Best Wireless Backup Cameras of 2019 | Buying Guide

Best Wireless Backup Cameras

Backup cameras are produced specifically to aid drivers when backing up their cars or truck. In cars, they are gradually becoming a force to reckon with, especially after the passing of the bill in some states, which mandates its attachment to all sort of vehicles by the Department of Transportation.

Otherwise known as “rear view camera” or “reversing camera”, the wireless backup cameras are designed specifically to avoid a backup collision and areas known as the blind spot or killing zone. Its design is distinct from other cameras in the sense that the images produced are flipped horizontally so that the output is mirrored.

Top Seven Best Wireless Backup Cameras

7Peak PKC0BU7 Wireless Back-Up Camera Kit

Best Wireless Backup Cameras of 2019 | Buying Guide51icETNLbBL This wireless backup camera makes backing up much easier and safer. It is an excellent choice for most vehicle types. It gives you “an eye in the back of your head” when you are backing up trailers and other large vehicles.


It has a color display monitor that shows the view from the back of the vehicle. The monitor, which is connected wireless to the back camera, can be suction-mounted to the windscreen or the dash depending on your convenience, and the mounting arm for the monitor is adjustable. It also has an adjustable vertical camera angle, and the camera is weatherproof with a view angle of 110 degrees.

  • The display monitor is 7-inch. The 4.3-inch option is also available.
  • It is very easy to install
  • The wireless connectivity of the camera make blind spot detection very easy
  • The display unit is bright and clear, and it has adjustable contrast and brightness
  • The camera quality is really impressive
  • It may require drilling a hole into the back of your car and cutting into the wiring harness to gain access to the backup light power
  • The interference between the monitor and the camera becomes high if car has Bluetooth

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6Podofo 4.3″ PD-K0035 Rear View Parking System Set

Best Wireless Backup Cameras of 2019 | Buying Guide41nCClYHp4L Podofo is a popular name in the camera manufacturing industry, with years of experience and quality products to back their portfolio. This wireless backup camera is a choice that finds application in a wide range of vehicles, from car to mini truck and minivan.


This newly upgraded 9V -35V wireless receiver and transmitter kit enable the stable signal connection. The reverse camera automatically starts and searches for signal and switches from DVD/VCD video mode to the backup video when the car is in reverse. The display unit has a screen resolution of 960 x 240 high resolution. An adhesive strap for attaching it to the dashboard, and anti-glare technology on the screen.

  • View angle can be easily adjusted
  • The high definition display unit makes the image sharper and clearer
  • Foldable monitor with a push button
  • It is power by the vehicle power supply
  • Screen resolution is low
  • Screen may flicker if distance between receivers increase
  • Waterproof camera and 7 IR LED for night vision

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5Tadibrothers 5 Inch Monitor with Wireless License Plate Backup Camera

Best Wireless Backup Cameras of 2019 | Buying Guide41IjicStOuL

This is a good choice from the Tadibrothers. Wireless camera has a 50ft range that works for most vehicle types and can be easily mounted to license plate. You also get 5 inch LCD monitor that has two video inputs which would be helpful to connect an additional camera or DVD / Console.


Its image quality of the back view is impressive, comes with a mount that sits firm on the dashboard and attaches well to the screen. It is made with the high-quality material.

  • It has adjustable contrast and brightness
  • Camera is weatherproof and has night vision

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4Pearl RearVision Wireless Car Backup Camera and Obstacle Alert System, Dual HD Reverse Camera

Best Wireless Backup Cameras of 2019 | Buying Guide41SP2BVjZriL Another great choice when purchasing a wireless backup camera is the Pearl brand that is designed to setup completely wireless. Solar powered bracket frame is compatible with most license plates, weatherproof and has dual HD cameras. Transform your smartphone into rear view display by connecting to camera via Wi-fi or Bluetooth.


It is equipped with audio-visual parking aid, which alerts the driver when the vehicle is close to an obstacle. It also has night vision capabilities, which provide clear images in low light conditions.

  • It is packaged beautifully and made with quality parts.
  • It has night vision capabilities that work in low light.
  • A smartphone needed for display. Connects via Wi-fi or Bluetooth.
  • May need some customization on the phone when using Wi-fi to not drop connection in certain circumstances. Tech support may help for any specific questions with your phone.
  • Backup guidelines are available. More features as available are easier to get by updating your application in the phone.

