Best Wi-Fi Boosters In 2019 – Increase Your Wireless Range

Wi-Fi signal boosters or Wi-Fi amplifiers are making the digital world wireless. It has significantly transformed Internet access as well as computer networking. Wi-Fi boosters are designed to bring threefold increase the range of Wi-Fi signals. Long distance resource sharing is another advantage of Wi-Fi boosters. You can share a single high-speed Internet connection over a broad area by the use of Wi-Fi booster. This translates to reduced costs. They can be used both indoors and outdoors depending on your individual needs. Wi-Fi boosters are available in different models on the market. If you are new to buying one, then you may find the whole experience overwhelming. In case you are planning on buying one, then below are the top 10 best Wi-Fi boosters in 2019 reviews to tip you.

10. TP-Link TL-WR710N 150 Mbps Wireless Booster

This booster is popularly known due to its portable and sleek design. It is one of the best performers in boosting the network on your device. It is equipped with an internal adapter hence no hassles of carrying external chargers. It has dual Ethernet LAN ports that allow you to link to your router. You can customize it to different performance modes such as Access Point, Repeater, and Client Modes.

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Feature of Product:

  • It has Multifunctional USB Port for File Sharing and Phone Charging
  • Router, Repeater, Client, AP, Bridge Modes for Different Networking Demands
  • Come with Built-in Power Adapter- No Bulky Power Adapter Needed
  • It is Portable and Compact-Ideal for Home and Travel Use

TP-Link TL-WR710N 150 Mbps Wireless Booster

9. Netgear Trek N300 Wi-Fi Booster

If all you need is a convenient and easy to set booster, then Netgear could be your desired option. Netgear has continued to develop top quality stuff, and this is among the leading devices from them. It is a versatile booster that can be plugged into any Ethernet-based or Wi-fi network to boost performance. Whenever you have this, you can always be assured of quality performance even when on the road. Use a portable power bank, USB, or plug it into charge.

Netgear Trek N300 Wi-Fi Booster

8. Motoraux N wireless Wi-Fi Booster

This is compatible with all 2.4 GHz networks. It works pretty well with all types of routers. It is one of the lightest and smallest Wi-Fi boosters you can find on the market. Despite its small size, it works flawlessly in delivering the best performance of your network. You will notice the strength of the network by the blinking of the device. This allows you to extend the performance of your router to the maximum when you need.

Motoraux N wireless Wi-Fi Booster

7. Wavlink 300Mbps Wireless Range Booster

Wavlink is another trendy Wi-Fi booster that is compatible with wide range of routers available on the market. It comes in a package inclusive of a software wizard that makes installation simple. Its WPA2 technology and WPS quick set up button makes it one of the most versatile boosters available. Eliminate all Wi-Fi dead zones and enjoy strong, consistent network with this booster.

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Wavlink 300Mbps Wireless Range Booster

6. Amped SB1000 High Power Signal Booster

This works to multiple the performance of your standard router a couple of times. It features a design that makes it easy to install. You can simply place it on the desk or mount it on the wall. Its Omni-directional antenna makes it deliver a strong boost to your network in all directions regardless of the barriers that may be on the way. Use it in your office or at home.

Amped SB1000 High Power Signal Booster

5. Netgear AC1900 Nighthawk WI-Fi Booster

This comes in two different configurations i.e. as a DSL Combo modem router or a wireless network booster. It comes with 5-gigabit ports that allow you to connect many bandwidth devices. It delivers mammoth performance with its speeds of up to 1900 megabits in a second. It is among the leading Wi-Fi boosters available on the market.

Netgear AC1900 Nighthawk WI-Fi Booster

4. TP-Link N300 Wi-Fi Booster

Bid bye to the stress of poor Wi-Fi connection in hard-to-reach areas by buying this Wi-Fi booster. It features an ingenious design that makes it easy to connect a broad range of devices without affecting connectivity. It is also fitted with a signal indicator that allows you to choose your suitable and desired location to extend your network connectivity. A one-touch convenience makes it great to use. It is compatible with a broad range of devices such as media players, smartphones as well as gaming consoles.

TP-Link N300 Wi-Fi Booster

3. Cisco Linksys RE1000 Wi-Fi Booster

This is capable of extending the network connection throughout your home. It also works as a bridge hence allowing you to connect to any of your devices that are not fitted with wireless in your home. It has the greatest compatibility with a broad range of devices. It is fully refurbished and comes with various accessories that are all backed with a generous 90-day warranty from the manufacturer.

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Cisco Linksys RE1000 Wi-Fi Booster

2. Securifi Almond Touchscreen Wi-Fi Booster

This comes with an easy-to-set-up design. There is no need of downloading any software to make it working. It is also made in a manner that makes it deliver complete versatility. It comes when ready to use as a primary router range extender or wireless bridge. It works well with any hardware you use at home. It is equipped with a touchscreen that shows dialogs that are easy to follow in obtaining the best performance.

Securifi Almond Touchscreen Wi-Fi Booster

1. Netgear N300 Wi-Fi Booster

This is the best Wi-Fi booster that’s received the top ranking on the market. It is fitted with telescopic antennas that aid it to deliver incredible performance indoors. It has a ready plug-in design hence, you can just plug in and link it up with your router. It is made to work with different types of routers hence no complex installation required. It also has an Ethernet port that allows you to plug in other wired devices.

Netgear N300 Wi-Fi Booster

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