presents one of Amazon’s best sellers. It has come to occupy many household’s baby supply items as it couldn’t be more reliable. First Years, American Red Cross, Deluxe Nail Clippers is what we are talking about. When you want to keep your baby’s nails in check, then this is what you are looking for. It comes in two makes in one to give you an ultimately comfortable time.

If you look forward to working with a nail clipper whose handles are easy to maneuver in whichever angle you choose, then you have the nail clipper for the asking. It’s always a good thing when you don’t have to go over what your bay’s nails two times in a row. You want to afford them peace, and with this clipper, you can do just that. The plastic handle is a major attraction and what makes it gain a large following among nursing mothers. From the first time you have your bundle of joy, you can use safely use it on them.

The design befits the tiniest nails on a newborn. It is shaped to perform a clean job without causing any unwanted fears when cutting the edges. It carries a 4x magnifier as its signature feature so that you can have better clarity and you can tell the difference between your bay’s nail and the nail bed. You don’t want to give an accidental cut on the first time you use a nail clipper on them. It is admirable how your job can be lessened when you have a fold away clipper leading the way.
American Red Cross First Years Deluxe Nail Clipper with Magnifier

This lightweight clipper is a sturdy type which will not slide from your hand when in use. It swivels in a smooth manner to afford you a very easy time when using it. You don’t have to be afraid to cut even the edges because you’ll never find it nagging by a nail, leaving a nasty rough appearance of the nail you just sliced. The sharp blade will always ensure it gives a very neat first-time touch and with the help of a nail file, you can make a good look of your child’s nails.

It’s always desirable when you have a clipper with both plastic and steel construction. The plastic comes on the hand so that it will not dig into your skin as you use it, and the steel frame will keep it in the correct working condition. It sees to it that it does not wear over time because it is resistant to scratches, going blunt and getting rust. It is possible to slice through your little one’s nails after you have done giving them a bath. Remember to always clean and disinfect your clipper before you do a repeat after a few weeks to keep germs at bay.

You no longer have to be scared about taking your baby through grooming their nails as little as when they are under a month. This nail clipper gives you a reason to smile because it has smooth operations and the magnifier gives it the much-needed appeal you want from an infant nail clipper. Many users praise its precision as you can use it when you don’t have the patience to go repeating over every nail.

  • Sharp blade
  • Smooth handles
  • Affordably priced
  • Durable steel frame
  • It comes in only one color

3. Fingernail Clyppi Clippers for Fingernails

Fingernail Clyppi Clippers for Fingernails

When it comes to grooming, nails play a vital role in expressing our personality. You can either keep them long or short according to the way you desire. The way you reflect others might just depend to a high degree on the nail clippers you use. Choose the Clyppi Fingernail clippers if you desire a clean appearance that speaks of sophistication and elegance in one statement. If you want to give a good impression with your nails, this is the way to go. It represents desirable attributes to afford you and easy time working on your finger nails.

The shiny luster is the first thing that hits you the first time you see it. It’s hard to pass on a clipper with loveable features on the first sight. And when you finally get to use it, you’ll find it’s a one of a kind clipper. The smooth edges do not cause any discomfort or pinching of the skin when you rotate the handle into a working position. It has fast twists that lock into place such that you can now make quick passes over your fingernails without leaving some part of the nail unclipped or even worse splitting it.

For ladies’ nails which fall in the soft category. This clipper is for you. The surgical-sharp blades help when making a clean pass over any nail you want, since with a blunt clipper comes the possibility of having a rough nail. After you clip your nail, you can always give it some filing. With the availed double sided file, you can finally do a full manicure on the fingernails. That way, you can cut on costs required for you to a professional manicure every week. The firm handle has an anti-slip pad which is needed when you are doing your nails after soaking your nails in water and having to use the clipper with wet hands.
Fingernail Clyppi Clippers for Fingernails

The high performance extends into the dimensions of this clipper. It measures 2.6 inches long which is a short length to fit into your hands comfortably. Remember that you should always have a grip of the clipper so that you exert the control on the handle and proceed to cut through nail with the desired pressure you. With one that fits into your hand, maneuver your nails the way you want because whichever angle you choose, the clipper will work for you and not against you.

We always love a clipper that shows resilience. Clyppi represents stainless steel frame. It does not fall short of the standard brought by those clippers which come before it. You don’t want a clipper where if you flash it out of your bag even before your friends it becomes a topic of discussion f or all the wrong reasons. Maybe the handle twisted and it fell apart, and you are now trying to get it to work. The good thing with Clyppi is that the parts are very well designed so it can withstand bumps from hitting the ground and from numerous uses.

This clipper can be of use with both male and ladies fingernails. Even if we didn’t delve much in what it can do for a man’s nails, the broad width is enough to see it can accommodate just about any length. It showcases the strength and hence reliability from all its angles. It is a must have from your travel suitcase, and it can form a major part of your keys because it carries key ring holes. It can sit comfortably with your keys so that you can access it whenever you want. This is a high-end product that comes at a very modest price.

  • Resilient stainless steel frame
  • Can be of use with both male and female fingernails
  • High precision blade
  • Fits comfortably on key holders
  • It does not come with a nail catcher

2. Seki Edge Fingernail Clipper Stainless Steel

Seki Edge Fingernail Clipper Stainless Steel

When they say the small things make the largest impression, they must have been speaking about this nail clipper. It’s such a small item but what you can do it with it can for certain get you a place at the tables you want. Seki Edge is known to fulfill the look you desire to portray. Especially for a corporate meeting, you want to appear polished, and that counts for your nails too. The good is that you don’t need to ask for help even when you have dexterity problems because it easy to handle.

