Comfortable and Protective Kid’s Snow Boots – The Best for 2019

Comfortable and Protective Kid's Snow Boots - The Best for 2019

Every parent/guardian/caregiver would do great with a pair of kid snow boots. You will be able to keep your little one warm without using uncountable pairs of socks, and when they want to step outdoors, you won’t feel worried. The list below contains only the best kid snow boots on the market currently and will help you get the best choice without wasting too much time. You might also want to look as the best cowboy boots for women and the best cowboy boots for men.

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Factors to Consider Before Purchasing Kid’s Snow Boots

Quality of the Sole: This is the first determinant of a great kid snow boots. With a great sole, no water will find its way to your kid’s feet through cracks even when your kid walks on melting snow. They will also be durable enough to last you several seasons.

Waterproof: By being water your kid will be totally protected throughout all weather conditions. This is mostly for the upper part of the boot. If this part is not waterproof, when the snow levels are too high your kid might find it hard to walk around as their legs will be socked in cold water.

Stitching: With proper stitching, each part of the boot holds in place and not even the toughest walks on snow can change this.

Level of Warmth: Warmth is the main reason everyone is buying a pair of snow boots to their kids. To know how warm the boot is, have a look at the inner materials and the level of insulation provided.

Comfort: Again, the boot must be comfortable. This is mostly determined by the fitting of the boot. Always get the right size which mostly one size up for the boots to ensure that you have enough room for the feet and the socks.

Ease of Sliding In & Out: The design of the boot determines how easy it’s going to be for your kid to put on and take off their boots

10. ARCTIV8 NORDIC Insulated New Girls Faux Fur Lining Winter Snow Boots

ARCTIV8 NORDIC Insulated New Girls Faux Fur Lining Winter Snow Boots

Any baby girl deserves a pair of adorable winter snow boots as it is the only way to keep them looking so cute and warm at the same time. You don’t want to see your little one running around on snow with some boots that can’t keep their feet totally dry. With these boots, your kid can go ahead to be as active as they wish without worrying about how their little feet are holding up. They are designed to offer great style and total protection from all weather conditions. People who experience long snowy seasons or too cold seasons will appreciate these boots.

With up to 200g thermalite insulation, you will have no doubts with these boots capacity to keep your kid warm all through. The goal is to allow your kid enjoy both indoors and outdoors all year round without any form of hindrances due to weather changes. Every parents or guardian hopes that their baby will keep warm throughout the cold seasons and these boots makes your wish come true. They have been designed by someone who knows exactly what kids need.

The zipper closure ensures that the kids have an easy time putting on or taking off their snow boots. Kids, mostly the super active ones, they might not have the patience to spend several minutes trying to put on their boots or taking them off. This is why most of them will come up with excuses as to why they should not put on the boots. Also, it is not an exciting task to the care giver so it’s only fair for everyone if the design could allow for easy on and off.

Another thing about snow boots is their water-resistance levels. This does not only matter for kids boots but for adults as well. You don’t want to come back in the house with socked socks and of course, super cold and socked feet. This could even be worse on your little one. Thus, just as it is with this boot, the upper part of your boot should be water-resistant if not waterproof. This way, you will be able to keep a great amount of water out and have warm and dry feet all through.
ARCTIV8 NORDIC Insulated New Girls Faux Fur Lining Winter Snow Boots

The long shaft height ensures that even when it is too snowy, your pants won’t be touching the snow. This is very helpful especially for people who have to deal with too much snow from time to time. It is even more helpful for the little one as they are too short already meaning they will be closer to the snow than most people. The long shaft ensures that no wetness comes in to contact with their legs and because the sole is waterproof, they will be dry all through.

The boots are very comfortable as they feature padded insoles thus your kid can spend the whole day running in them and you won’t hear them complain of any discomfort. They are also so good looking and the design is unique and great. Your little girl will always stand out every time they put them on. When it comes to the price, theirs is unbelievably low so you won’t be spending too much on a pair. They are also very durable due to the high-quality of the materials used and have a great stitching that holds the parts together.

