Choosing The Best Indoor/Outdoor HDTV Antennas in 2019 – How to Enjoy HD Programming

Choosing The Best HD TV Antenna in 2019 – How to Enjoy HD Programming

Digital televisions have improved how people entertain indoors. They are clearer than the analog ones. They are also power efficient and have clear displays that people enjoy. However, like any other advanced technologies, they have some issues. The exorbitant amounts that some providers charge for cable TV are outrageous. People with shallow pockets often have a problem affording such services. Moreover, the thought of paying for television programs that they will not even watch often is a pain or most budget-conscious individuals. No matter the group you are part of, we have a good remedy for you – indoor/outdoor HDTV antennas.

Indoor/outdoor television antennas are must-have accessories for television or movie lovers. If you are tired of paying exorbitant prices for cable connections, for instance, they are legal alternatives. They are cheaper to install. You also do not have to worry about the recurrent monthly bills that most cable services attract. Finally, because of their powerful systems, they tune both UHF and VHF band television programs that most people enjoy at home. If you are planning to buy one but do not know where to start, our buying guide will be of help. We have also reviewed 10 of the bestselling indoor antennas that work well with most televisions.

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What to Look for in an Indoor/Outdoor Antenna

The television is a popular media for entertainment worldwide. To watch movies and watch news without paying for expensive cable services, installing an antenna is a good idea. To find the best indoor/outdoor model, here are a few attributes that you should look at.

Antenna Type: Finding the best indoor/outdoor HDTV antenna is not as easy as choosing the most expensive model. To find a suitable product that you will enjoy using for long, the first thing that you should look at is its type. Is it an omnidirectional or directional antenna? Even though similar in design, they function differently. Omnidirectional antennas, for instance, function better in areas with many channels coming from different directions. They are also easier to install. Unlike directional antennas that must face a specific direction to work, they offer 360-degree coverage. Directional antennas, on the other hand, are powerful. If your locality has many channels coming from one direction, an original one will serve you the best.

Frequency Range: Indoor/outdoor HDTV antennas have two frequency ranges – UHF and VHF. The type that you choose depends on the band of channels that you are planning to receive at home. Very High Frequency (VHF) antennas, for instance, have a channel range of 2-13. If you are interested in low band channels only, a quality model will serve you well. Ultra High Frequency (UHF) antennas, on the other hand, have a channel range of 14-51. If you are interested in the high band television channels in your locality only, a UHF HDTV antenna will serve you well. For the best experience, however, buy an antenna that covers both the UHF and VHF frequency ranges. They offer diversity. They are also often clean and work well with most of the best television sets.

Amplification: Is the best indoor/outdoor HDTV antenna that you want an amplified or non-amplified one? Generally, amplified antennas have amplifiers (inbuilt or external) that boost their power and range. If you live in a remote area where television signals are low, it is a good product to own. Amplified antennas have their drawbacks, though. First, they are expensive than most non-amplified antennas. You will pay more money to own one. They also have a higher signal noise than most non-amplified HDTV antennas. When watching a movie or news, thus, you will have a reduction in signal quality because of the amplification process. If channels are readily available in your locality, buy a non-amplified HDTV antenna.

Accessing HD programs is not as challenging as it was in the past. You do not have to pay expensive cable fees, for instance, to enjoy free-to-air and some subscription channels. With one of the 10 indoor/outdoor HDTV antennas that we have listed herein, you will enjoy them free and in HD.

10. ViewTV DA-290 Indoor / Outdoor Compact Yagi HDTV Antenna

ViewTV DA-290 Indoor / Outdoor Compact Yagi HDTV Antenna

Do you like watching news and or local television stations at home? Are you tired of the signal issues that you struggle with every day? To solve this problem on a budget, installing this ViewTV DA-290 Indoor / Outdoor HDTV Antenna is one of the best decisions you can make. Featuring a compact Yagi design, for instance, it works well indoors. You do not have to worry about cluttering your living room with wires and other materials. It is also durable and has an ATSC compatible design with a range of around 80 miles. Only a few products can match this. Whether you install it indoors or outdoors, you will receive free digital broadcasts of most of your favorite local channels.