The ergonomic design will form the major attraction, and the reason you’ll take this clipper wherever you go. The overall length is short to fit into any hand. This way you can have a clear look at what you are doing to prevent any accidental handling of this clipper. With it, you ultimately exert control on your movements, and each move reveals an even more desirable appearance on your nails. Since it is specific to the fingernails, you can be sure to angle the edges, and it even eliminates the need to have a file finish off the rough edges because it gives a clean finish.

Every day is another day to give the right impression. If yesterday you caused a fuss with undesirably shaped nails, today you can make it better. Give yourself a professionally done manicure with this clipper and showcase your achievement to your envious friends. You know how nails create a spur when you flash them out. Some think it’s not a big deal, but it really matters if you are going to land a promotion because, for some reason, they show your level of responsibility. If you can’t get your nails done, some will ask which other responsibility you can handle. It’s with this clipper that you strike a balance with grooming and performance.
Seki Edge Fingernail Clipper Stainless Steel

When you are not used to handling a lightweight clipper, it may feel flimsy at first, but when you get to use it, it is actually very robust. Don’t be afraid to use it if you have diabetes, arthritis or generally weak hands because it promises to never cause collisions with your skin and cut. It’s with it that you can final be confident of doing your nails from the comfort of your home. Make a routine to do one hand at a time every week, and slowly you’ll never want anyone to do your nails because you’ll acquire a method to do them in a certain way, and only you can do that.

The robust nature of this clipper gives it the durable features it carries. For one the stainless steel is abrasion resistant, and when you want to subject it to very thick nails, it will never come apart. There’s always something about a clipper that can fulfill your nail grooming and give you 100% satisfaction. This clipper is unlike any other, as most users have come to relate it to the modern look on their fingernails. It gets clean quickly and is a staple for every home and more so your toiletry kit.

It’s important to have a clipper you can depend on through all seasons. The lever is cast iron where it showcases great flexibility and damage resistant. It is a lightweight lever to be used by everyone, and it is also rust resistant. With a hand-grinded, honed cutting edge, this makes it a clipper of choice to the majority of users. It also carries double tempering on the frame, which all serves to maintain a high-performing product.

  • Robust but lightweight
  • Twice-tempered to make it last long
  • Flexible lever
  • Eliminates need for using a nail file
  • Sharp corners may need careful handling

1. Harperton Fingernail and Toenail Nail Clipper Set Stainless Steel

Harperton Fingernail and Toenail Nail Clipper Set Stainless Steel

There’s a reason this set makes it to the top of our list. Apart from being the best seller on Amazon, they have won the hearts of many, from the design to the workability and stylish frames. This anyone’s choice who wants to keep their nails at the desirable length that befits their working environment. It’s not every day you meet a product with thousands of good reviews, so we say that alone gives it an upper hand when it comes to making a decision on the best of the best.

What sets this nail clipper apart from the rest is you can tell the quality of the make is excellent. No addition is made to their surgical grade stainless steel that makes these clippers. Every time it steps out of the factory it can shine for many years. We have experienced clippers which can’t keep it together after a long time when exposed to the elements. Seeing that this set is pure, strong stainless steel; it delivers a tool which will never become dull, flex or even rust over time. It’s so hard to find your favorite clipper caught rust after one night spent on the bathroom window.

Be in control of the way you do your nails with this clipper. It has a user-friendly design where every clip is confident because you can see what you are doing. The blades are a desirable feature because they are hand-sharpened to fit any shape of fingers in a snug manner specifically. The handle is a forged and reinforced style to give you control when dealing with very thick nails. Each press will always give you a clean finish to prevent splitting your nails. Because trimming now becomes fast, your overall workload is reduced, and you will work on your nails for a much lesser time.
Harperton Fingernail and Toenail Nail Clipper Set Stainless Steel

You’ll grow fond of the sharp stainless steel blades. The precision they afford is a must have when you want to go through with a fast, smooth finish without the need of using a nail file. They also prevent any occurrence of fungal infections and ingrown toenails since you can have a professional grade manicure or pedicure with the nail specific clipper. No hassle trying to fit a blade on any of your nails because the width will guide you.

The manufacturing of this clipper is always something to be proud of by Harperton. They boast a 30-day warranty for default repair, replacement or 100% money back. They believe this is an authenticated product which produces excellent results. Many nail clipper companies barely issue a guarantee, but for Harperton, you can be sure to get good customer care.

The time to dread doing your nails should be gone with the first touch of an accurate clipper like this set. Use each for either the fingernails or the toenails if you desire to have cute nails and properly groomed hands. Anyone who looks at your nails should get the difference between a well-done trim and a poorly done one because you’ll showcase the attributes of the properly done type of manicure or pedicure.

  • Modest price for a set of clippers
  • Hand-sharpened blades prevent nail splitting
  • Surgical grade stainless steel makes it
  • High precision trimming, does not need a file
  • Even at the modest price, some users still find them pricey


After going through the list above, we believe we have set you on the right path to discovering which nail clipper will serve you best. We hope you pick a clipper from our list of the best-rated nail clippers and you’ll never regret having it as your nail grooming staple. There are many models to choose from out there be sure not to make huge compromises. Whichever properties you want your clippers to adorn, there’s one specifically built for you. If you have more questions on nail clippers, read more from renowned online sources and also get answers to the questions that may rise. Remember, we are always available to answer any concerns you may have.


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