Best Wireless Earphones and Earbuds

When consumer preferences are switching towards a wireless experience in handling electronic gadgets, how can earphones be far behind? With some well- known smartphone makers too abandoning the earphone jack on their phones, wireless earphones have seen a surge in demand and popularity. After all who would want to be entangled in a mesh of intermingled wires every now and then? The best wireless earbuds provide top class audio quality and a seamless sound experience. They are here to stay and will be the way people listen to audio on their devices in the future.

And if you are looking to buy the best wireless earphones, which brands are the ones you should go for? We have reviewed here the ten best wireless earphones and earbuds available in the market. Some big names like Bose and Sony find a mention in our compilation. However, there are some other awesome wireless earbuds too on our list, which we think you should definitely check out.

Read further to find out our top ten picks.

1. Anker SoundBuds Slim

Anker SoundBuds Slim

If value for money is something you always look for, you should definitely consider Anker Soundbuds Slim+. Anker specializes in smart products for charging, travel and entertainment and its offerings span a wide range. Though charging devices is their forte, it has been doling out several models of wireless earbuds for some time.

This wireless earbud from Anker delivers all the basic functions along with good sound quality, and all this at a very affordable price. Sporting an ergonomic design, these earphones perfectly hook around your ears providing them maximum comfort. It comes with a battery life of 7 hours which even though not too long, is sufficient enough for someone who likes to listen to some music on their daily commute or while working out at the Gym. And if you ever run out of charge, 1.5 hours is all it takes to get it back to full charge. A three -button remote accompanies this earphone which allows you to switch to your favorite music without any hassle.

If that were not enough, the nano coating on the earphones ensures they are water and sweat resistant so you move around freely without having to worry about the weather. The fear of damage is further mitigated when one knows that this product comes with an 18-month warranty which is a notable highlight of this wireless earphone.

Product Dimension: 23.6 x 1.2 x 0.5 in
Item Weight: 0.48 ounces
Battery Life: Up to 7 Hours
Other Features: Waterproof


  • Attractive Price
  • Quick Charging
  • 18 Month Warranty


  • Battery life may not suit prolonged music listeners

Overall, the Anchor Sound Buds Slim+ may not be the best product in the market but is certainly good for the price it is offered. Plus, it comes with the confidence of being an Anker product and performs all the basic functions expected from it.

2. Mpow IPX7

Mpow IPX7

Now here is a wireless earbud from a maker known for its stylish and award-winning designs. The Mpow IPX7 from Mpow’s highly acclaimed Flame series boasts of a very streamlined and dynamic design which perfectly hooks around your ears. The ear hooks are made of soft silicone, and together with the memory foam ear tips provide you a cosy wearing experience. The earbuds have been so designed that they will not bury deep in your ears unless you push them. This will allow you to be able to listen to sounds emanating from outside for your own safety. This feature may not however appeal to those wanting complete noise cancellation to enjoy their music in solitude.

The sweat resistant IPX7 material used in coating these earphones make them a favorite choice for anyone wanting to listen to music while slugging out in the gym. For a richer listening experience, this device allows you to adjust the bass levels to suit the sensitivity of your ears. It might slightly affect the sound quality but it is still excellent given the price. A range of 10 meters will allow you to move freely in your room. It connects to any Bluetooth enabled device and with a battery life of 8-9 hours and charging time of 1.5 hours, you can easily enjoy your daily dose of music without much hassle. The control buttons are placed on the earpiece so you can easily reach and operate them. Also, this product comes with an 18- month warranty so you can use it without having to worry too much about its maintenance.

Product Dimension: 4.09 x 4.09 x 1.88 in
Item Weight: 3.84 ounces
Battery Life:  7-9 Hours
Other Features: Operating range 10m/Sweatproof


  • Great Design
  • Clear bass
  • Sweatproof and ideal for gym
  • 18-Month warranty


  • Doesn’t allow complete noise cancellation

Overall, the Mpow IPX7 delivers excellent sound experience for the price. The battery back -up is quite good and the comfortable and light design means you will never feel the weight in your ears. This product is ideal for your workout sessions. While complete noise cancellation may not be possible, this product is definitely worth a shot.