  • 200g thermalite insulation
  • Zipper closure
  • Water-resistant upper
  • Long shaft height
  • Very comfortable (padded insole)
  • Good looking with a great design
  • Lace up front
  • Great stitching
  • Not unisex.

9. Nova Footwear, Girls’ Winter Snow Boots, Nova Toddler (size 6-11)

Nova Footwear, Girls’ Winter Snow Boots, Nova Toddler (size 6-11)

If your daughter, niece, granddaughter etc. wears boots size 6-11 and are in need of a high-quality, pretty and super durable snow boots, this is the best gift you can get them. We all want to keep warm during this cold season and it’s especially important for our young ones to keep warm throughout to avoid countless visits to the doctors. It begins by getting them the right type of snow boots and you will be totally sorted with these ones.

The snow boots are very comfortable. It’s pretty obvious that comfort comes before anything else because no matter how pretty the boots are or warm, if they are not comfortable, you will not like wearing them even for the shortest time. With these little boots, comfort is guaranteed for your little one. They will be able to wear them throughout for as many hours as they need and their feet will remain just as fresh.

They are also very warm, a feature that makes this cold season more bearable. You don’t have to limit your girl’s movements when it comes to outdoor activities simply because you want to keep her warm. With these boots, they won’t even notice the cold because their little feet will remain super warm. Every parent or guardian is always worried about their little one’s movements during the cold seasons because any exposure to too much cold might results to cold related illnesses.
Nova Footwear, Girls’ Winter Snow Boots, Nova Toddler (size 6-11)

The boots are so adorable and feature a great style and beautiful color. The thing with little girls is that they look so adorable with all cute everything. It starts with getting them cute snow boots then combine this with other cute clothes and you will love to watch them run around all day long. Some people think that what you wear during winter should not matter in terms of looks as long as it keeps you warm but this is all wrong. If you like beautiful stuff, you can easily get pretty snow boots at an affordable price to keep you warm and pretty throughout and this is a great choice.

They are also waterproof thus very ideal for outdoor activities. You don’t have to worry about your baby’s little feet freezing out in the cold. Even when your kid has been outside for many hours, you will notice that their socks remain super dry and their feet warmer. With these boots, you can let your girl go out and enjoy every moment of the outdoor activities during the snow season without putting her health at a risk.

When it comes to putting the boots on and taking them off, the task is super easy that you little girl can do it without any help. This is important because you don’t want her to sweat over this every time she wears or takes off the boots. This also makes her love her little boots more because we know how kids are. If it is comfortable, they will hate it and even come up with more excuses as to why they should not wear it. They are a great choice for any girl in this size spectrum and they are available in various colors so you can pick the one that you like most.

  • Very comfortable
  • Adorable girl snow boots
  • Very warm
  • Great style and beautiful color
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Only for girls in size 6 to 11

8. Kamik Footwear Snobuster1 Toddler/Little Kids/Big kids Insulated Snow Boots

Kamik Footwear Snobuster1 Toddler/Little Kids/Big kids Insulated Snow Boots

Most people claim their kids’ snow boots do not last more than one season but these from Kamik Footwear will prove otherwise. They are designed to last you many seasons before there is any need to replace them. They are the most durable kids’ snow boots that you will come across on the market right now. The manufacturers ensure that you will be satisfied by their durability by using all high-quality materials for construction.

These are insulated-rubber boots. The insulation ensures that your kid’s feet remain totally warm even when they are outdoor. They can go ahead to play any games whenever they want and their little feet will remain warm thus no risk of cold related illnesses. This is the most important footwear you can get your kid for any snowy seasons. Don’t make them feel restricted during these seasons. Let them live their lives normally by getting some warm snow boots like these.

They feature a lightweight waterproof shell. Isn’t it great to know that your kid will always have warm and dry feet no matter how much they love stepping on water or melting snow? Every parent or guardian gets so worried any time they discover that their kid’s socks are wet after taking off their snow boots. However, such instances can never be experienced with these little winter/snow boots as they are totally waterproof.

