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Theft of personal items such as motorbikes and bicycles are common worldwide. Hence, many people are reluctant to travel with valuable items such as folding electric bikes and pro scooters in public places. To avoid such heartaches, secure your asset whenever you leave them exposed outdoors using the best cable locks. These locks are easy to carry and are cost-effective. They also come in many functional designs for bikes, scooters, and equipment such as motorcycle lift jacks, which is ideal. Here are a few reliable brands that satisfy the needs of most people:

Our Picks for Best Unbreakable Cable Locks in 2021

10. BAGKOOL Bike Portable Lock Cable

BAGKOOL Bike Portable Lock Cable

Made from high-quality materials, the BAGKOOL Bike Portable lock is easy to use. It is lightweight and portable and therefore it is easy to carry in your rucksack, your child’s school bag or hang it on the frame of your bike. It comes in an assortment of colors to choose from that match your bike. Its locking system comprises a lock cylinder of heavy-duty zinc alloy. This kind of metal does not rust under dust and moisture conditions.

The bold steel cable is thick and cut resistant. Coated with colorful PVC material, it will not scratch your bike. This design is easy to operate. You lock buy just pressing the ends together. You do not need a lock code to fasten it. Besides, it has a pair of keys for safekeeping in case you misplace or lose one of the keys.

Why We Like
  • Saw resistant cable (steel)
  • Protective PVC cover
  • Zinc alloy cylinder (heavy-duty)
  • Secure locking system
Our Verdict

Have you lost a few bikes at school or while shopping in the mall? It is time to order yourself a new bike cable lock from BAGKOOL. Its heavy-duty design has a zinc alloy cylinder and a steel cable, each resistant to sawing. It also has a secure lock and smooth PVC cover that protects bikes from scratches and dents.

9. Lumintrail Security Cable

Lumintrail Security Cable

The Lumintrail Security Cable is a very sturdy braided steel locking cable. Its unbreakable and can resist a powerful cut. It is also flexible and can easily coil around different items. You have the assurance your asset is safe from theft. Its shackle is easy to use and allows you to set your security combination. You may as well change the code anytime by using the spinning dials.

This cable has a soft vinyl cover that protects it from moisture and rust. As such, you can leave it in the rain for hours without issues. The cover also ensures that the cord does not scratch either you or your asset while in use. Its four-digit code shackle translates to thousands of possible combinations, making it impossible to hack. This cable is long and suitable for securing bicycles, gates, toolboxes, skate boats, and other movable items.

Why We Like
  • Braided steel cable
  • Soft vinyl cover
  • Long and flexible
  • Secure combination lock
Our Verdict

The Lumintrail Security Cable is as tough as cable locks can get. Its braided steel cable, for instance, is durable, flexible, and has a smooth vinyl cover that protects it from rust. You also get a free combination lock for securing bikes around posts and or trees.

8. BV 30FT Security Steel Cable

BV 30FT Security Steel Cable

The BV 30FT Security Steel Cable features a thick diameter cable for maximum security. It comprises of seven braided steel cables to make it one of your best choices to secure your most valued assets. It is cut-resistant and can overcome tension and shear forces. The ends have double loops for convenience of using a variety of locks. Therefore, it does not become obsolete when your lock fails. Its protective vinyl coating is waterproof and thus prevents it from rusting when exposed to water.

Additionally, the smooth finishing protects the steel from scratching your bike or motorcycle or other assets. It is also available in more extended sizes to secure larger equipment such as generators, market cart, and outdoor furniture. You may also use it to secure more than one item together. This cable is flexible, easy to coil and carry in your car comfortably.

Why We Like
  • Long cable (30 feet)
  • Heavy-duty steel
  • Secures most items
  • Protective vinyl coat
  • Secure double loops
Our Verdict

Apart from bikes, you can use this BV cable to secure generators and food carts because of its versatility. Its steel cable, for instance, is long (30 feet), flexible, and durable. It also has secure loops (double) and a vinyl cover that prevents rusting.

7. Sporcis Bike Lock

Sporcis Bike Lock

Ride anywhere with your bike, park and secure it comfortably with the Sporcis Bike Lock. This unbreakable cable lock has an illuminating LED light to enable you to see the combination at night. It is versatile, and you may use it to lock your gate and sporting equipment. The cable is from hard braided wire that is resistant to high tension. It is also reliable and not easily cut.

