Fashionable Men’s Bathrobes in 2019 – How to Choose the Best

Fashionable Men's Bathrobes in 2019

Owning a bathrobe is the best addition that could ever happen to your wardrobe. The comfort they give is enough to distress your routine and make your life more relaxed. You want to invest in a luxurious robe with all the coziness, without compromising your fashion taste. An ideal bathrobe for men is durable, stylish and serves multiple occasions. Especially if you want to feel like you are in the spa at the comfort of your home, you’ll want to snug in a super-soft robe after the shower. There are very many brands of men’s bathrobes on the market that all offer to give comfort by all means but finding the right one may be a bit confusing. We have researched and found the best among the best hoping that this list will make your choice easier. But first:

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  • Image
  • Description

What to Consider When Shopping for a Men’s Bathrobe

Type of Fabric: Choose a sturdy material that does not shrink when washed, so that is spans many years. Cotton and Polyester in many blends are forms make the high-quality robes. Remember to check the label to know the fabric. Natural blends also make good robes

Functionality: How are you going to use your robe? A versatile bathrobe is the best choice. You will do better without having to change from a shower robe to a lounge to a spa robe. One-robe-serves most is better.

Washability: Keeping your robe clean is a priority. Get a robe that does not change its fitting after a wash. The idea is to keep looking as new as possible.

Your Style: Do you want a long or short bathrobe, or do you feel a bright color fits your skin tone better? Remember to take one that reflects your comfort style.

The Size: Most bathrobes fit well when loose it’s important to know your standard size so as to choose a robe larger size for that roomy feeling.

10. Pembrook Soft Fleece, Hotel/Spa, Kimono Bathrobe, Adults Men Boys’

Pembrook Soft Fleece, Hotel/Spa, Kimono Bathrobe, Adults Men Boys’

Our lifestyle dictates our fashion choices, and even for men, a bathrobe goes a long way in telling their style preference. The Pembrook Kimono robe is meant to suit your need as a guy who travels a lot or pays regular visits to the spa. It is made from coral fleece which is from polyester and as we all know, it is splendid in absorbing water and giving an instant dry feeling. To unwind in peace, look for this kimono to step in at the spa.

The design is just meticulous; the fabric is super soft as ultra-coral-fleece offers comfort and keeps you warm. This aspect is important for the long chilly evenings since it has wool qualities which mean it does not spread out heat, instead the material holds on to it. It also features a shawl collar that is essential for warming the back of your neck at the same time keeping your chest covered.

This bathrobe is known to preserve the Hugh Hefner‘s look who is known to represent men’s robes in a better light. This style features long wide sleeves and a kimono wrap style that is the left side goes over the right for a closed look. This ensures that you are always covered up, even with nothing underneath the robe. The belt tie always comes in handy to complete this style plus two large pockets that can fit a remote or phone or even warm your hands.

When you want to relax after a busy day, enjoying the sunset in this kimono is just a perfect way to calm your nerves. The coziness brings your day utter joy. You’ll want to be in it as soon as you get out of bed since it is flexible to walk around in and will fit loosely with most body frames. The sizing fits from small/medium to large/X-large that fits appropriately for most sizes.
Pembrook Soft Fleece, Hotel/Spa, Kimono Bathrobe, Adults Men Boys’

You’ll appreciate that it is machine washable saving you time from hand washing. It neither sheds nor pool; hence it is very durable. It is important to care for your robe and protect it from staining and looking over worn after a few washes; treat it as you could your towel so that it lasts looking as good as new.

This bathrobe has one the highest qualities. It bears a luxurious look with a great fit for most sizes. It is an inexpensive piece that is worth its price. The promise of comfort and coziness is true in all its dimensions.

  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Stretches naturally for a loose fit
  • Not heavy for the warm weather
  • Has multiple uses
  • Does not have an in-between size

9. Turkish Linen Kimono Robe Men’s Waffle Made in Turkey Spa Bathrobe

Turkish Linen Kimono Robe Men’s Waffle Made in Turkey Spa Bathrobe


Adding spa health to our regular routines is essential in improving how we feel as it distresses our bodies keeping our mind, body, and spirit healthy. With all the pampering you receive at the spa, it is imperative that you use a breathable yet comfortable wear. This Turkish Kimono is designed to suit that specific need. It is made with a mix of 35% polyester and 65% cotton. This makes it lightweight for holding the spa moistures giving you an easy time. It is very absorbent hence it keeps you dry and absorbs water left on your skin after you are done.