3. SoundPEATS IPX6


You may want to try out the SoundPEATS IPX6 wireless earbud and you will realise that it may turn out to be the dark horse in the race for being the best. The price is attractive enough and this product offers superior sound quality, coming as it does with a Bluetooth chipset for high fidelity stereo sound. A battery life of 8 hours and a standby time of 100 hours is convenient and sufficient enough for it to be a constant presence in your ears. What’s more, it offers complete noise cancellation so that you and your music can enjoy a perfect time together without any outside interference to disturb you. This wireless earbud also comes with an in-line microphone so you can answer your calls operate the earbuds conveniently. As an added convenience you also get some extra pairs of earbud tips in the XL and XS sizes to fit your ears. Talking of convenience, the magnets in the earpieces makes them stick to each other and you can hang it around your neck when not in use for a hands-free experience and free movement while outside.

The IPX6 material used in these earphones is slightly weaker than the IPX7 material that many other wireless earbuds have, but the coating does ensure that your earphones stay sweatproof and you can go ahead for your daily exercise routing wearing these. Also, the 12- month warranty period offered with these earphones is slightly lesser than an 18 -month warranty period we have seen in several other models in this price range.

However, one great positive which works in favour of SoundPEATS IPX6 is the after sales service that the company is known to provide. Even if you do encounter a problem with your product, you will be delighted to see the speed with which the company will reaches out to you and address your issue. The trust factor should be enough for you to give this product a shot.

Product Dimension: 25 x 1.3 x 1 inches
Item Weight: 0.48 ounces
Battery Life:  8 Hours
Other Features: Sweatproof, Noise Cancellation


  • Noise Cancellation
  • Superior sound quality
  • Extra pairs of earbud tips
  • In build magnetic design in the earpieces
  • Good After Sales Service


  • Shorter Warranty Period
  • IPX6 material used instead of IPX7

Despite some minor drawbacks, the SoundPEATS IPX6 is a great product. You might just be pleasantly surprised by the plethora of features on offer and the price at which you are getting it. Definitely, worth going for.

4. Treblab J1

 Treblab J1

A close cousin of the RF100 by Treblab, the Treblab J1 by Treblab is truly a value for money product. The device sports a very sleek and elegant look. And while it may look slightly cheap, they fit comfortably on your ears and the anti- drop feature will ensure you never have to worry about the earpieces falling off your ears

The price at which this product comes is unbeatable and it delivers good HD sound with strong bass and treble and allows you to enjoy your music without a hassle. The earphones come with cVc 6.0 noise cancellation technology allowing you for perfect session with your music. The battery life of 8 hours is in the mid-range but for an earphone such as this one, it is perfectly acceptable and it is long enough for you to tune in to your favourite songs for an extended period of time. The charging time of 2 hours is also slightly higher but it is something which one can manage with. The earphones come with Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity which allows for fast and hassle-free pairing with other devices so you don’t have to be tied down to anything.

They have been designed for being waterproof and sweatproof making them ideal for your workout sessions. The minimalistic design and light build mean they are also easy to carry and convenient to handle.  The in-built microphone makes for a truly hands- free experience and allows you take calls while on the go. This product comes with a 1 -year warranty, which is lesser than what several other models provide, but given so many features on offer, you may cut it some slack.

Product Dimension: 1.1 x 0.8 x 0.6 inches
Item Weight: 0.64 ounces
Battery Life:  8 Hours
Other Features: Bluetooth Pairing, Waterproof


  • Value for Money
  • Anti -Drop feature
  • Noise cancellation with cVc 6 technology


  • Slightly higher charging time
  • Shorter warranty period

Overall, if we look at the features and compare it with the price the Treblab J1 is definitely a steal. The sound quality with the noise cancellation is a good highlight which means the earphones do their primary job pretty well. Add to that some other features they come with and you would definitely want to get your hands on them.

5. Bose QuietControl 30

Bose QuietControl 30

If it is a product from Bose, then rest assured you can be confident about its performance and sound quality. The Bose QuietControl 30 might have a hefty price but the sound quality this wireless earphone provides is truly amazing. It not only allows noise cancellation but you can also control the level of noise cancellation you desire, enabling you to listen at the optimum and balanced level of sound you wish for. So, if you are moving around outside with your earbuds on, your safety will not be compromised as you would still be able to control the outside noise that’s reaching your ears.

