Best Travel Shaver in 2019 Reviews

When you travel on holidays or if you are on the move regularly then you may not get time to assemble your shavers or getting a shave from the barber at all. However, we have all seen most people who are on a busy schedule all their lives, but each and every time they appear in public they are clean shaved. How and when do they shave? Most of them, if not all, have  the best travel shaver that helps them keep a clean beard.

What are the Benefits of having the Best Travel Shaver?

These shavers are portable and are made just for the purpose of travelers who would rather have them in their suitcases to make sure they can shave whenever they feel like they should. Therefore this review helps you to find one for your next travel and mark you they are the best shavers that have different features and so you can choose after reading that one that suits your needs but all of them are a guarantee of quality.

Best travel shavers in 2019

This list is based on the performance of the shavers themselves and their uniqueness. Well, let us find out what makes them the best in the market today.

10.Mini Electric Shaver Lucky Fine Kemei Travel Size Pocket USB Rechargeable Foil Washable Shaver Beard Trimmer for Men

This is also one of the best from sized at 10 x 5.5 x 1.5cm can be held with one hand due to its compact design that is ergonomic. This makes sure you can have a shave with ease and convenience anywhere and at any time. It has been designed in an iPhone like manner to improve its shape and beauty. This shaver gets closer to the surface and does a clean shave due to its ultra-thin foil blades. It can be charged by use of a USB connector, and as a result, you don’t have to look for batteries like in non-electric shavers that use batteries. This feature is one of the stands out consideration in the market today.  An operating manual is given on purchase of this shaver.


i)It is easy to hold due to its ergonomic design

ii)It has an independently floating head that follows the contours of the face.

iii)It is designed to have self-sharpening blades that guarantee a close shave.


i)It may not work where there is no electricity completely.

Best Travel Shaver

9.Microforce By Shavepro Cordless and Rechargeable Shaver

Produced by the Shave Pro Company, this is another one of those rechargeable electric shavers of modern days. It measures 3 .1″ by 1.3″ by 0.75” and is one of the most portable shavers that can fit into any pocket and thus very convenient for travel shaving. It is a cordless wet and dry shaver that is so small in size but works in such an ultimate power than other shavers that are of different sizes. The shaver is powered by a 9000-RPM motor which marks the best and ticks the box on the most powerful travel shaver available for you.  It possesses independent floating head with dual, high-precision blades that have been fitted with twice the shaving surface of standard blades.

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i)It provides a close to the surface shave.

ii)It is one of the most powerful shavers in the market guaranteeing an ultimate clean shave.

iii)It is a cordless wet and dry shaver.


i)Requires electricity to work best.

Best Travel Shaver

8.Shavetech USB Electric Razor

Measuring 7.3 x 5.4 x 2.3 inches this is one of a kind that uses a USB cable to recharge. This is an electric razor shaver that produces fast vibrations, on the sharp blades and as a result would produce a close to the surface shave that is always what most people want. It is compact and light enough to be handled using one hand. Therefore, you can easily use this razor comfortably just like you are using a Smartphone.The shaver is portable enough and also convenient and can be carried in any of you pockets thus you can use this shaver anywhere at any time you feel like shaving.


i)RoHS compliant. It has been made free of harmful products such as mercury lead and cadmium.

ii)It comes with a cleaning brush.

iii)A case for carrying it has been provided.


i)May not work where there is no power completely.

ii)It cannot work under wet conditions.Best Travel Shaver

7.Travel Electric Shaver For Men By JTrim Speed 2 Flex 2 Blades Foil Electric Razor With Sideburns Trimmer JPT-TFS100 Jay’s Products.

This is produced by the JTrim meant specifically for the travels and quick shaves. It is one of the best shavers small in size and comfortable to use with one hand. The shaver is powered n=by replaceable batteries that last for several weeks. It uses two blades which are as well replaceable and made in a manner that the foils flex independently to achieve the desired effect of shaving all the hairs due to adapting to the shape of the surface. It comes with a warranty that is available in case you want a new one in case of broken parts or the whole of the shaver. A-30 day free trial period is offered by the producers this shows confidence in their product.


i)A 30-day trial period has been provided on the product.

ii)It provides a comfortable and a close shave that achieves the ultimate effectiveness desired.

iii)It provides a pop-up detail trimmer that trims the sideburns.

iv)Independently cutting foils that flex to achieve perfection without causing irritations.


i)Batteries not included.

Best Travel Shaver

6.Braun washable Pocket Mobile Shaver Men, transparent blue

This is one of the best from this popular brand name. It is durable enough for you to consider over the other shavers in the market. It is 1.5 x 3.1 x 5.2 inches and weighs 6.9 ounces which make it one of the easiest to handle and use especially when you want to shave with one hand.

The shaver cuts closer to the surface nut with precautions taken to make sure that it leaves a smooth surface and can shave anywhere on the body without irritations being felt. It is portable enough due to its size and can fit any pack or suitcase, and as such, you can always retrieve it when you feel like you have that little time and you want to shave. The shaver has an ultra-flexible foil that enables it to protect the skin while at the same time closely shaving the hairs. It is easy to clean by just rinsing it under running water. It is an electric shaver powered by replaceable batteries.


i)Has a Wide Floating Foil that enables close and comfortable shaving.

