Difference Between Essay and Report Writing

Essay writing is defined as notations or explanations are written basically to persuade someone regarding a certain subject. It is also used to educate the readers on certain topics. They are classified as formal and non-formal. Report writing is referred to as writing used to give detailed information in reference to the occurrence of an event or situation. This information is obtained through inquiry of facts and observance. Report writing is classified into two, news and academic report writing.

Essay writing is written from the point of view of the writer. Since essay writing is used to convince the audience, the writer gives points according to their own perspective. They are written to answer questions based on the topic. They share points on a subject according to how the writer views the matter. Report writing, however, involves facts that have to be researched on. They are written with an aim to investigate an issue. This means that the writer cannot write what they think is the result or cause of the matter. They gather facts by asking questions or observing the situation. This gives them in-depth knowledge about the subject matter in order to compose a report.

Essay writing format consists of three basic parts, the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. This is important in the organization and flow of an essay. Before writing an essay, you should prepare an outline of all the points you would like to include in your agreement. Usually, essays include a title at the top, then continuous writing, with no other headings and subheadings. This is unlike report writing which includes a more systematic arrangement of material, with headings and subheadings. Report writing format consists of the title, summary, introduction, body, conclusion, recommendations, and appendices. Report writing involves deciding the structure to use, terms of reference and gathering information beforehand.

Essay writing can be used to explore different fictional situations regarding the subject matter. When composing an essay as a writer, one can look at information on a subject from different angles. This enables them to pick which they will use to present their information. Report writing is limited to recounting the actual events that happened. The recommendations are written always as a result of actions that happened in the past. Essay writing can take different twists and turns whereas report writing is only interested in facts.

Essay writing is commonly used for academic purposes. Most of the essays written are usually not from a practical point of view. Report writing is basically for practical purposes since there is a presentation of actual events and information. Report writing tackles issues that are affecting or have affected the current situation unlike essay writing whose aim is to exploring and expressing yourself regarding a broad range is topics.

Report writing contains unbiased conclusions and offers recommendations while essay writing gives conclusions based on the writer’s opinions and does not have a recommendation. Accessing information in the essay writing is difficult, unlike report writing which is easy since the information follows a specific structure. The success of an essay writing depends on how someone is able to present the argument whereas for report writing depends on actual facts presented and good research skills.

The audience targeted for the report writing is in the professional area. For example, the manager or the client. That explains the reason why reports are more formal than essays. In workplaces, report writing is done to analyze business risks, opportunities and measure the performance. The audience for the essay writing is usually the lecturers since it is written primarily in universities. The essence of essay writing is to learn how to express yourself, explain issues in a logical manner and overall improve your writing skills. This skills will enable you to gain more points in your exam

The benefit of essay writing is to help broaden your mind and gain more knowledge about different topics. Essay writing equips students with the ability to present their ideas and presentations in the academic and professional world in a satisfactory way. The benefit of report writing is to examine progress and make plans and goals for the future. This helps organizations know their strengths, weakness, and opportunities and enable them to strike a balance. There is also cheap writing service online which will help you to do your Essay writing too.