Technological devices such as the best Wi-Fi boosters require complicated programming to work well. This is not the case with this ViewTV DA-290 HDTV antenna. Out of the box, for instance, it comes mostly pre-assembled. All you have to do is set it up in your preferred location and set up a few wires to get it to work. This makes it an ideal product for people of all cadres. Whether you are a professional or an everyday Joe, you do not need help to set up this antenna. Its performance is also impressive. Apart from its impressive range, you will enjoy high definition signals of your favorite television stations. It will redefine how you entertain at home.
ViewTV DA-290 Indoor / Outdoor Compact Yagi HDTV Antenna

Did you know that the frequency range of an antenna determines the type of channels that you will receive at home? VHF only antennas only capture low-range signals. UHF antennas, on the other hand, only tune high range bands. With ViewTV DA-290, however, you get a combination of both technologies. It has a VHF frequency range of 40-230MHz. Its UHF range covers the 470-862MHz band. How do these benefit homeowners? If your television is your primary media for entertainment, you will access many channels with this one of a kind antenna. You will also enjoy better signals because of its HD-ready system. Do not hesitate to buy yours. It is affordable anyway.

Many people have spent a lot of money on low-grade antennas that have failed over a short duration. If you are a part of this statistic, do not make the same mistake again. Buy ViewTV DA-290 to get a weatherproof device that will serve you well for long. The material used to make it, for instance, does not rust over time. Both mechanical and electrical components are professional-grade. Finally, even though you do not get a mounting pole, the cables offered as some of the best. They are durable. They also work interference-free in all environments.

  • Heavy-duty components
  • Comes partly assembled
  • Impressive 80-mile range
  • Weatherproof design
  • Combines VHF and UHF technologies
  • Clear digital broadcasts
  • ATSC compatible design
  • Full HD support (720p, 1080i, and 1080p)
  • Compact Yagi design
  • Poor reception of some stations
  • Mounting pole not included

9. Marathon HDTV Long Distance Amplified Indoor / Outdoor Digital TV Antenna

Marathon HDTV Long Distance Amplified Indoor / Outdoor Digital TV Antenna

The stock antennas that most television sets come with do not work well anymore. They have a short range. People who depend on them miss many free channels in their localities. Most models also have flimsy designs that do not last long. To solve their array of problems, buying a third-party indoor/outdoor antenna such as Marathon is ideal. Even though simple, you will not believe the power of this device. The long-range UHF and VHF technology that it uses gathers channels from distances of up to 100 miles. This is impressive. If you have a few boring channels at home, buy yours today. You will get more channels of good quality.

Are you tired of paying the high cost of satellite and cable-based programming at home? Marathon HDTV is one of the best solutions for several reasons. For a one-time fee, for instance, you get an amplified antenna that pulls both VHF and UHF signals effectively. This way, you have access to quality television programs without spending a hefty amount of money. People with many televisions at home also benefit from this antenna. You can split its connection easily and use it to power many televisions at the same time. You do not have to spend a lot of money on several individual antennae for your televisions.

Indoor antennas improve how people entertain at home. However, because of their bulky designs, they compromise the outlook of homes. Others have non-charming wind-vane-like designs that perform poorly indoors. If you have such as product, consider replacing it with a new Marathon HDTV antenna. With one, you get a modern-looking accessory that blends well indoors. Most household associations alike its small form factor. Finally, under its sleek case, you get a powerful (40dBi) system with a noise rating lower than 3.5dB. Even though small, thus, it works better than the larger and non-charming models that are available online. You will enjoy owning one.
Marathon HDTV Long Distance Amplified Indoor / Outdoor Digital TV Antenna

Even though effective, installing some brands of antennas is a challenging affair for many people. Users have to setup and screw physical components together. Others have to install tons of cables in their homes to improve the reception of their television sets. This is not the case with Marathon HDTV antenna. If you buy an original one, you get a pre-assembled accessory that works well out of the box. Wires are easy to install. Finally, because of its powerful indoor design, you do not have to put it on the roof to work. All you need is a 110-volt electric port to power its system. These are readily available in most homes. Buy yours today to improve how you entertain at home.

Many people confuse this antenna’s simplicity for a weakness. This is not the case. Even though smaller than most units in stores, it is one of the most durable products in this niche for two reasons. Made of the best grade materials, for instance, you do not have to worry about it cracking or breaking over time. Connections are also durable. Finally, Marathon HDTV antenna has a sealed and weatherproof unit. You can use it outdoors without worrying about short circuits and other issues.