With moisture-wicking lining, your little one will enjoy all the comfort of these boots as they will never feel sweaty. Comfort is important when it comes to snow boots because once you are outside there, you don’t have the option of taking them off even if they feel so uncomfortable because you will be risking your feet to unknown level of coldness. With these boots, your kid will be looking forward to the snowy days just so that they can wear their snow boots.
Kamik Footwear Snobuster1 Toddler/Little Kids/Big kids Insulated Snow Boots

With the adjustable snow collar, these snow boots only gets better. Such little details make all the difference when it comes to getting ultimate comfort from your snow boots. We know how our little ones are. They will rush outside whenever they feel like it without putting much considerations to the weather conditions outside. Thus, it is only fair if we can get everything that will make such moments enjoyable and risk free. These boots are all that you need for your little kid.

They are also not heavy thus very comfortable even when worn during vigorous outdoor activities. You don’t want to see your little one dragging heavy snow boots as they try to keep up with their peers more so if they are the active type. They feature a grab-lace lock, which makes them all the way better. They are super comfortable and your little one is guaranteed dry and warm feet throughout.

  • Insulated-rubber snow boots
  • Lightweight waterproof shell
  • Moisture-wicking lining
  • Adjustable snow collar
  • Grab-lace lock
  • Dry warm feet guaranteed
  • Very comfortable. Not heavy
  • A little pricey

7. Columbia Minx Little kid/Big kid Mid II WP Snow-Boots

Columbia Minx Little kid/Big kid Mid II WP Snow-Boots

These are great kid snow boots to invest in. They are not the type that a kid wears in one season and can’t wear them in the next because they could not hold together long enough. They are very durable thanks to the quality of the material used. You will love them every time you see your kid wearing them because they are so cute and they fit just right. They are little pretty snow boots for little cute kids.

The snow boots are waterproof meaning that your kid will not have wet feet at the end of the day. Nothing worries any parent or guardian like wet socks on a little kid’s feet. These snow boots ensures that you will never have to deal with such incidences because they are waterproof thus keeping all the wetness out. They are also long enough to cover a generous part of their legs thus extending the warmth and wetness protection much further.

With the faux fur collar, you can be sure that your kid will never know the cold that comes with the snow. What’s more, even adults can find a number that fits perfectly thus getting a chance to experience all this comfort and warmth. Thus, you can get a pair for your little one and a pair for yourself and together enjoy all the goodness that comes with these snow boots.

The omni-heat reflective lining ensures that the feet remain warm throughout. The main purpose of any snow boots is to provide the much needed warmth especially during the cold seasons. Whoever you buy this for, they will surely appreciate the choice as the boots meets every need, be it warmth, comfort or dry feet when on different outdoor activities.
Columbia Minx Little kid/Big kid Mid II WP Snow-Boots

These are packable lightweight snow boots thus, if you plan to travel to snowy locations, you will easily carry them in your luggage bag without any difficulties. Sometimes people avoid visiting some areas in particular seasons because of the difficulty found in trying to carry everything they need for the trip. With these boots, you will not have any problems with having a light luggage as they are super light, though totally functional, and easy to pack.

The 200 g of insulation ensure that you have warm feet all through no matter how cold it gets. This is very helpful for young kids as they are mostly active and might not want to spend the whole day indoors thus it’s much better if you can protect their little feet from the cold with some warm snow boots. The boots are very comfortable and they will be able to wear them for many hours throughout the day and be on various activities without any form of discomforts.

