Buy The Best Christmas and Birthday Gifts for 8 Year Old Boys

Buy The Best Christmas and Birthday Gifts for 8 Year Old Boys

Top 9 Best Gifts For Boys Age 8
Best Christmas and Birthday Gifts for 8 Year Old Boys
Check Out These Brilliant Christmas and Birthday Gifts for 8 Year Old Boys

If you are lucky enough to have an 8 year old in your family, then you are blessed. Sure, they can be loud and messy and find very inappropriate things funny, but at 8 years old, they have a real personality and can be a lot of fun to be around. When it comes to purchasing a gifts for boys age 8, regardless of whether it is a birthday or Christmas present, it can sometimes be quite difficult picking just the right one. There are so many different toys and types of presents all marketed towards this age group, and it can be hard to filter through the maze of options and identify something that they will enjoy and use. Being 8 years old is about having fun and learning, and below is an overview of 9 of the best gifts for boys age 8.

Buyers Guide – Gifts for Boys Age 8

Buying gifts for boys age 8 year can be a bit like a lottery – it can be in their general area of interest but can still be a miss. Or it can be something completely unique and obscure and they can love it. And one great thing about buying for 8 year olds is that their interests can be wide and varied – and there is a lot of options and choice, and most gifts for boys age 8 are very affordable. They are not yet teenagers so make the most of it! Even though at the end of the day what is best for any one child solely depends on the child, there are some tips and considerations when it comes to purchasing them a gift.

Get them out of the house

8 year olds are starting to get more and more confident and adventurous, and will be developing firm friendships. So if you are unsure of what their specific interests are, getting them a gift that gets them out of the house is always going to be a winner. Whether it is an attachment for a bicycle, or a new type of skateboard, or some sort of game that requires them to be outdoors, then they and their families will thank you.

Get them interacting

8 year olds are at an age where they are making long lasting friendships, so gifts that get them interacting with others are a great idea. Whether it be a two-person game, or a game where you connect over a network via an app, it will assist in their social development and playing with friends is always fun. There are many different toys and activities and even arts and crafts available that require and enable interaction. Many of these can also be used on their own, so is still perfect for only children, however it is more fun when you play twister with friends, or go to the skate park with friends.

Let them use their imagination and creativity

There is a good reason why Lego is hugely popular for kids of all ages, and adults alike. As soon as kids are able to talk, they are asking for Lego. This reason is not only because they are great fun (which they are), but because they allow the children to use their imaginations and be truly creative. 8 year old boys are getting to the age where they are wanting to stretch their imaginations, and are really thinking outside the box. They are old enough to build more things, and their improved hand-eye coordination allows for the use of extra craft activities that may not have been suitable when they were younger. Look for toys and gifts for boys age 8 that do not have set rules – let them use their imaginations and you will find that they will get much more use out of them.

Be careful with gifts that require supervision

This tip is more for people who are buying gifts for boys age 8 that aren’t their own sons. Some toys cannot be played with or used by the child alone – such as cooking or science themed gifts. And if a particular boy has parents who have no time (or desire) to spend quality time with them, then it could lead to extreme disappointment by the child, and resentment by the parent. Of course if you are purchasing for your own son and you know you will have time to spend with it, then getting such a gift is great and can really build a bond.

How do I know that a gift will be suitable?

The great thing about 8 year olds is that they are old enough to look after themselves. Unlike toddlers or preschoolers, they are unlikely to hurt themselves, so there are significantly less restrictions on what they can and cannot use. There are still recommended ages on many gifts, but when it is regarding older kids and pre-teens, it is usually because a particular toy or gift will be too complicated (such as building an electrical circuit), or simply of little interest to that age (such as an activity book of complicated arithmetic, or a baby toy at the other extreme). So if you see a toy that you know your 8 year old would enjoy, but it states that it is recommended for ages 10+, keep in mind that is not law and simply a recommended age of those would usually enjoy it. So feel free to give it to them – if it is related to their likes and hobbies, chances are they will love it. Generally, toy manufacturers will offer an age range for the toys so one for an 8 year old might lay in the age range of 7 to 11 and they could even grow with it.

What are the most popular types of gifts for 8 boys age 8?

Although all children are individual with different likes and hobbies, there definitely is a general pattern as to what types of toys and gifts they are interested in. The below has been identified as being popular with 8 year old boys:

  • Electronic gifts for boys age 8 – such as gaming devices, remote controlled toys and gifts that involve the use of apps and tablets.
  • Themed and character gifts – such as toys that are from movies or shows that they are interested in. For example, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toys are going to be more popular than the same toy that is an unknown brand.
  • Sport-related gifts – boys will be boys, and they like to get out and get dirty. Anything sports related will be popular, and if they are mad fans of a particular sporting team, then all the better.
  • Games: Both video and board games are quite popular with 8 year olds. Some of the popular video games that you could consider include Pokemon Art Academy, LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham, Super Smash Bros, PvZ: Garden Warfare and Super Smash Bros among others. On the board games, you could pick Monopoly, Coconuts, Mice and Mystics etc

What level of development are 8 year olds at?

At age 8, children will be in either year 2 or 3 – so primary school. They will be walking and talking without any issues, and in fact their motor skills will be much more developed then they were even a couple of years earlier. So they will be able to ride bikes and skateboards, read books properly, and even write. Any toy or gift that assists in further developing these skills will always be beneficial.

8 year olds also have a higher level of cognitive and emotional awareness, and a particular care of animals and other people may be evident. Finally their attention spans are increasing exponentially, and so they will be able to concentrate on a single task for much longer. So toys that they otherwise wouldn’t have the patience with (such as building things or toys that have multiple steps) are now suitable.

When it comes to gifts for boys age 8, there are plenty of makey-makey options with which you could not go wrong. It is always advisable to mix the fun and the educational as kids at this age are learning at a very high rate. At the age of 8, LEGO toys are quite popular with boys so once in a while, you can throw these in along with the maze games such as Star Wars.

If you would like your kid to master some basic electronics and engineering skills at a very young age, then you can get them the snap electronics circuits for kids. It is very cool if you can get your 8 year old to learn some basic electronics. Books are also a top gift item in this age group. Buy them a copy of their favourite books and start nurturing a read culture in them at a very young age. Because they are beginning are already active in the outdoors, get them an activity gift such as a scooter, rollerblade or bike.

Another gift item that we would recommend are the RC controlled ones which are also quite popular with kids. These can include gifts such as RC copters, drones, trucks and cars that your kid can play with.

While most parents prefer giving experiential gifts to older kids, they can also be significant for a young kid aged 8. Take them to a theme park, zoo, an aquarium, an amusement part or even to some carnival. Anywhere that is fun and kid-friendly will make a huge difference in your kid on their birthday or during the holidays.

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