You deserve the comfort of this kimono style. It is not only ideal for the spa but also an excellent accompaniment for the summer and winter. Cotton is known to be light and being the major fabric of this robe it has a luxurious look that is stylish to fit your fashion taste. The functionality of this robe varies from being durable, stronger and able to resist wear. You’ll have this robe for several spans of years hence worth its price. Polyester makes it heavier that is why you can still use it for the cold weather as it gives a warm appeal.

The blend of cotton and polyester also makes it ideal for use like a towel since it quickly dries your skin and keeps you hot. It comes in three sizes; small/medium, XX-Large and one size fit all. It wraps in a kimono style that closes nicely with a loose belt.

The length is admirable for it goes to between your calves thus providing proper closure to all your necessities. It is double stitched to keep it strong even when turned in the washer. This robe does not shrink after many washes, and it does not also lose its shape since polyester makes it all easy to maintain.
Turkish Linen Kimono Robe Men’s Waffle Made in Turkey Spa Bathrobe

The capabilities of this robe are innumerable from being a good lounge wear; it is fashionable for when you have visitors in your home. It does not irritate the skin so you can wear it for long hours without feeling flimsy from sweat. It also has large collars that cover up to the neck keeping you warm and safe and deep pockets to warm yourself or put some necessities.

If you love having your friends around, this robe is the most ideal for security with a good wrap. It is very inexpensive, and you can buy it even as a gift for your spouse. The quality is incredible, and it promises durability which it delivers. Many washes make it stronger and warmer. It does not fade easily hence it provides an all-around functionality.

  • Has a modest look
  • Very affordable
  • High-quality fabric
  • Double-stitched for durability
  • Available in only two colors

8. Men’s Plaid, Essentials by Seven Apparel, Plush Bathrobe

Men’s Plaid, Essentials by Seven Apparel, Plush Bathrobe

It’s easy to see why men love this bathrobe. Essentials by Seven Apparel do not sacrifice elegance for comfort. This robe is perfect for stepping into, after a bath as it is made from 100% polyester, which is very absorbent you’ll feel warm in minutes. During chilly mornings it can be frustrating to get out of bed, but this robe will give you a reason to. It is soft and warm you’ll never notice the difference with your bed.

This bathrobe adds a cozy feeling to just anywhere you are. You can splash with it by the pool for it wraps well around your body. It comes with a belt to bring together jointly at the waist. It features six colors plus awesome patterns to choose from since it represents style and serenity. It boasts a full cut at the chest that adds to its masculinity hence it will give you the grooves of watching that Sunday game in it.

If you live in cooler areas this robe is nice to have it provides warmth for its fabric is thick. You can sit by the fire and warm up in it as it keeps heat, preventing you from catching a cold. It fits snuggly, and you can also wear pajamas with it since it is not as heavy that it will feel tight when you are in it. The material is also super soft to offer you a calm feeling when you are tired of your day.

Additionally, this robe is machine washable; hence it’s easy to care and maintain. It does not stain easily, and you’ll find that it’s flexible to walk around in and still feel secure. It’s essential in that you can repair things around without worry of grease and oil stains since with a little detergent it’s as good as new.
Men’s Plaid, Essentials by Seven Apparel, Plush Bathrobe

The intrinsic nature of the Essential Sevens Apparel is that you can throw it on fast and answer your door or when the plumber is around making it an indispensable must-have for every man. You also want to feel secure around your children so being in this one that totally covers will go a long way in ensuring you do not have a wardrobe malfunction.

I must say that this is an excellent choice among other bathrobes. It can double up as a towel and save you money as it is also well priced. It has lots of capabilities and possibilities of places to wear. The fabric is well stitched and will not tear when caught on table corners. You will love all its aspects.