It also has a PVC coating to prevent it from scratching off the color of your bike. It will also ensure that rain waters do not reach the cable and hence avoid rusting. The flexible cord allows you to clamp your bike’s wheel to the mainframe easily. Enjoy the convenience of not losing our lock keys as it comes with a four-digit lock code. The four digits ensure the lock is secure not easy to guess or hack.

Why We Like
  • Waterproof coat (PVC)
  • Combination lock (4-digit)
  • Braided steel cable (solid)
  • Bright LED light (built-in)
Our Verdict

Sporcis is not one of those cheap bike locks that rust over time or fail when hammered. Its braided steel cord is resistant to sawing, hammer attacks, and rust. The lock is sturdy as well.

6. Bristol Black Combination Lock Cable

Bristol Black Combination Lock Cable

The Bristol Black Combination Lock Cable is a heavy-duty cable that locks your assets using a PIN. Its three-digit PIN is easy to recall and again tricky for a third party to crack. This cable is flexible and can stretch out to loop the item you want to secure. This feature makes it convenient to fit in your bag.

Despite its flexibility, this cable is sturdy and resistant to cut. It is also lightweight and hence not cumbersome to carry. Its ability to stretch and bend easily also makes it possible for you to secure more than one item. Therefore, you may use it to ensure your bike and helmet is secure. The steel cord also has an eye-catching and waterproof vinyl coat, which protects it from rusting and or scratching your asset.

Why We Like
  • Waterproof vinyl coat
  • Heavy-duty lock (combination)
  • Heavy-duty cable (steel)
  • Stretches to fit most items
Our Verdict

The Bristol Black Combination Lock takes up little space during storage. However, when needed, you can stretch it to fit and secure a bike or motorcycle without scratching. You will also like the free tamper-proof lock (combination) that this product has.

5. Wordlock Combination Cable

Wordlock Combination Cable

Using numbers can be very confusing or forgetful. The Wordlock Combination cable design instead utilizes a word to lock the cable. It features a four-letter word that you can easily remember. It is the perfect choice if you have problems with numbers. More so, it is best for your child. You have no option of changing the preset. Therefore, no hacking option is available even if a perfect guesses the right password.

The lock’s robust design can secure most assets anywhere you leave it. The braided steel is hard to cut by all crude means. It also has a protective vinyl coating that protects its steel cable from rust or damage from dust or UV. Therefore, the risk of this product failing in weeks or months is low.

Why We Like
  • Protective vinyl coat
  • Sturdy all-in-one design
  • Heavy-duty steel cable
  • Water and UV resistant
  • Password-protected lock
Our Verdict

The four-dial combination lock of Wordlock is foolproof. It also has a heavy-duty steel cable (braided) with a water-resistant vinyl coat that protects it from rusting and weakening over time.

4. Via Velo U Bike Lock Cable

Via Velo U Bike Lock Cable

The Via Velo U Bike lock cable is very convenient to carry wherever you go. Thanks to its versatile mounting bracket, Via Velo fits the circumference of most bike tubes. The bracket has a smooth PVC insulation to ensure it does not scratch paint from your bike while on a bumpy ride. The cable is from sturdy stainless steel that is not easy to cut. It is also flexible to allow you to tie your bike comfortably at any point and on anything.

Just like the bracket, its vinyl coating will not allow scratches on your bike. It also safeguards it from all weather conditions and environment that may cause wear and tear such as rust. Hence, this make will serve you for a long time. For more convenience, it comes with two keys. Therefore, you will always have a spare key in case you lose or forget the other one.

Why We Like
  • Protective PVC coat
  • Stainless steel cable
  • Two unique keys
  • Does not scratch paint
Our Verdict

Rust and corrosion compromise the integrity of cable locks over time. Fortunately, even though made of steel, these are non-issues for the Via Velo bike lock. This heavy-duty lock has a durable and foolproof design with a protective vinyl coating.

3. Wordlock Resettable Combination Lock Cable

Wordlock Resettable Combination Lock Cable

If you are the forgetful one, the Wordlock Resettable combination lock cable is your preferred choice. It allows flexibility of changing your password as many times as you want. You may also mix and create a harder password as you may like. The cord is five feet long and very flexible. It hence allows you to loop, turn, and twist it as you lock your items. This length will also enable you to secure multiple items at ago.