It also allows for Bluetooth and Near Field Communication (NFC) paring which means you can use it to connect to multiple devices and listen to your favourite music whenever you want. The Bose Connect app is also a great feature that comes with Bose that enables you to seamlessly switch between devices to listen to your favourite songs. The QuietControl 30 comes with a long battery life of up to 10 hours. This means, you can embark on and enjoy a long and uninterrupted listening session without having to worry about the power running out.

When it comes to design Bose has done a fairly good job. It is comfortable to wear but owing to a larger size, it might become slightly unpleasant thing. You certainly don’t want a slightly large object sitting on your neck all the time while you move around. Also, even though the earphone allows you to control the level of noise cancellation, you might not always want to risk taking it outdoors for the fear of being stolen given how pricey it is. You may think twice about taking it to the playground or the Gym with you. This may limit its use while you are not in the comfort of your home.

Product Dimension: 1.14 x 0.98 x 1.14 inches
Item Weight: 2.24 ounces
Battery Life:  10 Hours
Other Features: NFC pairing enabled


  • Amazing Noise cancellation and Control
  • NFC and Bluetooth pairing


  • May not be always comfortable to wear

Overall, the Bose QuietControl 30 is a good product but the price looks to be slightly on the higher side than what it ought to have been. If you like immersing yourself in your own world with your music, then with its noise cancellation feature, this product is certainly for you. The brand Bose inspires lot of trust and assurance of quality. If you are ready to shell out some extra bucks, then this product is worth giving a try.

6. Sony MDR-XB80BS


 A wireless earbud from the Japanese electronics giant, the Sony MDR-XB80BS immediately catches your eye with its awesome curved design. The earphones truly live up to the Sony brand name and the sound quality will truly blow your mind. It delivers high fidelity sound streaming at low frequency, which will provide an ideal listening experience. The powerful bass which these earphones deliver means you can truly feel even low frequency sound and enjoy your music to the fullest. The price may look steep but with a Sony product that isn’t a surprise as it promises a lot.

The IPX5 rated material used in the earphones means they offer protection from water splashes and are sweatproof which makes them ideal for workouts. Though it’ not as strong as the IPX6 or IPX7 used in some other models, it should be enough for the earphones in normal conditions. The hooks around the ears have pressure relieving cushions to enhance your comfort while listening. However, some users may find the hooks to be too large to tightly fit around their ears, given their slightly bigger size.

The earbuds have a built- in microphone for a complete so you can take calls with a complete hand- free experience. And the in line remote will make sure you are able to operate the earphones smoothly without any hassle. The battery life of 7 hours is slightly on the lower side and may be a put off for avid music lovers, but is still good enough for your daily dose of music.  With Bluetooth and NFC pairing available, you would be able to enjoy your music using multiple devices.

Product Dimension: 7.8 x 6.6 x 2.6 inches
Item Weight: 10.4 ounces
Battery Life:  7 Hours
Other Features: Waterproof, Bluetooth and NFC connectivity


  • Great sound and Powerful Bass
  • NFC Connectivity
  • Value for Money


  • Lower Battery life

All in all, the MDR – XB80BS is an awesome product and does what an earphone is expected to do – deliver great sound.  A product from Sony with all its features, make it worth giving a shot. And you will most likely not be disappointed.

7. Sennheiser HD 1

Sennheiser HD 1

The Sennheiser HD1 wireless earphones boast of some amazing features which will immediately make you get your hands on one. It sports an ergonomic design with an around the neck band and looks somewhat similar to the Bose QuietControl 30 we reviewed earlier, except that the earpieces don’t have the curved hooks. The neck band is made of sheepskin nappa leather and its lighter weight will offer you comfort while wearing it and moving around.