  • The material is well stitched
  • Machine-washable
  • A size that fits most people
  • Affordable
  • Some users indicate it short for their size

7. NFL Northwest Men’s Bathrobe

NFL Northwest Men’s Bathrobe

Support your favorite football team and get the thrill of participating in the game from the comfort of your home. This bathrobe is specially designed for the fan that feels cheering isn’t enough and acquires a valuable piece with the logo embroidered to prove their undying support. But who said only fans could have it. Get cozy in this robe and enjoy the benefits of owning such a luxurious item.

It will pick your interest by how snug it feels against your body. Cotton constructs this robe; hence it is of high quality, making it fashionable to wear even with guests around. You’ll love how absorbent the fabric is, since it dries you up faster after a shower, and also keeps you warm in icy weather. If you don’t like walking around in pajamas, this is an excellent alternative for it envelopes you nicely ensuring you are protected from giving a free show.

The fitting is loose as it stretches well to adjust to your size for it comes in one size fits most. The idea here is that most people prefer a roomy feeling in a bathrobe, so it executes this idea by having one large size that will fit most heights and sizes without feeling baggy or tight.

It is long enough to reach your ankles without dragging at your feet. Some users who have bought this robe for their teenagers indicate it is a bit long for them, but they’ll grow taller in it, thus a win for them. You’ll find the possibilities for this bathrobe are endless, you can take it on vacation, or you can adorn it by the pool.
NFL Northwest Men’s Bathrobe

The essence it gives is a soft, comfortable feeling of serenity. As it sets your mood into relaxation mode enabling you to de-stress and relieve anxiety from hectic days. You’ll never find a robe so essential for the backyard barbecue since it does not stain easily you can withstand the smoke and grease that come with it but still feel peaceful because it will not stain.

This bathrobe is an essential piece to any wardrobe. The benefits of having it are unlimited. You can buy it for yourself or offer it as a gift to your spouse or teenage boy and show appreciation with a quality robe. Remember to always take care of it by thoughtful cleaning to keep it looking unfaded and new for a long time.

  • It is durable
  • It’s made from cotton
  • It’s stain resistant
  • It’s thick and soft
  • Available in one size

6. Ross Michaels Men’s Hooded Robe Kimono Bathrobe, Plush Shawl

Ross Michaels Men’s Hooded Robe Kimono Bathrobe, Plush Shawl

We all crave for a comfy time at home, especially after a long day; you will want to find a comfortable fit which is not always the case with regular pajamas. Acquire this luxurious kimono by Ross Michaels. It has a hood with a wide opening at the chest with long sleeves that fit snugly at the wrists. It is loved for its absorbent features since it’s from 100% polyester that will quickly dry your skin.

The fibers are really strong making it very durable since it’s not prone to tears after multiple wears. The feeling against your skin is just comforting; it does not shrink after many washes neither does it stretch. It maintains its fit every single time you have it on. Moreover, it’s quite dense; you will feel warm even through the freezing nights of winter. You are assured of an easy time as it comes with interior ties that will keep you together, plus your whole entity is held jointly by an adjustable belt.

It is a better choice for story time by the fire, the security it gives is fantastic you will not wander around in want of anything warmer. It keeps your heat where you want it, which is with you. Plus it does not weigh you down since it’s lightweight; you can have it on for as long as you want. It’s long enough for different heights as any size goes to the lower calves.

It is designed to add a touch of style to your lounging wardrobe. With the variety of colors available it’s true to state you will fall for two, most likely three. Users acclaim how soft it is, there are endless ways to put it, and some have opted to go to bed with as it feels warm just like a blanket. This year you will want to feel free and have cozy mornings in this robe. Also, the pockets are deep to fit in a remote or your phone to have all your entertainment accessories with you.
Ross Michaels Men’s Hooded Robe Kimono Bathrobe, Plush Shawl

With this kimono wear, you can never go wrong with the size; the rule is the more, the merrier. You’ll find that the small and medium size fits at 53 inches at the chest, 5 inches long while the large and extra-large sizes fit 55-58 inches chest and 52-54 inches long. The fabric will add tenderness to your skin it feels like a hug.

With all the attributes that fit cold season unwinding, I’d highly go for it. It proves reliable to offer comfort and relaxation. The fabric is soft and doesn’t cause skin inflammations. You’ll not spend a fortune on this one since it’s inexpensive and worth every dollar.

