Find the Perfect Toy/Gift Selection For Your 11 Year Old Boy

Find the Perfect Toy/Gift Selection For Your 11 Year Old Boy

Top Best Gifts For Boys Age 11
The Best Gifts For 11 Year Old Boys
Get the Perfect Birthday and Holiday Gifts For Your Little Man This Season

Are you dotting parent, auntie, grandmother, family friend or godmother shopping for that perfect gift for an 11 year old? 11 year old kids or preteens are fairly easy to impress but you have to ensure that you get them the right gift so otherwise they will lose an interest in it pretty quickly. Unlike buying gifts for hard to please teenagers, pampering an 11 year old is not fraught with too many challenges and there are numerous gift options that you could pick for them ranging from video games to clothing as well as some practical toys or gadgets. Here is our guide to finding that nice gift that an 11 year old boy will find appealing.

Guide to the Best Gifts For Boys Age 11

The gifts for boys age 11 you pick will really depend on what they like. Gifts at this age can either be material items or experiences both of which can be quite meaningful to a young boy.

Little boys are not always sure about what they want so dont buy anything they ask for. You have to make sure that the gift you are purchasing them is age appropriate and also safe for play. If you feel they are asking something that is not suited for their age group or which way too costly, then they must give you good supporting arguments on why they want the gift. All in all, to make sure that the gift will be appreciated, try to work with them and your budget as best as you can but reserve the final decision on the kind of gift that you will buy them.

If you have a curious 11 year old who also has a knack for sciences and discoveries, then you can buy them science or physics based gifts that take them on a journey of discovery. This is also the age where you can begin buying them books that will develop their interests and passions. Science-related gifts are generally a popular choices for Christmases and birthdays.

If they like engineering and puzzle game, an interest you must have noticed over the past few years from the age of 5 or 6, then get him construction or building kits as well as puzzle games suited for 11 year olds.

Consider the age appropriateness of the gift: This is important as buying a gift for the wrong age group will mean that the 11 year old gift recipient will not enjoy it as much. The kind of gifts that you purchase must meet the maturity levels as well as the abilities of the recipient so that they can fully utilize it. Fortunately for you, most gifts have a recommended age labeling to help you make the decision.

It is important to keep in mind that creative or dexterous kids are easily bored by gifts that are specifically aimed at their age so you might consider buying a broad array of gifts including those that are above their level. On other hand, if you buy them a gift that is too much above their recommended age group, then they will have a hard time catching on it as well as they would have done with gifts lying within their age range. If your 11 year old is already developing a particular skill or hobby, then buy them an entry level gift that will help them develop their gift.

Ensure it is not on the product recall lists:- There are a large number of toys and brands that are currently on a product recall list because they have been deemed unsafe but some retailers are still stocking these. However, you wouldnt want to buy these for your son. While 11 year olds no longer pose a choking hazard, they could still be affected by unsafe toys in myriad ways. For example, the gift might have a malfunction that poses an injury risk such as explosions. Take time to research on the issues that have consumers have faced with the toys and ensure they have been certified safe before you make a purchase. All the gifts for boys age 11 that we have reviewed above are 100% safe.

Consider the other children in the home: While your 11 year old is no longer at risk of choking from small or detachable parts, other younger kids in the home could be. Be extra cautious and avoid giving gifts with tiny parts that can be easily swallowed by other babies in the house.

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What are gift trends for 11 year old boys?

Before going with the trends when shopping for gifts, you need to ask what the 11 year old boy truly enjoys and prioritize on buying them gifts on things they like. For example, if they love video games, then purchase them their favourite video game. If the gift is too expensive, you can even give them a gift card that they can pool with their playmates so as to jointly buy a video game and save all parents involved money. If your 11 year old boy loves books, then buy them their favourite books as gifts. Same with if they like putting things up; in this case, you can purchase them building or construction sets such as LEGO and maze games.

10 and 11 year old boys also like those fun and practical gifts that they can play with in the outdoors. Here, you can think of the junior metal detectors, drones, RC copters and Nerf-anything. Buy them blasters and basketball hoops that take their fun activities to a whole new level. At this age, things that they use and share with their friends are generally more valuable than those that they can wear or sit doing. So think a lot about the range of toys that they can play with in the outdoors.

At this age, you can also think on the experience side of gifts; places you can take them such as the amusement parks, games etc. It is good to have a to-go list that you can use to reward your kid on their birthdays or during Christmas holidays. As many child psychologists, thinks experienced are generally more valuable than those that are acquired. Besides, by the age of 11, your kid will already have a warehouse-full of toys bought for them by you, your friends, his uncles, aunts, grandma, grandpa as well as his friends so you can use his birthday to try something new and make their day truly special.

What is the average cost of an 11 year old boys gift?

As we have variously stated, there are no magic numbers when it comes to gifts for kids. The price of a gift can range anywhere from $10 to $100 depending on your budget and the value you think the gift will add to the pre-teen boy. However, on average, most gifts lie in the range of $15 to $20 so virtually any one will be able to afford them. However, some people do really splurge on gifts for 11 year kids spending as much as $500.Just dont make it over the top. Remember at this age, kids are still a bit destructive and they may not like the gift for long. Keep in mind that at the age of 11, a lot of kids simply love the experience of receiving a new gift in itself and dont really care how much the gift cost. Besides, a lot of kids have a lot of gifts new days due to the culture of gifting on Christmas or birthdays and a lot of moms will tell you they dont need extra big toys in the house anymore. The best advice is to go for the smaller and cooler gifts that a lot of 11 year old boys generally love. Provide something meaningful and useful but dont think too hard about this or spend too much money buying gifts.

Is it too technical?

At 11, it is very likely that a boy is already quite handy and will be able to fix a host of gift items. However, it is always advisable to choose gift items that are easy to fix and with easy to understand instructions to make setup easier. If it is a technical gift, make sure that the retailer offers on phone support in case you are stuck. However many manufacturers understand that gifts are made for ease of assembly and setup and 99% of buyers are generally able to assemble technical gifts for kids in only a few minutes.

That is the low down on how to choose the best gifts for boys age 11 as well as some of the top gifts that you could keep in mind next time you are shopping for that perfect gift. For most boys, guns and science related gifts will always do the trick and so will the RC based gifts such as drones and copters. If you are buying the video games, make sure they are age appropriate and are the kind of games being played by their peers or older kids. You could also give them memories such as amusement parks and games. Once in a while, make a point of using the gift together with your 11 year old or let them invite their friends along so that they can truly enjoy it.

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