  • Waterproof
  • Faux fur collar
  • Tongue lining
  • Omni-heat reflective lining
  • Packable lightweight boot
  • Very comfortable
  • Very warm thanks to the 200g of insulation
  • Limited color choice

6. Dream Pairs KSNOW Girls/Boys Insulated Fur Insole Zip/Lace Up Waterproof Winter Snow Boots

Dream Pairs KSNOW Girls/Boys Insulated Fur Insole Zip/Lace Up Waterproof Winter Snow Boots

For anyone searching for some cute winter snow boots for their little boy/girl, this is the perfect choice for you. The colors are awesome and the design is just great. You will not only be keeping your kid from too much cold but also adding to their overall look. Most people have the notion that you can just wear just anything, no matter how it looks, during the snowy seasons as long as it keeps you warm. However, there is this group of people who believe in standing out no matter the weather conditions and these are the people who will appreciate these little snow boots.

These boots are made from high-quality materials and rubber. This tells you that they will, without any doubts do what they are meant to do. The choice of the materials used too gives them incomparable durability and don’t be shocked if your kid outgrows them and leaves them just in a perfect state. Most people say that it is very hard to come across durable but inexpensive kid snow boots but these meets the need perfectly.

With the waterproof shell bottom unit, you will have no problem or worries when you kid is playing outside as no water or wetness can reach their little feet. The problem with snow is that it brings too much coldness and when it begins to melt, there is too much wetness to deal with. However, with these boots, your child can go on with their outdoor activities and not even a trace of wetness on their socks can be experienced.

The boots offer an all-weather protection. Even for people who do not live in snowy areas, they can get the boots for their kids to keep them protected from the cold and if you are travelling to cold areas with your little one, these are the best types of boots to go for. They are lightweight thus comfortable for your kid and very packable meaning you won’t have any issues with taking them with you wherever you are going.
Dream Pairs KSNOW Girls/Boys Insulated Fur Insole Zip/Lace Up Waterproof Winter Snow Boots

They feature a 200g themolite insulation which is aimed at giving the kid the best level of warmth all the time. Keeping the feet warm means that the whole body is protected because cold feet always have a way of making the whole body feel cold. With these boots, your kid will never complain of numb feet as this is taken care of. The boots also feature a great stitching meaning that every part of them can hold together for a long time thus keeping them protected all through.

In a nutshell, these are the best snow boot any kid can own. They are for both boys and girls and are aimed at keeping their little feet warm all through. The boots are firm on the outside but very soft on the inside, a design that adds to their comfort. They also has a zipper for quick and easier on & off thus your kid will never have sweaty moments trying to take their boots off. The pull strap system ensures that the boots stay on as desired and keeps the snow off the inside of the boots. They are also a great fit and you don’t need to order a size up or down not unless you plan on wearing some really thick socks with them.

  • High quality materials and rubber
  • Waterproof shell bottom unit
  • All-weather protection
  • 200g thermolite insulation
  • Great stitching
  • Firm on the outside and super soft on the inside
  • Has a zipper for quick and easier on & off
  • A pull strap system
  • A bit costly

5. Kamik Sowgypsy Boot for Toddler, Little Kids and Big kids

Kamik Sowgypsy Boot for Toddler, Little Kids and Big kids

These kid’s snow boots are made in USA. This says a lot in terms of durability and comfort. Great care has been taken throughout the manufacturing process to ensure that every kid that will be wearing these boots will feel comfortable and that they will all love wearing them. Any parent or guardian must have that one item that their kids have totally refused to put on for one reason or another. This is because, kids too, despite their tender ages and lack of experience, can tell the good from the bad and this is where liking and disliking originates.

With the synthetic rubber sole, all the snow and its coldness will be locked outside and your kid will never have to experience any of it. It is critical that any now boots’ sole be of high-quality regardless who will be wearing it. Reason being, with a low-quality sole, it is easy to get perforations when you least expect them even if your kid has won the boots for less than a week, or as most do, only during the snowy seasons. With this boot, this is not a problem because the sole is totally durable.

The upper part of the boot, that is, from the end of the sole up, is made of waterproof nylon material that keeps off any water or any form of wetness from reaching your kid’s socks or legs. This way, your kid remains just as dry as they were while wearing them but more warmer. This is important for all kids as with snow, you can never tell when you are going to walk on a huge hip of it and you should be sure that your boot won’t allow any water inside.