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3AUTO-VOX Wireless Backup Camera

Best Wireless Backup Cameras of 2019 | Buying Guide41xDlAZoJaL This is another great wireless backup camera system which is different from others in terms of display.  It comes with a rearview mirror monitor. Some studies have found that optimal location for rear view display is in the rear mirror. For drivers preferring back view in rear view mirror, this is a great product that can be installed easily.


It has six high Brightness LEDs which automatically turn on or off according to the light intensity in the environment. It has an excellent signal transmission, the transmitter charges from the car battery. It comes with a 4.3” LCD monitor display with anti-glaring.

  • The camera transmits very clear HD images.
  • It is made with strong and durable parts.
  • 100M acceptance range in open areas which is suitable for most vehicle types.
  • Some interference may occur if there are many 2.4G devices around.

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2Rear View Safety Wireless Backup Camera System RVS-091406

Best Wireless Backup Cameras of 2019 | Buying Guide41HMhJgaBfL Rear View Safety has designed excellent backup camera systems and this wireless backup camera system is one of those. The camera has a wide viewing angle of 130 degrees which minimizes blind spots in the back and helps in quicker reaction to obstacles.


This Rearview model comes with a 4.3-inch LCD color monitor and can be charged via the cigarette lighter port. Its wireless digital system guarantees an uninterrupted connection up to 70-feet away. Monitor’s powerful suction cap helps in stable mounting.

  • The video interference is close to zero.
  • Monitor’s mount is very strong and holds in place very well.
  • Mounting the camera is easy but requires drilling and then mounting using screw packet included in the system. Can be mounted at various desired positions, not just the license plate.
  • The reverse guidelines may be little inaccurate depending on the position of camera
  • Camera is waterproof and has 9 IR lights for night vision
  • The image quality is good

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1Yada BT53328M-1 Digital Wireless Backup Camera with 4.3″ Dash Monitor

Best Wireless Backup Cameras of 2019 | Buying Guide41GalLioaiL The Yada Digital Wireless Backup systems have received very well reviews around and are an excellent choice for reliable backup systems. The camera of Yada BT53328M-1 system is designed specifically to aid blind spot reduction. This camera kit helps drivers by easing their back view when in reverse. Its digital wireless system sends the signal to the monitor with no interference and is very easy to install. The LCD shows the live picture from the back of your car.


It is equipped with a 4.3” LCD display to show the live pictures, the camera is waterproof in nature with a rating of IP67. The LCD display has a suction cup attached to it, to aid it mounting. It has parking assistant and a wire length of 16” length.

  • It produces clear image quality on it’s 4.3” LCD display unit
  • There is no interference on the video display when the car is reversing
  • Blind spot detection is very smart
  • Camera mounts easily by sliding on license plate and is weatherproof
  • Running camera cable to connect with reverse tail light may need drilling
  • Camera’s angle can be adjusted as needed

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How to Buy the Best Wireless Backup Camera

For the safety-conscious people who would love to keep an eye on what you’re towing or you just have the habit of crushing your fender, installing a wireless backup camera in your vehicle might be one of the best solutions to the problem. The following factors are to be considered when buying wireless backup cameras for your vehicle.

Access on Your Dashboard

Your wireless camera won’t be of much help if you don’t have a screen to display your camera feeds on. Also, its availability on your dashboard is very crucial to its effectiveness. If your vehicle has a touchscreen receiver with a video input, then won’t need to buy a separate video display for your car.

Sensors Available in The Wireless Backup Camera

The availability of sensors in your backup camera set up is important considering the features that they provide to enhance your car use and driving, including night vision for night driving, parking lines sensors with motion sensors to avoid hitting bumps and damaging your fender among others.

Installation of The Wireless Backup Camera

This factor also matters a lot considering the fact that installation of backup cameras differs from brand to brand, and model to model. Some require a high level of expertise because it requires installing the cameras at the back of the car, drilling small holes, doing some electrical connection and some other task. Making the wrong choice of buying a wireless backup camera which is not easy to fix by a layman can incur extra cost for you.


With the right wireless backup camera, the problem of running into obstacles when backing up can be avoided or reduced to a minimum rate. Also, the safety of the people around you especially kids or your pet and your properties is guaranteed. The cost of getting one might be a bit high, but it would always be worth it when compared to the debt that can be incurred from the damage of properties or from a lawsuit that may result from it. The wireless backup cameras listed above are the best among their peers and should guide you in making the right decision.

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