The all-weather vinyl coating design makes it water resistant and hence you expect it to last for a long time. The coating will also act as a buffer to eliminate friction between the steel wire and your asset. This lock also comes with a mounting bracket that is easy to install. It allows you to carry the cable comfortably everywhere you go.

Why We Like
  • All-weather vinyl coat
  • Long (5-feet) and flexible
  • You can change its password
  • Does not scratch or dent bikes
Our Verdict

The Wordlock Resettable cable lock is a dependable item (all-weather) for securing bikes and carts, to name a few. Its resettable lock is secure. It also has a long and portable design with a vinyl coat that prevents its steel cable from rusting.

2. NDakter Bike Lock Cable

NDakter Bike Lock Cable

Experience more security and personalized coding with the NDakter Bike Lock Cable. This smart lock design has a five-digit resettable combination lock as opposed to the ordinary four digits. The additional digit makes it even much harder for anyone to crack your code. Additionally, this locking mechanism will keep off worries of you forgetting your keys at home, school, or workplace. The braided steel accords this ultimate cable the strength to overcome high tension and tearing forces. Despite this strength, you can easily coil it in a comfortable way to carry.

A durable vinyl coating protects it from rust conditions for longevity. This coating is also smooth to keep surfaces of your asset scratch-free. The cable is four feet long and enough to secure any of your items, tools, and equipment comfortably. It also comes with a mounting bracket that is easy to install using a quick-release button.

Why We Like
  • Quick-release button
  • Durable vinyl coating
  • Braided steel cable
  • Smart lock design
Our Verdict

NDakter is a smart bike cable lock with a vinyl coat that protects bicycles from scratches and damage. Its braided cable is durable, while its smart lock has a quick-release system that eases its use.

1. BIGLUFU Heavy-Duty Cable lock

BIGLUFU Heavy-Duty Cable lock

The BIGLUFU Heavy Duty cable lock is a high-security cord for your precious motorcycle, bicycle, and any other equipment exposed to theft. Its diameter is thicker than that of most cable locks. It is hence much secure and impossible to cut through. It is resistant to tear under high tension and shear forces. Besides, its five-digit combination locking system makes it the most difficult to hack. The extra digit increases the possible combinations by a hundred thousand.

Its braided steel has a fine coating of PVC material for additional strength. It will also protect the steel from dust and moisture that may result in rusting. This makes it long-lasting and ideal for long-term outdoor use. The vinyl also prevents it from scratching your assets. Additionally, the material used on the lock pin is zinc alloy that is waterproof and heat resistant.

Why We Like
  • Protective vinyl coating
  • Zinc alloy locking pin
  • Foolproof combination lock
  • Fits bikes and motorcycles
Our Verdict

BIGLUFU can stop incidences of bike and motorcycle theft because of its quality. Its steel cable (braided), for instance, is flexible yet durable. It also has a secure lock with a foolproof combination system.

Buying Guides for Cable Locks


The quality of the materials used to make your preferred cable lock depicts the experience you will have with it. Cheap models made from cheap steel rust over time. They are also prone to breaking under stress and thus fail to protect personals. To avoid such issues, pay keen attention to the quality of the material(s) used to make your lock’s cable. Heavy-duty braided steel is ideal. However, models with a PVC coat (waterproof) are even better. They do not rust easily and are less prone to scratching bicycles.


Which locking mechanism does your cable lock of choice employ? Does it have a separate padlock or an in-built locking mechanism? Both systems are good. However, look for a product with a foolproof lock (most preferably combination). They are easier to lock and unlock. They also deliver optimal security.


Cable locks are multifunctional items for securing carts, bikes, motorcycles, and even stalls. However, even though security is critical, look for a product that you can carry and use easily. Heavy-duty brands with flexible cables are currently the best. You can stretch it to accommodate the item you are securing. However, while not in use, you can fold it and store/carry it easily.

Conclusion: Cable locks have helped millions of people to prevent bike thefts worldwide for two reasons. Most models have robust steel cables with locks that require a bit of effort to break. Our top 10 picks meet this threshold. They are durable, secure, and easy to use.