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ii)It is easy to clean.

iii)A twist cap is provided for foil protection.

iv)Replaceable batteries are its source of power.


i)Batteries not included.

Best Travel Shaver

5.Philips Norelco PQ208/40

Here comes one of the best from the Philips portable and suitable for travels due to its convenience. It delivers one of the best close shaves that does not leave any irritation on the skin due to its effective blades.The shaver has a convenient design that allows you to hold using one hand and is compact enough to allow you to carry with ease while using it. It is battery powered and thus runs for a reasonable time of several weeks depending on how many times you use it.


i)It is associated with a close to surface shave that doesn’t cause irritation to the skin.

ii)Blades follow the contours of the skin allowing shave all hairs.


i)Batteries not provided for during purchase.

Best Travel Shaver

4.Remington WSF4810 Women’s Travel Foil Shaver

This is one of the best shavers for women from the Remington manufacturers. This is specifically made for the women who are on travel. The shaver is the best in this category in this year, and the following features would make you get to the market for this one only.It is associated with smoothness as the name suggests, made of 3 blade design with dual trimmers that lift at an angle effectively cutting the hair. It is made of a hypoallergenic foil that gets to the surface as close as possible removing the hairs and making sure there is no irritation.


i)It has got an angled head to ensure that it cuts hairs in any place of the body.

ii)It has a dual trimmer mechanism that enables it to shave easily.

iii)It has a foil that cuts to the closest surface but still protects the skin from cuts and nicks.


i)The battery has not been included.

Best Travel Shaver

3.Panasonic Dual-Blade Travel Shaver, ES4815S

Here is also one of the best shavers that is so persuasive due to its unique top rated features.The shaver made of two ultra-sharp blades that float independently and can be adjusted by the contours of the surface to achieve one of the most desired effects in shaving, comfort. It covers the surface with ease due to this feature. It is an 8200-RPM motor powered shaver which allows it to run faster than most of the shavers and achieves clean shaves and near perfection shaving.


i)It is a versatile shaver working both in dry and wet conditions.

ii)It is a shaver that can comfortably be held due to its mobility and design.

iii)The battery used is rechargeable and easy to maintain.


i)Battery not provided on purchase.

Best Travel Shaver

2.Braun M90 Washable Mobile Shaver packs

This has been rated as being the best travel shaver in the year 2019 due to its incredible features that usually have been associated with the Brauns and have been handed down to the products that are produced by the company with time. This shaver has various unique features that make it standout among the rest. It has a battery hat lasts for up to 4 weeks, which gives you such a time to shave and even plan to have several other shaving experiences in this time.It can be used both in wet and dry conditions. It comes with an effective cap that serves to protect the foil and as such making it durable.


i)It is easy to clean

ii)It cuts close to the surface with precise cuts

iii)It is durable due to its compact design and material.

Best Travel Shaver

1.Panasonic ES831k Electric Travel Shaver

One of the best travel shavers in this year only weighs 6 ounces. It is of the best quality, working both in wet and dry conditions. Having this feature of both wet and dry shaving makes it the best for those who want a quick shave that is also clean and convenient. This shaver is convenient because that shaving can be done at anytime and anywhere. It gets closer to the surface but still makes sure you are comfortable when using it. The shaver achieves the best results due to its precision. It has a motor that is durable and of about 8500-RPM and set at about 78 degrees to the surface which allows it to shave faster than the other shavers.

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i)It is ergonomic in nature.

ii)It is convenient to carry as it fits into any travel suitcase.

iii)It is quite affordable considering the quality it comes with.


i)Batteries have not been included in the purchased set.

Best Travel Shaver

Best Travel Shaver Buyer’s Guide


A shaver that suits your needs and affordable is gold to you since there are not many in the market. Most qualities provided by theses shavers make them somehow expensive however where the shaver is affordable about others and what it offers. Therefore, you should consider giving it a chance

2.Design and the ergonomic nature of the shaver

A travel shaver should be portable enough and fit into a pouch or pocket and must be easy to use to make sure you do not get inconvenienced while traveling.


Most shavers in this review are durable. However, there are those which may be more durable than others. The most durable ones are those that last quite some time without the quality of their service not being diminished. You would want to acquire that one shaver today.

4.Money guarantee or warranty

Guarantees have always been associated with customer satisfaction, and where a shaver has been guaranteed in such a manner, it means it is one of the best due to the confidence the manufacturer attaches to that product. Mostly a 30-day guarantee is offered. However, this sole consideration does not mean to discredit other effective top quality products which the sellers do not even need to speak much on due to their utmost quality. Where a warranty has been given on purchase, it clearly shows what type of a product you are buying.

5.A quick charge mechanism

This can be a consideration when buying a shaver because when you are traveling, you need a reliable shaver that does not keep you half shaved due to the battery getting low while you have your ultimate shave.


Where one needs to remove the longer hairs and trim the sideburns he or she needs a trimmer. Most shavers come with this, and as such, it becomes a consideration.

7.Respected brand name

You may have heard some of these products due to their popularity and as such a brand name can be one of the factors that would make you trust certain brands of shavers due to their high reputation and respect associated with their brand names.


These are the best travel shavers in the market that we have selected due to the unbeatable prices and its high performance. Hope you will find the article to be helpful and most of all educative. Happy shopping.

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