The moisture wicking lining and foam insulation ensures that your little one gets all the warmth possible. The secret when buying snow boots is to always get one or a half size up mostly if the boots are not wide enough. This way, your kid can wear double socks or wear really thick socks and this combined with the foam insulation, there little feet will never know how it feels like to be exposed to snowy weather.
Kamik Sowgypsy Boot for Toddler, Little Kids and Big kids

Most people have said that these little snow boots are too stylish for snow boots. Well, I couldn’t agree more. The thing is, you don’t have to look dull just because it is snowy. The boots helps your little one maintain their cool looks no matter the weather changes. They are as cute just as every other little kid. You will enjoy seeing your kid running around with them and they are lightweight enough to allow them run or walk just as first as they do in normal boots.

The boots are super comfortable and your kid can spend the whole day in them and have no complaints about them being uncomfortable. If your kid is the active type, they will love these boots more because they make it easy for them to explore more. They are also very durable due to the high-quality of the materials used in making them plus the kind of stitching employed. They are also long enough to ensure that no snow finds its way in them and taking them off or putting them on has never been so simple. Every kid should get a pair. There is a lot that people don’t know about snow boots and enlightening yourself would be worth it.

  • Made in USA
  • Synthetic rubber sole
  • Waterproof nylon upper
  • Moisture wicking lining and foam insulation
  • Very stylish
  • Very comfortable
  • Durable
  • Easy to get on & off
  • You have to order at least one size up for a perfect fit.

4. Kamik Footwear Snowbug3 Toddler Insulated Boot

Kamik Footwear Snowbug3 Toddler Insulated Boot

Just as with all the other snow boots by Kamik Footwear, these here are made in USA and thus you can only expect the best from them. The design is great and it is aimed at making the snow and winter seasons bearable. The little kids will love how their feet feel once they are inside these boots. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself convincing your kid to take them off just because they don’t want to. From the way they look to the way they feel, these snow boots are everything one should consider buying during these cold seasons.

The sole is made of high-quality rubber material which is a great choice when it comes to snow boots. You don’t want to risk your kid’s feet with poor quality boot soles. With these boots, your kid is guaranteed total protection from the snow and they will never how it feels to have water leaking through the sole, to their socks and finally to their feet. You can rest assured that your kid is well taken care of even in your absence.

The boots are insulated meaning that they are the warmest your kid can ever wear. In fact, some buyers commented that the person who came up with the boots design must be a parent or a genius! They meet every kids need during the snowy period and you don’t have to spend a fortune on them as they are very inexpensive. Any parent or guardian will be happy with this choice as it is exactly what little feet needs. The colors are also very cute thus making your kid look even more beautiful.

With the hook-and-loop strap, your kid will be able to put them on and take them off with ease. This means that you can leave them to wear the boots on their own and they will have no problems doing so. This is very relieving because you don’t want your kid to step outside during these seasons without their boots on and you can be sure that they will put them on whenever if the process is easy. Also, these straps ensures that the upper part of the boots stays on even for the active kids and no snow can find its way inside the boots.
Kamik Footwear Snowbug3 Toddler Insulated Boot

When it comes to the sizes, most people have described the boots as true sized meaning that you don’t have to gamble on the kid’s size. As long as you are sure about their size, you can purchase exact that size confidently. However, it is common during the winter for people to put on double socks and sometimes, very thick socks. If this is the case with your kid, you might want to consider buying a size or half size up to make sure that there is enough space to accommodate the socks, otherwise it might be so uncomfortable.

You will love these boots’ interiors. They feature a very soft and warm interior lining which makes them super warm for your kids’ feet. Once the boots are on, no amount of convincing will have your kid taking them off, at least for the first few days. They are super comfortable as well thus they might want to walk in them even when indoors. They are also easy to get on & off as they open all the way down and this is so helpful for your kid.

