Best Xylophone For Babies That Keep Kids Highly Entertained (2022): Top 10 List

Are you looking for the Best Xylophone For Babies? Playing a good instrument has been a rewarding experience and feeling to very many people. Whenever you play a good instrument, many people have said that there is no comparison to such a moment.  Music is food for the soul. That is one fact that is not limited to age, gender or even religion. For the kids and babies, it is far much more than just food for the soul. If you want to help your child developmentally, then music for you will do more than just entertainment.

Best Xylophone For Babies

Xylophone has become a very popular instrument to many babies, and it usually consists of wooden bars that have been arranged as well as tuned just like keys of a piano. The modern xylophones have excellent resonating tubes where wooden bars get to be attached. Music gets to be produced when bars are struck using a mallet.

Xylophones may not seem like the best introduction to percussion buy they are really appealing to kids.  Xylophones can be colorful and can also be designed to fun to play and play with.

The Best Xylophone For Babies helps little children to learn scales and octaves while offering a beginning understanding of music. Of course, at first, your child will simply want to pound on the xylophone with the drumsticks and make a ton of satisfying noise! Find the best xylophone capable of withstanding a beating and still make music for your children and toddlers.

However, the modern xylophone has resonating tubes where the wooden bars are attached. Music is produced when the bars are struck with a mallet. Musicians today have an extensive collection of instruments. This makes choosing one xylophone a daunting and challenging task. This write-up is a guide to buy the best xylophone for babies.

Each bar found in the xylophone is an idiophone tuned to a pitch of a musical scale, whether pentatonic or heptatonic in the case of many African and Asian instruments, diatonic in many western children’s instruments, or chromatic for orchestral use.

This musical instrument varies among each other, that is why you need to know the best of them out there and identify the one that fits into your musical collections.  Xylophones are vital instruments in the entertainment industry, particularly in music. They consist of metallic bars that produce a sound of different pitches when struck using the mallet. Having the needed skills required to play the equipment comes hand in hand with the level of experience. Though it may seem like a simple instrument, it takes time to learn. These days, there are smaller versions of xylophones designed for children, they are meant for education and entertainment purposes.

We tried out over 100 different xylophones to determine the most suitable picks for both beginners and professionals. A number of beginner musicians start with xylophones as their first musical instrument, and we looked for options that can last more than a few generations in their families. Take a look at the top ten best xylophone for babies this year.

Top 10 Best Xylophone For Babies

10.  Toysery 2 In 1 Xylophone For Kids

Toysery 2 in 1 Piano Xylophone for Kids, Educational Musical Instruments Toyset for Babies, Toddlers Preschoolers, 8 Key Scales in Clear and Crisp Tones with Music Cards Songbook

xylophone for 6 year old

Toysery is among the best xylophone for babies. What makes it best for the toddlers is because it can be able to function as a toy. The instruments can easily teach the kids that music is very fun to learn and it can be educational as well. Kids can easily play real songs using xylophone or even piano keys.


  • Design: edges are very smooth
  • Weight: 2.01 pounds
  • Quality: built with more sturdy material

This is a 2 in 1 xylophone. The keys, as well as notes on the piano, are in the vivid colors hence the kids can easily distinguish them with much ease. This is going to enable them to play the right notes in the songbook. The edges are very smooth which can enhance safety. Sturdy material makes it hence it can be able to last for a long period. Also, it can withstand rough play, heavy pressing, and rough banging.


  • This toy adorable.
  • It is a very excellent interactive and educational

xylophone for 6 year old

9.   Suzuki Musical Instrument Corporation AXC-100 Alto Xylophone Chromatic

xylophone for beginners

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Developing your child is a responsibility that we must all take seriously. The task may be difficult especially if the kid is generating some interest in music and yet you have never had any experience with music. However, that does not mean that you should let that talent go un-natured.  Suzuki helps both you and your kid develop technical skills in music, and if you work hard enough, you might end up making a perfect team one day. The instrument is teacher-approved which means that is most, convenient for learning purposes. It does not break easily so you can be sure of an extended period of entertaining yourself and your young one.

Suzuki Musical Instrument Corporation AXC-100 Alto Xylophone Chromatic Add-onPros

  • Teacher-friendly
  • Durable
  • Suitable for children and adults

8.  Mr.Power Foldable Glockenspiel Xylophone Vibraphone Percussion Instrument 30NOTES

xylophone for students

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The Mr. Power Foldable Glockenspiel 30-note xylophone is a worthy option for professional musicians who want to have a portable premium instrument. It has a well-built wooden body that’s painted in matte black, and it features aluminum bars that give off a loud, crisp, and rich sound. The Mr. Power xylophone comes with a pair of mallets, a carrying box, and a carrying bag. We absolutely love how it folds in half for easier transportation. Just release the two metal latches at the bottom of the instrument, fold the xylophone in half, and stow it into one of the carrying cases. When you’re ready to play again, simply swing the instrument out and turn the latches back up.

