Bring Out Your Hourglass With Our Selected Shapewear Waist Cinchers

Bring Out Your Hourglass With Our Selected Shapewear Waist Cinchers

Top 9 Best Waist Cinchers Women 2019
These Waist Cinchers Will Give Your Body That Dreamy Silhouette Every Woman Dreams Of

You went to some parties and noshed on tidbits. Or, you popped lots of popcorn with butter and cuddled up to watch your favorite movie. Or you had a lovely dessert you split with friends at the coffee shop. Before you knew it, you nibbled a bit more than you realized. Your waistband is puffing out. You cant button your favorite jeans! Before you curl up and cry…stop! There IS a solution. Waist cinchers, otherwise known as waist trainers, are used to pull your tummy in so those jeans button up just fine!

There are added benefits with waist trainers. They hold in your core, they help you perspire to lose water weight, and they make it harder to eat large meals. This can help you lose weight over time…provided you eat better food, and move more.A waist cincher or waist trainer goes from the waist to the bust, pushing in what needs to be pushed in…and pushing up what needs to be pushed up. Modern waist cinchers are far more beautiful and comfortable than the corsets used in the past. Even better, they show off your sexy curves. With these best waist cinchers we have reviewed, you are set to flaunt your assets!

Women’s Waist Cinchers Buyer’s Guide

Dont worry about what a waist cincher looks like, in terms of what others can see. It goes under your clothes, so no one else can see it! You are looking for that hourglass shape, support, and fit.

Material matters

You can choose materials from rubber, latex, nylon, or elastane. Elastane has some give, and is important if you want to work out wearing the cincher. Rubber and latex make you sweat, which has the added benefit of helping you lose water weight. If you are not going to wear it while working out, dont worry about the elastane. Elastane can help you if you are intentionally buying a very snug cincher, giving you room to breathe. Dont buy it too snug–breathing is important!

Support matters

The point of a waist cincher is to pull in your waist and support your back, which should also push up your bust. Waist cinchers support in various ways. Some use boning of metal or plastic, and some use thin steel. Some dont use boning at all to give an ultra-smooth silhouette. So, look at the pictures carefully before you buy!

Fit matters

Pick a cincher that has sizes before and after yours. Measure around your waist. Use the manufacturers chart, as some manufacturers tend to be smaller or larger than the norm. If you are between sizes, go up a size. If you are worried about fit, pick one with 3 rows of hooks. You can go in or out rows as you see fit. Remember also that women tend to go up and down in weight during a month due to water retention. If you do tend to retain water, cinchers can help with that by causing you to sweat more. The cincher should be tight or snug in order for it to work properly. So, if you tend to wear loose clothing, keep this in mind when ordering.

Hooks and zippers, or the lack thereof, matter

You can hook it up, zip it up, or go with no fastenings at all! You can go with 2 or 3 rows of hooks, so you can hook into the next row in as you lose weight. The hooks are small enough not to be seen under clothes. Some people like zippers, but unless there are 2 or 3 rows of hooks underneath, youll have to buy a smaller one as you slim down. Some zippers poke out under clothes, so be careful with that option. If you have trouble with hooking or zipping things, go for the wiggle-into no-hooks-or-zippers model. Just remember that you will have to buy a new one when you lose weight.

Choice matters

We know we just said that it doesnt matter what it looks like to other people…but this is about you, not anyone else. The REAL point is to look beautiful. So, get a color or pattern you love. You will feel great, so you will wear it longer, helping you hold in your core, stand up straighter, and look more confident. You will also feel sexy! Sexy people are confident. This will help you feel better about you, which will in turn give you more reasons to make excellent choices. If weight loss is your goal, that means better eating and exercising habits. Better choices can lead to all sorts of good things!

Cost considerations

You should invest in whatever matches your budget. The cheaper ones can get you started, especially if this is your first time using a cincher. If you want more choice as to patterns, styles, and fabrics, you may have to pay more. The more expensive ones use better fabrics and closures. You are looking for the hourglass shape YOU want. So, look at the pictures closely before you buy! Remember, if you feel sexy in your clothes, you will feel better throughout the day. A little money to make that happen may be well worth it to you.

