Conquer Your Outdoor Recreation: Top 5 Jungle Boots For Women In 2021

Jungle boots are footwear originally developed in World War II, and military persons in the jungle use them. They are lightweight shoes good to be worn in hot climatic condition, and they have some exceptional features that you may not find in any other footwear.

Even though they are designed for jungle environment, you may also wear them for walking or hiking. These types of boots look stylish, and you can securely lace them around an ankle. Here are given five women’s jungle boots product review, and the features will help you to decide to choose one.

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1. Dr. Martens Pamela Rich Brown Broadway Boots for Women

Top 5 Jungle Boots For Women

The jungle boot for women is made of leather material making it durable to be used in a multi-purpose way. You may use them for jungles, walking, trekking and hiking. They are one of the best jungle boots for women available in the market. The stylish looking boot comes with no lace making it easy to slip on.

The rubber outsole remains air cushioned giving a comfortable effect on your feet. Your feet won’t hurt if worn for a longer time. The memory foam cushioned footbed will protect your feet while walking over rough terrain areas. The upper is made of full-grain leather offering you a soft feel.

The back pull tab offers easy wearing and inside lining gives a comfortable feel and fit. The boot is lightweight, flexible and the low heel makes you walk fast in a jungle.

What did we like about the product?

  • Full grain leather in the upper area
  • Air cushioned sole offers great comfort
  • Good abrasion
  • Slip-resistant
  • The upper-sole has the heat sealed

What didn’t we like about the product?

  • Getting the right size remains difficult

Our Verdict

The boot doesn’t require any lace-up which remains a plus point buying them. The pebbled leather material remains lovely, and many customers loved them. The top women’s jungle boots are one preferred brand by many women.

By wearing them with short socks, you can use the boot for casual wear to be paired with skirts or jeans. They are a well-made, comfortable pair of shoes, but for some customers, they can be little wide in size. Only a few customers faced difficulty getting the right size.

2. Dr. Martens Darcy Floral (DF) Pascal Ankle Boots for Women

Top 5 Jungle Boots For Women

The women’s jungle boot with floral design looks unique with the prints, and the footwear remains imported. The shoe has a synthetic sole and measures ankle high from the arch. The air-cushioned sole offers great comfort while worn for a longer time. The cushioned sole will keep your feet in comfort when walking through rough and tough areas.


They are good for abrasion and remain slip resistant. The upper sole is heat sealed. The multi-colored flower against the black background looks attractive. The pattern makes it perfect to be worn during summer to fall. The groove edges and the yellow stitching built to last. The durable boot is oil and fat resistant.

What did we like about the product?

  • The footwear is made of leather material.
  • The imported shoe is a durable made.
  • The floral design is unique
  • They are good for abrasion and remain slip resistant.

What didn’t we like about the product?

  • The material remains stiff
  • Blisters can appear on feet if worn for a longer time.

Our Verdict

The shoe has a nice floral design with multi-colored blooms on a rich black background. The design is very attractive making any women fall in love with the footwear immediately. They are not lined so they may not provide you enough comfort when worn for a longer time.

You should wear them with thick socks which can remain uncomfortable when worn during the hot summer season. The boot remains stiff around the ankles creating discomfort when skin gets rubbed.

3. Tommy Hilfiger Khristie Rain Jungle Boots for Women

Tommy Hilfiger Khristie Rain Jungle Boots for Women

The imported rain boot for women is made of rubber material. The boot comes with a removable insole. The boot is specifically made to wear in rough and tough terrain places. They are water resistant and slip resistant. The shaft measure 7.5” from the arch and the heel measures 1.25”.

There is a slight lining inside the boot keep your feet comfortable if used for longer time. The boot opening is around 12” making it comfortable for you to slip on your leg into the boot. The boot gets wide opened, and they are good to be used in wet, muddy areas.

What did we like about the product?

  • They are rubber made boots
  • High-quality rubber is used to make the boot.
  • They are water resistant and slip resistant
  • Easy to wear

What didn’t we like about the product?

  • The material is too hard that it cannot bend.

Our Verdict

They are elegant looking perfectly shaped boots made of high- quality rubber. Getting the right fit, can be difficult. You have to wear thick socks to pair with the boot. It is recommended to buy a size larger if you are looking for comfort. Climbing stairs remain difficult as the material doesn’t bend that much quicker.

4. Caterpillar Alexi Combat Jungle Boots for Women

Top 5 Jungle Boots For Women

The women’s combat booth is leather made and an imported product. The sole is made of rubber material providing enough durability when used in rough terrain surface. The shaft of the boot measures 8 inches from the arch and the heel measures 1 inch. The leather lining inside the shoe is of breathable material keeping your feet comfortable for long hours.

It is everyday worn, and you can pair them with any of your outfits when planning to outside for a walk. The soft inner lining material keeps your feet warm during cold climate. The sturdy shoes will prevent your feet from hurting when walking through rocky areas.