  • Durable sealed unit
  • Interference-free connections
  • Compact form factor
  • 110-volt electrical system
  • Connects to multiple televisions
  • Powerful 100-mile range
  • Works indoors and outdoors
  • Powerful (40dBi) system
  • Noise rating lower than 3.5dB
  • Long-range UHF and VHF technology
  • High price tag

8. 1byone 85 Miles Digital Amplified Outdoor / Attic / Roof HDTV Antenna

1byone 85 Miles Digital Amplified Outdoor / Attic / Roof HDTV Antenna

Reputable among most homeowners, that HDTV antenna from 1byone is a top-rated accessory that benefits people in many ways. If you are tired of paying for satellite and cable television, for instance, it is a good alternative. You do not have to pay a lot of money to own one. Moreover, once installed, you do not have to worry about the hefty subscription fees that some people pay for TV. This does not mean that you sacrifice quality. 1byone is a durable accessory. It also has a powerful and well-engineered system with a range of around 85 miles. An original one will pull most of your favorite local television stations.

In most low reception areas, people who enjoy watching television struggle with low reception every day. Signal quality is also poor, which in turn lowers both sound and picture quality. If you have a similar challenge, 1byone is a good remedy. Even though free, you will enjoy many over-the-air broadcasts in high definition (HD). If available, you will also receive both 3D and 4K channels without spending a lot of money on cable. Finally, because most over-the-air channels have Dolby 5.1 surround sound, you will notice a significant change in sound quality as well. Set up well, this one of a kind HDTV antenna picks up both UHF and VHF channels.
1byone 85 Miles Digital Amplified Outdoor / Attic / Roof HDTV Antenna

When shopping for a new HDTV antenna, one of the most vital attributes to look at is its ease of use. Many people buy expensive and hard to use models that end up frustrating them at home. With 1byone, this is never a problem. Attainable pre-assembled (including a mounting pole), for instance, you can set it up indoors with ease. You can also set it up on your attic or roof without compromising its performance in any way. The superior materials used to make it resist the elements well. Finally, with each product that you buy, you get a low noise and high gain amplifier (built in) that improves its performance.

1byone 85 Miles Digital Amplified HDTV Antenna is a dependable product. Many people who use it have reported a significant improvement in channel reception. They have also reported a significant improvement in both picture and sound quality devoid of the type of televisions in their possession. Expect the foregoing and more benefits. 1byone HDTV Antenna is also an affordable device. You do not have to spend a lot of money to own a new one. The plethora of warranties (30-day money back and 1byone comprehensive) also attests its quality. You will not regret buying one for your home.

  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • 1vyone comprehensive warranty (12 months)
  • Impressive range (85 miles)
  • Comes pre-assembled
  • Improves channel reception
  • Improves sound and picture quality
  • Low noise and high gain amplifier (built in)
  • Weather-resistant design
  • Picks UHF and VHF channels
  • Sensitive to bad weather
  • Does not pick far channels well

7. Antennas Direct 8 Element Bowtie Indoor/Outdoor HDTV Antenna

Antennas Direct 8 Element Bowtie Indoor/Outdoor HDTV Antenna

As the best ham radios do, HDTV antennas come in a plethora of interesting designs that appeal to most people. This eight-element model from Antennas Direct, for instance, is a popular model with a charming bow tie design. It is a durable accessory. Even though bulkier that some models listed, the sturdy parts used to make it does not fall apart over time. They are also weather resistant. You can use this antenna indoors, in your attic, or outdoors with good results. This is unlike some low-grade models that degrade over time. Whether you are struggling with channel reception or signal quality, thus, this is one of the best remedies.

Good-looking antennas appeal to most people. However, buying one that cannot pull channels well is like flushing your hard-earned cash down the drain. With Antennas Direct, however, you get a powerful 8-channel accessory that offers both benefits. It is a good-looking device, for instance. Whether you install it indoors or outdoors, it will not lower the value of your home in any way. It is also a powerful accessory. At full capacity, for instance, it can pull most over-the-air channels over a 70-mile range. Even though buildings and other obstructions often affect its performance, it works far better than most expensive antennas.
Antennas Direct 8 Element Bowtie Indoor/Outdoor HDTV Antenna

To most people, the quality of programs that they get matter more than the volume on offer. An antenna that attracts tens of low-quality channels, thus, often fails to meet their needs. With Antennas Direct, the experience is different. First, because of its high-powered design, it attracts more channels that most antennas in its class. Second, the free television networks that it attracts are of the highest quality. Depending on where you are living, expect the Univision network, for instance. You also get Fox, CBS, ABC, and CW channels for free and in full HD (1080p). Again, this depends on your location.

