Find Great Gift Picks For 8 Year Old Girls

Find Great Gift Picks For 8 Year Old Girls

Top 9 Best Gifts For Girls Age 8
Best Christmas and Birthday Gifts for 8 Year Old Girls
Your Girl Just Turned 8? Here is an Impressive Gift Guide That Will Make Their Eyes Sparkle!

The 8-year-old girl that you are looking to purchase a gift for is in the 2nd or 3rd grade, and will be starting to get a real personality. This can mean that they start giving you attitude (girls will be girls), but now that they are old enough to understand more and get out of the house, they will start becoming more sociable and fun. If you have a special 8 year old girl in your family, you will wantto spoil them and give them a gift that not only makes them feel loved and special, but that they will enjoy and get a lot of use out of. There are a lot of toys on the market targeted at 8 year olds, so it can be hard to work out exactly what is a good gift for their birthday, Christmas or any other special time when they deserve a present. We have assessed 9 of the best gifts for girls age 8 to make the decision that little bit easier for you.

Best Gifts For 8 Year Old Girls

Picture Model Type Price Our Rating
Spirograph Deluxe Design Set Art & Craft $$ 4.98
Singing Machine SML-283P CDG Karaoke Player Music $$ 4.96
Educational Insights 5351 Nancy B’s Science Club Moonscope & Sky Gazers Activity Journal Educational $$ 4.94
Twister Game Games $$ 4.92
Breyer Paint Your Own Horse Activity Kit – Quarter Horse and Saddlebred Art & Craft $$ 4.91
Fashion Plates Deluxe Kit Art & Craft $$ 4.91
Klutz The Cootie Catcher Book Craft Kit Art & Craft $$ 4.90
Crayola Meltdown Art Set Art & Craft $$ 4.88
Building Set $$ 4.87

BUYING GUIDE Gifts for Girls Age 8

It is not particularly easy to buy a gift for anyone, however 8 year olds seem to be particularly difficult. Perhaps it is because they are simply growing and developing so quickly, that something that they might have been obsessed with a few weeks ago may now be boring and uninteresting. Having an 8 year old in your house would be like having a human tornado, full of energy and questions. So what are the things you should consider when choosing a gift for a special little girl? Here are some tips to help you find the best gifts for girls age 8.

Bring out her feminine side

This is a generalization of course, but many 8 year old girls are really starting to embrace the fact that they are girls, and are having fun with it. At that age they have yet to go through puberty, so the awkwardness that comes with that stage of life is still a few years away. So if you have a particularly girly girl in your family, then there are many gifts for girls age 8 that will suit her. Anything with pinks and sparkles will be popular, and anything related to makeup and hair will also be greatly received. Of course, many girls at that age go through a tomboy phase, and this is perfectly normal. In this case, steer clear from the more clich girly gifts, and opt for more gender neutral games and toys. If you are unsure, gender neutral is the safe bet.

Think about their favorite subjects at school

If you are familiar with their schooling (such as a parent or close relative), then thinking about their favorite subject can assist in choosing a great gift. If art is their favorite, then anything crafty or anything that involves paint will be appreciated. On the flip side, if you know that they are struggling with, or greatly dislike, sport or math, then it is best to avoid any gifts that are themed towards that. If you have a sport hating girl in your family but you want to get them out of the house, there are many other ways such as bug catching, bubble machines or even a trampoline.

Get her socializing

The great thing about turning 8 is that they have been in school for a number of years, and so would have had a chance to develop some strong socialization skills, and likely have made some good friends. At that age, they are less likely to want to stay at home and play with dolls by themselves, rather they would prefer to go out and hang with their friends. Girls in general are less active than boys their same age, so gifts that allow young girls to hang out together hand have fun will always be a good idea. For example, sleepovers will start being a common occurrence, so any toys that they can take with them and share with their friends will be great. This can include crafts, design gifts, music players like karaoke machines, and things like cootie catchers, which require more than one person to play.

They love to learn

You may not be able to get an 8 year old to admit it, but they love to learn and discover new things. The problem with school sometimes is that they feel like they are forced to learn things that they are not interested in, but if you purchase a fun toy that assists in their development (cognitive and mental), then they will not even realize that they are learning. Even cootie catchers are helping them learn, because it helps with sentence structure, counting, and there might be words there that is new to them. And the Moonscope that was reviewed above is another way of making leaning fun they will be learning about the night sky and stars, all while being amazed that they are actually seeing planets for real.

What are the current trends for gifts for girls age 8?

Girls, especially pre-teen girls at around 8 years of age can be fickle at best. What they may have loved a while ago may now be considered uncool. But there are some trends that have stuck around, and have a good chance of always remaining popular. These include:

  • Loom bands a loom band is like a home-made plastic bracelet. They were made popular a few years back and only seem to be growing in popularity. There are many different styles on the market.
  • Board games Board games will always be popular, as they can be played on their own, with parents and family, or with friends. Some board games require strategy (Battleship), some simply allow for silly fun (Candyland), and others really get you moving and laughing (like the infamous Twister).
  • Animals You may notice that your 8 year old will start being obsessed with animals, sometimes a particular type of animal. The most popular animals that 8 year old love include horses, rabbits, puppies and kittens. If they are interested in any of these animals, you will find many toys themed around them.
  • Designing – Girls love to be creative and design things. This may include simple things like a new message on a cootie catcher, or design an entire outfit from top to bottom. Some might even be especially creative and write their own songs and plays. What is clear though, is that 8 year old girls are starting to use their imaginations more and more.

How much money should I spend?

How much money you want to spend on a birthday or Christmas present is entirely up to you and your budget. Because there is so much competition when it comes to toys and gifts girls age 8, prices never seem to be too high. You can easily find a quality and long lasting gift under $50. There are some particularly high end gifts available, however these are often large and unnecessary. 8 year olds are still at that innocent age where they are still happy with the simple things they just want to have fun and hang out with friends. In fact, most of the gifts on this best of list are under $50 USD.

How do I know what she will like?

Unless you are particularly close to her or know someone who is particularly close to her (like a parent or best friend), then it is unlikely that you can be 100% sure that what you buy her she will love. But chances are if you are buying someone a gift, you will have some idea whether she is sporty, girly, arty or a bookworm. If you purchase something that is along the lines of her hobbies and interests, then chances are she will like it. 8 year olds are not particularly fussy heck they dont even really know what they want half the time. So as long as you put some thought into it, and purchase something that is highly rated by real people (like any of the gifts on this list), then you cannot go wrong.

Remember that at the age of eight, your little adorable lady is already quite independent. They have lots of friends and are already plugged into some of the main trends in their age groups so dont just shop for them blindly. Be thoughtful about it so as to get them a cool gift that will love. One way to get her the right gift is by keeping an eye on some of the gifts that their friends love and buying something similar. If she is not your daughter and you have an eight year old or niece, you can ask them about their favourite gifts so that you can get the perfect gift for the recipient. Apart from buying them gifts that are tuned to their interests, you can also mix the fun and educational so as to give them a good scope. For example, you can include a science kits, little handbag kits, arts and crafts toys, some Nerf-something gift for girls etc. Who says the Nerf gifts only have to be for boys? You can also buy them kid beauty kits such as nail kits which are generally popular with little girls. With so many options in the market, you really shouldnt run out of ideas for gifts for girls age 8. If you are confused about the right kind of gifts for girls age 8 to choose, just pick any one out of the nine that we have reviewed and you should be on the safe side.

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