  • Rubber sole
  • Insulated snow boot
  • Hook-and-loop strap
  • True sizing
  • Very soft and warm interior lining
  • Easy to get on & off as they open all the way down
  • Not enough colors to choose

3. Northside Icicle Winter Boots, Unisex, Toddler, Little and Big kids

Northside Icicle Winter Boots, Unisex, Toddler, Little and Big kids

Snow boots are a must for any kid. They help keep the kids warm throughout the season which is great as you won’t have to be so controlling on your kid especially if he or she loves the outdoors. Northside makes the hustle of finding a great snow boot that’s reasonably priced simple by designing great snow boots and giving them to you at a fair price.

First off, these boots are available in various cool colors. Despite the weather changes, your kid should always be stunning and these boots helps you keep that way all year around. You have an option to choose the color you like best or better still, let your kid pick the color they want. Their design is also great and unique and you will love how they look in their little feet.

They are also unisex so if you have a little boy and a girl, you don’t have to go further. Their synthetic sole makes walking in snow bearable as it is strong enough to withstand the challenge and its high-quality ensures that no form of wetness finds its way to the kids’ feet. You can actually use these boots for several years as they are worn seasonally and the quality of the sole plus the upper material is the best.

The 200g themolite insulation keeps your kids’ feet warm throughout the day. You will actually feel comfortable letting them take on any form of outdoor activities. The main goal of any snow boot is to keep the water out and provide enough warmth to your feet and this is exactly what these boots are offering. The stitching is perfectly done thus you won’t have issues with any of the parts coming apart no matter how many days your kid wears the boots in a week.
Northside Icicle Winter Boots, Unisex, Toddler, Little and Big kids

Being a zip-front snow boot, these boots are super easy to put on and off. As any caregiver would wish, these boots do not require too much energy to be on your kid’s feet. This is helpful as most of the overly active kids are always in a hurry or have so much that they want to do to spend few minutes wearing a boot. They are also super lightweight thus your kid can run around in them all day long and still feel comfortable in them. They are also very affordable.

With the waterproof nylon upper material, you can be sure that not even a drop of water will be found on your kids socks of feet when they take off the boots.  Even when the snow levels are so high, you can still afford to keep your feet dry at an affordable price. You will also like that these boots have a lined interior that offers comfort and warmth to your little one. Also, the removable EVA insole makes it easy to clean and dry and are easy to slide on and off. However, things are changing and there is emerging fashion trends for winter travelers so you might get a point or two for your next winter travel.

  • Unisex
  • Synthetic sole
  • 200g Thermolite insulation
  • Zip-front snow boot
  • Waterproof nylon upper material
  • Lined interior for comfort and warmth
  • Removable EVA insole
  • Slide on and off easily
  • Lightweight
  • They run small

2. Kamik Rocket Snow/Cold Weather Boots for Toddler, Little kids, Big kids

Kamik Rocket Snow/Cold Weather Boots for Toddler, Little kids, Big kids

For so many reasons, these are the greatest snow boots for kids on the market currently. If you look at the customer reviews, you will concur with me that a great number of buyers have been satisfied by their purchase and almost everyone would buy the same boots again. This is a great news as most of the time we are disappointed with our purchases and even though we end up using them, most of the time we swear not to buy them again.

First off, the thermal insole comes in handy to provide comfort and great warmth. The sole purpose of any snow boots is to allow our kids keep their feet warm even when the weather changes to super cold. There is great satisfaction and relaxation that comes with knowing that your kid is totally protected no matter what comes his/her way. With these boots, you can be sure that your kid is well taken care off and they can go on to play outside whenever they want.

The waterproof seam-sealed upper part of the snow boot ensures that no water gets into contact with your kids socks or leg. This is extremely important if your kid will be outside during this season for whatever reason. It is also very helpful for super active kids as most of the time they would want to go outdoors and you sure don’t want to make them feel restricted while there is a perfect solution. You can count on these boots to keep your kid warm and comfortable no matter the condition.

