Can You Use Whitening Toothpaste With Braces?

whitening toothpaste with braces

Can you whiten your teeth while wearing braces? Plenty of us at SavantMag grew up wearing braces. And if you have them now, you know what it’s like to be self-conscious about your smile. You might have also wondered about teeth whitening with braces.

Whitening your teeth may help you feel more comfortable with your smile, but with so many rules around braces (no popcorn, no gum, nothing chewy…) it can be hard to know if whitening toothpaste is on the ‘okay’ or ‘not okay’ lists. However, the answer is a little bit more complicated than a simple yes or no.

Can you use whitening toothpaste with braces?

You certainly can use whitening toothpaste, but you probably don’t want to.

These toothpastes only remove surface staining, usually by buffing them away or using mild cleaners. This means that if you use a whitening toothpaste you won’t remove any stains present beneath your orthodontic brackets. This means you will likely have an uneven color when your braces are finally removed.

However, if you want to prevent discolored teeth with braces, there are some ways to help with uneven coloring.

  1. Avoid foods and drinks that will leave stains on your teeth. This includes coffee, wine – any food that could leave a discolor clothing could discolor teeth!
  2. Use a straw with your drinks. The less contact problem liquids have with your teeth, the better!
  3. Minimize sugar intake. Sugar promotes surface bacteria and plaque build-up, which are the last things your teeth need.
  4. Regular brushing. This one goes without saying.
  5. Regular Flossing. It’s true that flossing with braces is a hassle, but removing plaque is invaluable for dental health. Even in less-visible areas. 
  6. Drink more water. This may be a surprise, but water can actually help prevent staining and discoloration on your teeth. By washing away fluids before they start to stain, keeping your mouth hydrated, and just generally being good for you. Drinking more water is always a good idea, especially after or alongside any staining drinks you
  7. And once your braces are off, you may want to get a head start on polishing your new smile to be its best. If you really feel that whitening is something your smile needs, make sure to start after your braces are removed.  It may be frustrating to wait for, but an uneven color can take longer to correct than getting it right the first time around. Once you’re brace-free, we do have a list of the fastest whitening toothpaste to help get your perfect smile right away.

Can Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Be Used By People Wearing Braces?

Similar to standard whitening methods, it isn’t in your best interest to use activated charcoal with braces. The charcoal will only reach the surface of your tooth, so anything underneath will stay the color it was before your braces were installed.

Can I Use Whitening Strips if I Have Braces or a Retainer?

Whitening strips should not be used with braces or permanent retainers, as they will only affect the exposed area of the tooth.