Ease of putting it on

There are a LOT of hooks on cinchers–for a reason. Start at the top or the bottom, and hook in a few, then switch to the middle to hook one there. Keep going until they are all hooked. Some people find it easier to lay on their backs while hooking it up, and some prefer to stand. This sounds strange, but it helps you hook it up in such a way that all the skin is pushed in–and you are pushed up at the top. A zipper will be faster, but you may have to buy a smaller size as you lose weight if it doesnt have two or three rows of hooks underneath. You can buy one without hooks OR zippers. Pull it over your head and wiggle into it. The wiggle dance or hook time should be 5 minutes, and will be less and less as you get used to taking it on and off.

Size matters

Each manufacturer has its own guide. Measure your waist, and go by what it says. Some manufacturers run small or large, so read the comments before ordering. Other buyers will tell you about the fit! If you are between sizes, go up. If you are ordering one with three rows of hooks, you have more leeway, because you can make it bigger or smaller by changing rows of hooks. Cinchers are supposed to be snug, but you still have to breathe! It should feel a little tight at first. As time goes by, you should be able to choose another row of hooks, or you will have to buy another one in a smaller size. If that happens, you should be happy to buy another one…along with clothes in your new smaller size!

Can it be worn when working out?

Be sure there is elastene in the fabric, so you can move when you work out. A cincher helps you hold in your core while working out. This can be especially helpful when doing Pilates and other core workout systems. Dont wear it to work out if you are doing a ton of aerobic movement, because moving around that much may cause chafing, unless you buy one with microfiber next to your skin. The cincher should help you keep your core pulled in while lifting, making you work harder and burn more calories. Be very careful when lifting weights. If you work out most days, it may be a good idea to invest in another cincher. Having two means you can have one washed and drying and still have a clean one to wear.

Ease of caring for the waist cincher

With the exception of the Maidenform Flexees Women’s Shapewear Waist Nipper Firm Control, the cinchers should be hand washed. Dont use the hand wash setting on a washing machine! Wash in cold water and Woolite or another soap made for hand washing. Hang it up and let it drip dry. Never, ever iron a cincher, or wash it in hot water. Make sure it is completely dry before putting it on. If you take good care of your cincher, it will continue to take good care of you! Hand washing fabric is the price of looking–and feeling–great!

Why should I buy a cincher/waist trainer?

Some people buy one after having a baby. The cincher gives them an hourglass shape as they lose the weight. Some buy one to help them hold in their core while working out, lose weight through sweat, and eat less. Some buy a trainer to look great, especially at work or going out. Some buy a cincher because women naturally go up and down in weight over a month, and they want to fit into their favorite jeans all month long!

Will I lose weight while wearing a cincher/waist trainer?

Not directly. The cincher should help you lose weight over time, because you tend to eat less wearing it, and you sweat more. So, drink lots of water while wearing one! It also heats up your core and helps you stand up straighter. Better posture can help you hold in your core, which can help you lose weight over time. If you wear one while working out, it can help you hold in your core while doing many types of exercise, such as Pilates.

How long should I wear the cincher/waist trainer?

Wear it for a few hours a day. Some people wear them for up to 12 hours a day. If you are new to cinchers, start out with a few hours and work you way up. Try to specifically wear it during mealtimes to help you reduce how much you eat if weight loss is part of your goal. Also, remember that your skin needs to breathe. Drink lots of water, and put lotion on your skin when you take it off. Wear loose clothes to bed.

Should you buy more than one waist cincher?

If you have the budget, absolutely! You can wear one while the other one is drying from hand washing. Those of us in humid climes know this may take a while! It is a good idea to buy one, make sure of the fit, then order a second one. You can also have one to work out in with elastene, and one for everyday wear. If you do go this route, we would suggest getting different styles and colors to feel extra-sexy. Another option is to invest in a dehumidifier to help your hand-wash clothes dry more quickly. Those run from $40-$120 and more, so it is probably cheaper just to buy another cincher!

We have given you the 9 best waist cinchers/trainers to help you find the new, sexier you. Hopefully, you will have found what you are looking for. Remember to invest in some Woolite for hand washing, and check out the pictures closely to be sure the color and style are best for you. The goal is to make yourself feel great while looking fabulous. Try these out to be able to fit into gorgeous clothes, and to find your hourglass shape!

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