The price may be on the higher side, but being a Sennheiser product, one would expect the earphones to deliver brilliant audio quality and it doesn’t disappoint. They deliver high fidelity sound and the HD1 sound means you will get a powerful bass and detailed vocal projection. The in-ear earpieces have been designed to deliver sound with more precision and for your convenience, additional ear bud tips in four different sizes have been included in the product, so they fit your ears comfortably. A battery life of 10 hours is long enough for you to totally immerse yourself in your music without bothering about recharging it and if the charge does run out, the charging time of 1.5 hours to restore full charge is indeed very good. The controls and the microphone have been placed on the neck band. They are they are easy to reach and operate and provide a seamless hand – free experience. This device also comes with Bluetooth 4.1 and NFC connectivity and supports multi connection of up to 2 devices at one time for a perfect wireless experience.

The product comes with an additional benefit of 2-year warranty if it is purchased from an authorized Sennheiser dealer. Given that, other similar products come with a warranty period of 12-18 months, this is fairly long and an important highlight of this product.

Product Dimension: 7.1 x 1.6 x 9.2 inches
Item Weight: 11 ounces
Battery Life:
 10 Hours
Other Features: Bluetooth and NFC connectivity


  • Great Audio quality with HD1 Sound
  • 2 -year warranty
  • Added convenience with additional earbud tips
  • Long battery life


  • Neckband may create inconvenience

It is a great product with great features but the price is slightly steep and it may not be everyone’s cup of tea. And when one compares what is on offer with the cost, side by side, one may want to look at some other options. But at the end of the day, it is a Sennheiser product and if you are willing to invest in it, it will be worth your while.

8. Jaybird X4

Jaybird X4

A model in the X series of wireless earbuds by Jaybird, the Jaybird X4 is an improvement over its earlier X models. The X3 was smaller and sported a sleek and minimalistic design and was a big improvement over its predecessor the X2 and had a 6mm driver to deliver the low and high sounds in an equally good way so you experience the best sound. The X4 carries the improvement forward. Due to their lightweight design, they are easy to wear and convenient while moving around.  And with their IPX7 rated coating, they are waterproof and sweatproof making them an ideal companion you can have while you are sweating it out in the gym. The interchangeable ultra-foam tips are comfortable to wear as they cater to individuals depending on their ear sizes

The ultra- foam ear tips also make sure that you get enough noise cancellation and ensure the earbuds stay attached to your ears.  You also get the benefit of using the Jaybird app where in you can set your sound preferences which automatically get saved on your earbuds. This way, you can listen to music the way you want to. The Bluetooth feature allows you to connect your earbuds to two different devices and you can seamlessly switch between them to listen to your favourite songs. The battery life of 8 hours ensures, that while you are tuned in, you are not interrupted by lack of charge and they will always be ready to accompany you on your musical journey. A three- button compact remote allows you to operate the earphones easily.

Even with so many features, the price appears slightly higher than what one would be willing to pay for it.

Product Dimension: 19.7 x 0.5 x 1 inches
Item Weight: 1.12
Battery Life:  8 Hours
Other Features: Waterproof, Bluetooth pairing


  • Lightweight Design
  • Comfortably fits the ears
  • Ideal for Gym workouts


  • Price seems a bit high

Overall, this is a good product, but performance in the long run is something you would want to look out for. The price is slightly higher and one may not want to shell out so much when there are cheaper variants available, but Jaybird has a good reputation and experience in this field which might work in favor of these earphones.

9. Jabra Elite Active 65T

Jabra Elite Active 65T

For a true wireless earbud, you can definitely look at buying the Jabra Elite Active 65T. An improvement over the earlier Elite 65T. They come with exceptional sound quality which should not be a surprise at this price level. These earbuds secure comfortably in your ears making them ideal if you want to go out or follow a very active lifestyle. The IP56 rating means that it is sweat and dust proof which is one more reason for you to take it everyday with you to the gym.

A standout feature of the earlier 65T and now the Active 65T is the 4-microphone technology which essentially gives you 4 ears in your ear buds. Using these, you can control the ambient noise that you are able to hear. That’s because totally cancelling out outside noise many not always be a good idea considering your safety. This technology allows you to be aware of any potential dangers.