The free carrying bag that comes with the instrument isn’t made of top-quality fabric, and its mallets are made of light wood, so you might want to change these after some time. However, the instrument itself is sturdy enough to last you a long while. Why not stream your music with the best microphone for streaming?

Mr. Power’s foldable glockenspiel wowed us with its beautiful, sturdy black wooden frame and excellent musical quality. This professional-looking xylophone folds up, making it a breeze for us to pack and carry the instrument around. Among all the xylophones we checked out, it’s this gem that gave us the clearest, most vibrant sound.


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7.   Hape Pound & Tap Bench with Slide Out Xylophone

xylophone for toddlers

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The Hape Pound and Tap Bench with slide out xylophone was named 2011 Creative Child Toy of the Year by Parenting Magazine in the Best Toys of the Year category. We like the variety of play the Pound and Tap Bench offers. Kids can pound the wooden balls down onto this toddler xylophone and hear the musical scale play aloud. Kids will love sliding out the percussion to play on its own, and learning about the different sounds with this early melodies introduction to musical arts.

  • Multi-colored keys

6. Silverstar Professional Glockenspiel 25 note Xylophone

xylophone for babies

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Silverstar’s Professional Glockenspiel 25-note xylophone is a perfect beginner instrument for your child. Already securely set inside a sturdy blue plastic carry case, the small xylophone’s keys are made of steel. It comes with plastic mallets and a set of sticker notes that are especially helpful for kids who are just beginning to learn the instrument. Once they get the hang of it, they can start practicing without the stickers

As it turns out, the glockenspiel is one of these instruments that are so popular among kids, we sometimes can’t really tell if it’s actually a toy or a real instrument anymore.

But there’s a reason it’s popular among kids: it’s actually a great way to introduce them to music theory, and scales more specifically, since it has the same layout as a piano.

Among the dozens of colorful glockenspiels directed at children, this particular model is probably the most “serious” one. Here’s why:

  • Its construction is flawless
  • It’s chromatic and the notes are written on the keys – it’s a good way to introduce your child to music theory.
  • It’s portable – it’s built like a small suitcase

So for a first glockenspiel you really can’t go wrong with this model.

Silverstar’s Professional Glockenspiel is a 25-note xylophone that your child can bring around and have fun with. It includes an excellent and durable carrying case and comes with teaching stickers that can be removed once your kid gets the hang of it.

  • Built-in carrying case
  • Perfect size for kids
  • Comes with note stickers

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Best Xylophone For Babies That Keep Kids

5.  CB Percussion 6854 Bell Kit

xylophone for 3 year old

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The CB Percussion 6854 Bell Kit from CB Percussion is a top tier deluxe xylophone kit with 25 note bells. The black and white bars the instrument comes with are made of aluminum and have enamel finish. The bars, which are wide in nature and electronically tuned, also correlate perfectly to the keyboard of a piano and have engraved on them their respective notes, thereby making playing them easy. Other cool things that this instrument comes with include a pair of double-ended mallets or hammers for playing it and a double-walled hard case made of plastic. The latter not only keeps the kit protected when not in use, but also makes transporting it from one location to another easy. When it comes to the issue of durability, the instrument comes with a number of things that greatly enhance its durability such as its ABS endplates. All in all, the kit is well made and is very easy and fun to play.

Features at a glance

  • Features 25 note bells.
  • Can survive heavy use thanks to its sturdiness and durability.
  • Very easy to transport.
  • Easy to play.
  • The electronically tuned bars allow for accurate pitch.
  • Comes with two double-ended mallets and a hard case.
  • The tone is fine and the sound is also great.
  • The price is also reasonably good.

4.  Skip Hop Baby Musical Toys: Accordion Hedgehog

xylophone for 6 year old

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The Skip Hop Baby Musical Toys: Explore & More Accordion Hedgehog is the perfect xylophone for toddlers as it comes on wheels. Also, the mallet attaches to the toy via a string so it won’t’ get lost. Also, the base is an adorable fox design little tots will find themselves drawn to over and over again.

Save this toy for children a year and older. Once they are the right age, they will love wheeling the fox around and watching him bob up and down. Moreover, toddlers will love the bright rainbow-colored keys.

With eight keys, tots can bang away and start learning basic musical keys, all for a very low price. Store the mallet under the base in the built-in spot. Also, the toy is PVC and phthalate-free making it safe and fun.

xylophone for babies

3.  Fisher-Price Classic Xylophone

Fisher-Price Classic Xylophone

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With the Fisher-Price Classic Xylophone, children get a wheeled xylophone with an attached mallet. It comes in the typical Fisher-Price patriotic color scheme of red, white, and blue with a bright yellow mallet. Furthermore, it comes with eight rainbow keys ranging from small to large to create different sounds.