Unlike some antennas with standard and somewhat boring design, Antennas Direct has a multi-purpose arrangement that works well. Indoors or outdoors, for instance, you can install it on various locations without it looking out of place. You can also arrange it whichever way you like to achieve your desired effects. Finally, each original model comes with all mandatory accessories for creating a functional system. You get a fully assembled DB8e Antenna. You also get all-weather mounting hardware, detailed instructions, and a lifetime warranty on parts. Unfortunately, you have to buy it coaxial cable and mount separately.

  • Multi-purpose arrangement
  • Works well indoors and outdoors
  • Easy to install in all areas
  • All-weather mounting hardware
  • Impressive 70-mile range
  • Detailed installation instructions
  • Full HD (1080p) digital signals
  • Powerful 8-channel design
  • Lifetime warranty on defects
  • Somewhat bulky
  • Overpriced

6. ClearStream 4V Indoor/Outdoor HDTV Antenna with Mount

ClearStream 4V Indoor/Outdoor HDTV Antenna with Mount

To receive many high-quality television channels at home, do not compromise the quality of the antenna that you use. People who rely on stock or low-quality models mot only sacrifice the number of channels that they get but also quality. Do not be part of this statistic. Buy ClearStream 4V today to get a valuable indoor/outdoor antenna that works well with most television sets. It is a durable product. It is also space-efficient and has a powerful system with an impressive 70-mile range. Even with the trees and buildings in your location, you will witness a massive improvement in your programming.

The number of television channels that most HDTV antennas attract is impressive. However, most of these channels are often unusable because of their low quality. Because of its powerful design, ClearStream 4V attracts many channels over a vast 70-mile radius. However, unlike its competition, the quality of its channels is admirable. Channels like ABC, NBC, and CBS that most of its users enjoy, for instance, are in high definition (1080p HD). You do not have to worry about static messing use your show. Sound quality (Dolby 5.1) is also impressive in both high and low reception areas. For the best experience, make sure that you buy an original antenna. You should also install it as directed to maximize coverage.

Television signals are of two types – VHF and UHF. Even though both have quality programs, they air over different frequency bands. To get good results at home, do not buy the VHF or UHF-only antennas that people used in the past. Choose ClearStream 4V to get a high-performance that attracts both UHV and VHF channels. The multi-directional elements that it uses work well. No matter the band of channels that you are targeting, they cover a good range. The also receive quality channels in less than ideal locations. Whether you want to cut down spending or improve your repertoire of television channels on a budget, this antenna works well.
ClearStream 4V Indoor/Outdoor HDTV Antenna with Mount

Do not question the durability of this HDTV antenna. Ranked among the best product in this niche, it has a powerful and reliable system that never disappoints. The quality of the components used to make it is also professional-grade. Both bows are durable, for instance. Even in high winds, they do not break easily, as some low-grade ones often do. They are also UV and rust resistant. You also get all-weather mounting hardware that lasts long and a detailed instruction guide that covers installation and use. You do not have to gamble with placement during set-up.

You do not have to spend a lot of money to get the best indoor/outdoor HDTV antenna for day-to-day use. Even though powerful, you do not have to break the bank to get an original model. Stores such as Amazon sell this antenna cheap. You even get a lifetime warranty on parts that secures your investment.

  • Lifetime warranty on parts
  • Durable and reliable components
  • Detailed instruction guide
  • All-weather mounting hardware
  • Covers both VHF and UHF bands
  • HD (1080p) digital signals
  • Impressive 70-mile range
  • High-quality sound (HD)
  • Weather resistant design
  • Bulky and expensive

5. 1byone 50 Miles Amplified HDTV Antenna with USB Power Supply

1byone 50 Miles Amplified HDTV Antenna with USB Power Supply

Known for its technologically advanced products, 1byone continues to charm people with its unique products. Many people who are tired of paying expensive cable subscriptions, for instance, have found solace from its HDTV antennas. This amplified model, for instance, is a dependable amplified antenna that works well in most homes. It is an affordable accessory. You also get a high-powered standalone accessory that attracts many over-the-air channels over a 50-mile radius. Whether you enjoy television sitcoms or want cartoons for your kid, this product will never let you down. You can also access weather news, local news, and even sports channels without paying a dime.

