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Best Wheel Cleaners

We all want to cruise around in a shiny and clean car with spotless rims. Sometimes it is just impossible to get that new-car look by using just soap and water. Granted that soap and water do wash a car (with a lot of effort from your end) but this mixture does not really make a car shine nor does it remove that grime that is stuck in hard-to-reach places. This is where the best wheel cleaners come into play. These solutions are specifically made to remove dirt, road grime, and other dust particles from your rims leaving them spotless. But where do you begin? If it’s your first time buying a cleaner or you just want to change from your lousy one, then you have come to the right place.

There are countless products available on the current market. Looking for one that will solve all your wheel-cleaning needs can seem to be a daunting task. That is why we have done the hard part for you. After countless reviews, we have narrowed our search top these top 6 best wheel cleaners. These products are extremely effective, environmentally friendly, and affordable. Let’s take a look:

Top 6 Best Wheel Cleaners 2019 Reviews

6Mothers Foaming Wheel& Tire Cleaner

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Mothers Foaming Wheel & Tire Cleaner works really well in taking any grime build up. You should follow the instructions provided for best results. Simply spray it on and wait for 30 seconds. You will begin to see the white foam turn brown as it melts away grime from wheels and tires.

For a sparkling look, use a small brush to clean all the nooks and crannies of your wheels. This stuff is powerful enough to get the grime off with some light scrubbing on your part. Granted that there are more powerful cleaners on
the current market but for its price, you will not find another cleaner that is as powerful or as affordable. Plus it smells wonderful.

This product is safe for painted, clear coated, chrome, color coated, or factory coated wheels and hubcaps.

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5Armor All Extreme Wheel and Tire Cleaner

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If you are looking for a powerful wheel cleaner, then this is it. This wheel cleaner is a bit expensive but it works wonders. It is said to be 30 percent stronger and faster than other cleaners within the same price range. It is safe for cleaning all wheels: alloy & aluminum wheels, painted, anodized & clear coated wheels. It is acid-free, meaning that it poses no danger to your rims. This product safely removes dirt and brake dust on hard to reach wheel barrels and calipers, too.

Do not be alarmed when your cleaner turns from clear to a darker color after application. This happens when it begins to loosen brake dust and dirt from wheel surface. One thing to note though is the odor – many customers have complained about its strong odor. But if you can survive through that, then you will be amazed at just how shiny and brand new your

One thing to note though is the odor – many customers have complained about its strong odor. But if you can survive through that, then you will be amazed at just how shiny and brand new your wheels will look after a short time of scrubbing them.

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4Sonax Wheel Cleaner Plus

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Yet again, another great product from Sonax. This highly effective acid-free solution is suitable for use on steel and light alloy rims. It easily and gently removes even stubborn grime such as rubber residue, oil, brake dust, and other street dirt from your rims.

Your wheels are in a constant attack by road grime and other dirt particles that get lodged in hard-to-reach places.

Sonax Wheel Cleaner Plus is specifically formulated to attack grease, road grime, and brake dust and dissolve them to reveal your beautiful and new-looking rims.

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3Wheel Cleaner by CarGuys

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If you want long lasting spotless rims, then give CarGuys wheel cleaner a shot. This solvent has no harsh acids as it is acid-free. It helps clean off smudges, brake dust, grease, and grime. This item is specially designed to clean and protect your wheels from harmful salt and grime.

It eliminates hard scrubbing and keeps rims in excellent condition. Any stubborn brake dust or grime will be instantly removed and dissolved once you spray CarGuys solution onto your tires.

Overall, this item gives a professional finish to your rims and makes it shine brighter for longer. NOTE: CarGuys solution can be used for motorcycle wheel cleaning needs as well.

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2Meguiar’s G9524 Hot Rims Wheel Cleaner

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Many of us are not aware of just how much damage road grime and brake dust are to our vehicles. These grime tend to eat away at your wheels. They also damage protective clear coats and quickly create rust spots. This is why is it vital to invest in a quality yet affordable wheel cleaner that does not use harmful toxins.

Meguiar’s G9524 Hot Rims solution will safely and effectively wash away all road grit. This product has been specially formulated to be acid-free, non-toxic, and pH balanced. This means that your rims plus wheels will be safe after use.

It is very strong and works incredibly fast. Your rims will be sparkling within no time – remember that you will need to do a bit light scrubbing for best results.

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1Sonax Wheel Cleaner FullEffect

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Sonax is known for its incredibly powerful cleaning solutions. This is no difference. It is safe for use on all wheels or tires and will not damage or stain them. This product will clean any and every kind of wheel or tire you put on your car regardless of coating. Alloy, painted, anodized, aluminum, clear-coated, polished and even plasti-dipped rims!

This product is environmentally friendly and conforms to all safety regulations.

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Anyone who loves a clean car with little to no effort from their end will love this product. Sonax Full Effect clings to wheels giving them minimal runoff and ensuring they receive maximum cleaning power. It finally protects your wheels to keep them cleaner for longer.


Wheel-cleaners make our jobs easier. They weaken any grime on your rims, making it easier for you to simply wipe off your tires for a shiny and spotless look. But as we all know, shopping for a solution can be downright confusing; especially with new products being introduced into the market every other day.

Our top 6 list comprises of highly powerful and greatly effective cleaning solutions. All a user has to do is point and spray, leave the solution of for approximately 30 seconds, and then clean off with a wet cloth. However, instructions do vary from brand to brand so be sure to read instructions provided for greater performance.

We would know what wheel cleaner works for you. Do comment below and let us know of any other wheel cleaner we should add to our list and why.

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