A pull string allows your toddler ages 18 months and up to pull the toy around the house. It’s a fantastic toy to improve gross motor skills and help with hand-eye coordination. Toddlers can also learn fine motor skills with this toy as well.

The toy is also the right size to sit on the baby’s lap for a little jam session. Classic baby toys like this one stand the test of time and make playtime loud and fun without batteries or electronics. Help your toddler learn to make music with a very popular children’s brand.

2.   Mendini MGS-30 Glockenspiel

Mendini MGS-30 Educational Glockenspiel Bell Kit with Practice Pad, Mallets, Sticks and Bag

xylophone for sale

When you want to select quality musical instruments, well, then the best xylophone for you is Mendini. It does specialize in manufacturing and also a supply of excellent quality of numerous musical instruments. None of the xylophones in the market can be able to match it regarding its design, construction, and outlook, and performance efficiency.


  • Design: has 2.5-octave bells as well as thirty 30 notes
  • Weight: 4.19 pounds
  • Quality: comes with an 8-inch tunable practice pad, 2 drumsticks and a frame coated with a powdered Aluminium

The functionality of this device is incomparable. It has 2.5-octave bells as well as thirty 30 notes which features G5-C8 range with a mallet. This pitch is A-442 Hz, and it can deliver a very stunning sound. This kit includes all you will require for excellent performance and a more pleasing experiment. It comes with an 8-inch tunable practice pad, 2 drumsticks, and a frame coated with powdered Aluminium as well as a sturdy stand.


  • It has additional space for storage to bags by having additional pockets.
  • Convenient to carry around as it has straps.

1.  3 in 1 Toddler Drum Set Piano Keyboard Xylophone Toys

3 in 1 Toddler Drum Set Piano Keyboard Xylophone Toys Montessori Musical Instrument Learning Developmental Light Up Toys for Kids Baby Infant Boys Girls Age 1 2 3 Years Old 12 18 Months

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Toddlers will adore the bright and festive 3 in 1 Toddler Drum Set Piano Keyboard Xylophone Toy. It’s not a single instrument but instead a mixture to engage kids and teach them multiple forms of music. Also, kids can learn numbers,  animals, and more with a fun toy.

With this toy, you get a xylophone, piano, drums, whack-a-mole, and cymbals. Switch between four modes to learn different skills like percussions, xylophone, animals, or numbers. It comes in fun colors perfect for both boys and girls.

Kids will love the two mallets to help play all of the different instruments. The toy also lights up to add to the fun, and it stands on its own. Several buttons allow kids to play new songs and other fun games.

Store the mallets on the bottom by the battery outlet, which requires three AA batteries. Kids can perform a whole concert with a single toy!

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Size and Setting
    Your xylophone choice would be affected mostly by who will be using it and where it will be used. If you’re getting a xylophone for your child to take to school or music class, you’ll likely benefit from a more compact and portable xylophone for kids; however, if you’re building a lesson room and will be using it as part of a musical set-up, you might want to look for models that can be mounted on stands.
  2. Range and Scale
    A xylophone often has between 25-30 keys and comes in various instrument range types, such as bass, alto, and soprano. This might not be too important if you’re getting a xylophone just for fun, but it would matter if you’ll be playing with an orchestra or a band. Apart from that, some xylophones also only come with major scales, while some are tuned to the chromatic scale. Xylophones with a chromatic scale have a more comprehensive range of keys.
  3. Key Materials
    Xylophone keys may be made of either wood or metal, and each material creates significant differences in sound. Xylophones with wooden keys produce deeper, rounder, and warmer tones. Xylophones with metal keys—also known as Glockenspiels—have a higher pitch. Some of these xylophones would have aluminum bars, while others come in stainless steel. The key material will impact the quality and price of your chosen instrument.
  4. Mallet Type
    You might not consider this factor at all, since some xylophones already come with a free pair of mallets by default. However, depending on use, you might also have to consider the kind of mallet you want. Generally, metal bars would require hard-tipped mallets, but if you’re playing the xylophone as part of an orchestra, you’ll probably need a softer material, especially if you’re playing harmony.
  5. Removable Bars
    Some xylophones have bars that can be removed by unscrewing the pegs that secure the keys in place. This applies more to professional xylophones, as this makes it possible to change the key and range of the xylophone. This feature would give the instrument a flexibility that’s particularly useful in an orchestra or band setup. It will also allow you to tune your xylophone by yourself.


When making a toy selection for your toddler, there are factors that you must take into consideration. Other than helping your young one have some fun, the toy should contribute to the development of the child. It is also essential to identify the talents of the child at a tender age. This way, you can start helping the kid grow the talents. If you see the kid developing a lot of interest in music, then it is wise to get toys that are music-related. One of such toys is the xylophone. If your kid is the musical type, then you better consider returning home with one of the above products.

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