Non-amplified HDTV antennas work well in town settings where television signals are readily available. However, for those that or off-grid or live in rural suburban areas, most advanced models are almost worthless. If you live in such an areas, do not waste your money on such products. Buy 1byone 50 Miles Amplified HDTV Antenna. With one, you get an indoor accessory with an advanced inline amplifier that works well off-grid. As other components, the amplifier is durable. It also has two switchable modes for maximizing the number of channels that you get. You will not regret buying one for your home.

When choosing an antenna for your home, style is as important as performance. Bulky models, for instance, clutter personal space. Model models also have cluttered designs that lower the value of homes. Choose 1byone amplified HDTV antenna to get one of the best indoor/outdoor HDTV antennas for use indoors. Its slim and modern-looking design, for instance, blends well in most spaces. In your modern home, for instance, it will complement your existing décor and improve its value as a result. It also has a reversible design (black and white) that complements most color schemes. You can lay it flat on a television console or stick it on a window without it looking out of place.
1byone 50 Miles Amplified HDTV Antenna with USB Power Supply

The installation of 1byone 50 Miles Amplified HDTV Antenna is not as challenging as some comparable models. Because it works indoors, for instance, you do not have to set up a long cable to get it to work. The 20-foot coaxial cable that you get is sufficient. You can experiment with various spots until you get one with the best reception. Its dual powered system is also convenient. It works well with most standard electrical outlets in homes. You can also use the USB port on your television to power it without compromising its performance.

If you have a tight budget, this antenna is an affordable accessory. For just a few dollars, you get a powerful indoor accessory that attracts both UHF and VHF signals. You also get a long USB power cable (5-feet), an inline amplifier, adhesive mounting stickers, and a detailed instructional guide.


  • Inline amplifier
  • Detailed instructional guide
  • 30-day full refund warranty
  • 12-month warranty
  • 20-foot coaxial cable
  • Compact/reversible design
  • Dual power system
  • Clutter-free design
  • Covers a 50-mile range
  • Attracts UHF and VHF signals
  • Low pickup
  • Somewhat choppy display

4. RCA Compact Outdoor Yagi HDTV Antenna

RCA Compact Outdoor Yagi HDTV Antenna

Indoor antennas are sleek and convenient. However, to maximize coverage and get quality digital channels free, and advanced outdoor model such as RCA Compact works the best. If you want HDTV network programming without paying hefty subscription fees, this is the product for you. It is affordable. For an affordable one of fee, for instance, you get a durable antenna with an impressive 60-mile range. In both city and rural settings, thus, it attracts quality (1080p) UHF and VHF channels. Signal status is also stable devoid of your environment. This is unlike some models that have choppy and noise-rich signals in low coverage areas.

As most antennas that we have reviewed herein, you do not need special tools or skills to get this USA-made antenna working. It has a pre-assembled design that you can install easily out of the box. The angled mount that it comes with also boosts its convenience. Whether you want to mount it on your chimney or the overhang of your roof, you can do so without the help of a third party. Finally, you get snap lock elements and a foldout UHF reflector that you can position in many ways easily.
RCA Compact Outdoor Yagi HDTV Antenna

The simplicity and performance of this RCA Compact antenna have attracted is a legion of fans all over the world. For those with a tight budget, its decent pricing is also a major draw. Finally, its ability to withstand tough outdoor conditions has earned it a spot among the best indoor/outdoor HDTV antennas globally. The materials used to make it, for instance, are durable. You can leave it in the rain all year long without worrying about it rusting. It also withstands high winds and harsh environmental elements such as UV and snow. Once you have mounted it outdoors as recommended, you will enjoy superior reception without maintaining it often.

The value of this RCA Compact Outdoor Yagi HDTV Antenna is impressive. Even with your tight budget, you get a premium accessory with premium components that boost its value. In addition to its frame, for instance, you get a study mast that you can use to install it in most areas of the home. As the antenna itself, this mast is durable. It also resists the elements well and has a locking mast clamp that secures your antenna well. You also get all-weather mounting hardware and a matching 75-ohm transformer that works well. Visit your favorite store and buy one. It will save you the hefty amounts that your cable provider charges.