With the adjustable ankle strap, your kid can enjoy a super fitting and comfortable snow boot as you can adjust them up to a level that they feel comfortable. With boots like these, comfort comes first because you cannot forgo your comfort just because you want to keep warm. And, this reminds me another secret when it comes to getting the most comfort out of your snow boot.
Kamik Rocket Snow/Cold Weather Boots for Toddler, Little kids, Big kids

Most of the time we wear them with double socks or very thick socks. Thus, if you go by your normal size it might not be as comfortable. It’s thus advised that you take a size up or just a half size up to be sure that your boot will accommodate your socks without any hiccups. Once you get the sizing right, nothing will stop you from enjoying your boots and getting the warmth plus comfort with ease. Also, the rubber shell at the forefoot adds to these boots comfort and protection. They are unbeatable.

The removable moisture-wicking foot liner makes it easy to clean and dry your boots. However, most people do not like the fact that the liner is removable for personal reasons and the simplest way to fix this is by using some glue but you must be careful to ensure that the sole sits properly. The boots also features a great design and beautiful colors. This means that your kid will not be enjoying just the warmth but also the comfort and great looks. Any kid will love these boots because they are just great and do what they are designed to do.

  • Thermal insole
  • Rubber shell at the forefoot
  • Waterproof seam-sealed upper
  • Adjustable ankle strap
  • Removable moisture-wicking foot liner
  • Very warm and comfortable
  • Great design and beautiful colors
  • You might need to order one size up

1. Northside Frosty Kids Snow Boots

Northside Frosty Kids Snow Boots

Available in many great color and pattern combinations, these kids’ snow boots are everything any kid would want during the cold and snowy seasons. They are built to last thus will take you a long time before you go back searching for a replacement. Also, they are very cute and you will love how they look on your little one. They are the best snow boots for kids sold at this price range and quality.

The thick traction sole ensures that your kid is super comfortable even when walking on snow. Comfort cannot be compromised in any way because if the boots are not comfortable, your kid won’t love walking in them. Sometimes, we buy these boots to enable our kids step on the outside during the cold seasons and if they are not comfortable, this becomes impossible.

With the soft thermal lining, you can be sure that your kid’s feet will never know the snowy coldness. Just as mentioned above, the sole purpose of this type of boots is to keep your kid warm throughout. Thus, the first thing you should check is the interior material used to ensure that it is the best quality to provide all the needed warmth.

The waterproof upper part of the boot ensures that no water or any form of wetness goes through to your kids socks of feet. This way, your kid stays warm and dry all through even when he or she is outdoors. This means that your kid can go playing outside without you worrying that they will come back socked in water which might not be healthy during the cold seasons.
Northside Frosty Kids Snow Boots

With the hook-&-loop strap, sliding in and out of these snow boots becomes super easy. Actually, your kid can put them on and take them off all by themselves without asking for your help. Isn’t this great news! Thus, you can be sure that they won’t be exposing themselves to the cold even when you are not around. You also don’t want to spend forever trying to take your kids’ boots off especially when they are too young to know how to position their legs to make it easier for you. We all can relate to this and it’s never interesting.

Another important feature is that these snow boots are super lightweight. Even for kids who have just started walking properly, they won’t have any issues with wearing these boots. They are also true to size meaning you don’t have to through extra ordinary processes to get the right size for your kid. However, you must be sure about their normal size and from here you can decide if you want a size up depending on the kind of socks they will be wearing. Their great stitching and solid seams adds to their durability as well.

  • Thick traction sole
  • Soft thermal lining
  • Waterproof upper
  • Hook-&-loop strap
  • Very comfortable
  • Super lightweight
  • True to size
  • Great stitching
  • Solid seams
  • Limited colors


Snow boots for kids are a life saver. Once you get a pair, you will never go through winter without one. They help keep the kids warm and comfortable as they walk on snow. They should also be waterproof to keep the feet dry throughout the season and durable enough to serve you for several seasons. However, getting the best takes patience and great research online or in stores and that’s why we are simplifying the task for you. With the list above, you will not go wrong with the choice you make and you will know exactly what to expect.


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