The Active 65T is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 which provides seamless connectivity and one is never likely to experience any audio drop -outs. So be it your favourite songs or making any calls, you can connect your smartphone to the earbuds and forget about any interruptions that may act as spoilsport. With the Jabra Sound+ App, you can also create your own sound profile where you can set your own preferences which will saved onto the earbuds so you always listen to music in the way you want it. With a battery life of 5 hours and an additional 15 hours using the portable charging case, you can enjoy your music without worrying about the battery running out of juice. You can also use these wireless earbuds to connect to and give voice commands to digital assistants like Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant. And if these features weren’t enough the device comes with a 2- year warranty against any damage.

With nothing really wrong to point out to, performance in the long run is a thing to watch out for. The price also seems reasonable for all that what is on offer. Perhaps they could give more earbud tips to fit according to individual sizes.

Product Dimension: 4.9 x 2.2 x 7.3 inches
Item Weight: 11.2 ounces
Battery Life:
 5 Hours, 15 with charge case
Other Features: Waterproof, Bluetooth 5.0


  • Good noise cancellation and regulation
  • Good Connectivity
  • True Wireless design
  • 2-year warranty


  • None

All in all, the Jabra Active 65T is something you can definitely go for. It comes with a plethora of features and the price is a steal. The quality assurance from a brand like Jabra and it being a true wireless earbud is reason enough for you to buy this product.

10. Apple AirPods

Apple AirPods

The last one on our list is the true wireless earbuds from Apple, the Apple AirPods. We are looking at a company has ditched the earphone jack in many of its recent smartphone offerings. So, if you want to use an Apple iPhone in the future, Apple AirPods will be definite go to for you. Coming from Apple, the design of the AirPods is similar to the Apple EarPod which also means that there are no ear fins to secure the earbuds to your ears. Apple has tried the one size fits all way. So, one may not feel completely secure when moving around with these for the risk of losing them.

The AirPods easily connect with your iPhone or any smartphone you may have, using the Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. The audio quality is pretty good provide an awesome listening experience and the bass is powerful enough which should be expected at the price these earbuds are offered. However, your listening experience may turn out to be not so good because, these earbuds do not have an in line remote to perform basic functions like pause, play etc. You will have to rely on Siri for operating the earbuds or will have to double tap the earbuds with your hands.

This seems very inconvenient a definite put off particularly when other headphones come with remotes and controls that are very easy to operate. The battery life of the AirPods delivers up to 5 hours of charge and it comes with a charging case with which you can charge your AirPods 5 times over while on the go. Additionally, the AirPods come with additional features like the voice accelerometers and optical sensors and motion accelerometers which are smart technologies aimed at delivering a seamless listening experience.

Product Dimension: 0.65 x 0.71 x 1.59 inches
Item Weight: 0.14 ounces
Battery Life:
Up to 5 Hours
Other Features: Voice accelerometers, Optical Sensors and Motion Accelerometers


  • Good Sound Quality
  • The brand name of Apple


  • No inline remote
  • No ear fins

Overall, the Apple AirPods offer good sound quality but leave a lot to be desired. The inconvenience to use it if you are not using Siri and the risk of losing it when not secured perfectly to your ears. These factors might put off some potential buyers. But if you are an avid apple user, you may still want to go with this.

Buyers’ Guide

Some factors you need to consider before you buy yourself a wireless earbud.

Design: Some wireless earbuds have a small wire connecting the two earpieces while others have a neckband style design that runs from behind your neck. There are true wireless earphones as well which don’t have any wires at all.

Sound Quality: The larger the size of the driver in the earbuds, the clearer and louder will be the sound. The driver’s diameter is denoted in mm. So, a 10mm driver will offer more sound clarity than an 8mm driver

Battery Life: Usually wireless earbuds have shorter battery life and this is a serious disadvantage they have over their wired cousins. A battery for a wireless earphone usually lasts between 5 to 10 hours.

Level of water and dust resistance:  Since the wireless earbuds are meant for outdoor use, you would definitely want them to be safe from water, dust and sweat. The degree to which your earphones are resistant should also be a factor while you zero in on one.

Price: The last but not the least is the price. Price is relative and you should look for value for money. Convenience and quality of listening experience in the wireless earbuds offer for the money you are shelling out should factor in your concerns while you buy one.