  • Machine washable on low cold tumble dry
  • Fits all frames
  • Has a variety of colors
  • Lightweight design
  • Costs a little more but valuable

5. Towel Selections Turkish Cotton Men’s Robe Terry Shawl’s made in Turkey Bathrobe

Towel Selections Turkish Cotton Men’s Robe Terry Shawl’s made in Turkey Bathrobe

The essence of unwinding is doing it on your terms. You want to feel free to make your relaxation choices; Terry Shawl makes that all possible. It’s true to state that this robe is most sought for its endless capabilities. Constructed from 100% Turkish cotton, this material is well known for its durability and more so, its absorbent features. It will help you dry up fast. Having a steamy bath and coming out to cold air can give you unwanted chills. Throw on this robe and have warmth cling on to you. You’ll find that the texture is gentle and does not irritate the skin and that it becomes more soft and absorbent with each wash thus you’ll grow fond of it.

You are having one of those slow mornings when all you want is to grab a coffee before deciding what to wear. This kimono allows ease of movement and still feels like you brought your blanket along. It provides a good fit for all frames and sizes, having sizes from extra small to extra-large with the dimensions as 45-49 inches length, 19-24.5 shoulder inches, and 42.5-55 inches chest. There’s a size for everyone, and it comes in a variety of colors to choose from.

This bathrobe is machine washable on the low tumble dry. It does not stretch or shrinks after washing hence you get the same fit each time. This ability comes in handy when you want to fix a quick meal. It gives you the flexibility to walk around in your kitchen as food and drinks can get off with ease since it is stain resistant. It is easy to maintain for you can cut off a pulled loop without damaging the robe.

It is convenient for going through household chores like fixing your breakfast considering it wraps around with an adjustable belt. The inside material is the same on the outside you can share the comfort with a baby as they’ll snug over the gentle fabric. This robe is an excellent alternative to the choices you make for indoor wear. It will transform how you go through your me-time.
Towel Selections Turkish Cotton Men’s Robe Terry Shawl’s made in Turkey Bathrobe

The spa is another beautiful place to bring your kimono along. It is lightweight with a shawl collar to add some masculinity to the wear while still keeping your neck warm. With all the pampering at the spa, you’ll want to add some coziness by stepping into this robe. The wrap is secure; you’ll feel safe for it drapes up to your calves and some to the ankles.

This is an excellent investment in comfort. For the price, it is valuable because it is of high quality. The fabric does not snag after washing, neither does it shrink. There are multiple colors to choose hence it fits different style and themes. It has longevity features, and it assures comfort.

  • The fit does not change after washing
  • It is durable
  • Variety of colors
  • Can be used as a towel
  • It is not available for very tall men

4. Micro Fleece Men’s Bathrobe by Wanted

Micro Fleece Men’s Bathrobe by Wanted

Are you in the market for an adaptable accessory to lift your mood and keep you relaxed after a long day or on weekends? Well, Wanted is here for the asking. Their bathrobe offers a feel of home design to give you better mornings and peaceful evenings. You don’t want to jump from bed into your suit; you may get into a stressful routine. This bathrobe will make you rethink your mornings. You’ll learn to take it slow and to breathe fully in it.

It is also ideal for the hotel since it is a traditional piece that will not scream “I am here” by all means. The wrap is perfect to cover all the necessary parts but has a broad chest cut to reveal the machismo in you. It comes with a loose belt, which you can adjust to fit your comfort. The length is likable, long enough to reach your ankles making it ideal for the cold weather. This is because you can laze on the couch and wrap your legs when folded. Also, enjoy the fireplace in it for it keeps heat inside ensuring you are warm even in the coolest of weathers.

You will find it in a variety of colors and sizes to choose from. Get your best fit here, but it is advised that you get a larger size than your average size, to feel how roomy it is. The sleeves are long and wide and offer the flexibility to carry out various tasks around your home. This lovely piece can absorb sweat. It not only keeps you dry but also fresh. It comes in sizes from small/medium to large/X-large. It also provides sizes for big and tall frames that do not fit in the large/X-Large category.