  • Heavy-duty mast with locking clamp
  • All-weather mounting hardware
  • 75-ohm matching transformer
  • Weather-resistant design
  • Foldout UHF reflector
  • Covers a large 60-mile range
  • Attracts VHF and UHF signals
  • USA-engineered system
  • Quality (1080p HD) display
  • Poor UHF pickup

3. Tree New Bee Amplified HD Digital Outdoor HDTV Antenna

Tree New Bee Amplified HD Digital Outdoor HDTV Antenna

According to most reports, directional outdoor antennas work better than most indoor and omnidirectional ones. They are powerful. They also relay clearer digital signals that most people appreciate. Positioning, however, remains a challenge. You have to rotate them manually to maximize their reception and thus performance. This amplified model from Tree New Bee solves this problem. Featuring a motorized system, you can rotate it over a 360-degree area effortlessly. Forget about climbing your roof often to improve reception, as manual outdoor antennas often require. You can do this easily using the infrared remote control that each original model comes with.

The convenience of this outdoor HDTV antenna is desirable. If you enjoy watching TV and or want quality programming, you will also appreciate its immense power. Even though compact, for instance, this antenna has a well-engineered long-range system that covers a 150-mile radius. If you have been missing many television channels because of the low powered antenna in your possession, expect and immediate change. Signal quality is also desirable. Whenever you are watching the UHF or VHF channels that it attracts, forget about the choppy display that some antennas have. You also get a static-free display with HD-quality sound.
Tree New Bee Amplified HD Digital Outdoor HDTV Antenna

High noise output is a common challenge for people who use standard HDTV antennas. Such grainy displays lower their experience whenever they are entertaining indoors. If you have a similar problem, this HDTV antenna will serve you well. It has a durable design that withstands the elements well. During snow, rain, sunshine, it works better than most hyped models available in stores. The super low noise amplifier that it comes with also boosts its performance further. If you enjoy news or watching movies, thus, you will get many channels that you never accessed before. The dual TV outputs offered, on the other hand, enable you to connect up to two televisions at a time.

You do not need an expensive antenna to improve how you watch news and or watch movies at home. Quality is what matters. Tree New Bee Amplified HD Digital, for instance, is a cheap outdoor antenna that works well. With each original package that you buy, you get a durable and high-powered device that works well in all environments. You also get a long 40-foot cable for easier setup. Whether you want to install it on your roof or attic, you will have an easy time. Finally, you get a durable rotor control box that protects its rotor from the elements. Expect value for money.

  • Durable all-weather design
  • 40-foot coaxial cable
  • Dual TV outputs
  • Super low noise amplifier
  • Attracts UHF or VHF channels
  • High signal quality
  • Infrared remote control
  • Rotating motor (360-degrees)
  • Heavy-duty components
  • Fussy motor

2. Mohu Leaf Metro TV Antenna

Mohu Leaf Metro TV Antenna

Do you enjoy watching television during your free time? Do you have a small television that you use often whenever you go out camping? To improve coverage and have an enjoyable time, do not waste money on the bulky antennas that some people have at home. Choose Mohu Leaf Metro to get a portable indoor model with many innovative attributes. Featuring a light and paper-thin design, this antenna works well in most spaces. It also has reversible and painted surfaces that you can customize to blend well in your home. Most models cannot achieve this.

The fact that you are getting one of the smallest products in this niche does not mean that you sacrifice performance. Mohu Leaf Metro TV Antenna is an efficient accessory that works better than its competition. With a range of around 25 miles, for instance, its coverage is impressive. It attracts many VHF and UHF channels that larger antennas often miss. You also get stable signals and stunning pictures in both bands. Forget about the exorbitant amounts that you pay every month to get cable networks at home.
Mohu Leaf Metro TV Antenna

When shopping for portable HDTV antennas, most people choose cheap and low-grade models that do not withstand the test of time. Others choose models with poorly engineered designs that fail to deliver indoors or outdoors. This is not the case with Mohu Leaf Metro TV Antenna. Even though cheap, you get a high-performance antenna that lasts long. Its paper-thin body, for instance, is durable. You can install and remove it several times without tearing or lowering its value. The 10-foot detachable cable that it comes with is also one of the best. It is flexible. It also lasts longer than most comparable ones in stores.