What did we like about the product?

  • The shoe is made of high-quality soft leather
  • The shoe remains durable and long lasting
  • They keep your feet warm in the cold season
  • They provide enough support to the ankle

What didn’t we like about the product?

  • The boots are not water resistant

Our Verdict

They are good quality boots to be used for leisure and work. Even though the built-in quality is good, they cannot resist enough wear and tear. The boot may get damaged by regular usage to terrain areas. You have to wear a thick sock to get the right fit. The support level remains low, and the leather can be stiff around the ankles.

5. Macie Bean Women’s Leopard Western Jungle Boots (M9067) – Black

Macie Bean Women’s Leopard Western Jungle Boots (M9067) – Black

The cowgirl boot is best to be worn in a harsh environment. The stylish looking footwear is made of a leather material with a cowgirl heel. The design and the leopard patchwork make the book look extremely beautiful. Made of high-quality leather and excellent craftsmanship, the boot is specifically design for women.

The shaft of the boot measures 13” tall and the cushioned insole provides all-day comfort. The leather boot is having a broad square toe giving enough comfort to the wearer when worn to rocky areas. The flashy boots are very comfortable to ride and to wear it as a casual. They are best to be worn with casuals and stylish outfits. The outsole is made of a durable leather material, and the boot has a single welt stitch construction.

What did we like about the product?

  • The design is unique and beautiful
  • They provide enough comfort to feet
  • They are made of high-quality leather

What didn’t we like about the product?

  • The dyes will have a slight odor

Our Verdict

The vintage-inspired leather boot is made of high-quality material. The shoe has a cowgirl heel, and it may not be comfortable to be worn for activities like trekking, running or walking through a rough surface. They can be worn when you are on the back of the horse.

What are the Advantages of wearing Jungle Boots when Camping?

Jungle remains an amazing place to enjoy wildlife and adventure. If you are planning to visit any popular rainforest, it is important you wear the right clothing as well as the footwear that can protect you from the bite of wild insects. Here are given few advantages of wearing the boot when planning to camp in the jungle.

  1. Rubber soles: These boots will have rubber soles, and the wide grooves will prevent your boots from getting stuck in your shoes. If you are buying Vibram soles, they will remain versatile, and they can be used on stones, pebbly areas, and sand.
  2. Breathability: The upper mesh of the boot remains soft and of breathable material. The canvas upper will be having vent allowing entering air inside the boot easily. The air flow will allow quick dry of moisture inside the boot.
  3. High laces: The most type of jungle boots available in the market for women would have high laces. You can tuck your pants into them to keep away insects, leeches, ants, and ticks.
  4. Gives protection: Certain boots have inner lining inside the shoe to protect your feet and ankle from blisters. Other shoes have stainless steel plates within the sole to protect the wearer from stake traps.
  5. Design: The jungle boots are designed in such a way that can withstand harsh climatic condition. Wear and tear of the material will remain less even if the boots get in contact with hot water, cold water, and dust. Due to their design, the boot will prevent blisters and other problems when used for longer hours than others.


How to choose the Best Jungle Boots for Yourself?

Finding out the best piece of jungle boots remains a difficult process because only a few companies are manufacturing the footwear and quality products remain pricey. Good and high quality of shoes will withstand harsh conditions, and they can be used in wet and muddy areas.

Here are few things to be kept in mind while buying jungle boots for camping:

1. Material

The original boots which were developed earlier used to have upper canvas material. The material used to dry fast without absorbing humidity. Now there are shoes available made of nylon and leather on both toe and heel area. The black colored jungle boots are now replaced with tan colors.

The Gore-Tex boots can keep away water from the boots. Good care has to be given to the upper material of the footwear so that they last longer. Leather material remains, solid, soft and flexible and will mold your feet more easily.

2. Draining Vents

The most important feature you must consider while buying the boots remain the presence of draining vents near the insole and they drain water and moisture from the boots. They promote air circulation. Choose a shoe with smaller eyelets because larger one will get clogged up with mud and clay.

3. Types of Soles

The hot weather footwear needs to have rubber soles, and they should be made of high-quality so that it last longer. The soles need to be vulcanized to the leather made toe and heel area if you want to avoid the bottom of the shoe fall to the middle of the mud. Jungle boots used to have two types of soles:

  • Vibram: Vibram soles perform well in terrain areas including sand and rock. The pair of boots can also be worn as casual wear.
  • Panama: Panama soles will have deep grooves which will perform well under muddy condition.

Final Verdict

Jungle footwear should be the one that remains perfect to be worn for jungle environment. If you look into a design, features and performance Dr. Martens Pamela Rich Brown Broadway Boots for Women is considered to be the one that has got customer ratings 4.5/5. The negative reviews of the product remain minimal, and many customers are satisfied with the performance of the shoe. The leather made slip resistant shoe remains comfortable to wear in a harsh environment and it last longer.