This robe is machine washable on low tumble dry. It does not pill to form irritating balls, and it can turn and twist in the washer without coming out frayed and destroyed. This fabric is thick and not heavy. It makes a perfect choice for camping in winter since it is light weight with deep pockets to keep your hands warm. You can also wear it with pajamas and still feel comfortable in it. Some users take this robe to bed indicating it’s like having a blanket without necessarily needing one.
Micro Fleece Men’s Bathrobe by Wanted

With this bathrobe, you’ll have an easy time preparing in the morning, since you can now take your time and make better choices going through your wardrobe without shivering and sneezing. In it, you will find yourself longing for mornings and more so evenings to get into your favorite piece that is not only fashionable but also relaxing.

Acquire this piece and add to your tranquility by getting the best on the market with all the versatility it brings along. It is reasonably priced for when you are working on a budget, and it promises many wears since it is a tough fabric. It does not lose it shape or size; hence it is the necessary addition waiting to happen.

  • Machine washable
  • Thick but not heavy
  • Does not shrink after washing
  • Available in multiple choice colors
  • One needs to purchase a larger size to get the perfect fit.

3. Soft Cotton Men’s Flannel Robe, Del Rossa Bathrobe

Soft Cotton Men’s Flannel Robe, Del Rossa Bathrobe

When you just out of the shower, the chill could give you a sneeze or two; you don’t want to wander around with the risk of catching a cold, so grab this bathrobe by Alexander Del Rossa and hold in the warmth you need. It is manufactured from premium 100% cotton which is a soft super-absorbent material. It does not irritate the skin hence you can feel safe in it.

It comes in a blue-white checkered style that fits the lounge just perfectly. For that lazy morning you feel like just relaxing around the house, this robe will provide the comfort and security to unwind in your living room. It has straps that close from the inside and a matching belt that closes from the outside, adding the feel of security, preventing a wardrobe malfunction.

It comes with five fits from the small size that fits chest size 34-36 inches, 52 inches length, medium fit with chest size 38-40 inches, 53” length, large fits chest size 42-44 inches, 54” length, and extra-large sizes that fit chest sizes 46-56 with lengths of 55-56. Basically, this robe is meant to fit every frame and feel classy at the same time. It also comes with two front pockets you can put your phone or the remote, adding you the pleasantries of a lazy day.

The flannel is light and not very thick, making it ideal for the hot summers but will also get you through the icy months. You will love how warm it feels against your skin. It fits snugly on the sleeves and will not fall around shabbily. The length goes to the ankles with a silky hemming that does not catch when you sit for long. Also, the robe does not frill; in fact, it stays as if you just ironed it.
Soft Cotton Men’s Flannel Robe, Del Rossa Bathrobe

Besides, this robe is machine washable. It is recommended to wash it with like colors on the dry low heat. The flannel does not hold sweat; you are safe from the flimsy feeling of sweaty armpits you can stay in it without anything. You may choose a size bigger than you so that you can feel the fit more loosely without it catching.

Del Rossa bathrobe is very inexpensive. It is admirable and comes in different colors, with the various sizes for all frames. The material is well textured to afford you a relaxed time lounging, even with guests around. The construction is durable; you will have it for a long time.

  • Material is soft and durable
  • Machine washable
  • Available in multi-choice colors
  • Closes from both the inside and outside
  • Folds over itself after washing

2. Turkish Towels Terry Bathrobe, Pure Turkish 100% Combed Cotton, Terry Robe

Turkish Towels Terry Bathrobe, Pure Turkish 100% Combed Cotton, Terry Robe

The name Terry speaks for itself in this industry. It well known to produce splurge bathrobes that are excellent in quality and design and this bathrobe is one of them. It comes in stylish colors to represent every man’s lifestyle, in being able to use it for various purposes including a towel and a fashionable wear for the spa, business trip and even by the pool.

The construction is of 100% Turkish cotton that is well praised for its soft and gentle nature. It hugs your body to catch the warmth affording you comfort like no other. You will love how it feels on your skin after a shower since its absorbent thus quick drying and keeping you from those irritating after-bath sneezes.