Derived from a patented US military technology, the performance of this indoor antenna is impressive. Even with its small leaf-like design, users enjoy superior access to many television channels in HD (1080p). Some comparable products cannot achieve this. They transmit blurred images. Others are prone to interferences that cause static and a plethora of other quality issues. This antenna is also easy to install. All you have to do is stick it on a wall or a window to improve the reception of your television set. Buy yours to get a reputable US-made product with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

  • One-year warranty
  • Digital HD (1080p) display
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Portable design (paper-thin)
  • 10-foot detachable cable
  • Attracts VHF and UHF channels
  • High coverage (25 miles)
  • Cost effective indoor antenna
  • Paintable surfaces (reversible)
  • Terrible for VHF

1. 1byone 50-Mile Range Amplified HDTV Antenna

1byone 50-Mile Range Amplified HDTV Antenna

The 1byone is by far one of the most reputable brands in the HDTV niche. If your television has issues getting over-the-air channels, a quality antenna such as this amplified model will serve you well. Perfect for indoor use, you get a stylish accessory that will never lower the value of your home. It is also stylish and does not require subscription fees to work well. Once you have bought an original model, you do not have to worry about signal issues again. Finally, this antenna works well with most television sets.

Installation of this HDTV antenna is not as challenging as some models. Unlike outdoor antennas, for instance, that requires you to scale roofs and or attics to get signals, this one is easy to install. You can lay it behind your television, for instance, without creating an eyesore in your living room. Its soft and lightweight design also sticks to walls and windows without looking out of place. Use the adhesive mounting that it comes with for the best experience.
1byone 50-Mile Range Amplified HDTV Antenna

Depending on the region that you live in, television signals come from various directions and distances. To attract them well, you need a versatile antenna with a powerful system. 1byone is one such product. It addition to its well-engineered design and system, you get a detachable antenna that boosts its value. As other components, the amplifier is durable. It is also easy to install and improves its performance in low coverage areas. If you live in a rural area with many obstacles around you, this product will benefit you immensely. It delivers many HD-quality channels (UHF and VHF) that you can access free.

This USB powered HDTV antenna is super convenient. Even in camping sites that lack electrical outlet, you can easily watch the latest news in HD. The long coaxial cable (10 feet) that it comes with is also convenient. During installation, you can move it around easily until you get the best spot. Finally, with each purchase, you get 3M adhesive mounting stickers that work well on most surfaces, an instruction manual, and warranty cards. If it fails to meet your needs, you can get either a refund (30-days) or a replacement antenna (12 months) from the manufacturer.

  • 5-foot USB cable
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • 12-month warranty
  • 10-foot coaxial cable
  • Portable design
  • Impressive 50-mile range
  • Detachable amplifier
  • Quality (1080p) UHF and VHF channels
  • Stylish indoor design
  • Detailed instruction manual
  • Feels cheaply made
  • Sensitive to weather


To get many clear television channels at home, you do not need the largest television set. You also do not need one of the largest antennae that sell for a premium online. Buy one of the indoor/outdoor HDTV antennas that we have reviewed instead. They are powerful accessories that work well in most localities. They are also durable and have convenient designs that you can setup and use effortlessly.



  • I was wondering if there is a brand and model of a rotating multi directional HDTV antenna with amplifier could recommend?

  • I give you 3 products to review. Let’s enjoy

    1. RCA ANT702F Digital Antenna
    It is one of the most reliable antennas from RCA company. It can enhance the signal reception by amplifying any weak signals. When it is installed properly, this antenna can be used to broadcast 1080 HDTV. This antenna has UHF and VHF channel reception, so you are able to get access to many channels easily. You can also enjoy its powerful Extremely Low Noise (ELN) amplifier system. This system can preserve the signal purity in this device.

    2. Monoprice 107976 Indoor and Outdoor Antenna
    When you want to get all benefits from your antenna, you need to take a look at this powerful unit. This antenna is made from waterproof material. Therefore, you can install this antenna for outdoor use. It also has a durable housing, so it can resist against UV rays. When you purchase this product, you can get some additional installation tools. This antenna has low noise amplifier that can make you feel comfortable with the result.

    3. AmazonBasics
    Many people are satisfied with the quality of this antenna. This HD antenna reception is able to help you get the latest popular channels from some local networks. It allows you to get free broadcast HD TV signals from Fox, PBS, NBC, CBS, and also ABC. Its CleanPeak filter technology is able to provide you with low noise amplification.

  • There are some features Lava Electronics HD-600 HDTV Antenna. Some people are interested with this antenna. It is specially designed for outdoor and indoor use. You can simply setup this HDTV antenna easily. When you buy this product, you can get additional RG6 cable and also A/C adapter. Both items are very useful to help you install this antenna easily. Its compact design can help you install this device easily. You can simply place this unit on the rooftop completely.

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