It fits nicely on tall and big body frames as the manufacturer provides options from medium size at 52 inches length 21.5 inches shoulders, 46 inches chest/waist and XL at 23.5 inches for the shoulders, 60 inches length, and 55 inches chest. To say this robe is gigantic is an understatement for its length goes up to the ankles, and the sleeves fit snuggly without the need for folding over when carrying out various activities in the house.

It also features a double layered design that makes the material super thick and textured such that it drapes on your body without creasing and stretching when you sit for long. It does not get loose after washing as it maintains its form without shredding; hence it’s durable. Also, the sleeves feature a raised cuff-protecting it from tear since it won’t easily catch. It has a hanging loop for easy storage and drying.
Turkish Towels Terry Bathrobe, Pure Turkish 100% Combed Cotton, Terry Robe

The color of this robe acquired from the tone-on-tone applique technique that combines shades of the same color to obtain one patterned look. You’ll notice that from afar this robe seems to have a single color, but when you look closely, it is made up of tiny patterns tremendously adding to the style of this robe.

If you want to get the best among the best this bathrobe suits your every need. It is inexpensive and will offer absolute safety and comfort when relaxing at your house or the spa. It is roomy and as they say the bigger, the better for more warmth more cushion and more luxury.

  • Double belt loop
  • Soft texture
  • Thick for cold weather
  • Perfectly fits tall men
  • Some users indicate it’s too warm for their liking

1. Men’s Fleece Del Rossa Robe, Long, Hooded Bathrobe

Men’s Fleece Del Rossa Robe, Long, Hooded Bathrobe

Del Rossa men’s fleece offers an admirable construction. It is incredibly long such that it touches your ankles and it’s perfect for throwing on after a shower. It features a soft body that drapes meticulously over every inch of your body offering you the comfort of warmth in the contrasting cold weather of your living room. The sleeves are long to your wrists fitting in a cuff design that does not dig into your skin causing you to scratch.

The fabric is from polar fleece which comes from wool, making it a luxurious quality that precedes your expectations to meet your every need. It is developed for the crispy weather for warmth without being heavy such that it won’t weigh you down and you can also adorn it for cold early mornings. It is flexible in that you can use if for most purposes including preparing breakfast doing repairs around the house and also unwinding on your lounge.

It has a good wrap with a long loose belt that holds the whole ensemble together giving a sense of security even with your playful kids around. The stitching is strong to resist tears associated with catching at doors or table edges. It promises longevity and delivers a fit that does not wear quickly after a few washes. It maintains its form, and it’s well known to resist smudges.

With the microfiber aspect of this fabric, you are sure to get off every speck of dust in the machine. Besides, it features inactive dyes that won’t run when you wash it leaving it as good as new. You’ll’ grow fond of it because it dries fast and comes with a hanging loop for better storage. The hood comes in handy when you want to cover your ears and neck when it’s cold. .
Men’s Fleece Del Rossa Robe, Long, Hooded Bathrobe

When you want some peace of mind in the weekend, become a couch potato and snug in this huggy robe while watching all your favorite games. It gives the convenience of being roomy you can fold in your knees to get the warmth to your feet. With the two large pockets, you can warm your hands or hold your essentials; hence it is convenient for every occasion. The sizing of this bathrobe is made with every user in mind. It comes in sizes from small/medium to 3XL-4XL with chests 34-60 inches and length of 59 inches.

When you want to splurge a little on comfort, this robe is an investment in utter serenity. It may be upscale because of the material; but considering the durability, it is worth it. This robe maintains its fit and eminence; thus an indispensable addition to your wardrobe.

  • It is long enough for most tall men
  • The design is beautiful
  • Available in varied colors and patterns
  • Machine washable
  • It is a bit expensive, but you’ll appreciate the value it offers


Every man would do great with a great bathrobe. We have compiled a list of the best men bathrobes on the market and we hope it will give you a clear guide when ordering one. It takes in depth research to figure out the best among those available on different platforms and this is why we take on the task of doing the research to simplify the work for you. If this article has been of any help to you, do not hesitate to share it with a friend or two. Also, if you have any concern about the list or you would like us to feature any other products for any reason, let us know in our comment section below. Good luck!


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